The Shari Adamiak Las Mitres Mountains UFO Report

Marcus Lowth
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January 7, 2019
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October 6, 2021
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In December 1994, following several UFO sightings in Monterrey, Mexico, the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Life (CSETI) would organize a field investigation. They would send several members of the group to the area to meet Santiago Yturria, a Mexican UFO researcher and investigator. Along with the CSETI was the group’s director, Dr. Steven Greer, who was eager to investigate the apparent wave of sightings for himself. The entire investigation was journaled by the late Shari Adamiak, one-time Executive Director of CSETI, whose notes and account we will tell here.

Dr. Stevem Greer (left) and Shari Adamiak (right)

Dr. Stevem Greer (left) and Shari Adamiak (right)

It is an account that is bizarre as it is interesting. And one that raises several questions regarding UFOs and extraterrestrial life. It is not, for example, one that unfolds against a backdrop of anxiety and forced journeys into fear-inducing spacecraft. Or one that features the often spoken of “grey alien”. In fact, the entity wouldn’t physically manifest at all, instead appearing to Greer and Adamiak through other means. It is an account, if we accept Greer’s genuineness and authenticity, that perhaps backs up the claims that more than one alien race is visiting the Earth. And each, it would seem, have different reasons for doing so.

Strange Dreams Of “Portents Of Happenings On This Project!”

Before what would prove to be the main incidents of the investigation even unfolded, several sightings were observed by the CSETI team shortly after their arrival on the evenings of the 11th December, [1] and again the following evening. However, even stranger were the bizarre and “lucid dreams” experienced by several of the CSETI team, including Adamiak, which would prove to be “portents of happenings on this project”.

In the early hours of 13th December, for example, Adamiak dreamt of “extraterrestrials showing us the spot where we should come to have a meeting with them”. They would show “aerial views” and even mark the area with a “strobing turquoise laser pattern”. Furthermore, images of the location appeared in Adamiak’s dreams “in day and nighttime views”. The night view would even draw her attention to “two stars in particular configuration over one of the peaks”.

Things would become even more surreal later that afternoon when several members of the team, including Adamiak, would drive to the Las Mitres mountains. According to local research, the area is a well-known UFO hotspot. It was also the location revealed to Adamiak in her dream only hours previously. The group would make the decision to use the location as the camp-base for their evening’s research. As the night set in, the two stars over one of the mountain peaks glowed proudly. Just as her dream assured her they would.

Superimposed UFO over the Las Mitres Mountains

Superimposed UFO over the Las Mitres Mountains

Intense Activity Over The Las Mitres Mountains

Not only was the location the CSETI group had chosen to base themselves a hotspot of UFO activity, many local researchers firmly believed that an alien base is located deep within the mountain, accessed by a particularly large cave. Furthermore, strange and “unusually dense low clouds” would regularly form near to the mouth of the cave in question.

While there were no sightings of strange fog or mist this evening, at a little after 10:30 pm “a very bright light” appeared overhead. It traveled in an arc over the sky and appeared to disappear near to the Orion star-system clearly visible in the night sky. Within a minute of the sighting, however, “very dense clouds” appeared out of nowhere and shielded what appeared to be very specific parts of the mountains in front and above them.

Things would settle down once more shortly after. At a little after 1 am, though, strange aerial activity would begin again. This time a “bright, strobe-like white light” appeared at the edge of the mountain. Adamiak, Greer, and another CSETI team members witnessed the incident. As they watched, another light “came rolling down the side of the steep slope”. As they continued to watch, Adamiak and Greer would comment how they “felt a presence nearby”. According to Adamiak, from each of their past experiences in the field of ufology, they both believed “there was a spacecraft and extraterrestrial beings” very close.

It was then that Adamiak noticed “small, square-shouldered beings” in the distance in the wood and brushland at the foot of the mountains.

An Adjustment Of Energies

These small creatures, about knee-height to a standard adult, would come towards the onlookers before scurrying back into the brush again. Adamiak would claim these strange entities adorned uniforms of a “dull-orange rust color”. As they continued to watch, a voice appeared in Adamiak’s mind, a telepathic message. It was the video camera that was causing their concern. As the UFO researcher turned around, she noticed a video camera set up on a tripod behind them. She would attempt to send back a telepathic message of her own. That they shouldn’t worry as the camera was off. What’s more, they wouldn’t use it. This appeared to settle the activity down somewhat. When Adamiak informed Greer of the incident, he would instruct the remaining group members present to remain where they were. And not to use the camera.

Then, he and Adamiak turned their attention back to the apparent extraterrestrial visitors in front of them. Realizing the amazingly tense situation they were in, neither Greer or Adamiak wished to do anything that might break these creatures’ trust or frighten them away. As the situation unfolded, and although Adamiak couldn’t understand the words, she could sense “concerned conversation” coming from the creatures.

Suddenly, another clear message entered her mind. These creatures were “having difficulty adjusting our energies”. According to these strange beings, Adamiak’s “physical energy” was focused around her stomach. This, she believed, because she had eaten something (an energy bar) only shortly before. Suddenly, a strange feeling came over her. As though an invisible hand was pulling the food out of her stomach. She ultimately vomited on the floor, although it was “only mildly unpleasant”.  Happy that she was OK, she and Greer refocused their attention back to the creatures in anticipation of “meeting” them.

Superimposed UFO over a night city setting

Superimposed UFO over a night city setting

A “Harmonious Flow Of Energy!”

The pair moved forward slightly, removing their hats, as well as their glasses. As they did so “a harmonious flow of energy” began to surge between the researchers and these mystery life forms, as well as “some other unseen force”. The physical bodies of the entities seemed to disappear. In their place “shafts of golden light” appeared, although neither could see the source of this glow. One of the glowing columns approached Adamiak causing her to feel a “warm, golden glow” throughout.

The lights began to fade away but then morphed into a “large oval of bluish fog” about ten feet in front of the pair. Each of them stared into this strange mist. Inside, a tall humanoid entity with “straight silverish hair” stood, a “light blue and silver uniform” clinging to his body.

All the while, the remaining three team members watched from their previous positions. Although they could see the shafts of light and the blue fog, only Greer and Adamiak witnessed the manifestation itself. According to the information that entered their minds, this cosmic visitor feared that should he manifest in a more physical form, it would cause one of their team to be “dangerously frightened”.

What Greer and Adamiak would find interesting was the messages apparently entered each of their minds at the same time. As if they were part of a telepathic three-way conversation. So much so, that between them they would request a meeting at the extraterrestrials’ location. There was a moment’s silence until a message came back. This, it said, would cause as much fright (to their concerned companion) as it would if they appeared physically.

Several moments passed between the pair and the entity in the glowing mist before he claimed to Greer and Adamiak, “soon again. Soon again”.

A “Golden Streak Shooting Through The Sky!”

The following day Greer and Adamiak would share another bizarre experience. While several of their team were in the city on a local television program, they remained in the vicinity of the mysterious mountain range they had called home for the last few days. It was as they were preparing to take a trip to a nearby village that they each witnessed a “small, bright light” on the side of the mountain. Instantly changing their plans, they would head towards it.

By the time they were on the mountain and attempting to send signals with a halogen light, the glow had morphed dramatically into a huge, round craft. The pair would continue to send signals up to the craft, which would respond in kind. All the while, with light shining downwards, the pair could see “the shadows of being walking in front of the blinding beam”.

This bizarre and adlib exchange carried on for just over two hours. Then, the light turned a “brilliant red, (and) shot out a lightning bolt of energy and vanished”. As the pair looked upwards, they witnessed a “golden streak shoot through the sky”. It was heading towards Topochico the ancient volcano.

As they drove back to their base, they each, along with their driver, witnessed the “very large disc-shaped craft with a dome top”. Rising slowing in the skies. Its presence would remain there for some time before “the lights dimmed down” and eventually it disappeared.

The incident is outlandish, of that there is little doubt. And some are skeptical of Greer for various reasons. Others, however, consider him to be one of the more steadying forces in the quest for the truth of the UFO and alien question.

The video below features Steven Greer and his team speaking of the aforementioned incident.


1 Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind In Monterrey, Shari Adamiak CSETI

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