UFO And Alien Encounters From The Old Soviet Union

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With the fall and break up of the Soviet Union in the early-1990s would come a wave of leaked KGB documents that, for the right price, would find their way into western hands. There were many “sources” of these documents, some of which are still missing today. In the temporary power-void following the dissolvement of the KGB, some agents – particularly those who saw the union as an oppressive state – would smuggle these files into their possession.

UFO Waters

One of the most “accomplished” of these Soviet intelligence sources was Vasili Mitrokhin, who had worked for the KGB since the early-1970s. There was a wealth of information in the mass of files in Mitrokhin’s possession. Many dealt with the details of spies, secret weapons and technology, and even “plots against the west”. They also contained a treasure trove of UFO reports dating back to the Second World War.

In short, despite their denials of any interest in UFOs to the world, and even telling their own citizens they were “the work of the evil west”, it was plainly obvious that both were lies. The accounts number in their thousands and furthermore, the Soviet regime were perfectly aware that whatever was responsible for these strange sightings, it wasn’t the west or anyone else on the planet.

Before we look at some of these most intriguing and secretive accounts, check out the short video below. It looks at the smuggling out of KGB files following the fall of the Soviet Union. It also looks a little more in-depth at Vasili Mitrokhin and the crdibility of his information.

Pre-Soviet Accounts

We have written before of the incident over the small village of Robozero in 1663. This “ball of fire” is the first documented UFO sighting in Russia. Before communism took a stranglehold of the country and eventually a good portion of Eastern Europe, however, several other such sightings are on record.

A wave of sightings of “floating oval objects” would come in from all corners of the Russian Empire in 1892, for example. Just over a decade later in 1904, very similar crafts were witnessed again by soldiers in Siberia during the Russo-Japanese War. In 1912 came reports from St. Petersburg of a “shiny metal apparatus” gliding across the sky. It remained in view for almost twenty minutes before finally disappearing from sight.

During this time in early-twentieth-century Russia, was an interest in Cosmism. Many Russians, perhaps embracing such sightings, and the philosophies of those who discussed the notion of life on other planets were increasingly interested in the cosmos. However, under the iron grip of Lenin, and increasingly so under Stalin, such thoughts were literally not allowed, with many who promoted these notions quickly connected to accusations of spying and carted off to the Gulag. During Stalin’s “political purges” of the 1930s (which were essentially murder on a mass scale) many whose voice was not in unison with “the state” was silenced – sometimes permanently.

We can only guess how many sightings went unrecorded during these times for fear of such actions. Or how many records of researchers taken to the brutal labor camps were destroyed and lost forever.

Just one of these was Henrik Ludvig – sent to the labor camps on accusations of “spying for the Vatican!” Although he would remain there for decades, his work and research would eventually enter the wider public domain.

The “Genius” Of Henrik Ludvig

To say Henrik Ludvig is one of the greatest minds most of us have never heard of is perhaps an understatement. Ludvig was highly educated and very much a free-thinker. He could speak and translate over twenty ancient and modern languages. In many ways, he was very much ahead of his time, and certainly out of synch with the backward and mentally stifling Soviet regime.

He would be imprisoned on charges of “spying for the Vatican” – charges which lay in a trip he had made to Vatican City decades previously while a student of architecture. However, in 2011, it would come to light that although the charges of spying were abhorrently false, some of the work conducted there was far from architecture.

For reasons unknown, but likely due to his “encyclopedic memory” of esoteric knowledge and language, he was given access to the Vatican library and its wealth of ancient documents. What Ludvig would claim he discovered – years before such writers as Erich Von Daniken made similar claims – was that extraterrestrials had visited the Earth thousands of years ago in deep antiquity. Furthermore, they had direct influence with such civilizations as the Ancient Egyptians, the Mayans, and the Mesopotamians.

He also spoke of the use of nuclear weapons to destroy an ancient civilization, as well as describing the Pyramids as “energy machines”. It is perhaps interesting to note that in recent decades, many researchers have arrived at the same conclusions. It is perhaps truly tragic, that one of the greatest minds of the twentieth century was denied the chance to develop as it should through the suppression of political ideology.

Professor Ludvig Mug Shot

Mug shot of Professor Ludvig

More “Secret” Sightings

In the late-1920s and early-1930s came reports of numerous sightings in and around Lake Vedlozero near Shuknavolok. In November 1928, a strange object “emitting flames” appeared to crash into the frozen-over lake, cracking the thick ice, and sinking below. Further reports over the following years in the area would speak of “strange creature with thin arms and legs” roaming around the banks of the lake. In 1932, a black cloud came down over the village, remaining for some time. When it finally left, a bizarre “gel-like” substance was on the ground which some would bottle believing it would contain healing powers. Incidentally, even today residents of the small village have significant problems with television and radio signals.

A crashed UFO on the Island of Zelyony near Rostov-on-Don was recovered by Soviet troops and taken to a secret base in Rostov in June 1941. From there it would arrive at Kapustin Yar – a base similar to such American facilities as Wright-Patterson Air Force Base or even Area 51.

Six years later in the summer of 1947 was the bizarre experience of A.R. Bodnya, a shepherd in northern Kazakhstan. According to his report, an object screamed out of the sky and crash-landed in a field nearby. Four humanoid creatures would emerge from the wreckage and made “telepathic communication” with Bodnya. They would claim to be from Alpha Centauri and would leave after repairing their craft, which they duly did.

As sightings increased into the 1950s, with several Russian pilots having vanished while attempting to intercept such crafts, a top-secret committee would examine and control the information of the reports. It would also study any wreckage of these mysterious crafts they managed to recover.

The Silhouette Humanoid Of Gydnia, Poland

One of the most intriguing of these UFO cases of the Cold War are the events of February 1959 in Gydnia in (then) Soviet-controlled Poland. Several people would report seeing a glowing object descending from the sky in freefall, crashing into the icy waters near the docks.

Authorities would send several divers into the freezing waters in an attempt to locate any wreckage. They would eventually return with a shining piece of metal. Knowing that “something” lay at the bottom of the waters, the Polish Navy would restrict access to the docks.

Shortly after midday on 21st February, a “strange silhouette” humanoid would emerge from the water. It proceeded to drag itself to the shore. Dressed in a strange and unknown uniform, the humanoid, who was male, would speak in a language unfamiliar to anyone.

Once at a nearby hospital doctors would attempt to treat the heavy facial burns. They would also attempt to remove the uniform so as to treat further wounds on the body, but nobody could remove the garment. Despite the appearance and touch of the material suggesting it to be thin and light, it proved as strong as steel and could not be ripped or torn.

The strange humanoid eventually died, presumably of his injuries. The body was placed in a “frozen-container” and taken to a top-secret location in the underground systems of Moscow. Although human-looking, doctors would note several distinct differences between humans and the mystery man.

For example, most of the internal organs were drastically different to ours, as was the circulatory system. Each hand and foot also contained an extra digit. Some accounts of this incident speak of two humanoids emerging from the craft. One of who survived and whose whereabouts remains a mystery and unknown.

UFO Fleet

Alien Battle Over River Kama

On the evening of 16th September 1989, a most bizarre scene would unfold. In the skies over the River Kama near to the port of Zaostrovka, an alien battle raged. Multiple people – residents and military – were witness to the events. According to the report, several silver discs fired laser beams at “darker colored craft!” During this aerial conflict, the electricity cut out in much of the surrounding areas.

Eventually, the dark-colored craft fell to the ground, landing in swampland at a military training base. For over two months armed guards watched over the area. Then, in November and with the cold weather of winter, the swamp would freeze over. This allowed the military to attempt a retrieval mission.

It is not clear what happened to the craft itself. However, four Soviet soldiers would suffer from symptoms akin to radiation sickness following the mission. The area became restricted, with even the airspace would become a strict no-fly zone.

As well as battles between rival alien factions, there are even reports of conflicts between aliens and the Soviets themselves. We have looked at the Battle of Lake Baikal in 1982 before, for example. There are two other, particularly interesting cases on record.

In 1979 on the island of Barsa-Kelmes in the Aral Sea are reports of a “shoot-out” between KGB officers and a group of alien humanoids. According to the report, seven humanoids were shot by the specialist unit. It is unclear whether any of these humanoids would end up in Soviet possession, alive or dead.

Perhaps an interesting point to note here is the location, itself. The island has a reputation for paranormal activity and UFO sightings, as well as many mysterious disappearances. The translation of the island’s name is rather ominously, “land of no return”.

Soldiers “Turned To Stone” By Alien Humanoids?

More recently released to the public is a report of a similar battle taking place in Ukraine. The report comes via a recently declassified CIA file, itself taken from the aforementioned smuggled KGB files. The date of the file is 1993, although it doesn’t say when the actual incident took place.

According to the report, a silver saucer-shaped craft suddenly appeared over a military training ground. Whether intentionally or accidentally, a rocket fired from the ground hit the craft and brought it down. Shortly after five humanoids with “large heads and large black eyes” emerged from the stricken vehicle. A group of soldiers closed in to inspect the site. Suddenly, the aliens “merged into one single object” which was the shape of a sphere. A loud hissing and buzzing filled the air, and the sphere itself was growing, both in brightness and size. It suddenly flared up intensely. The group of soldiers “at that very instant…turned into stone!”

Twenty-three soldiers in total suffered this bizarre and terrible fate. Two soldiers who remained back in the shadows escaped harm and it is through them that the report comes.

Although the whereabouts of the alien humanoids is unknown, the ruined craft became property of the military. It would travel to a “secret research institution” in Moscow. Perhaps the sphere and the activity that followed was some kind of portal. Maybe transferring the humanoids back to a mothership as opposed to an outright attack on the unfortunate soldiers. Maybe it was a self-destruct mechanism?

Although it is worth taking the report with a pinch of salt in the ever-increasing march to the old Cold War days between East and West, it is one of the most interesting, if chilling, claims of such activity on Soviet soil.


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