Little-Known Soviet Encounters With Humanoid Entities From The Cold War Era

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June 15, 2022
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With the fall of the Soviet Union came floods of UFO and alien encounters that had remained largely unknown to researchers in the West. And some of these incidents have proven to be some of the most intriguing on record, perhaps not least those of encounters with humanoid beings.

A superimposed alien face over a picture of a UFO

There are many humanoid encounters from the Cold War era Soviet Union

Rather than being experiences of alien abduction, many of these incidents feature humanoid beings that appear to be here for the betterment of humanity, with many accounts seeing these extraterrestrial visitors passing on knowledge and information, and even curing long-term illnesses and ailments. Indeed, although these encounters can be found across the decades of the second half of the twentieth century in the Soviet Union are very similar to the humanoid encounters that appear to be largely confined to the 1950s in the west, specifically, the United States.

Whether that last point is of consequence or merely coincidence remains unknown. However, it is interesting that there are many of these humanoid encounters on record that took place in the Soviet Union during the Cold War years at a time when the rest of the world was reporting more and more experiences with grey alien creatures. What’s more, many of the encounters saw the respective witnesses almost stumble onto these alien beings, as opposed to the cold, calculated targeted abductions associated with grey alien entities.

While we can’t cover every single humanoid encounter in this article here, we will look at several that stand out, each for their own reasons. We start with an encounter that unfolded in the early 1980s but was only reported around a decade and a half later when the Soviet Union ceased to exist. And it is an incident that should it prove to have just partial truths to it, offers us a completely different view on human history, and of the universe itself.

An Afternoon Walk In The Forests Of The Vologda Region

According to an article in the Russian Digest of 18th May 1996, a woman named as L. Smirnova was walking in the Vologda region on the afternoon of 2nd August 1982 when she would encounter a being that would change her outlook on life forever.

It was around 1:15 pm and the afternoon was a sunny one as Smirnova walked along the edge of one of the region’s birch forests, enjoying the peacefulness of her environment. Then, however, in a loud booming voice, as if spoken into a megaphone, a voice in Russian said to “come closer” and that she should not be afraid, adding “the equipment is turned off”. She wasn’t sure what was meant by this last statement, or where the voice had come from and wondered if she had inadvertently wandered into some kind of public event.

A picture of a UFO over the trees

Just who did Smirnova encounter in the woodland

She made her way into a clearing in the woods, suddenly noticing a bizarre circular, disc-shaped craft several feet in front of her with three “men” standing in front of it. As she stared at the scene in front of her, the sun reflected brilliantly off the surface of the mysterious vehicle, which appeared to be a light golden color. She could also see an opening in the side of it with a ladder stretching down from it to the ground below. A particularly intriguing detail is that she could see what appeared to be etchings or carvings of animals and plants above the opening.

Each of the curious men was dressed in a bronze overall-type suit and stood at least six feet. One of them turned to Smirnova and smiled at her. The other two men turned around and walked back toward the craft, stopping by the entrance and waiting.

It was at this point that Smirnova began to feel afraid about what might happen.

An Underground Nuclear Facility Nearby

The fear must have been visible on her face as the one who had smiled at her offered that he wouldn’t hurt her, and repeated once more that she had no reason to be afraid. He claimed that his name was Alikan and that he came from a “nearby star system”, elaborating that they had merely landed here to rest for a short time.

Beginning to feel a little less threatened, Smirnova asked why they had chosen this particular spot to rest in. Alikan offered that they had simply been scanning the area for a convenient location when they picked up on nuclear weapons and general radioactivity in the area and so decided to investigate further. This is perhaps an interesting and important detail. Many close contact encounters revolve around an apparent interest in these aliens’ part in the nuclear capabilities of humanity. And what’s more, there are many UFO sightings near nuclear facilities on record, as well as many sightings reported by nuclear submarines.

However, this was news to Smirnova, who was certain there were no such facilities in the region. In fact, she offered that most of the smaller communities were almost abandoned as most people had moved to live in the larger towns and cities. In response to this, the apparent alien pointed in the distance, claiming there was an underground facility located there, approximately two miles away.

He then reached into a black bag he was carrying and took a device out that appeared similar to a clock dial. Before she realized what was happening, after the man had pressed several buttons on the device, a “luminous screen” appeared which showed “projections of her body”. After seemingly scanning her for several moments, the man declared that they would “talk to her” seemingly satisfied that she was in good health.

Following this, Alikan then began to ask many questions about the human race.

Many Disasters On The Way By The Middle Of The Twenty-First Century

These questions were numerous and varied. For example, he would ask how humans had come to know the meaning of “water”, “fire”, “sky”, and even the Earth itself, as well as if scientists knew who had put humans on the Earth and if they knew the “origins of life”. He also asked if she believed in God, and what religion she followed.

As she answered these questions as best she could, she noted that the man was recording her answers, once more on some kind of futuristic device. After doing this, he produced a map that he claimed showed Earth in ancient times, as well as producing a map of how the Earth looked today. On this second map were shaded areas that showed rivers, lakes, and “golden cities” marked by pink triangles. There were also markings for areas rich in natural resources, and there were blue circles that apparently located areas containing elements that had not yet been discovered by humans. It was, Alikan informed her, these three elements that they used for energy, and they were obtained from the “bowels of the earth”, particularly during earthquakes.

A depiction of a metallic humanoid

Will predictions of disasters come true?

What is perhaps interesting here are the many writings of Atlantis, that spoke of obtaining natural energy from the “bowels of the earth” in a very similar way. And when we know that Atlantis seemingly met with an end due to one natural disaster and another combined with over-mining natural resources, might we suspect there is a connection between the two?

She also noticed several areas on the map that were covered with black marks. She asked about these markings and was told that just before 2050, Earth would suffer significant devastation from multiple natural disasters, including earthquakes, hurricanes, droughts, floods, and severe tornadoes. As a result of these disasters, some islands would completely disappear.

Furthermore, she was informed, “the bed of the Atlantic would become very active”, elaborating that a ridge would rise which would send water crashing into the Arctic and Indian oceans. As a result, many coastal cities would be lost.

He would then continue with these mind-bending and unsettling revelations.

“Something That Was Not Quite Expected!”

Alikan continued that the Earth, by comparison to other planets, was very young but that it was “being settled and civilized at an amazing speed”, adding that this was “something that was not quite expected”. We might ask, WHO was not expecting this?

He would then go on to say that the “location of the cities on earth was dangerous” and could “cause the planet to go out of orbit”. He didn’t appear to elaborate on this, but he would offer, according to Smirnova that the planet had suffered two cataclysms in the past which had caused the poles to change places and had also changed the orbit of Earth.

The revelations would keep on coming as Alikan informed her that the planet had been settled by peoples from five different star systems, with these transplanted extraterrestrials having settled in different parts of the planet dependent on “climatic conditions”.

One of the first civilizations to take hold was in Africa, he would continue, along the River Nile, eventually building the great pyramids. He would often offer further details, stating the pyramids contained a layer of “ionized alkali-soil elements which created an intensified ionized environment”. Because of this, it was dangerous for humans, and most other living entities, to be inside these structures for too long.

From A Planet 45 Light Years Away

Alikan would offer details of his home planet, which he claimed was almost twice as old as Earth, but smaller in size and seemingly was called Gelios. It was made up of mostly sedimentary rocks and featured no tall buildings of any kind. What’s more, in order to protect the planet, all transport was by air.

Smirnova claimed to have been shown video images of the planet, and recalled seeing no tall buildings – as she had been told – but buildings of equal height and often set out in rows of semi-circles. She would learn that all industrial buildings and operations were far from all living areas, and that there was an abundance of food and resources. The planet was, she was told, ruled over by one ruler, although no details were offered as to who that was and how they came to this position of authority. Incidentally, later sources claimed to have tracked the planet down to the Ursa Majoris star system, approximately 45 light-years away.

Due to an “interstellar channel” between their star system and ours, it was quickest for them to travel here every four years, although they didn’t offer for what reason they made such journeys, although they had bases on various moons, including our own.

What’s more, while many of the UFOs witnessed on Earth were manned, many were remote-controlled, often from such places as the moon for search and data-gathering missions. Even more interesting, Smirnova was told that these vehicles were “surrounded by a plasma field” which could make them appear as different shapes. This is intriguing as it could possibly explain why some people have reported seeing apparent metallic vehicles morph into a different shape right before their eyes.

Before these apparent extraterrestrials went on their way they told the witness that they would return and find her every four years while visiting Earth. According to Smirnova, they did indeed appear to her in 1986, 1990, and 1994, the final encounter being two years before she told of these strange events.

Only three years earlier, however, another bizarre humanoid encounter had unfolded, and it is there we will turn our attention next.

Waking Up Feeling In “Terrible, Mortal Danger!” – The Yaroslavl Encounter

At around midnight one evening in late September 1979 in Yaroslavl, according to the Volume 8, 2002 edition of RIAP Bulletin in an article by Valery Kukushkin, the unnamed witness was asleep on their bed when they suddenly awoke with the overwhelming feeling that they were in “terrible, mortal danger!”

Despite this sense of impending doom, the witness remained as calm and still as he could, opening his eyes slowly so as to adjust them to the darkness of the room. As he moved them around the bedroom, he couldn’t see anybody with him, but the sense of danger remained. Then, he realized whatever it was, it was behind him.

He began to turn around, as slowly and calmly as he could. Then, he stopped completely still. Right in front of him where his portable television should have been, there was now a “stone monolith of greenish-gray color”. In the middle of this monolith was a “semicircular cap consisting of a transparent substance”. Behind this, he could make out a “dense and viscous” red crimson light. Shocked at what was happening, he remained perfectly still staring at the bizarre display in front of him.

Then, an already strange encounter took an even stranger turn.

A Truly Bizarre Encounter That Opened Paranormal Doors?

In a gap between the bottom of the bed and a chest of drawers, he sensed extremely quick movement. Before he could see what it was, something had jumped on the bed, ran over his feet, and settled on his torso. It appeared to be knelt or sat, and so was around 30 cm tall. However, he guessed when standing it would likely be around 60 cm in height.

As he stared at this bizarre-looking creature, he realized that he was looking at a very small human being – literally, a miniature person.

He remained still as the creature reached forward and places its hands on the witness’s arm, which was lying across his chest. As soon as it made contact, the witness felt a strange wave of nausea wash over him. He recalled how icy cold the creature’s hands felt on his skin. He looked back toward the creature and found himself looking directly into its eyes. Bizarrely, right at that moment, any fear he was feeling suddenly left him, as did the notion that he was in danger.

Three suited aliens

Jusst what was inside the witness’s home?

As he continued to look at the creature, now a lot calmer, he noticed that its head was particularly larger than the rest of its body suggested it should be. He noticed that the eyes too were larger than normal, and slightly “elongated”. He further noticed that its skin was a greyish-green color and although it had a mouth there were no lips, while there were two nostrils but no actual nose. It seemed to be dressed in a one-piece, tight-fitting suit of some kind that came right up to its neck.

They each stared at each other for several seconds before the creature reached its arms out once more, this time, speaking to the witness. However, although he listened intently, he couldn’t understand the creature’s language, recalling later that sounded similar to morse code, and was “low” and “expressionless”. The creature appeared to sense that the witness couldn’t understand him, and so leaned forward and then began speaking again. Once more, though, the witness simply couldn’t understand what was being said.

At this point, the witness went to sit up a little. However, this caused the creature to turn and run toward his feet before seemingly vanishing into thin air. When the witness looked at the portable television, it had returned to normal. Bizarrely, the witness noticed several bizarre incidents in the months that followed of a paranormal nature, as if his mind had been opened to this other, mysterious world.

Whatever had visited him in the middle of the night remains unknown. There is, another incident that happened a little over a decade earlier that is also of interest to us here.

The Humanoid In Flames At The Edge Of The Woods

According to an account in X-Libri UFO Russia in July 2003, at around 3 am in the early hours of 7th July 1968 near Hushtosyrt in the Chegmenskiy region of Kabardino-Balkaria Republic, Victor Petrovich Kostrykin was laying on a haystack enjoying the warm summer night air and looking at the stars in the still dark sky when he noticed what he, at first, thought was a meteorite falling out of the night sky. Then, after a few moments, the light suddenly dimmed somewhat, making him contemplate that what he was watching might not be a meteorite after all.

He watched for a few more moments as the object appeared to be coming closer and closer to him, descending in a swirling or “spiraling motion”. He sat up, now more than intrigued by what was unfolding right before his eyes. The object disappeared over the horizon and Kostrykin braced himself for an explosion in the distance. However, none came. Only the silence of the night remained.

A depiction of a golden human head and shoulders

Just what did the witness see in the woods

Then, for reasons he couldn’t explain, his attention was drawn to a small area of woodland near where he was sitting. And what’s more, he had the distinct feeling that something in the trees was watching him. He slowly began to turn around, sensing that something was behind him. To his shock, and horror, standing just in front of the trees was a humanoid figure that appeared to be completely in flames. However, rather than running in a panic to extinguish the flames, they simply stood there, completely still, as if oblivious to the flames all around its body.

As soon as he saw the figure, the witness jumped from the haystack and ran from the scene as fast as he could. In his mind, he thought that the figure must be a Yeti and that it had been set alight by human hunters somewhere in the woods. What’s more, he feared it would be angry and vengeful. As he was running, he suddenly came to a stop. It was a stop that he had no control over, and he realized that he was completely paralyzed.

A Huge Disc “Cocooned” Into A “Sea Of Light!”

Now, unable to move, Kostrykin attempted to steady his mind and remain alert. He was in no pain, although he could feel his heart pumping heavily in his chest. Just as he was starting to panic at this bizarre situation, a sense that he was in some kind of “suspended animation” took over him and he suddenly felt completely different, relaxed, and with a “lightness” to him.

Then, a voice appeared in his mind saying his name. He was able to turn around and saw a huge disc-shaped object that he knew instantly was nothing made on Earth. The disc was glowing brightly, and he could see what looked like several portholes that went around the outside edge, each of which also emitted a bright light. When he got closer to the object, he could see these portals were, in fact, the opening of several tubes – each of which led to the central hub of the otherworldly vehicle.

It appeared as though the craft was “cocooned” in a strange “sea of light” that looked like some kind of magnetic field (or perhaps a plasma field, as we might recall in the Smirnova encounter above).

A depiction of a UFO over a field

Was an alien spacecraft wtnessed?

Then, although he didn’t see exactly where it came from, a humanoid, alien entity was standing in front of him. He was wearing a silver coverall-type suit that had “flames running across” it, although they were not at all as they were when they had first seen the humanoid near the woods.

Although there were minor differences, the entity appeared human, although slightly taller than the average person (although this extraterrestrial would later state that their actual height was somewhere around 20 feet tall but that their technology allowed humans to perceive them as being of “regular human dimension” – this is interesting as several researchers have put forward that alien entities project an image of what they wish the person to see them as, as opposed to what they are, in reality. Taking that a stage further, many ancient creation stories state that human beings must not look at the gods in their “true form” and no depictions should be made).

After several moments, the entity gestured that he should follow him into the craft, which he duly did.

From Here “Stops All Of Earth’s Powers!”

As he stepped onto the craft, he was informed that once inside, here “stops all of Earth’s powers”. We might take from this that an entirely different environment and even realm of existence applies, possibly meaning that time might pass differently within the parameters of the craft. As he walked, he could hear that his footsteps somehow felt “muffled”. The light was also strange – unlike electric light or daylight – almost soft and everywhere but nowhere. He couldn’t, for example, see any bulbs or light strips, which, once more is a detail that is often found in other accounts from people that have been onboard these apparent extraterrestrial vehicles.

As he looked around he could see some kind of control desk against the main wall, with many buttons of different colors and switches on it. There were several other pieces of furniture, all of which seemed to come directly out of the floor or wall, as if they had been stretched and molded from them. Again, this detail of furniture that appears to be fixed to the walls or floor with no seams or joins is another detail that can be found in many other alien abduction cases.

Then, one of the walls moved and he found himself looking at a screen or window. On the other side were several more alien beings, each of which had a slightly larger head and eyes than the first, and each of which appeared to be staring straight back at him. At that moment, he had the distinct feeling that they could read every thought in his mind, and see into his very soul. As he watched them, he noticed that each of them appeared to wear some kind of tight-fitting skullcap that seemed to be made from “gold and stones”. Perhaps bizarrely, as if sensing his curiosity, he was told by his host that these were “brain phones” that allowed long-distance communication.

Each of them was dressed in a one-piece, tight-fitting suit that appeared to have no buttons or zippers as if it was one piece of material that they simply stepped into. He would eventually speak with these entities, telepathically, with the witness stating that they not once moved their mouths, and did so in perfect Russian.

A Bizarre Cure Of Long-Term Illness

He was eventually asked to sit in what looked like an “old armchair” and was told they were on their way to Mount Elbrus. Within moments of him sitting in the chair, two of the humanoids approached him, one of whom, he noticed, was wearing strange, black gloves. These gloves were “absolutely black” in color, blacker than any material he had seen before, and perhaps because of this, the humanoid’s fingers appeared to be particularly long.

As he sat calmly in the chair, possibly due to some kind of calming agent used without his knowledge, the humanoid reached for his hand and promptly took a sample of skin from in between his thumb and finger using a tool or device he couldn’t quite see. Whatever it was, he didn’t feel any pain or discomfort and remained seated.

Things, however, were about to take a dramatic turn. One that, at first, the witness thought would be fatal for him.

Without warning, the humanoid reached forward with his gloved hand and closed his fingers around the witness’s throat. It seemed as though the hand was reaching deep into his chest and touching his heart. Suddenly, he felt a sharp surge of pain and began to scream out. Seconds later, the hand loosened its grip and was retracted.

The witness looked down, fully expecting to see splatters of blood on his chest. There was, however, no sign of any blood or injury. He was informed that he had been cured of a heart condition (one that he had suffered from for some time). Indeed, when he was returned to the spot where he was taken from a short time later, he would ultimately discover that his heart condition had mysteriously cured itself.

Further Humanoid Encounters In The 1960s

There were several further humanoid encounters around the later 1960s that are very much worthy of our time. In the summer of 1966, for example, according to an account in the winter 1999 edition of Flying Saucer Review by Anton Anfalov and Nikolai Kuzmin, in the forests northwest of Topolovka in the Raygorodskaya district, geologist, Oleg Ivanovich, along with his team, were on a geological expedition.

One particular day, after one of their horses held up in the swamp lands of the region, they made the decision to set up camp nearby and rest for the evening. However, after all had turned in for the night, they were awoken by a “deafening noise” that appeared to be coming straight out of the sky. When Ivanovich ran from his tent to see what was taking place, he was horrified to see the woodland all around them in flames. A moment later, he felt the intense heat of the fire against his body.

The geologists had no choice but to take cover in the water of the nearby river to avoid being burned to death. They remained there treading water until the morning when the flames had died down. All around them they could see the devastation, as if there had been a great explosion somewhere in the middle of the night. It was as they were inspecting their camp area that truly strange things began to unfold.

All of the trees, for example, appeared to be bent over in one direction while many items of equipment such as their compasses and communications radio would stop working. Even stranger, all of them began to feel a bizarre sense of “powerlessness”.

They made a decision to investigate the area where the bent-over trees were pointing, which led them to a particularly swampy area. Of more concern, though, was the burnt-out remains of a metallic object, one that had the look of “two washbasins set face to face”. There were still lights that flashed around the middle section of the crippled craft, and there also appeared to be an open door in the side from which thick smoke poured out. They approached a little further, and then, when they noticed what appeared to be a tentacle-like arm sticking out of the door, they stopped in their tracks.

A depiction of three UFOs

Did a UFO crash in the woods in Russia?

Those who had cameras immediately snapped pictures of the object before they began to be overcome with a deep feeling of nausea and dizziness. They suspected this was likely from some kind of radiation contamination, even more so when all of the photographs they had taken were nothing but blurs. By the time the skies were darkening, and with the sound of helicopters approaching from the distance, the geologists made their way back to their makeshift campsite.

In total, they saw five military-style helicopters heading to the area where they had witnessed the downed craft. The following morning, the team returned once more to the swampy area where they had witnessed the burnt-out ruins of the apparent otherworldly craft. However, when they arrived it was no longer there. All that remained were several sets of human footprints.

Unbeknown to the geologists, there had been others who had witnessed the strange events of that evening. And their eventual testimonies would shed at least a little bit of light on what had happened. Anna Egoronovna, for example, offered that she had been pulled out of sleep by a tremendous “roar” that made the walls of her house shake. When she looked out of the window, she could see everywhere was lit up, as it was the middle of the day. She would state that it even felt as though the ground was shaking. Then, she saw a glowing light that was descending into the forest. The brightness of the object was such that she had trouble seeing properly for some time afterward.

The object eventually crashed into the ground somewhere in the woods, sending a large bright flash followed by a “powerful blast of wind”. Then, everything went completely dark once more. As she stared into the distance, she could see a faint glow, as if something was burning.

Yet another witness was Michael Kuzmich, who had been fishing in the region when he heard a bizarre, noisy howling sound coming out of the sky. The next thing he realized, the whole sky was glowing brightly and he could see a wash of flames over him. At this point, he ran to take cover, and several seconds later, a huge explosion sounded out. As he looked around him, he could see the treetops catching fire and felt the heat of the flames from inside the woodland.

Might this craft and apparent occupant have been one of the humanoids who have an apparent presence in this part of the world, perhaps, in their true form without the ability to alter human perception? It is certainly intriguing speculation. The following year, however, an encounter with three humanoid entities is also to be found.

Humanoids In Leningrad – The Encounter Of Zinaida Volovoj

According to the Leningrad Commission for Abnormal Phenomena, in 1967 in Leningrad, a young pregnant mother named Zinaida Volovoj was awakened in the early hours of the morning to the sound of some kind of engine outside her home. When she walked over to the window and peered out, she was shocked to see a yellow, glowing object hovering directly over the top of the house opposite hers.

Then, without warning and as if sensing her attention, the glowing object headed straight toward her. She immediately backed away from the window and ran to the other side of her bed ready to take cover. She could hear the object move directly over the top of her house. And it sounded as if it had done so at a very low altitude.

With that, the object appeared to have gone, and as bizarre as it was, she did her best to put the incident out of her mind. A week or so later, however, she was once again awakened by the sounds of engines outside her home. What’s more, when she went to the window, she could see the same object in the exact same place she had witnessed it previously.

This time, she went to the front door and stepped outside. Bizarrely, and something she was not prepared for, she immediately heard a voice, as clear as if someone was standing next to her, although there was no one there, saying, “Look, she has come out, she has escaped” before continuing, “we should leave today, we have finished”. With that, the spherical object began another approach straight for her, causing her to return inside her home and slam the front door shut.

This time, though, instead of passing over the house, it remained directly over the top and hovered. After several moments, she plucked up the courage to return outside. As she stepped into her yard and looked up, she could see the object starting to rise into the sky. Within seconds, it had disappeared from sight.

Several nights later, she was awoken again. This time, though, instead of engines, she could hear loud voices. And once more, this cacophony of sound was coming from outside her home. As she had done previously, she crept to the window and looked outside. The sphere was right outside her house, only much lower to the ground than before. So low, in fact, that she could see clearly into it through a window or opening two figures speaking.

She immediately went to the front door, opened it, and stepped outside. Moments later, three humanoid figures were approaching, two of which were male and the other female. Each wore a tight-fitting overall-type suit, each was tall, and each was beautiful in a way she couldn’t quite put her finger on. She could see the female entity speaking to the others. It appeared as though she wasn’t happy, seemingly stating that he should have “taken control of the witness” before she was able to see them.

One of the men then approached the woman, asking her about two explosions that had occurred in the region (there had been two explosions at mines in the months previously) before the woman stepped in once more, assuring the male figure that she wouldn’t know anything about such matters. After all, they (the aliens) only studied humans for their “primitive ways”.

The three figures then spoke among themselves once more, before one of the men suggested that they destroy the woman’s house, something she stated was not required. She heard one of the men state to the female that he had “influenced” the witness’s brain so that she would become ill and would not remember the episode. With that, the other male figure moved his hand through the air, and with that, she was sent hurtling back inside the house and onto her bed. Bizarrely, at the same time, her pillow and blanket covered her face, as if moved by a pair of invisible hands. For a moment she couldn’t breathe but eventually freed herself. When she did, she could hear the spherical craft was not hovering over the top of her house.

Then, the woman’s voice could be heard, stating that they should “search the cellar”. With that, several “beams of energy” pierced the roof of the house, as if they had come from the hovering object and were performing some kind of scan. As the scan progressed, she felt an intense tightening in her stomach.

A short time after, the object and the aliens disappeared. However, in a tragic twist, the witness would give birth prematurely and the baby died. Not long after that, the woman and her husband moved away from the area and were not heard from again.

A Strange Meeting With A Humanoid At The Roadside

According to the files of Albert Rosales, another humanoid encounter unfolded in 1969 in Voronov. The witness, Heinrich Ivanovich was riding his motorcycle along the Kama River when he saw a man on the roadside who raised his hand toward him as if he was waving. Thinking he might need help, Ivanovich slowed his motorcycle and approached the man who he could see was wearing a one-piece, shiny, metallic suit. As he did so, however, he noticed a bizarre disc-shaped vehicle behind the man, hovering close to the surface of the ground.

He stepped off his bike and walked toward the man, each of them greeting each other in Russian. Ivanovich could see that the man was holding what appeared to be a hose and was seemingly extracting water from the nearby river.

The two men spoke for several minutes about the craft and even of space and star constellations. Then, the man said he must leave and told Ivanovich to step back from the ship so he wouldn’t be hurt when it took off into the air. He did as asked and noticed as he stepped away a little, that the object had a transparent dome on the top. It was through this dome that the humanoid entered the craft.

As soon as he was inside, the object began to spin before rising into the air with great speed. Within seconds, it had completely disappeared. Although there are few details as to exactly what was spoken about and why the humanoid chose to draw attention to himself in the first place, it is another that resonates with many reports from the region of human-like aliens looking to impart information, seemingly for the benefit of humanity.

Why Are There So Many Humanoid Encounters From The Soviet Union Era?

Almost all of the humanoid encounters we have examined here have been non-threatening if frightening, experiences, and ones that appear to be for the general betterment of humanity.

We might also ask why there are so many humanoid encounters in this part of the world, ones where the apparent extraterrestrials are all but human-looking? Perhaps the fact it is such a vast stretch of land, with many inhabited regions is a part of this.

Is there a particular agenda in this part of the world? Might it be suggestive of a permanent presence of these humanoid entities? And what might this agenda be geared toward? As always, and while we should remember to treat these accounts with an appropriate pinch of salt, there are many more questions than answers.

We might remind ourselves once more that a great many of these accounts remained largely unknown in the west until the fall of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s. We can only guess how many others remain unknown and lost to time. What’s more, it would appear when we examine UFO and alien encounters in many of the former Soviet territories, as well as modern-day Russia, that these humanoid encounters continue today. Once more, why might that be?

Only by continuing to examine reports such as those we have looked at here from the past, as well as encounters from our contemporary era can we hope to put together a fuller picture, both of UFO and alien encounters in Russia and the old Soviet regions, as well as the rest of the world.

Check out the short video below which looks at some of the most intriguing Soviet UFO cases.

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The stories, accounts, and discussions in this article may go against currently accepted science and common beliefs. The details included in the article are based on the reports, accounts and documentation available as provided by witnesses and publications - sources/references are published above.

We do not aim to prove nor disprove any of the theories, cases, or reports.  You should read this article with an open mind and come to a conclusion yourself.  Our motto always is, "you make up your own mind".  Read more about how we fact-check content here.

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The entire article and the contents within are published by, wholly-owned and copyright of UFO Insight.  The author does not own the rights to this content. 

You may republish short quotes from this article with a reference back to the original UFO Insight article here as the source. You may not republish the article in its entirety.

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