Two Very Different Close Contact Encounters From The Soviet Files

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With the fall of the Iron Curtain and the dissolution of the Soviet Union would come a plethora of UFO and alien encounters previously locked away in government vaults or simply untold by citizens of countries themselves locked away from the world by their own borders. We have examined several of these encounters previously but there remains an abundance to delve into. And most likely some that are, at present, untold and still to enter the public arenas of the UFO communities.

Soviet UFO Files

Two apparent extraterrestrial close encounters occurred within weeks of each other in the late-summer of 1980. And while many of the details and certainly the tones of the encounters differ greatly, some of the other details, not least their locations don’t. Whether there is a connection to the following cases or not remains open to debate. They are, though, both extremely intriguing accounts. And both surely lead us to ask how many more reports of strange and fascinating encounters lay waiting to be pulled into the spotlight from the vast, mysterious, and enchanting land that is Russia. As well as the many proud and (now) independent countries that for a large part of the twentieth century, would make up the Soviet Union.

A Bizarre But Temporary Landing!

It was a little after 10 pm one evening in early-September 1980 when four friends, sat on the banks of the River Kumak, near the town of Orsk, night-fishing. They were busy arranging their fishing lines, preparing to cast them into the water when a “bright star-like” object appeared overhead. As it moved, it appeared to cast out “circular rings of light” which went through the air similar to how ripples appear on the surface of the water.

The light was growing in size and was very obviously descending. The witnesses would estimate, by the time it was just above the ground, its diameter was between thirty to fifty feet across. The closer it got to the ground, the circles of light began to morph into a “cone-shaped beam”. The four young men watched in awe. After several moments, the craft ascended once again. The cone of light, however, would remain on the ground. Then, after several seconds, it too faded away.

As bizarre as the incident undoubtedly was, the four men would leave their lines and nets in the water and return to their camp base nearby. They would eat dinner and discuss what they might have seen. Perhaps, they theorized, it was some natural phenomenon. Or even a rocket or missile test from nearby Kazakhstan. By 1 am, two of the men would turn in for the evening. The other two would return to the river bank to check their fishing nets to see if they had captured anything. It was a journey like neither had ever experienced.

A Sudden Change Of Surroundings

For the pair who ventured down to the river banks (it is unclear exactly which members of the group it was), the trip would take a very sudden and dramatic turn. Without warning, “the first witness” would find his surroundings change in an instant. He was suddenly inside a strange, round room. A strange voice suddenly appeared in his head instructing him to sit down. He did so, positioning himself on a “rectangular stool” in front of him.

He would take a look around him. The entire room appeared as though made from grey plastic. There was a closed doorway in front, along with an array of piping entering the room through the wall. On the floor was a small hatch. As he was looking at this hatch, it suddenly opened. Beneath, in another room, he could see his friend from the river bank.

Then, as if he were under some kind of remote control, the witness stood and began to descend into the room beneath the hatch. He jumped to the floor, landing next to his friend below. As he looked up it appeared the hatch was closing. A “bright light” was moving away from them. They were both trapped in this small basement-type room. He began to shout at their captors not to go. The next thing both of them knew, their surroundings had changed yet again.

Soviet Cold War UFO

A Most Mysterious Return

Suddenly, above them, the other two members of their group were stood calling their names. They were both stood in a crater around five feet deep. Neither of them could recall arriving here. And what’s more, despite the ground being soft due to recent rain, there were no footprints anywhere around this bizarre hole in the middle of nowhere. Furthermore, the time was now after 7 am.

One of the men who had gone to sleep for the evening had done so in the group’s car. He recalled waking at around 6:30 am to “bright flashes and a loud hissing sound”. Shortly after, he and the remaining member of the group would go out searching for their missing friends. The sighting was also corroborated, at least in part, by a hunter who had ventured into the surrounding woodlands early that morning. He would recall seeing a “star-like light emitting a beam of light towards the ground”.

It would certainly appear to be a case of alien abduction. And one that hypnotic regression would very likely unlock the missing hours and details of the encounter. Whether any such sessions have taken place is unknown. The incident comes to us via the book ‘Space Terrestrial Connections and the UFO” by Alexey Dmitriyev and likely has divulged all it will.

Only weeks earlier, however, another very similar incident would unfold.

Entities From Another Dimension?

In late-August 1980, early one morning at around 5 am at a summer camp near the Seoma River, in what is now the independent country of Tajikstan, “Nadi S” would suddenly awaken with the intense feeling that “something” was attempting to contact her. Another camper would wake also but would soon fall back to sleep. Nadi, though, would hear a voice inside her mind asking if she wished to leave the tent. Despite the hour, she did so, noticing how pleasant the breaking of dawn looked as she emerged outside.

As she began to look around her, she noticed a “tall figure”. It was behind some bushes, apparently attempting to squat and hide. Nadi looked at the mysterious figure a little longer. It was similar to a tall man. More to the point, she was sure the energy she felt inside the tent was coming from this humanoid entity.

Then, the figure stood and walked out in front of the hedge. Nadi would begin to walk towards it before a bizarre and strange “realization” that if she walked directly at the figure, she wouldn’t be able to see it. She began to walk in a circular direction. As she neared it, though, it eventually did disappear. In its place was a “shiny spark” which would fade away after several seconds. Although she didn’t quite understand the nature of the experience, Nadi couldn’t escape the feeling that the encounter was of some significance. One point of interest here are the claims of those who can see entities from another dimension, but only from a certain perspective – was this why she “chose” to approach from a bizarre angle? Also, many people who witness shadow people state they can only see them at the very limits of their peripheral vision.

Soviet UFO Humanoid

“Luminous Humanoid Entities” Emerging From The Water!

Still at the same camp two weeks later, Nadi would again awaken to the same energy seemingly calling to her. Once again, she would leave the tent. And once again, the humanoid figure was visible in front of her. It appeared to be slightly hunched over.

This time, though, the serenity of the early morning was suddenly disturbed rudely by noisy activity from the water nearby. As Nadi turned her head, she witnessed several “luminous humanoid figures” heading in her direction. They were seemingly floating slightly above the ground as they moved.

The luminous group would descend near to Nadi, who offered a mental greeting to them (for reasons she wasn’t sure). A voice would enter her mind, asking where “her friend Larissa” was. Nadi replied that her friend’s room was in another cabin. Then, a forgotten memory flooded back into her mind. Only the previous evening Larissa had been rather ill. Nadi was with her when these same luminous humanoids descended on them. One of them moved their glowing arms in strange but very specific motions. Almost immediately Larissa was well again.

Nadi would later describe these luminous entities as having large heads, with large “slanted-type” eyes. Their chins appeared particularly pointed but most noticeable was the “bluish aura” that surrounded them. This aura was like a blue flame and appeared “fluctuate” around them in a similar fire-like motion. Small protrusions were visible on their backs which one of them explained (via Nadi’s mind) that these were “natural power sources”. Suddenly Nadi’s memories became hazy. The next thing she knew, she awoke in her tent, the luminous humanoids gone.

A Description Of “Angels” From Ancient Writings?

This last detail combined with their glowing appearance and even Nadi’s own admission that these power sources very much resembled “small wings” is perhaps an obvious similarity to how angles are most often depicted. Nadi herself would state this was the easiest way to describe their physical appearance.

What might these entities have been? They interacted with the witness via telepathy much the same as in many extraterrestrial close encounters. However, there was no sighting of any “nuts-and-bolts” craft. These entities appeared and then vanished. However, again much like alien abduction cases, she would fail to remember their leaving. Her memory would become cloudy as if there was an intentional block against any recall.

Might these entities, who would appear to be more energy-based lifeforms, also be indigenous to the Earth? Or might they indeed hail from elsewhere in the cosmos and travel here through the use of portals? Regardless of their origin, given the descriptions and writings of “angels” throughout history, we have to assume their presence has been one that stretches back at least as far back as humanity itself. If not before.

And might it share a connection with the sighting and apparent abduction at Orsk only weeks later? Only further research and disclosure of other encounters will begin to move us collectively to the truth of this, and the wider questions that surround such mysterious encounters.

The short video below looks at some of Russia’s most mysterious UFO encounters.

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