Did a Serpent/Snake Creature Just Get Spotted on Mars!?

First Published: September 25, 2016 Last updated: March 11th, 2019 Written by: Ian Stephens Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes Posted in: Aliens
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One of the best parts about space news, today, is people finding gaps in scientific logic. We love looking at the little holes in stories and the gaps that might just prove fabrication. Better than ever, though, we love it when people spot stuff that just shouldn’t seem real. One such find recently was that of the rather terrifying serpent on Mars.

This could be an utterly massive find. After years or being told that there was no life on Mars, that may be about to change. This is an incredible spot and, intentional or not, has sparked major discussion online. Whilst people are always quick to write off anything NASA says as being a lie, this is pretty interesting.

rWhilst plenty of people are looking at the deception angle and looking to abuse, we aren’t. we want to take a closer look at just what might have been found. After all, if this is the discovery of life on Mars, it’s major. It breaks away from anything found until now. The discovery of another moving, active life from would be huge.

The snake or serpent found on Mars.

The snake or serpent found on Mars.

It would be, without a doubt, the most significant breakthrough in a long time. A common human fear is a lack of life outside of the planet we inhabit. If this snake-like object can be verified, those fears are finished. We would then know that we do share the universe with at least one other entity.

It would, though, add pressure on NASA and other institutes to either disclose, or discover, other species. Let’s take a look at what has been found out so far and what people are speculating about. Could this finally be the discovery that so many have been waiting for?

Did we really just discover a new species on a different planet?

The Story We Know

This story all stems from the potential discovery from the Curiosity Rover. This is the latest NASA rover project to move across Mars. When showing the images that it recorded of the planet, though, something terrifying was discovered.

The images spotted what looks to be a massive serpent creature skittering around the rocks. These images were then thrown online by NASA to be looked into further. Keen eyed observers immediately set about looking for something different from the norm. We would wager that the discovery of a giant snake ticks that box!

Image investigators have gotten to work and started to magnify through the waves of images NASA sent back. Sometimes, an image can appear that looks a little discerning. This image, though, the one of the giant snake? That immediately caused a massive stir across forums and social media.

This isn’t the first time that weird images have been found on Mars, though. In the past people have spotted things like tiny space squirrels right through to the ruins of an old civilization. At least, that’s what they looked like in the images.

So, people are immediately excited by this. Given what is being seen in the image, though, could it merely be a crevice?

Is it likely that it is actually some form of giant snake? If it is, why is only one being found?

Shouldn’t there be more of these creatures roaming around? This is the tough question.

It’s hard to tell what is a good and convenient photo, and what could be something serious. For example, we find the squirrel to look far more authentic than this image. To us, that does not really represent a good image or detailed proof of a giant snake on Mars.

More Convincing Images?

That was until we seen the video uploaded by YouTube user UFOvni2012. This is a very interesting video and already has close to 15,000 hits. It shows a very interesting image and should definitely be looked into further. You can check out the video here:

In the video, you can see where the image is taken from and what the actual creature is supposed to look like.

On the images shown in the video, this looks a lot more like a creature. It’s too different in this image to the texture around it. People are already pointing to creatures on our planet, like the worm, to show that it could be something akin to a serpent.

In the image that you see in this video, its standing out from the background a whole lot more. We would have to say that, based on this video, it looks a lot more legitimate.

We aren’t quite ready to start declaring our undying love for our new serpent overlords just yet, though. The image itself is pretty convincing, but what explanations have been provided so far?

Has there been any kind of official wording or rebuttal of these images?

Not really, sadly. We aren’t really seeing anything definitive other than ‘it’s a crack in the wall’. Given it casts its own shadow and stands out from the wall, we aren’t too inclined to go with that theory.

We have to admit, though, on first glance it looks fairly innocent. We were pretty convinced that there was nothing, or very little anyway, to get excited about. One thing we did notice, though, was that the Rover has found other weird images in the past. It would appear that the Curiosity Rover is certainly living up to it’s name!

Other Weird Sightings

For example, earlier on in the year the rover apparently spotted a gorilla and a camel.

Now, they do have to doctor the image a little slightly to make it obvious, but it’s clear to see without it. It looks like a big gorilla type creature standing alongside a camel of sorts. It’s a very weird image and one of the most outrageous captured by the rover so far. But it does not prove that alien life exists.

What does, perhaps, is the finding of that weird snake.

Of course, less likely images exist also. In a bid to try and catch NASA out, people will take in just about any shadow cast as proof of alien life. For example, look at this Mirror article covering a giant scorpion found by the rover.

We were immediately put off by this. It’s simply too blurry to make any kind of determination on. The other images, though? They are much easier to see clearer details in. Even mistaking the ‘snake’ for a crack in the cliff at first, once you see it then it becomes hard to not see.

With this scorpion? Not so much. It’s a blurry image and one that would be very hard to tell with. We would suggest that out of the three that is the least likely. It could very easily be a shadow cast by the cliff.

Or it might actually be a giant scorpion – who knows? NASA don’t seem to, anyway.

Until we see a proper selection of evidence that disproves it, though, both look fairly convincing. There is simply too much detail in each of the first two not to at least be considered. Whilst we’ll never get an official confirmation, this image is one definitely worth keeping an eye on.

What do you make of the rover spottings?

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