The Extraterrestrial Giants Of The Solomon Islands?

Marcus Lowth
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March 28, 2024
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When Marius Bouirayon retired to the Solomon Islands following a career as an aircraft engineer in Australia, he didn’t for one minute think he would stumble upon tales of giant, cannibalistic beings who had inhabited the region since ancient times. What’s more, the more he learned about these creatures, and the more he saw for himself the mysteries of the islands, he quickly made a connection between them and the many UFO sightings of the region.

Marius had married a local woman from the islands, and ultimately made his home on the island of Guadalcanal, and it wasn’t long before he learned of the strange goings-on that had seemingly been taking place there not only for decades but for centuries. He would detail these accounts, as well as many of the strange things he saw with his own eyes in the book Solomon Island Mysteries: Accounts of Giant and UFOs in the Solomon Islands, in which he also stated several times that what he was told was considered “fact” by the locals.

Ultimately, the accounts put forward in the Solomon Island Mysteries are without a doubt some of the most intriguing on record. And if there is any truth whatsoever to any of them, they could also prove to be some of the most important in unlocking the potential hidden truths of human history, as well as the reality of the modern world in which we all live.

Legends Of Giant, Cannibalistic Creatures In The Tropical Forests

Following his retirement Marius Boirayon began to hear many strange tales from the locals of giant creatures, some as tall as 15 feet and with cannibalistic tendencies. [1]

These creatures were said to inhabit the tropical forests of the islands in caves and hidden lairs in the woodland. These cave systems are said to be “vast” running throughout the entire mountain range of the island, which stretches for over 100 miles. In fact, these tunnel networks are so extensive that it is said that it is possible to “go from east to west through their cave systems without seeing the light of day”.

As well as the tales of abductions of locals (most of whom were never seen again), Marius also learned of cases of women being taken by these giant creatures so that they could breed with them in order to create hybrid offspring (something reminiscent of the tales of The Watchers and The Anunnaki, we might contemplate).

According to local legends – legends that are historical fact, remember, according to the indigenous population – these giants, themselves separated into different tribes and factions, would often war amongst themselves (something else that is reminiscent of the legends of The Anunnaki).

“There! There! The Dragon Snake!”

One particularly interesting legend Marius heard of was the “Dragon Snake” an aerial “creature” said to be reptilian in nature and with a stingray-like shape to it and glowing, red eyes. In fact, it was something that he would have his own encounter with. [2] He detailed the account in an article in Nexus Magazine, offering that he had become friends with a local named Joseph, and had, as a consequence of this friendship “become quite an enthusiastic fisherman”.

On this particular night, Marius, along with his wife, Miriam, accompanied Joseph, as well as another local named Ci-Ci, to the coast so he could “do some night spearfishing”, although Marius simply took his rod so he could “throw some lines”.  As Marius and Ci-Ci were cleaning some of the fish they had caught, Joseph emerged from the water, his spear “full of fish” ready to add to the pile. It was as Marius and Ci-Ci were taking the fish from the spear that Joseph suddenly shouted out, “There! There! The Dragon Snake!”

Marius turned to where Joseph was pointing, shocked to see a “very bright, luminous, white object flying slowly over the water”.  Not quite believing what he was seeing, Marius called out to Mariam and asked her to pass him the binoculars. He immediately raised them to his eyes and began to focus on the glowing star-like object around a mile or so away from them.

He estimated the object was round, approximately 60 feet across and appeared to make no noise whatsoever. The group watched the object for several minutes before it suddenly dove into the waters of the sea and disappeared. Joseph, who claimed to have seen these objects many times, offered that if they waited around 10 minutes, the object would emerge out of the water. Sure enough, it did just that, and this time, “it was glowing twice as brightly as when it went in”.

They continued to watch the object as it eventually set off in the direction it arrived, disappearing into the distance a short time later. After it was out of sight, the group returned to Marius’ home, with the host eager to learn all that Joseph and Ci-Ci knew of this “Dragon Snake”. The group talked well into the early hours of the morning. One thing they assured Marius was that it would not be the first time he would see the bizarre object, something which turned out to be very true, with Marius losing count of these sightings “when they reached the 60 mark”.

Not Something Alive But A Nuts-And-Bolts Craft?

Of course, while the locals believed these glowing objects to be alive aerial creatures – hence, the monicker, Dragon Snakes – Marius immediately suspected they were more likely to be nuts-and-bolts advanced vehicles. Many of the locals were completely unfamiliar with the term “UFO” or what the modern world’s general perception of them was. Therefore – very similar to how ancient astronaut theorists suggest ancient humans would have done – they interpreted the objects in line with their collective knowledge bank – that they were strange, mysterious creatures that were very much alive.

Some of the legends and accounts of encounters with these Dragon Snakes, for example, spoke of them “spitting” or “breathing fire” – something that Marius contemplated was, in fact, some kind of futuristic laser beam, or even the product of some kind of advanced propulsion system. Again, these interpretations are remarkably similar to many ancient legends that some people believe are describing encounters with extraterrestrial civilizations in ancient times.

What’s more, according to local legends, these Dragon Snakes were said to reside in caves in the dense woodland of the islands’ forests – similar to the apparent giants that also inhabited the region. Could it be, with this in mind, that Dragon Snakes were not only mechanical vehicles of some speculative alien race but also the giants of the Solomon Islands?

Furthermore, as well as sightings of these strange objects, there were many accounts of them attacking fishing boats, and even targeting locals themselves.

Potential Tales Of Alien Attacks And Abduction

The more Marius learned, the more tales he heard that sounded to him very much like cases of alien abduction. One particularly intriguing, if gruesome encounter was relayed to Marius by Joseph, and involved another fisherman who had been left severely hurt following an encounter with a Dragon Snake.

According to what Joseph told Marius, the fisherman was fishing at around 3 am when he saw the glowing object flying through the air. Perhaps unwisely, he began flashing his torch in the direction of the object, almost as if trying to get its attention. If that was his desire, it worked, as the Dragon Snake headed in his direction and was directly over the top of him “in an instant”.

The fisherman was immediately panicked and put turned the boat’s engine on and set off away from the object. However, to his dismay and terror, it followed. He began zig-zagging on the water in an attempt to throw it off but it remained close behind him.

As the beach was within sight, the Dragon Snake “fired some form of light” at the fisherman, “partially hitting him”. He eventually made it to the beach, leaping out of the boat and heading to the overgrowth and vegetation nearby. The Dragon Snake remained close behind him keeping up the pursuit. By the end of the encounter, the fisherman had sustained serious burns to various parts of his body, seemingly caused by the beam of light aimed toward him by the object.

There were other cases that Marius learned of that happened while he was living there, including a pair of Catholic nuns who, according to a radio report, had seemingly gone missing while walking on a quiet road just outside of the main village. What made this particular double disappearance all the more intriguing to Marius was that it occurred in a location where many other people, at least according to local chatter, had also gone missing amid sightings of Dragon Snakes.

Stakeout At Mount Dragon

During his research into sightings and encounters with Dragon Snakes, he learned from a local chief that they had been seen leaving and entering a lake at the base of a waterfall on one of the mountains in the forest. Marius came to call this mountain Mount Dragon, and he quickly convinced Joseph to accompany him to a suitable spot close to this waterfall so they could see for themselves the Dragon Snake coming and going from it.

The journey would take three days, but they eventually came to the waterfall in question and the lake at the base of it. They quickly settled upon a location that concealed their presence and from where they had a clear view of the lake and the waterfall dropping into it. From there, they were determined to witness the arrival of the Dragon Snake up close.

They waited for several hours. Then, at around 9:45 pm, they saw a glow in the water of the lake alerting them that the Dragon Snakes appearance was imminent. Eventually, the light “surfaced and, after moving to the edge of the lake, flew slowly northwards down the mountain range at a 45-degree angle, continuing along the length of the valley and, after a minute or so, disappearing out of sight”.

At this point, Marius was almost certain that the Dragon Snake was a UFO. The pair waited for around two hours for the object to return. However, just before midnight, they saw another glow from the water, and another Dragon Snake appeared. This object went the opposite way to the first, heading “south along the valley” before it too disappeared out of sight.

Just over two hours later, at around 2:30 am, they noticed what the presumed was the first object, given that it was approaching the lake from the direction it had disappeared several hours earlier. They watched it “slowly climbing the lake’s entrance and submerging itself in the lake, with the glow of the vehicle diminishing as it went deeper”.

The Island Of Malaita Reef – Another Entrance And Exit Point?

Marius’ investigation and research also pointed him to a reef off the island of Malaita that appeared to be another entrance and exit point for the Dragon Snakes. He described this location as a “bottomless circular reef” where “UFOs can be seen going in and out virtually every night”.

He became familiar with the location through many of the friends he had made while fishing, learning that many of them favored this spot as it offered the chance to catch “big-ocean-type fish” without having to go out into the ocean, which is much more dangerous. He would further state that these fishermen had let out lines stretching down several hundred feet and “still haven’t been able to hit the bottom”.

Marius further stated that he imagined this reef had been made by a “huge spaceship that hovered above it and shot a big laser into the crust of the Earth”. Of course, whether there is any accuracy in these musings remains open to debate. What is of further interest, though, is that “about three to four miles directly inland from that circular reef entrance is a lake” – the same lake at Mount Dragon where UFOs are also seen entering and leaving. Are these two points somehow connected, either physically through some underwater tunnel network or even electromagnetically, perhaps creating some kind of portal from one location to the other?

Of course, this is just speculation on our part, but the entire region, if there is any truth at all in the accounts of the area, is certainly a place of highly strange activity.

Reports Of Increased Activity Near Battlegrounds Of The Second World War

Marius also noted that these mysterious objects appeared to be seen near an area of the coast where a bloody and prolonged battle had unfolded during the Second World War. And these objects were not only seen in this vicinity, but they were witnessed “coming and going near ships that had been involved in a great battle where thousands of men had lost their lives”. Marius offered that “as a former military man” this appeared almost like “robbing graves”, something which he admitted “weighed heavily” on his mind for some time.

One particular night, while fishing, he witnessed one of these curious objects submerge into the water near where the USS Chicago had sunk. Just like the first seen the Dragon Snake, when the object came out from under the water a short time later, it was “shining more brightly” than when it had entered the water.

Marius quickly raised his binoculars to his eyes and focused on the events unfolding in front of him. He could immediately see “the lights of a ship” that was clearly headed in his direction. He could also tell, that from its perspective, the object, or the occupants guiding it, could not see the ship. He could see the upcoming moment when its vision would clear and the ship would come into the mysterious object’s view. And as soon as it did, “it instantly vanished”. Marius stressed that the object “didn’t seem to go anywhere, it simply vanished, as if it had turned off its lights”.

This description is interesting as it is a detail that can be found in many other UFO reports – that the object didn’t vanish into the distance, but it was as if it had simply been “switched off” like a light bulb.

It was at this point when Marius considered why these objects seemingly “didn’t mind the indigenous people seeing it, but it did mind when someone saw it who would possibly know of its real identity”. It is certainly an interesting thought.

Of course, just what the interest in this part of the sea might have been on the UFO’s part, if indeed there was any at all, remains a mystery.

A (Not So) Discreet Military Presence

It is also put forward by Marius in Solomon Island Mysteries that the Australian military presence in the region from 2003 (officially the Regional Assistance Mission is to provide assistance with unrest to the government of the Solomon Islands) is, in fact, due to the alien presence of the islands. He refers to this presence as an “American-directed” operation, with an agenda that is far different from the official public reasons stated.

Whether this is accurate or not is perhaps open to debate. It is, however, very interesting, as Marius highlights, how there was a sudden change of policy regarding this military assistance, and that it came following apparent meetings with (then) President of the United States, George Bush (Jr.). Of course, there could be other reasons for this course of action unfolded, but we should certainly consider the possibility that another, unofficial reason lies at the heart of this military presence.

One thing that Marius also puts forward is that many of the UFOs and subterranean bases are not extraterrestrial in nature and could be the military’s “own man-made UFO bases”. We will return to this idea in just a moment.

“Unacceptable And Unfriendly Behavior!”

Not only did Marius’ research suggest to him that there was some kind of extraterrestrial presence on the Solomon Islands, but that these aliens “have displayed unacceptable and unfriendly behavior towards” the residents of the island, elaborating that there had been “several outright abductions and murders”.

He would offer that there were “countless horrific stories” from all over the island that stretched back decades, including one particularly harrowing encounter that involved a local resident’s grandfather who had been “incinerated” by one of these Dragon Snakes (or UFOs) in the early 1900s (when Marius researched this account, he discovered evidence that it very much happened).

Ultimately, while UFOs “might be friendly in other parts of the world”, they were “definitely not friendly” on the Solomon Islands.

With this in mind, we might return our attention to the notion that the Australian military presence on the island was not, solely at least, just one of providing relief to the Solomon Island authorities but because of this apparent alien presence, and ask, are they there in opposition of this presence or to work alongside them? And if the latter is the case, could the suggestion of “man-made UFO bases” be more accurate than we might think?

A Lot For Us To Think About

As we can, then, the Solomon Islands would appear to be a hotbed of strange activity and equally strange and mystifying creatures. And rather than being accounts found only in ancient legends, many of these encounters have unfolded in our contemporary era, and would appear to continue to occur today. What’s more, there appears to be some kind of intertwining military operation going on there, either against or in support of this strange alien presence, which only serves to make the whole situation that much more complex.

Perhaps what makes the accounts of apparent giant entities and alleged UFOs emerging from underground bases is the notion, once more, of a permanent civilization existing within the Earth itself. Whether this civilization is an indigenous one or one of an extraterrestrial nature, or even a combination of the two remains open to debate. And while the idea of subterranean civilizations in an inner world is preposterous to some, the accounts of exactly that are widespread and many.

We might also consider, the military presence, and if there is any truth to the claims that the Australian military, essentially, on behalf of the United States, was on the islands due to the claims of giants, possibly extraterrestrial giants. Only time will tell how accurate these claims might be. For now, though, we should perhaps keep the region very much on the radar, and specifically, reports of strange activity taking place there.

The short video below examined the strange events from this region of the world a little further.


1 Solomon Island Mysteries: Accounts of Giants and UFOs in the Solomon Islands, Marius Boirayon, ISBN 9781935 487043
2 The Mysterious Aggressive UFOs of the Solomon Islands, Brent Swancer, Mysterious Universe

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