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April 22, 2023
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The encounters experienced by John Edmonds and his wife, Joyce, are without a doubt some of the strangest, most intriguing, and most controversial of recent times. Dubbed the “alien ranch”, the Stardust Ranch in Rainbow Valley just outside of Phoenix in Arizona is, if the claims are to be believed, home to some of the most bizarre paranormal activity of recent times.

A picture claiming to show a real alien

Does this picture show a real alien being?

Indeed, much of the activity is extremely similar to that reported at the better-known Skinwalker Ranch in neighboring Utah, ranging from strange noises out of nowhere, bizarre lights and objects, and the appearance of strange creatures attempting to enter their property. As we will explore a little later, the location of the Stardust Ranch, much like that of Skinwalker Ranch, might be crucial in eventually understanding the truly bizarre activity that is taking place there. The state of Arizona not only has a long history of UFO encounters but also many strange and thought-provoking legends that stretch back hundreds of years.

What’s more, as we will examine, claims of contact between these apparent aliens and humans of such severity that it left the extraterrestrial dead are not as uncommon as we might think. And while we should perhaps take such claims with a certain pinch of salt, they are intriguing, nonetheless. And if any of them are accurate, then the UFO and alien question becomes all the more complex.

Before we examine some of those encounters, though, we will return our attention to the Edmonds, and the many encounters they experienced at their ranch in Rainbow Valley. And we might remind ourselves here, these incidents have taken place only very recently within the last decade and a half, meaning that this apparent alien presence on Earth is still as strong today as it always has been.

A Dream Home Turned Nightmare

John and Joyce Edmonds first moved into the sprawling 10-acre property in 2009. [1] However, what should have been a dream home quickly plunged the couple into a world of strange and disturbing goings-on. At first, John and Joyce would notice strange noises coming from around the property at night, noises that they initially put down to the sound of the surrounding desert at night. Shortly after, though, they also began to see strange, moving lights in the sky. By the time they began to notice unnerving figures appearing to lurk around the edge of their land, they realized something altogether out of the ordinary was taking place.

They began to wake up to discover that their garden furniture had been moved, and one occasion dumped into their swimming pool. Then, one evening while outside their property, they noticed movement a short distance away still within their boundaries, which they quickly noticed was a strange figure. However, when they focused on the figure, they could see that whatever it was, it didn’t appear human, not least due to the oversized head too large for its thin frame, and huge black eyes. It quickly disappeared into the shadows, but it would be the first of several such sightings of these strange creatures. And the events were about to get even worse.

Not long after first noticing these bizarre creatures seemingly watching them, the Edmonds began finding their horses dead, with the same wounds and precise cuts one would see in cattle mutilation cases. Even some of the couple’s dogs suffered similar, brutal endings. By this time, the Edmonds realized that something truly monstrous was unfolding around them.

Abduction By Interdimensional Beings

While the events had seemingly been limited to outside of their property until this point, the couple soon began hearing strange noises and movement directly outside their home. One evening, while the pair were sitting inside their ranch house, one of the creatures momentarily appeared at the window, appearing to look in at them. However, it was when their pair began discovering strange bruises, and even what appeared to be needle marks on their bodies that they suspected these apparently alien creatures were entering their home while they slept.

On one occasion, John Edmonds witnessed this with his own eyes when he awoke to see his wife levitating out of their bed, out of the front door, and into the yard where a hovering craft awaited. The last thing John remembered was seeing his wife seemingly being drawn up into the waiting vehicle. When he saw his wife the following morning, she had the same bruises they had first noticed upon arriving at the ranch, as well as the markings on her skin. At this stage, there was no doubt in John’s mind that his wife, and possibly he himself, were victims of repeat alien abduction.

Still frame of strange lights filmed by John Edmonds

Still frame of strange lights filmed by John Edmonds

The more encounters he had with these curious creatures the more details he noted about them. Perhaps one of the most intriguing is his belief that these entities are entering our world from another dimension – indeed, it is John Edmonds’ belief that these creatures are interdimensional beings.

He would note that the appearance of these entities was often accompanied by a “high-frequency buzz”, elaborating that it was his belief that this buzzing sound was likely “a side effect of their partial in-phase or out-of-phase interdimensional travel”. He would continue that these creatures would appear in this fashion when there was the potential for danger, and would “only physically materialize to a point of just crossing the dimensional physical threshold”, adding that “the buzzing occurs at a quantum level as they are partially in both dimensions at the same time”.

By contrast, when there was no such perceived danger they would “transcend cleanly into one dimension to another, and this was the “perfect opportunity to physically grab one” as they would immediately attempt to move back into their own dimension the moment they sensed any type of threat.

A Creature That Vanished At The Point Of Death

As the weeks and months went on, these apparent abduction encounters were signaled by further suddenly appearing bruises and scratch marks, and the presence of the entities around the property continued. So much so, that John came to the conclusion that he had to defend the property, and his wife, himself. And when they appeared again, he reached for the samurai sword he kept above the fireplace and used it on the creature. After embedding the weapon in the creature’s side, he went to withdraw it so he could chop off the head. However, to his disbelief, the dead body vanished right before his eyes.

He would theorize that as the entity was still (if barely) alive when he withdrew the sword, it would have been able to use its mind to move back into its own dimension. John would further suggest that the creature’s “head controls the ability to control the dimensional transference between one place and another”, and that removing the head could result in the body remaining in our dimension after death. This would not only offer solid proof that such creatures exist but would also be, rightly or wrongly, invaluable for study.

The sword that Edmonds claimed he used to kill an alien

The sword that Edmonds claimed he used to kill an alien

Although the creature’s body disappeared, John did have blood and tissue samples on the sword, which he would have analyzed. According to John, the analysis showed the samples were unknown to science, and was certainly not human or any known animal. However, and something that skeptics of the case would highlight as a little suspicious, the person who John claimed performed this analysis – a “W.C. Levengood” – disappeared a short time later, and with him, the samples.

In total, John claimed to have killed almost 20 of these alien entities during his time at the ranch, even claiming to have injured himself during some of these encounters. The attacks were becoming so regular, that John began speaking of them on social media, even posting pictures of the injuries he had allegedly suffered and even one of the creatures. It was around this time that John Edmonds claimed to have been visited by figures he could only describe as the Men In Black.

A ”Subconscious Defense Mechanism”?

And after speaking publicly about their encounters, the Edmonds were soon the focus of various newspaper stories and even television programs. And this was, at least to some, a little eyebrow-raising, and certainly cast doubt on the credibility of the accounts. While most speculated the couple was making such claims for attention or that they could both be mentally unwell, others had an altogether darker theory.

In their podcast Unbelievable, hosts Brian Frange and Phoebe Tyers would discuss the claims surrounding Stardust Ranch, and would point to the fact that Joyce’s claims of these alien interactions often revolved around sexual assault. [2] At one point during the podcast, Frange asks if it was possible that “John Edmonds was abusing his wife in her sleep and then blaming it on the aliens”, adding that “it might not even be that he just cooked up a story about aliens in order to cover up the fact that he’s beating his wife.

John Edmonds

John Edmonds

There’s a distinct possibility that he honestly believes aliens are abducting his wife and causing the bruises because subconsciously he needs to create a defense mechanism to allow him to view himself as a good person.” Frange would continue that he didn’t believe that Edmonds was lying, and that he thought he was “telling the truth as he thinks it is, but (that) the real truth might be something else”. [3]

It is worth noting that John Edmonds rejected the suggestion that he was behind his wife’s injuries in any way, or that he had subconsciously invented a cover story to mask his alleged actions.

A Chance To “Understand The Forces That Are In The Universe”

In recent years, the couple have put the ranch up for sale, [4] with some accusing them of using their claims on television to increase the price of the property. Indeed, it could be argued that this is not the action of someone desperate to leave a place, in fact, quite the opposite.

Of course, how true such claims might be is very much open to debate. And when we note the fact that the asking price is now somewhere around the $5 million mark as opposed to the $1.7 million it was initially priced at, it is perhaps easy to see why people would have such suspicions. We might imagine that rather than stay in such a property where these encounters were taking place regularly for almost a decade (sometimes weekly or even daily according to John Edmonds), the Edmonds would have wished to vacate the ranch much sooner.

We should also note that Edmonds has never once changed his story or version of events right up until his death on 27th February 2022. Edmonds offered before his death that it was his belief that a portal exists on the ranch and that this allows these grey alien entities access to our world. Some people have even theorized since that a crashed UFO – possibly hundreds of years ago – exists somewhere under the ranch, and that this could be the source of the portal. He would further offer that the entire land of the ranch “holds a lot of secrets and what I believe are future opportunities to understand forces that are in the universe”.

A Truly Controversial Case

There is certainly plenty to examine in Edmonds’ claims. If, as would appear to be the case if his claims are true, Stardust Ranch is as active as the Skinwalker Ranch in Utah (which we will return to briefly in a moment) then a study of it would surely increase our understanding of the paranormal and our own collective reality. Indeed, a study of this seemingly similar ranch might highlight connections or patterns that will allow investigators to better understand the supernatural and often disturbing goings-on in both locations.

A scar Edmonds claimed he received from an alien device

A scar Edmonds claimed he received from an alien device

As we mentioned in the beginning, though, Edmonds’ claims are not without controversy, even in UFO circles. Perhaps the most controversial of these claims – certainly in terms of credibility – is that these strange entities disappear open being killed, or at least wounded. As we might imagine, such claims play very much into skeptics’ hands, whether they are true or not. It isn’t, however, that strange a notion. There are many reports of close contact encounters that state these alien beings can be in one place one minute and then simply have vanished the next.

Furthermore, the apparent tissue and blood samples that were seemingly lost (or stolen) when the Levengood mysteriously disappeared is another highly suspicious aspect of the claim, not least when it is viewed alongside the claims of the alien entities vanishing. Did such samples really ever exist, and was “Levengood” and his apparent analysis pure invention? Or, if he was not a figment of the imagination, just what happened to Levengood, and did he disappear of his own accord or at the hands of someone else?

A Connection To The Mysterious Four Corners?

While Arizona alone can boast more than its fair share of UFO and alien encounters, it makes up, along with three other states, Utah, New Mexico, and Colorado, one of the most mysterious locations in the United States. In fact, so mysterious is this part of America that even NASA has spent time investigating it due to extraordinarily high and unexplained emissions of methane being detected there. [5] The area is known as the Four Corners, and not only is paranormal activity rife there, all of the states have their own abundance of bizarre accounts, including many encounters with UFOs and aliens. And, at least some, have questioned NASA’s real interest in the region.

We have already highlighted just some of the reports and accounts from Arizona, but New Mexico has several claims of downed UFOs, not least the Roswell crash to its name. Then if we look at Colorado and the numerous claims of some kind of extraterrestrial base there, even a stronghold of sorts our intrigue in this location surely go up a little more. And last but certainly not least is Utah, home to one of the strangest locations on the planet in Skinwalker Ranch. Indeed, the area around Skinwalker Ranch – much like much of the land of the other Four Corners states is Native American. And many of their legends not only speak of people who came from the stars but also of strange entities with paranormal abilities.

What is perhaps of further interest is the 37th parallel – a line of latitude that is awash with many paranormal encounters, including many UFO sightings and even cases of alien abduction. Some researchers have come to the conclusion that these seemingly otherworldly vehicles use the intense energy that is said to reside there to power their vehicles, while others believe that the same energy opens gateways or portals to other worlds or realms of existence.

In short, then, it should perhaps not come as a surprise that such intense activities as those described by John Edmonds – if we accept them to be true for a moment – should occur in one of the Four Corners states. We might further ask, might the many rumors of extraterrestrial bases or “points of entry” existing in all of these four states have more truth to them than most would think?

Other Strange Contact Cases That Ended In The Death Of An Alien

As bizarre as John Edmonds’ claims might sound, they are far from the only claims of people killing apparent alien entities. Perhaps the most well-known of these is Phil Schneider, who was discovered dead (officially from suicide) after giving a series of public talks on top-secret government-alien bases deep under the ground.

During those talks, he would speak of being involved in an outright battle with grey extraterrestrials, several of which he claimed he shot dead with a government-issued weapon (a battle in which he also sustained apparent injuries).

There are, however, many other examples from across the decades. And they range from the relatively plausible to the bordering on outrageous.

The Controversial And Questionable Encounter Of Jonathan Reed

Without a doubt, one of the strangest and equally controversial encounters took place in the mid-nineties and featured Dr. Jonathan Reed. [6] According to Reed, he was walking in the woods with his dog, Suzy, on the morning of 15th October 1996 in the Cascade Mountains in the state of Washington.

Much to his surprise, however, as he made his way along the trail, he suddenly realized his dog was nowhere to be seen. He set out calling out to his pet and searching the immediate area around him. Then, he suddenly found himself looking at a spike-shaped object floating in a nearby clearing. A moment later, he spotted his dog. And much to his shock, and anger, it was being attacked by a “vibrating part-reptilian, part grey alien”.

He looked on in horror as the creature reached for the dog, grabbing at it and lifting it by the jaws. Then, without realizing what exactly had taken place, the unfortunate animal was “vaporized” and turned into nothing but white dust. Enraged at the treatment of his pet, Reed reached for a particularly large branch that was resting on the ground nearby and flew at the alien creature. He swung the branch directly at it, striking it full-on in the head. He continued to bring the branch down on the creature’s head until he was certain it was dead.

Then, things turned even stranger. According to Reed, he filmed the dead alien as well as managing to capture the strange hovering craft on video. Following this, he gathered the dead alien up and proceeded to set off for him, intent on dissecting the carcass. He would claim, though, that whenever he tried to cut into its body, the black spandex-like suit that it was wearing would sew itself even more tightly shut. He claimed he stored the body in an outside freezer but when he returned the following day it was no longer there.

Reed would speak openly of the encounter, even claiming that strange, ominous individuals had begun following him and monitoring his activities since the incident. In fact, many internet users would begin researching the case, with one individual in particular (an internet user by the name of Tommy Grand) offering some rather intriguing revelations.

He would state that following his encounter with the alien entity and the strange men keeping track of him, Reed had “been on the run ever since”. Even more alarming, he would claim that Reed had been “beaten up by agents three times” and that “two of his close friends” had even met untimely ends at the hands of these mysterious men.

Going even further, the internet user would state that Reed had lost everything – including his job and his girlfriend and had even been shot at and wounded in the shoulder. According to the source, Reed would co-author a book named The Link in which he detailed that he had taken a wrist device from the dead alien that was some kind of “hieroglyphic link bracelet” and that it was this piece of technology that the agents were attempting to obtain.

Reed would even appear on an episode of the television series Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files in 2010. Under the scrutiny of the show, it was concluded that the video allegedly filmed by Reed was very likely a hoax. Of further damage to his claims, UFO Watchdog claimed that “Dr. Jonathan Reed” was, in fact, John Bradley Rutter, a long-time resident of Seattle. Furthermore, they claimed that all the while he had claimed to have been on the run, he living at his Seattle home. Further still, he was not a doctor and had no college degrees.

Unlike the claims of John Edmonds, however, there appears to be little doubt that Reed orchestrated the events he claimed to have happened that October morning in 1996, or at the very least seriously embellish another, far less dramatic account.

Regardless, you can the video of the alleged alien below.

The “Space Alien” Killed On A Military Base

While a lot less outlandish but certainly no less controversial were the claims of researcher, John L. Guerra, who relays the account of a retired Air Force Major, George Filer III, who claims he was involved in a shooting and killing an extraterrestrial in the early hours of 18th January 1978. [7] In the book Strange Craft: The True Story of an Air Force Intelligence Officer’s Life with UFOs, Guerra puts forward Filer’s account.

On the morning in question, Filer reported to his superior officers in order to receive an intelligence briefing. As he arrived, however, he noticed that not only was there an intense atmosphere at the facility, but it was completely locked down. Already a little confused at what was happening, when he spoke to his superiors, he found his morning taking a most unusual and bizarre turn.

In an official and matter-of-fact kind of way, he was told bluntly that “an alien has been shot at Fort Dix and they found it on the end of McGuire Air Force runway”. In response, Filer asked whether he meant “illegal alien”, as in someone from another country, to which his superior replied, “No, it was from outer space, a space alien” before adding that UFOs had been hovering and flying over the base for the last few days leading up to the incident.

George Filer

George Filer

As Filer elaborated, it was revealed that on the night in question, with a UFO flying over the base at a particularly low altitude, a military police officer had decided to pursue the object. The craft, which the officer described as being oval-shaped and glowing green and blue, swooped down toward his vehicle. Then, barely a second later, a large-headed creature with gray-brown skin standing around four feet tall appeared a short distance away and headed toward the policeman’s car.

He immediately reached for his gun and pointed it at the entity, ordering it to stop. When it failed to do so the officer fired at the creature, pulling the trigger five times, all of which hit their target. The strange creature dropped to the ground. A quick inspection showed it to be dead. The witness also reported that as soon as he had killed the creature, there was an intensely strong smell of ammonia, something which has been noted in other close encounters and alien abduction cases.

Filer continued that a “recovery team” was immediately sent to the location, and the alien’s body was transported to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Furthermore, according to Filer, the Asbury Park Press contacted the base to ask about the incident, however, no official comment or response was given.

Filer is no doubt that the encounter happened exactly as his superiors told him it did, even though he didn’t see the alien’s body himself. He did, though, witness the clean-up operation, and spoke personally to some of the soldiers who were involved in it, all of whom confirmed to him that the incident unfolded exactly as he had been told. Filer did request permission to read the file but this was denied. He would continue that all those involved – including the policeman who fired the fatal shots – were silenced in the name of national security.

The is indeed much debate as to how true the account might be. It has to be said, though, this one appears to hang together a lot tighter than some of the other claims we have examined here. And the incident has been rumored in the UFO community since the early 1980s, suggesting that something out of the ordinary did indeed take place.

A Bizarre Case Of Disinformation?

As we mentioned in the opening, all of the accounts we have examined here need to be approached with a certain amount of salt in hand. However, while some are perhaps more believable than others, the fact is, the outlandishness aside, they do offer details that can be found in many other UFO cases.

If UFOs are coming here and they are extraterrestrial in nature, then might it make sense that, at some point or another, confrontations between them and humans are going to happen? Particularly in abduction cases where it is an automatic reaction for most to fight back.

We might ask also, if some of the more outlandish cases are some kind of intricate disinformation campaign by dark government agencies that then allow them to discredit all other UFO and alien claims, even those of a more credible nature.

These are all things we have to keep in mind when examining these and other aspects of the UFO and alien question – a subject that is already nuanced and complex in the extreme.

The videos below are from short news segments on the strange goings on at Stardust Ranch.


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