Are There Ancient Civilizations Simply Unknown To Us?

Marcus Lowth
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May 4, 2018
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September 26, 2021
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Perhaps the best way to begin to propose an answer to that question would be to ask ourselves what would happen if a cataclysmic event happened today? Whether it was from a huge meteor strike, or nuclear war, or even a disease that swept through the human population sparing not one person, if humans were to simply die or disappear our place we might think is assured in history. After all, our infrastructure and the remains of our modern world (that which wasn’t reduced to ruins in such an event) would be our signature on the planet of our once thriving civilization, right?

A picture of a ruined burning city


Well, perhaps not. It might surprise many to learn that there is a very real chance that should such a tragic end befall the human population, the “next” civilization, in however many millions of years, would very likely have no knowledge that we once existed. Even should life begin again in “only” several thousand years, there is every chance that what little would still remain of our civilization would not be understood. And by the time new civilizations had developed, our existence may be viewed as many of us view the “myths” of Atlantis or a global flood at some point in the (not too) distant past. Remember, the age we put on civilizations and even the Earth itself, for all the academic trimmings, is basically guess-work. And they are not forced to be one-hundred percent correct all the time.

Before we look at some of the finds, claims, and theories about the real possibility of a civilization, perhaps even several, existing on Earth before ours, let’s have a look at just how quickly things would change on Earth, and how and why there would be very little left of our world.

If Everything Stopped Today!

While the details surrounding humanity’s fictional extinction would certainly alter the conditions in which it would then progress, once human life is gone, even if there were pockets of survivors (which we will come back to in a moment), changes would happen fast.

Within days, for example, with no humans to monitor and keep fossil-fuel power stations active, they would stop working and “power” around the world would disappear with it. Nuclear power stations would automatically switch into safety mode. However, around a month or so after this happens, the cooling waters will have evaporated which will eventually lead to huge Chernobyl-type explosions. Even such things as wind-turbines would eventually cease without the maintenance required to stop rust and such from compromising their rotating mechanisms.

Furthermore, the vast amounts of satellites orbiting the Earth will begin to fall back to the planet. They will burn up entering the atmosphere and will look like “falling stars”. Interestingly, many ancient writings speak of a time when “the sky fell down” or “the stars fell to Earth”. Were they describing something similar?

Within only decades most of the cities and concrete streets will have been overtaken by vegetation. Within three centuries, most of the metal buildings and bridges will have fallen to the ground and decompose.

After 10,000 years all that would be left to even hint of our presence would be that made of stone. Everything else would be taken over by nature and “gone back to the Earth”. Although it is possible that plastic or glass remains may be buried underground as we today still find remnants of the past, without any knowledge as to what they were, it is likely most of this would be unrecognized as being of importance.

Check out the video below.


Even if we accept there would be pockets of survivors, they would be the prey of any animals that might have also survived (who would likely hunt them in packs), and furthermore, they would have no access to any working technology or means of communication with other survivors. They would have as their primary concern, their own survival.

Let’s say some of these survivors are children. They certainly wouldn’t have the knowledge of a grown adult. And while there might be immediate success in tentative repopulation from these pockets of survivors, they would essentially, by circumstance, be “cave-men” and face thousands of years of evolution to even come to close to the civilization they had just survived.

Let us have a look at another option. Let’s say there were survivors who may have been able to preserve technology and a means of safe survival for themselves. Perhaps some people managed to survive in underground bunkers or facilities. Maybe if they, as much as it would be against the odds, managed to eventually resurface and find areas on the Earth to “begin again”, they may have the benefit, albeit limited, of technology and know-how from “before”. Not only does this help them perhaps build communities (relatively) quickly, but they would be on a pedestal above any other survivors without this advantage. Perhaps they would be the same as the “royal families” from antiquity, who “the gods” granted the right to rule over the rest of humanity.

Regardless of how it would play out, life would change, relatively speaking, in an instant. And furthermore, the world as we know it today would soon be a very distant memory. And one that over time would become less and less relevant, even relegated to mythology and folklore.

The Statue of Liberty floating in water in a distant future

Lost civilizations

A Civilization Permanently In Decline

We also have to ask, as well as how and why the building of such gigantic structures went ahead in ancient times, but why did they stop? For example, many Egyptologists accept that the Ancient Egyptian civilization essentially began at its peak and then went into permanent decline. This reflects perhaps most of all in their temples and pyramids, which steadily became a little less sound as time went on.

The same is true for many other megalithic structures around the planet from the ancient world. Instead of improving on these methods of construction, or at least maintaining them, over time they went backward. Are we to accept that on the one hand, our ancestors had the knowledge and skill to construct the Pyramids of Giza of the Great Sphinx, and then collectively forgot such calculations and knowledge. For all of the great structures we have today, still, none rival some of the stone wonders of antiquity.

Perhaps then, these stone structures are the remnants not of the civilizations that we know of (or think we know of), but of one that dates back much further back into history. Might that suggest why all such efforts of pyramids in Ancient Egypt, for example, pale by comparison, because they weren’t working to the same understanding of the original. They were, instead, attempting to emulate them?

Perhaps the ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians, the Sumerians, and the Mesopotamians were direct descendants (survivors?) of Atlantis? Many believe, for example, somewhere at the Giza Plateau lies the Hall of Records. While most (again) dismiss this without investigation, there are legitimate reasons to suggest its authenticity. Whether it would contain the records, writings, and history of “pre-history” is open to debate. Only investigation will settle the mystery.

Finds That “Shouldn’t” Be There

It might perhaps also answer the question as to just how long humans have walked upright on the Earth. Most mainstream scientists and historians argue it to be around 200,000 years. However, there are a plethora of finds all over the planet that suggests these dates to be wrong. [1] And not just marginally. In some cases, by millions of years.

For example, we have written before of the Dropa Stones discovered in China with hieroglyph-type writing and grooves on them. Initial tests state them to be between 10,000 and 12,000 years old. Those figures in terms of dating come up a lot when looking at ancient artifacts from pre-history. Coincidentally enough, that is roughly when the last Ice Age ended, which some people believe to have been the basis of the flood myths from around the world.

There are also several cases of fossils, dating back over 100 million years that show human handprints and molds, as well as an imprint of a human foot wearing something similar to a sandal. Some cave paintings even show what looks strikingly similar to dinosaurs. Of course, mainstream history tells us these were unknown to ancient humans. If this is the case, where did the persons responsible for such paintings see them? Such questions are all too often arrogantly shrugged off by mainstream academics. This despite the increasing evidence and coming together of like-minded thinkers to investigate such evidence.

Perhaps it is interesting to note how Immanuel Velikovsky suffered outright attacks on both his work and his character by mainstream and “reasonable” thinkers. Much of his work and suggestions have since proven to be correct. Such as planets producing their own heat, or the high temperatures of Venus. If he was right about those things, perhaps he is right others?

Post-human world with trees and vegetation growing over streets and abandoned cars

Post-human world

Intelligently Worked Artifacts Millions Of Years Old

There are numerous discoveries also of metals of obvious intelligent design millions of years old found all over the planet. [2] In France was a discovery of a metal tube within Cretaceous chalk dating back to 65 million years ago. According to mainstream history, humans or anything close to them were nowhere on Earth at this point. A similar find came in a block of coal in the late-1800s. Again, millions of years old, yet a designed metal cube would reside there.

In 1912 in Wilburton, Oklahoma at the Municipal Electrical Plant, two employees came across a huge piece of coal that wouldn’t fit into the opening of the furnace they were stocking. The coal was over 300 million years old. Imagine the workers surprise then when they began to break the oversized chunk and an iron pot fell out. The artifact’s examination would prove it to be genuine. Again, who made this pot if not humans? A similar case happened in 1944 in Upshur County, West Virginia. A 10-year-old boy, Newton Anderson, dropped a piece of coal in his basement. As it cracked open, a handmade bell fell out. The coal’s age? Well over 300 million years ago.

In 1934, in London, Texas, came the discovery of a hammer and chisel in a piece of rock around 100-million-years-old. In South Africa, miners regularly bring back strange spheres with equally strange but intentional grooves around them (the Klerksdorp Spheres). These spheres are either solid and of a blue metal, or they are hollow and full of an artificial substance. The rock which housed and embedded these items dates back over 2 billion years.

A picture of a post-apocalyptic world

Post apocalyptic world

Mainstream History Is Wrong!

These are simply a small sample of the huge amounts of anomalies concerning the history of life on Earth. We should hail these finds, study them, and use them to paint a truer picture of history. Instead, academia at best, has us push them aside. At worst, these forward-thinkers face ridicule and often ruin within their respective fields.

Perhaps one of the biggest proponents of an ancient civilization is Graham Hancock. The award-winning writer has researched and written extensively on the subject. He would state, “One of the problems with academics, and particularly academic historians, is they have a very narrow focus. And as a result, they are very myopic!”

Hancock, like many others, believes the answers to so much of our past, and our futures are all around us. Answers left there by a previous, advanced and unknown civilization. One that suffered a tragic cataclysmic end. This civilization and the tragic circumstances that destroyed it have turned into the myths from antiquity. Myths which “we should start listening to. We’ve received a legacy of extraordinary knowledge, and it’s time for us to stop dismissing it!”

That mainstream history appears to be wrong, if only in part, is becoming increasingly obvious. Particularly to those who study and research the vast amounts of written works on the subject. And while there isn’t always a malicious tone to the dismissals, they are largely dismissals without investigation nonetheless. Perhaps we should ask why academe insist on keeping these discoveries from the acknowledgment and serious study they deserve.

The video below features Hancock speaking at length about his theories.


1 Top 10 unexplained ancient artifacts – Fact or Fiction?, Blog World Mystery, September 7th, 2012
2 In the Days of Noah: The Witness of Creation Series Volume Four, Billy Crone, ISBN 9780998 772882 (page 166)

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