Might Saturn Really Not Be What We Think It Is?

Marcus Lowth
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January 20, 2017
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September 27, 2021
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David Icke stated, “Saturn! It isn’t what you think it is!” That statement alone hooked my curiosity and made me want to learn more about his theory. After all, if it isn’t what I think it is, what is it?

While Icke’s theories are only exactly that, they are compellingly interesting if nothing else. Perhaps more importantly, they also tend to hold their own against other theories in the same field, at times even serving to endorse them. While the claims of what Saturn “really” is – Icke’s and many other’s – are some of the most “out there” you are likely to hear, they are also some of the more intricately thought out, and ones that fit with other claims of alternative history.

Saturn and its rings.

Saturn and its rings.

Indeed once you start reading and researching into all aspects of the ringed planet, you could be forgiven for wanting to give such controversial theories as David Icke’s another once over, if only to be sure that you heard the claims correctly.

Numerous ties to Satanism (Saturn), repeated use of logos that resemble the ringed planet, and even how important Saturn seemingly is to secret societies such as the Illuminati and the like, that have roots stretching right the way back to antiquity, may only be the tip of iceberg.

Before we get into some of the dark conspiracies of Saturn though, check out the short video below – a Top 10 basic facts about the second largest planet in our solar system.

The Mega Hex Of Saturn

One of the more remarkable discoveries made concerning Saturn, were the results of the Voyager and the Cassini missions respectively, when they photographed the planet close up for the first time in known history. The first Voyager images were “stitched” together, and while the quality is grainy to say the least, they allowed for the discovery of a strange anomaly at the “north pole” of the planet – a perfectly shaped hexagon that became known as The Mega Hex of Saturn. [1]

This genuinely perplexed scientists at NASA and around the world – not least because the structure appeared to be artificial. In other words, someone, or something had seemingly built a huge, beyond-megalithic structure at Saturn’s north pole. Even NASA planetary scientist, Kevin Baines, told the TV show “NASA’s Unexplained Files” that “something is organising this. Something is keeping this together. We just don’t know what it is!”

Of course conventional science and thinking doesn’t allow for such theories, and after it had taken these images in November 1980, the Voyager went streaking through the solar system and out towards Uranus and then Neptune. It would be a further twenty-four years before another, clearer image of the anomaly were taken.

In June 2004, the Cassini space probe took more detailed images of the north pole region of Saturn, as it did a similar pass of the planet to that of the Voyager two and a half decades previously. When these images were analysed, they revealed the exact same structure as had been seen before. It wasn’t a trick of the light, or due to reduced photo quality. The Mega Hex of Saturn – whatever it is – is very real, although science, at least mainstream science, still doesn’t know exactly what it is.

Just to get a perspective about how huge this hexagonal structure is, the space within the border is sufficient enough to fit four “Earths” inside.

Check out the short video clip below that looks at the Mega Hex in a little more detail.

Naturally Occurring Radio Waves? Or (Subliminal) Messages?

Also emanating from Saturn are electronic radio waves that sound more manufactured than naturally occurring space noise. There appears to be several different radio waves being sent from the planet, [2] with differences being noted from the south and north areas. The pulses were picked up when data sent back to Earth from the Cassini probe was analysed by scientists.

These waves – which are not audible to the human ear – were converted by NASA and released online, much to the interest of space and alien enthusiasts alike. One curious listener, a musician and digital audio expert, Jost Van Dyke, altered the pitch and tone of the signal. When he did so, it appeared as though the sound were intentional communication of some kind. He stated that the signals had very “definite patterns to the ear” and they were not “sliding” in nature as most other cosmic sounds are.

As you might imagine, lots of people heard various “messages” in the signal, but one offered deciphering is particularly interesting, if only because, as we will see later, it fits in rather well with David Icke’s theories: “You people are urged to drop the Earthly impulse!”

Whether that particular translation is correct or not, and what it might mean is obviously open to debate. You can check out Jost Van Dyke’s video below and see for yourself – interesting viewing and indeed listening.

Immanuel Velikovsky Enrages Mainstream Science

In 1950, controversial researcher and author, Immanuel Velikovsky, released his book Worlds in Collision [3] in which he expressed his belief that cataclysmic disasters spoken of in The Bible and many other ancient texts, were very real events that our ancestors witnessed with their own eyes, and then documented them accordingly. His work arguably is of great importance to the conspiracy theories of Saturn, and indeed theories of alternative history as a whole that were later developed.

Just one of these theories, and in short, suggested that Venus was once a part of the planet Jupiter. According to Velikovsky, around 4000 years ago, a huge explosion rocked Jupiter – so huge that it sent a huge mass that would eventually become Venus, soaring into space and towards the “inner” solar system. [4]

As it travelled along, a “tail” of copper, red dust and gas followed it. When the Earth came into contact with this “slipstream” (around 1500BC) the red dust entered the atmosphere, causing blood red rain to fall to the ground. The Book of Exodus reads about this time, “All the water that was in the Nile turned to Blood!” Not blood, reasoned Velikovsky, but red rain!

As Venus passed, it caused huge geological changes on the Earth, including pulling the planet off its axis. Velikovsky sited the Cashinaua of Brazil who wrote “Heaven and Earth changed places!” He even theorised that Moses and the parting of the waters as he led the Isrealites, was likely the result of “gravitational and electromagnetic forces between the two planets!”

The short video below features some of the readings of Velikovsky’s works on such cataclysmic events of the past.

Further Cosmic Cataclysmic Events And Claims

Although Venus settled into a stable orbit around 1400BC, by 800BC its path came too close to Mars’, not only causing catastrophic damage to the red planet, but also nudging it into an orbit that clashed with Earth’s every fifteen years for over a century, before it settled into its current orbit in 687BC.

Mainstream science was universally appalled by his claims, and they collectively shunned him and his work.

It should be noted that many of Velikovsky’s theories, that were mercilessly mocked and dismissed at the time, have since been proven very true. For example his claims that Venus would have soaring temperatures on its surface went against conventional thinking of the time, which stated Venus would be freezing cold due to the thick cloud that engulfed it. A decade after Velikovsky made his claim the surface temperature of Venus was indeed proven to be almost 1000 degrees Fahrenheit – hot enough to melt lead.

He also predicted that Jupiter, and its fellow gas giant, Saturn, emitted substantial radio noise, and that the planets likely had the ability to heat themselves from within. Both of these points have again since been proven to be correct, which takes us back to Saturn, and its “true” history.

Could Saturn actually be the “elusive” Nibiru/Planet X?

According to some, Saturn is not a planet all, but a dead star that had served at one point in time as a second sun in our solar system [5] – a primary sun. This is somewhat backed up – albeit by interpretation – of many ancient writings and texts – in particular ancient Sumerian texts.

Zecharia Sitchin claimed to have translated many Sumerian clay tablets that told the story of an extra-terrestrial race, called the Anunnaki, who came to Earth thousands of years ago. Through interbreeding and genetic engineering, they began the human race as we know it.

We have written of Sitchin and his claims of the Anunnaki previously, and his theories are interesting to say the least. One of the claims he made, was the the Anunnaki’s home planet was Nibiru – a huge celestial body whose whereabouts is unknown but on course to enter Earth’s orbit at some point in the future – a claim that has spawned a culture all of its own.

These Sumerian records show what Sitchin claims to be the symbol of this home planet as a sun with six stars around it. Might it be possible, given that Saturn is claimed to be a dead sun, that Nibiru [6] – the home of the Anunnaki – is in fact Saturn itself? The Babylonians incidentally referred to Saturn as being the “ghost of a sun!”

Furthermore, although it does indeed have hundreds of small moons, six “main” moons orbit the ringed planet. Perhaps even the rings of Saturn were mistaken for wings (Nibiru is claimed to have a winged appearance in the sky), and so described it as such long ago.

Nibiru is claimed to have a winged appearance in the sky

Nibiru is claimed to have a winged appearance in the sky

The video clip below looks at some of the ancient writings that appear to describe Saturn as a sun.

“Don’t Go There!”

As we will see later, given that David Icke, who also subscribes to the theory that the Anunnaki were very real, and claims they were (are) the reptilians that he has written about for some time, the connections with Saturn are intriguing. When combined with his theories of what Saturn actually is, as Icke himself likes to say, the dots begin to connect themselves.

Although I encourage you to read Icke’s full research on this subject – and indeed all his works, if only to take on board another perspective – what we will present is a “reader’s digest” version of the basics of his Saturn theory, and where it fits within the larger conspiracy.

Before we move on to that however, just a quick mention of an interesting side-conspiracy in its own right. While it is one thing to suggest that the aforementioned Sitchin may have simply been incorrect in his translations, there is a video online containing footage that implies he intentionally lied or misled his readers with his translations, and what’s more it offers why.

While we do not offer this theory as proof of this in any way, it is an interesting perspective, and also fits in somewhat with Icke’s claim that Sitchin’s response to him as to why he had left out any references to serpent gods and reptilians in his works was simply, “don’t go there!” Icke made this claim in his book The Biggest Secret, [7] and stated that he took the response more as a warning than anything else.

David Icke’s “Matrix” Theory

In his book “The Biggest Secret”, Icke speaks in depth of how it is his belief that understanding the energy of the Universe and all its dimensions, is key to understanding everything else that comes from it – including his belief of reptilian bloodlines controlling the Earth. Incidentally, Nikola Tesla, regarded as one of the greatest minds in history, famously stated that, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration!”

Icke describes these dimensions as radio waves, and that we as humans tune in to them, in our case to the third dimension, which is our perception of reality. Other dimensions however exist all around us at the same time, only we can’t see them as we are not “tuned into them” – something that Icke believes all humans have the power to do, but most lack the knowhow. Those that do manage to do this, we tend to call psychics, although in reality, they are simply tuning into a fourth or even fifth dimension.

It is worth bearing in mind that our eyes can only see around 0.0035% of the light spectrum (which is basically, light energy) – the rest is completely invisible to us. This is the same with sound and any other form of energy. It is not unfeasible then, that other worlds and dimensions could be all around us, but we just can’t see, hear them, or sense them.

Icke asserts that the reptilians (or Anunnaki) operate in the fourth dimension, and are for all intents and purposes invisible to us, until they reveal themselves – or step from their dimension and into ours.

He further believes that a broadcast of energy – conceived and delivered by the Anunnaki/reptilians – is essentially, a matrix, a reality designed specifically for us. The human eye and in turn the brain, then has to interpret that energy, and present us with an image of what we are seeing. Icke believes it is that energy that is being manipulated, and so broadcasting to us a “false” or “preconceived” reality.

And according to Icke, the source of that broadcast is coming from Saturn.

Saturn Is Really “A Gigantic Broadcasting System!”

Essentially, Saturn, which Icke, like Velokovsky, argues is a dwarf star and was once a sun, is sending radio waves out into space, which are ultimately concentrated on, and picked up by our moon (for the purposes of this article, the moon is definitely a fake celestial body). The moon then acts as a kind of amplifier in order to strengthen the signal, which is then “broadcast” to Earth, and so forming our reality. In Icke’s words, Saturn is “a gigantic broadcasting system!” [8]

Might this explain then, why the moon has a dark side in the first place (remember it is the only known moon to always present the same side to its host)? Was this intentionally calculated so that it would pick up these signals from Saturn? Does it then project them through its other side, the side that always faces the Earth, and so alter or present our reality to us?

If we accept such a theory, even as being remotely possible, then might this explain why there has been no attempts made to explore the dark side of the moon, and why the Apollo missions were cancelled so suddenly, despite them effectively, already having been paid for?

Icke also states that it is his belief that the rings of Saturn are artificial. He sites the research of Norman Bergrun, who in his book The Ring-makers of Saturn argued that there was intense electrical activity within the rings, almost as if it were being generated in the rings themselves. Icke believes this activity is a result of the electronic broadcasting waves that are being sent purposely from the planet, and the rings to indeed aid those radio waves.

Check out the video below where Icke talks in a little more detail about this theory.

The Symbolism Of Saturn All Around Us

Icke is not alone in his belief that Saturn is a lot more than it appears to be. The fact – if you subscribe to such theories – that it creates and gives us our reality, is why it appears to be “worshipped” by those in positions of power (the Anunnaki?) around the world. And what’s more it has been for thousands and thousands of years.

Indeed there appears to be symbols of Saturn everywhere, [9] as always hidden in plain sight in many famous logos and brands, even to the exchanging of rings at weddings – said to be done to honour Saturn, who was also referred to as “Lord of the Rings.”

Symbols of Saturn in everyday brands

Symbols of Saturn.

What’s more, Saturn itself has links to Satan and Satanism, not least of which is the obvious similarity between the words, Satan and Saturn – a connection that Icke and many other researchers have also made with the Anunnaki/repltilians.

The Black Cube, which is said to go back to ancient times and the worship of the ancient deity, El (Saturn), is also of particular relevance to the planet. The dimensions of this black cube also fit perfectly into the Mega Hex of Saturn, which some claim is what it represents. Incidentally, these black cubes are found all over the world outside “important” buildings – buildings that many researchers will tell you are owned by important secret society figures.

black cubes are found all over the world outside “important” buildings

black cubes are found all over the world outside “important” buildings

The video below features Icke speaking of this theory as part of his regular lectures that he gives around the world. Even if you disregard his theories, it will certainly leave you with a lot to think about.


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