The Bizarre UFO Encounter Of William Wallace And Other Cases Of Alien Paralysis

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July 18, 2021
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March 27, 2022
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Perhaps because it is so bizarre a claim, the detail of temporary paralysis – usually induced by a laser-type light – is a repeated detail often overlooked or even brushed aside by some. Perhaps that is because such claims sound quite outlandish, even for many if UFO circles.

Alien figures superimposed over a snowy scene

The encounter of William Wallace is one of the most intriguing UFO sightings on record

One of the strangest cases is perhaps that of William Wallace, who not only witnessed a strange hovering object while driving home one evening but would become completely paralyzed the moment he approached it. Although Wallace and his wife were the only witnesses to the strange events, their account appears credible, not least as the local police (who knew Wallace) would state their belief that he was giving an honest account.

Rather than being a one-off incident, though, cases of UFO-induced paralysis can be found in multiple accounts across the decades and around the world. Indeed, it is a detail that perhaps requires less dismissal and more study.

The William Wallace account has appeared in several publications, with one of the best being found in the book The UFO Dossier: 100 Years of Government Secrets, Conspiracies, and Cover-Ups by Kevin D. Randle. Details of the incident were also included in the Project Blue Book files.

Returning Home From Watching The Snow

On the evening of 8th March 1967, William Wallace and his wife, Joan, were driving back to Leominster, Massachusetts after having driven out to the country to witness the scenery in the woodlands following a recent snowstorm. [1]

As they were passing St. Leo’s cemetery, a thick fog appeared, forcing him to slow his car somewhat. As he did so, according to his report, he witnessed a “large, bright light” to the left of the vehicle. He asked his wife if she had seen it but she said she hadn’t. Wanting to get another look, he turned the car around and approached the cemetery again. This time, both he and his wife saw the strange glow, and Wallace brought the car to a stop.

Wallace could now clearly see that the light was coming from a bizarre floating object that was shaped like a “flattened egg”. It was at this point when the car died completely – the lights going out and the radio falling silent.

A superimposed UFO over Massachusetts

Just what did the Wallace’s see?

Wallace exited the vehicle to get a closer look, pointing toward the object in order to direct his wife’s focus to it. However, no sooner had he done so than he realized that he was completely paralyzed and couldn’t move. He would recall in his report that his “mind was not affected at all”, it was simply his body that was frozen. His only movement came from some invisible force that seemed to force his pointed arm back, sending it crashing onto the roof of the car.

He could hear his wife’s panicked cries behind him, but he was unable to call back or turn toward her. From her point of view, Joan would later write in her report of the incident, her focus was on her husband as opposed to the glowing, hovering object. She would continue that she could hear a strange noise, but it was unlike anything she had heard before and not a noise she could explain.

A Paralysis Lasting Around 30 Seconds

The paralysis lasted for around 30 to 40 seconds in total. At the same time as Wallace began to sense slight movement in his body, the object was beginning to move away. He would recall that it “moved quickly (but) not instantly”.

As soon as the object had moved away, the car engine ticked over, the lights came back on, and the radio came back to life. Wallace would recall how his “reactions were slow and sluggish” to begin with, taking him around 20 minutes to return to feeling normal once more.

That didn’t stop him from jumping in the vehicle and making his way away from the area as quickly as possible, however, arriving back at around 1:30 am. Joan would call her mother almost immediately. According to the information in the Project Blue Book files, her mother asked her to drive to her house due to how upset she sounded. She and William did just that. Local police were notified, and Blue Book investigators would soon arrive to take a report. Furthermore, the statement of Joan’s mother recalled the exact same version of events as Joan and William had told investigators.

In the days that followed, once statements and details were examined more thoroughly, with NICAP conducting further interviews, more details would come to light.

A Feeling Like An “Electric Shock” Entering The Body

According to a National Investigations Committee On Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) report, the reports of fog on the night in question appeared to have been “localized” to the cemetery area only, perhaps suggesting that its appearance was something to do with the apparent otherworldly vehicle as opposed to any atmospheric or other weather conditions.

It was also revealed that at or just immediately prior to becoming paralyzed, William Wallace had sensed an “electric shock” feeling hit his body. This is perhaps an interesting detail. In many of the other paralysis accounts we will examine, the witnesses often speak of a beam of light inducing such a condition. However, on this occasion, it appears that whatever was responsible for Wallace’s sudden inability to move, it was invisible to the human eye.

A UFO superimposed over a snowy scene

What caused the paralysis of William Wallace?

Of further interest is the detail that Joan had reached out from the car, even pulling on her husband’s jacket at one stage. Despite this contact with him (while he was paralyzed), she didn’t feel an electric shock, nor did she experience any paralysis herself. This perhaps suggests that whatever had caused William’s paralysis, it was seemingly directed at and unique to him and not something that could pass to another person as electricity might, for example.

The report also states that Wallace was known to the local police (although it doesn’t say for what reason, it appears it was for some minor misdemeanor). Of interest, though, through this personal knowledge of the witness, the police would tell investigators that it was their feeling that the Wallaces were being truthful in their report. In fact, it was suggested that because of this, William Wallace must have considered the incident important enough to put himself in front of the police voluntarily.

An Intriguing, Credible Account?

The incident is an intriguing one of that there is no doubt. However, while the police would seemingly verify (in this instance) William Wallace’s credibility in reporting the account, the fact that only he and his wife were witnesses, as well as the fact that there was no physical evidence (on the car or even on William, for example) means the account is open to attack from skeptics. And when we figure in the idea of paralysis seemingly induced by an alien technology the tale becomes even more open to dismissal.

A depiction of a UFO

Many people claim the William Wallace incident to be credible

However, claims of witnesses in close proximity UFO sightings being temporarily paralyzed are not as random as we might think. Indeed, as we shall see, there are many UFO cases from around the world that share this seemingly bizarre detail, some of which have been studied by some of the best UFO investigators as well as mainstream doctors.

It just might be, then, that these other accounts of UFO-induced paralysis corroborate somewhat Wallace’s account. And that should perhaps make us consider how this temporary paralysis is induced. Is it through some technological device? Or might it be something manipulated in the mind of the person afflicted, somehow preventing it from carrying out the order to move?

With that in mind, let us turn our attention to some of those other intriguing encounters of temporary paralysis and UFO sightings.

Many Other Encounters Of UFO Induced Paralysis From Around The World

There are many other accounts of close encounters with UFOs where the witness has experienced some form of paralysis. In the years following Wallace’s encounter, for example, in Alaska in December 1968 an anonymous 5-year-old boy would experience a bizarre case of paralysis amid an encounter with strange lights. The incident was reported in October 1999 to the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) three decades later.

According to the report (made by the witness himself), he was awoken one night by a strange blue glow that had lit up his entire bedroom. Perhaps because he was so young, he got out of bed and walked toward the light to inspect it closer. As soon as he “went into the beam” he was unable to move. He was able to move his eyes upward enough, though, to see a probe-like device in the shape of a “half-moon”.

The witness would estimate that he was paralyzed for between 15 to 30 minutes in total and that as soon as the light disappeared, he was instantly able to move again. Interestingly, he would also recall that in the minutes after the sighting, his hearing became “very sensitive”. He would describe how “objects like pins falling to the floor sounded like pieces of rebar being slammed into concrete”. He would also experience strange, intense dreams throughout his life. These dreams often featured strangely shaped craft as well as bright lights. These dreams could very well have been further close encounters.

Some of the most intriguing UFO paralysis cases occurred over a decade previously in France, and it is there we will turn our attention to next.

The 1954 Wave Of UFO Paralysis Encounters In France

Without a doubt, some of the most intriguing UFO paralysis incidents occurred throughout France [2] in 1954, with several very similar incidents being reported. What is perhaps interesting is that 1954 is arguably one of the busiest on record for UFO activity, with a UFO wave being experienced around the world.

One of the most intriguing of these occurred on 10th September in Quarobule, at a little after 10:30 pm. Marius Dewilde was at home when he heard what sounded like a disturbance outside. When his dog began to become suddenly agitated, Dewilde got up and walked toward the window. To his shock and amazement, there was a huge “dark mass” hovering over the railway tracks only meters from his home.

Even more amazing, though, were the two figures wearing a strange tight-fitting one-piece suit, each between three to four feet tall. He opened his front door and stepped outside, beginning to walk toward the two figures. However, before he could move any further, a bright laser-like light emerged from the object and hit him, instantly freezing him to the spot.

Although he was frozen, he was still aware of what was taking place and watched the two figures conduct some could of study of the ground. This went on for several minutes before they entered the waiting craft, which disappeared into the night sky with alarming speed. As soon as it moved off, Dewilde was able to move.

The following week on 17th September in Cenon, again at around 10:30 pm, Yves David felt a sudden prickling sensation as he was cycling along a quiet road. He brought the bike to a stop and within moments of doing so realized he couldn’t move. He noticed there was a dark object in the road ahead of him. Even more alarming, a small figure emerged from the object and walked toward him, touching him on the shoulder when it reached him. It then promptly returned to the dark vehicle, which rose into the air and disappeared. As soon as it did, David could move again.

On the 28th of September in Bouzais, a vineyard owner noticed a large glowing object hovering over his land. When he approached the object, however, he was hit with sudden paralysis, freezing him to the ground. He watched in horror as three creatures emerged from the object. At this point, he passed out from fear. By the time he came to, the object and the creatures were gone and he could move, although he had an intense fear running through him.

Three nights later, two more incidents unfolded when a man walking his dog and a man closing his garden gate were temporarily paralyzed following the arrival of a large, glowing craft over Bry and Bergerac respectively.

As October went on, these UFO sightings and the temporary paralyzing of witnesses increased.

On 5th October in the Clemont-Ferrand region, several people witnessed a large object approaching them. When it was over their location each of them began to feel a bizarre feeling run through their bodies. Of more concern, though, was the fact that each of them was unable to move until the object disappeared into the distance.

A green laser

There were many UFO paralysis encounters in France in 1954

Just two days later on 7th October, two more incidents were recorded. The first occurred at a little after 6 am in Le Mans. On the morning in question, several workmen were riding their bikes to work when they each felt a bizarre “prickling” feeling in their bodies. As they looked up, they noticed a strange green light appearing to come from a large object overhead. They were just able to bring their bikes to a stop before temporary paralysis set in. They remained unable to move until the strange object disappeared.

Several hours later, at 2:30 pm in Monteux, a local man saw a strange object hovering in a nearby field. He immediately ran toward it in an attempt to see it in more detail. However, before he could reach it his body was suddenly unable to move. He remained completely paralyzed for several minutes following the object’s departure.

Another encounter unfolded on 9th October when another bike rider, this time in Lavoux, witnessed a strange figure wearing something similar to a diving suit who pointed a strange device at him that emitted a strange light. When the light “hit” him he was unable to move. The strange figure then proceeded to walk along the road before disappearing into the woodland at the roadside. The paralysis wore off several minutes later.

At around 4:30 am on the morning of 11th October in the Sassier region two men were driving along a road when they each felt a strange sensation like an “electric shock” go through their bodies. At the same time, the car engine died, and the headlights went out. Even worse, each of them realized they were completely paralyzed. As they looked on in front of them, they each saw a large object in the middle of the road with three small figures stood in front of it. They remained stood there for several moments before getting inside the object, which then flew up into the early morning sky and disappeared. As soon as the object vanished, the two men could move once more and the car came back to life.

An almost identical incident occurred two days later in the Bourrasole region of the country when three local residents saw a huge disc-shaped object hovering nearby. In front of the object was a strange creature, approximately three to four feet tall. One of the group decided to walk toward the object in order to get a closer look. However, almost as soon as they had taken a few steps they became paralyzed. The creature returned inside the craft a short time later, which took off into the sky. As soon as it did so, the witness was able to move.

Three nights later in Baillolet on the 16th of October, Dr. Henri Robert was driving along a quiet road when he suddenly noticed four strange objects in the night sky overhead. Suddenly, one of these objects began to grow larger making the witness realize it was approaching his vehicle. When it was around 300 feet away, he felt a bizarre “electric shock” run through him, while at the same time the car engine suddenly cut out and the vehicle came to a gentle stop. It was at this point that Dr. Robert realized he was completely paralyzed. He could see a strange three-foot creature in the light of the object, which remained hovering close to him for several moments. Like almost all of the other incidents in France during the autumn of 1954, as soon as the object moved away, the paralysis wore off and the car returned to normal working order.

The following afternoon, yet another paralysis incident occurred. At around 2:30 pm in Cabasson, a 65-year-old resident was walking with his dog when he witnessed a disc-shaped object land a short distance away from him. What’s more, two strange figures with tight-fitting suits and strange helmets emerged from the craft. In this instance, the witness was quick on his feet and managed to vacate the area without drawing the attention of the two figures. His dog, however, went to approach them before retreating, seemingly in fear. The witness noted that his dog appeared to be “partially paralyzed” for several moments after and had trouble walking.

Almost exactly 24 hours later in Auvergne, a 42-year-old truck driver was driving along the road when he suddenly felt paralysis take over his body. At the same time, the truck he was driving came to a stop on the road. The witness could see a strange cigar-shaped object to the side of his vehicle in a nearby field hovering just above the ground. When the object disappeared, the paralysis wore off and the truck came back to life allowing him to drive away from the scene.

Perhaps the last of these paralysis accounts throughout September and October 1954 occurred on the evening of 20th October at around 6:30 pm in the town of Turquenstein. A local resident was driving their vehicle when they witnessed a glowing object blocking the road ahead forcing him to slow down. However, when he was around 60 feet away from the object, he felt a bizarre paralysis run through his body. At the same time, he felt an equally strange sensation of heat in the car. After several moments the strange object rose into the air and disappeared. A short time after that, the motorist was able to move freely once more.

As intriguing as these incidents were – and are surely connected – there are many other cases of paralysis during close contact UFO encounters on record. We will examine some of those next.

Charles Englebrecht “Shocked By A Small Electrical Charge!”

On the evening of 14th June 1964 in Dale, Indiana, [3] at just before 9 pm, Charles Englebrecht was watching television at home when a bright light passed by the kitchen window. He immediately got up from where was sitting and set out on his way to investigate what the light might be. Before he could venture outside, though, all of the lights went out, as did the television set.

A little more cautiously now, he opened his front door and stepped foot outside. To his amazement, hovering in front of him was a round, disc-like object, hovering a short distance from the ground approximately 50 feet away from him.

A depiction of a UFO

What is the connection between UFO sightings and paralysis?

He began toward the strange object but suddenly realized he was unable to move and was essentially frozen to the spot. He would later describe to investigators how he had felt as though he had been “shocked by a small electrical charge” just prior to becoming paralyzed.

This paralysis continued for several moments until the object rose into the air and disappeared, at which point, Englebrecht regained control of his limbs. He would further recall that in the moments following the object’s disappearance, he noticed a strong smell of sulfur in the air (something which many close contact UFO witnesses and even many alien abductees recall). When local police would investigate the area where the UFO was hovering, they also noticed the aroma and also noticed a dinner-plate-sized patch of “scorched earth” as well as three small indentations in the ground. This perhaps suggests that the craft was on unseen legs as opposed to floating.

As intriguing as this sighting is, a very similar incident unfolded 24 hours later several hundred miles away.

The Encounter Of William Angelos

At a little after 11 pm on the night of 15th June 1964 in Lynn, Massachusetts, 20-year-old student William Angelos was at home watching television when he noticed a sudden pulsing sound that he would liken to a “rough-running piston engine”. The noise appeared to be coming from right outside the family apartment.

Angelos’ mother, who had only recently retired to bed for the evening, also heard the sound and came rushing out of her room. By this time, William was approaching the front door of the apartment in order to investigate what the strange noise was. He raced down the stairs to the ground floor of the building and peered out into the courtyard of the complex.

He could see a strange red light bathing everything in its glow. When he looked closer, however, he could see that the light was on the underside of a huge disc-shaped craft that was hovering right above the courtyard. He would recall how the object was dark and “almost colorless”. What’s more, it was seemingly no more than 20 feet away and only a little over 10 feet above the ground. He noticed how the object had a domed shape to its topside while underneath was completely flat.

A depiction of a UFO

A depiction of the dark UFO witnessed by Angleos

Despite the surreal nature of the situation, the young student stepped outside in order to get a closer look. As he did so, the object began to rise from the ground and slowly moved off into the night sky.

However, as he approached the strange craft, Angelos noticed a numbing sensation spread through his body which eventually caused a temporary paralysis leaving him unable to move. Only when the object had fully disappeared from sight did the use of his muscles return to him (although he remained fully aware throughout).

Interestingly, many other residents of the apartment buildings would report interference with their television sets and radios at the time of the sighting.

The Paralyzing Burn Of Adela Casalvieri de Panassiti

In the early hours of 16th August 1968, at around 1:30 am in Mendoza, Argentina, 46-year-old nurse, Adela Casalvieri de Panassiti, experienced one of the most intriguing and unnerving close UFO encounters on record, an account of which appeared in a Los Andes newspaper.

According to Panassiti, she was tending to patients when she heard a “loud buzzing sound” which caused considerable pain to her ears. The next thing she knew a “power glow” lit up the inside of the building from the yard outside. At around the same time, she noticed a feeling of nausea overcome her, causing her to open a door. It was then that she noticed that the noise had stopped although the glow was becoming considerably brighter.

She ventured outside, half in shock and half through curiosity. However, as soon as she had done so, she became paralyzed and stuck to the spot. In front of her was the strange glowing light, hovering over the pavement opposite where she stood. She would state that “the device emitted a red color with intermittent blue”.

At this point, she could feel a burning sensation to her face and only just managed to lift her arms to cover it with her hands. A moment later, the noise returned. She peeked through to see the strange object rising into the air. As soon as it disappeared, the use of her legs returned and she ran back inside calling for other nurses. Before she managed to reenter the building, however, her legs completely gave out and she collapsed to the ground.

A depiction of a UFO

UFO paralysis is more common than many people think

Incidentally, it would later be discovered that she had suffered burn marks to her face.

She would later recall how the object was large enough that “several passengers could fit inside it with ease”. Even more intriguing, when investigators examined the area where Panassitti claimed to have witnessed the strange object, they discovered a lead-colored marking on the ground, as well as a particularly strong smell of sulfur. A point of interest here is that although the lead-colored marking disappeared several days later, when the area gets wet that particular spot dries within seconds while the area around it remains soaked.

Of further interest, and perhaps adding the sighting more credibility, is that a physicist with the National Atomic Energy Commission examined the location and discovered a significant increase in radiation. Furthermore, on the night in question, at the same time as Panassitti experienced the strange craft, the daughter of a government official reported a very similar object overhead.

The Harrowing Encounter Of Benedito Campos And Sivia Maria

On the evening of 29th October 1977, at around 6 pm, Benedito Campos was relaxing at home with his pregnant wife, Silvia Mara in the town of Mosquerio in Brazil. What was a particularly quiet night was suddenly changed by the arrival of a silver disc-shaped object that appeared in the sky, seemingly from out of nowhere.

They could each see the object clearly through the living room window. As they continued to watch the strange craft, they each saw a green laser-type beam emerge from the underside of it. They continued to watch until suddenly the green laser shot in their direction, pushing through the glass without shattering it. A second later, the beam hit Sivia and immediately froze her – as if in some kind of strange, suspended animation.

A depiction of a UFO

UFO paralysis cases happen all over the world

Moments later, two strange figures appeared in the room. In their hands, each of them carried a device that they aimed at Sivia once more. When they did so, another green laser-like beam shot out of it and struck Sivia again. Although he didn’t realize it at the time, Benedito was calling out loud for help, cries that were heard by a neighbor who rushed to the property carrying his shotgun. His arrival seemingly panicked the two creatures who quickly vacated the house.

The husband and wife were taken to the neighbor’s home where they could gather their thoughts and attempt to come to terms with what had happened. Although she was in a state of shock, she was otherwise unharmed, and she and her husband returned home a short time later.

A short time after they arrived back at their own home, the strange object would return once more. This time, the ominous light beam would strike Benedito, causing him to be paralyzed for several moments. The object then disappeared in a flash. Incidentally, in the months that followed, the entire Colares area would experience a wave of sorts of very similar sightings.

Incidentally, you can read the full encounter of Benedito Campos And Sivia Maria in our book From Deep Within The Archives Of UFO Insight: History’s Most Bizarre, Outlandish, And Controversial UFO And Alien Encounters, which you can purchase from our Books page.

Denise Bishop’s Laser Beam Paralysis Encounter

On 10th September 1981, 23-year-old Denise Bishop had just got out of a taxi and was walking to the door of her home that she shared with her mother and sister. However, as she walked up the path to the back door of the house, she noticed a strange, bright light coming from behind the property.

When she turned her focus to the source of the light, she could make out a metallic object hovering a short distance from the ground. She would later describe the object as being in the “shape of a crab”.

At this point, more than unnerved by what she was seeing, she brought her hand upward and prepared to insert the keys into the door. However, before she could do so, a green laser beam shot out of the hovering craft and hit her hand. As soon as it did so, she became completely paralyzed.

A depiction of a UFO

Why would aliens use paralysis?

Although completely aware, she was unable to move any part of her body and was essentially frozen to the spot. This would last, she guessed, for approximately 30 seconds. Then, the light disappeared, and she instantly was able to move. Bizarrely, though, rather than just stand there contemplating what had just happened, she continued immediately with what she was doing (unlocking the back door), describing the moment as being like “a film that had been stopped and (then) continued” when the play button was pressed.

Upon entering the house, she told her family of the bizarre occurrence. By the time her boyfriend arrived home from his DJ shift on a local radio station, they decided to report the incident to the police.

Incidentally, a burn mark appeared on her hand where the laser beam had hit her. Analysis of the wound, which was considerably painful, would suggest it was the result of an “intense laser burn”. It would eventually begin to heal several days after the incident.

Like the above encounter, you can read about this incident in full in our book From Deep Within The Archives Of UFO Insight.

The Juneau Receiving Home “Black Sphere” Incident

According to an account submitted to the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) in October 1999, a bizarre incident occurred in Juneau, Alaska, when an unnamed witness who was a resident of the Juneau Receiving Home, was smoking a cigarette on the back porch. As they did so, they witnessed a “black sphere” hovering around 300 feet away. The witness would elaborate that the sphere was so dark it made them feel they were looking at “a hole in space”.

The incident occurred one summer’s day in June 1982. Almost as soon as he noticed the globe-like object it began in his direction, a distinctly audible hum accompanying its movement. The strange object was soon directly over the top of the witness when it “emitted an intense, fan-shaped orange beam of some kind”. The light reached as far as the ground before it began sweeping from side to side, as if looking for something. The witness noticed that any objects that came into contact with the light immediately glowed a bright orange.

At this point, the fear steadily rising in his body caused the witness to turn and run from the oncoming object. He was almost at the door of the home when the light touched his body. He was immediately paralyzed and stuck to the spot. The next thing he realized, he awoke in his room with no idea how he had gotten there.

By pure chance, though, the witness had been attempting to record shortwave radio broadcasts on a JVC RC-M70 boombox. When they went to check on the recorder shortly after waking up, the tape was still recording. He rewound the tape and pressed play.

To begin with, all he heard was static. However, around 20 minutes into the recording this static was replaced with “very odd warbling noise, modulated and remodulated with all kinds of harmonics”. What’s more, these sounds were “rising and lowering in general pitch with a period of about 20 seconds”. These bizarre sounds lasted around 15 minutes – most likely the duration of the sighting. Unfortunately, the tape became lost several years after the encounter.

The Bedroom Paralysis Encounter Of Isidoro Ferri

Another truly bizarre incident occurred in the early hours of 9th October 1984. At around 3:30 am, Isidoro Ferri was asleep at his home with his family in Polcanto, Italy, when he was suddenly awoken by a bright intense light on his face.

Due to the brightness of the light, he struggled to see anything beyond its glare. However, after several minutes of readjusting his eyesight, he realized it was coming from the head of a humanoid figure outside the property on a nearby hill approximately 120 feet away. It appeared as though this humanoid – whatever it was – had some kind of “powerful flashlight or beacon” upon its head.

Ferri continued to watch the figure until it disappeared, appearing to enter a dark object which then rose into the air as three flames pushed down to the ground. According to most reports, the witness was at this point paralyzed by the window and unable to move.

No sooner had the object lifted into the air than a red spherical object approached Ferri’s property. It remained a short distance from the house, shining so brightly it severely hurt Ferri’s eyes. It then disappeared out of sight behind the hill. Ferri suddenly had control of his limbs once more, although he would suffer from sore eyes for several days after.

The following day, where the witness claimed to have seen the figure and the strange object, three indentions were discovered in the ground. According to some accounts, there were several reports of a strange red light over Polcanto that evening.

Paralysis In Alien Abduction Encounters

It isn’t merely UFO sightings that have induced temporary paralysis. There are many cases of alien abduction where the abductee has stated they have been unable to move during their respective encounters. And while many skeptics point to the fact that this is a nod toward sleep paralysis as opposed to paralysis induced by alien entities, the fact that this detail is reported in many UFO sightings (as we have examined above) might mean we shouldn’t dismiss the detail in abduction encounters so readily.

One of the most intriguing alien abduction encounters involving temporary paralysis is that of Joan Berte, who would tell Associated Press writer, Brian Murphy, of an encounter she experienced in the late 1970s.

According to the report, on the evening of 10th December 1979, Berte was staying at a friend’s house in Rhode Island. Despite the time of year, the night was a relatively warm one, and Berte had fallen asleep on the porch. However, when she awakened, she realized she was completely “immobilized”. Even more alarming, there were several “three-fingered aliens” around her who carried her into a waiting alien spacecraft.

She would recall being taken to a glass-like table and examined by these creatures (all the while remaining paralyzed) and also seeing her friend on a nearby table with a bizarre tube attached to her torso.

A depiction of aliens around an alien abductee

Many cases of alien abduction feature paralysis

Decades earlier, Marianne Shenefield had a similar experience. In the summer of 1955 when she was 11 years old, Shenefield was building a treehouse when she suddenly noticed what she thought was a “little boy in a scuba outfit” approaching from behind her. Before she could react, however, she suddenly realized she couldn’t move and appeared to be floating.

She appeared to blackout shortly after (a detail found in many cases of alien abduction where the abductee enters the craft) and awoke to find herself in a round room that she presumed was an alien spacecraft. Several strange alien creatures performed several experiments and X-rays of her before she was returned to where she had been playing.

Just over a decade and a half later in 1972, Shenefield had another apparent extraterrestrial encounter when a “female-like alien” abducted her and brought her to a strange room. She remained there for several hours, although was confused about the nature of the abduction.

A Strange Abduction Encounter “Somewhere In America!”

A particularly intriguing encounter was volunteered into the public arena [4] only recently and involved three men who were seemingly abducted while paralyzed at an “undisclosed location somewhere in the United States of America”.

According to the submission, the incident occurred on the night of 15th November 1963 and what’s more, the witnesses were three high-ranking government officials. On the night in question, they were driving home after having attended a party. The journey was uneventful, to begin with. However, as they turned a bend in the road, they suddenly noticed a large saucer-shaped object hovering overhead in front of them, just above tree level.

The driver immediately brought the car to a stop and the three men stepped out of the vehicle in order to get a clearer look at the bizarre object. One of them reached for a camera from inside the vehicle and quickly captured three photographs. No sooner had he done so, the saucer-shaped object simply “vanished into thin air”. Then, without warning, a “blinding flash of bright light” hit the men and they seemingly blacked out.

When they awoke, they were on a steel table of sorts in a dark, rounded room. Around them, they claimed, were several monitors and medical screens which made the room look similar to a hospital. It was at this point that they realized they were completely paralyzed, unable to move any part of their body other than their eyes. They recalled wondering if they had been in an accident and they were in a strange medical unit somewhere.

A depiction of a UFO over a parked car

Paralysis occurs often during the alien abduction procedure

A short time later, they recalled a lady with brunette hair walking in the room who they presumed was a nurse. She calmly administered an injection into each of them which would cause them to lose consciousness. When they awoke, they had arrived at their original destination. However, none of the men could remember any part of the journey following the strange, bright flash of light. What’s more, three hours had passed, much longer than the short journey should have taken.

The incident was submitted by the son of the person who was seemingly connected with the military or the government, and who learned of the incident from a “credible source”. He would keep it to himself until telling his son years later, who also discovered further information on it in his father’s files (which also suggested he was part of an investigative team).

It was further reported in these files that all three men recalled a “vague sexual encounter” during the incident. In the files, there was a suggestion that this was a smokescreen by the apparent alien entities in order to extract samples from each of the men to use in an alien-human hybrid program.

Perhaps of more interest is a conversation his father recalled with his source when he asked about the identity of the three government officials. He was told that he was unable to give him the identities as they were “highly classified” and were “above top secret”. He did offer, though, that he should “ask yourself just exactly what took place a week later on 22nd November (1963)”. Of course, that was the date that President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas.

We should perhaps take this encounter with a pinch of salt, intriguing as it is. However, we might also note that several researchers have suggested Kennedy’s death was due to his knowledge of UFOs and extraterrestrial life.

Our next account sees us return to Argentina and is perhaps one of the most intriguing abduction encounters on record.

The Fascinating Encounter Of Dionisio Llanca

Perhaps one of the most intriguing [5] encounters of UFO paralysis occurred on 27th October 1973 near Rio Gallegos in Argentina. On the night in question, at a little after midnight, experienced truck driver, Dionisio Llanca set out on another long-distance haul. He noticed before setting off that there was a problem with the right rear tire but decided it would last at least part of the journey and he set off.

However, around 45 minutes later he noticed the air pressure was much lower than he had anticipated. At around 1:15 am, he pulled the truck over to the side of the road and stepped out in order to attempt to replace the tire. He gathered his necessary tools and walked to the right rear side of the truck.

However, a few moments later, a sudden “intense yellow light” appeared ahead of him, approximately at a distance of around a mile away. He at first thought the light was that of an approaching vehicle and returned his attention to the tire. However, due to the increasing brightness of the light and the fact that it was beginning to turn blue, he turned to focus his attention on it once again. It was only when he attempted to stand that he realized he was completely paralyzed.

The next thing he realized there was a “form of plate suspended in the air” overhead at an altitude of around 20 feet. Even more alarming, there were three humanoid figures stood behind him at his shoulder. Once more he tried to stand and turn but his limbs refused to respond.

A depiction of aliens approaching a man on the road

Just what happened on the roadside in Argentina in 1973?

The humanoids remained stood, silently observing him for around five minutes. He suspected that two of them were male and one was female (due to her long, blond hair). Each was dressed in a tight-fitting “single piece grey coverall suit”. Each also wore yellow boots and a pair of long gloves that reached right the way to the middle of their arm. They appeared to be completely human aside from a slightly large forehead and elongated eyes.

He would recall how the figures would speak to each other, although it sounded more like a “radio badly tuned with chirps and buzzes”, and it was most definitely a language that he couldn’t understand.

Then, one of them reached out, grabbing his shirt collar and lifted him from the ground. Llanca attempted to call out but his voice remained silent. Another of the humanoids stepped forward and inserted a device onto his hand. They held it there for several seconds before removing it. Llanca looked down at two small cuts on his finger. A moment later, he blacked out.

It was around two hours later when he awoke. He found himself between two cars in the backyard of Sociedad Rural in Bahia Blanca. This was around 6 miles from where he had stopped to change his tire. He had no memory at all of how he had gotten there. He got to his feet in an attempt to walk for help. However, after taking a few steps he collapsed once more.

He awoke a short time later and this time managed to make it onto the highway where a truck driver eventually spotted him. He was taken to a police station where he was, in turn, taken to a local hospital. He was discovered to have no significant injuries aside from a “barely unnoticed abrasion on his left eyelid”. He was, however, in a severe state of distress, and with an apparent fear of anyone touching him on the head.

He would be transferred to another hospital where he would spend several days. Bizarrely, on the morning of 30th October, he awoke seemingly free of whatever had mentally gripped him. He was informed that his truck had been found where he had seemingly pulled it to the side of the road in order to change the tire.

Shortly after this, so convinced that something truly strange had happened, he would agree to be administered with pentothal – otherwise known as Truth Serum. The results would indeed be fascinating. Using the pentothal and hypnotic regression, Llanca revealed some remarkable details.

He would state that he “went up with the two men by a beam of light”. He found himself in a round room with one window and floor that was like lead. Around were several strange technological devices, including a “radio (that) speaks to me in Spanish”, telling him not to be afraid.

The next thing he knew, he was waking up in between the two cars.

Technologically Induced Paralysis?

What might the reasons for using such futuristic and highly advanced technology might these apparent alien visitors have? It doesn’t appear to cause harm, with almost all people who find themselves in such bizarre circumstances making a full recovery. So we are talking here about a technology that can render all the muscles in the body completely useless, while also allowing the heart and respiratory system to work completely fine. What’s more, this appears to wear off immediately (as soon as the object vacates the area) as opposed to being a drug that will incapacitate for a set amount of time.

We might notice how in many of the reports of paralysis and UFO close encounters – perhaps particularly so in the 1954 encounters in France – the witness would feel paralysis coming on before their vehicle slowed down. Was this a case of the vehicle succumbing to whatever technology-induced paralysis was used against the witnesses? Or might this have been a purposeful disabling of the respective vehicles for the safety of the paralyzed driver?

And what of the paralysis involved in alien abduction encounters? Is this the same technology used in a more proactive way? One used to incapacitate the abductee for ease as opposed to being used only in a defensive manner when a threat or discovery is sensed? Indeed, are these two uses of this speculative technology the responsibility of the same alien civilization or two different ones?

As we touched on above, might it also be a possibility that the cause of the paralysis is in the individual’s own mind? Given that many accounts of close contact state that these apparent aliens have the ability to communicate using telepathy, might they also understand the secrets to other workings of the brain? Might that explain the instant release from paralysis the vast majority of those who have experienced tell of?

Or might we also consider – however unlikely – that this technology is some kind of top-secret terrestrial invention? One that is in at least one if not several militaries’ hands. It is certainly not that much of a stretch of the imagination to think that such a technology could indeed have been developed here on Earth by human minds, as speculative a notion as it might be.

As with every different piece of the UFO jigsaw, the study of this aspect of such close encounters simply throws up more questions that require answers.

Another Aspect Of The UFO And Alien Question That Remains A Mystery

There is no doubt that cases of temporary paralysis and close contact UFO sightings are more prevalent throughout history than we might at first think. And while it is a detail that many suggest belongs in the realms of science-fiction, it is one that UFO researchers and investigators can’t ignore.

Such technology – if that is indeed what causes this temporary paralysis – could, in theory, be used against humanity on a large scale if these apparent alien visitors did prove to be hostile and one day launched an attack against us. We would have no chance to defend ourselves against a technology that we ignore and so ultimately don’t understand.

The handful of accounts we have examined here are only a small number of those on record. And we might contemplate how many other incidents have occurred that have gone unreported. And what of those that many people might simply dismiss as sleep paralysis and so don’t examine their respective events any further.

This could be happening regularly around the world right under our collective noses. And while many of the accounts – as we have discussed above – appear to be a defense mechanism to avoid confrontation, like anything else, the same technology can be used for more malevolent purposes if in the wrong hands.

The video below examines the notion of UFO paralysis a little further.


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