The Multiple UFO Encounters Of The Symes Family

Marcus Lowth
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December 13, 2021
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When UFO researcher and investigator, Richard Hall, first received reports of a UFO sighting from the Symes family in the United Kingdom in 2011, he perhaps didn’t expect that the encounters they would reveal would stretch back to the mid-1970s.

Whether the Symes family are just simply in the right place at the right time or whether their location plays a part in these multiple sightings remains open to debate. Although there isn’t any evidence for it, perhaps the Symes have been targeted by the alleged extraterrestrial occupants of these seemingly alien vehicles.

What is interesting, though, is that there are many sightings of these shiny or glowing spherical UFOs on record, both in the United Kingdom and around the world. And what’s more, many of them share remarkably similar details in terms of their description and how they act.

Before we move on to some of those other sightings, though, we will turn our attention to the first encounter of the Symes family with an apparent object from another world in the summer of 1975.

The Stackpole Quay Incident

Although the exact date isn’t certain during the summer of 1975 when husband and wife, Martyn and Julie Symes, along with Martyn’s friend, Mark, were on a camping holiday just outside of Stackpole Quay in Wales near the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path. [1]

This particular evening, they had left their campsite and ventured to a local pub a short distance away (around half a mile) for something to eat. The evening had been a pleasant one. However, as they were making their way back to where they were camped it would take a very strange turn. There, over a nearby field, the three witnesses noticed a “white orb of light” that appeared to be hovering several feet above the ground.

They would estimate it to be around the size of a football, and while it glowed bright enough for them to clearly see it, it wasn’t so bright that it illuminated its surroundings. They watched it for several moments before deciding to head on to their tent. When they did, though, the strange orb began to move in the same direction also, as if following them.

A depiction of a strange light in woodland

Just what did the Symes family witness back in 1975?

Intrigued by the light’s apparent interest in them, the three witnesses stopped in their tracks for a moment, noticing that the light stopped also. They would start and stop several times, each time the light mimicking their actions. Even when they ran a little faster, the light moved at a faster pace also. After a short while, they stopped for several minutes, intently staring in the orb’s direction in an effort to figure what exactly what it was.

After several more moments, the group suddenly decided they were better off in their tents and quickly ran to them the rest of the way without looking back to see what the strange orb was doing.

Although the witnesses were uncertain of what exactly it was they had seen, they were all certain that it was something out of the ordinary and not something like a bright star or planet that just appeared to be moving with them. They also ruled out that it might have been a prankster with a torch due to the fact that the light cast no immediate shadow on the ground nearby.

Incidentally, in the years that followed the encounter, Martyn would do his own research on the sighting, and discover that there had been several similar sightings in the area around the same time as their own.

It would be another two decades before the Symes experienced another UFO incident. And it is there we will turn our attention next.

One Strange Evening In July 1995

Almost exactly 20 years later, one evening in July 1995, the Symes family were on their way to their caravan after a day out at the fun park Alton Towers while on holiday. Martyn and Julie were in the front while their children, Geraint and Julie, were in the back. It was as they were approaching the caravan park that they noticed something strange through the windows.

There, in the sky above, was a “metallic object” that was hovering just behind the trees that were around the park. They would later estimate that the object was around 10 to 12 feet across and appeared to be rotating as it hovered.

A depiction of a silver sphere hovering

Why are there so many sightings of strange spheres?

It is interesting to note that Julie and Geraint recalled the shape of the object a little differently. Whether this is simply down to one of them recalling it incorrectly or whether the shape of the object depended on their exact perspective is not known. Julie, for example, recalled that the object was a “saucer” shape and had a “raised dome” in the middle of it. Meanwhile, Geraint would state that it was a spherical shape and a distinct chrome color.

Whatever the object was, it soon disappeared leaving the Symes family more than perplexed as to what they had just witnessed.

A Sighting Of A Silver Sphere At The Turn Of The Century

Although the exact date is not known, around five years later the Symes family would experience another intriguing encounter in July or August of 1999 2000, or 2001. On the day in question, Julie was watching Geraint set off on his bike on a sunny day as he set off on his way to his friends. As he peddled away, Julie called to him to watch for traffic causing him to turn to look at her. As he did so, he so something out of the ordinary hovering over the house. He immediately stopped and alerted Julie to the bizarre object overhead.

They would estimate that object – a sphere-shaped, silver ball, around the size of a large football from their perspective – was approximately 100 feet above the ground. The more they watched the more they realized that the object was, in fact, moving to the west but did so very slowly. Julie would further recall how this movement appeared very “controlled” and that it was “not wobbling or changing speed” at all. What’s more, despite its shape, they could see that it was clearly not a balloon due to the controlled way in which it moved against the relatively strong wind.

Perhaps of most interest was the sudden feeling of annoyance that went through Julie that she and her family were being spied on by these apparent extraterrestrials. Also surprising, even to Julie, was that she felt no fear at all, despite the surreal nature of the incident.

The pair continued to watch the object for several more minutes until it eventually disappeared from sight into the distance.

Julie was certain that what she had witnessed was, once more, an alien vehicle. She would decide to contact the MOD later that afternoon. However, when she rang them, she was forced to leave a message of the incident on their answering service. Of even more interest, several days later, a military fighter jet flew directly over the home at extremely low altitude. Julie couldn’t help that this one-off appearance (that had never happened before or since) was connected to the sighting and her report of it.

Sighting Near Quakers Yard

Around a decade after the above sighting, in December 2010, another UFO sighting involving the Symes family unfolded. By this time, Geraint was an adult and on the day in question, at around 3 pm, he was driving near Quakers Yard with his girlfriend. Although it was cold, the sun was shining brightly as they made their way down the road.

During the course of their journey, both Geraint and his girlfriend noticed a strange, silver spherical object in the sky overhead. So fascinated were they, that Geraint would pull the car to the side of the road so they could exit the vehicle and view the aerial anomaly more clearly. They noticed that the object was clearly giving off its own light, something which the clouds overhead appeared to show with more clarity.

The pair remained where they were for around 10 minutes watching the strange object. After remaining stationary for the majority of this time it suddenly began to move directly upwards, stopping before it broke through the clouds and then hovered once more. They watched it for several more minutes before finally returning to the warmth of the car and returning on their way.

Whatever the object was, remains open to debate. Considering the other sightings of members of the Symes family that we have examined here, we might assume the likeliness that it was something out of the ordinary.

Many Reports Of Spherical Objects Across The UK

Once more, was it just a coincidence that a member of the Symes family happened to be in the right place in order to spot the strange object overhead? We will return our attention to the Symes family shortly. First, though, we will examine some very similar sightings of strange spherical objects over the United Kingdom. And as we shall also see, there are many other such sightings around the world.

For example, on 31st December 2008 in Frodsham in the United Kingdom, a local resident witnessed a “yellow sphere” moving across the sky just before midnight. [2] Given that the fact it was New Year’s Eve, the witness at first thought he was watching nothing more than a Chinese lantern but quickly dismissed this due to the speed with which it traveled. The witness also recalled how the object appeared to be heading directly toward Liverpool John Lennon Airport as if being intelligently guided. It also remained completely silent throughout the duration of the sighting.

Depiction of a yellow UFO

Are these strange spheres alien craft?

What’s more, the witness would state that three other people witnessed this particular sighting, with one of them claiming to have seen a similar object previously. The witness would add that he has lived near the airport for 30 years (at the time of making his report) and that he was more than familiar with the aircraft that went overhead.

The Very Similar 1991 Blackmill UFO Incident

UFO researcher, Dave Hodrien, who examined the sightings of the Symes family, also highlighted a very similar incident that occurred in the town of Blackmill in Bridgend in Wales [3] in the summer of 1991. The exact date is not known, but one evening in June 1991, at around 6:30 pm, the witness – John – was driving to an Indian restaurant with his wife and two of their friends.

However, as they made their way along the country road under the early evening sun, they noticed a bizarre round object that “shimmered” hoveri9ng over a farmer’s field that ran alongside the road. The object glowed extremely brightly and was between 150 to 200 feet above the ground and approximately 650 feet in front of them.

The stretch of road where John witnessed the UFO

The stretch of road where John witnessed the UFO

All four of the witnesses watched the object for several moments, noticing how it appeared to “wobble back and forth”. They also noted how it had an appearance similar to a “ball of mercury”. Although John kept the car in motion, he had slowed somewhat in order to view it more clearly.

Then, without warning, the sphere suddenly sped into the distance and had disappeared into the distance within a second. All of the witnesses recalled how the way it moved off at such a rate of speed told them that it was very likely something out of this world, and certainly not like anything any of them had previously seen. They would remain in a quiet, contemplative state of mind throughout their meal, truly perplexed at the events they had seen.

Similar Sightings In Wordsley, England

More recently, and around the same time as the final sighting of the Symes family’s last sighting in 2010.

On the 27th November, for example, at around 6:30 am on Wordsley in the West Midlands [4] Julian Andreano along with his girlfriend, Michelle, had spent most of the night watching DVDs at Julian’s home and were preparing to go to sleep for a few hours. Due to the time of year, it was still dark outside, and Julian went to the bedroom window to take a look at the still quiet street outside. However, as he peered over the backyard and the bright moon that was still visible in the sky, he noticed something unexpected.

From his left, a strange light appeared in his line of sight. He watched the light as it moved calmly across the dark sky, noting how it appeared to be distinctly sphere-shaped. He would later estimate that it was around 50 feet away from the house and around 40 feet above the ground.

Certain he was seeing something truly strange, Julian told Michelle to come to the window so she could see what he was looking at. She did so, although in no particular hurry. She did so the strange sphere, though, right before it suddenly increased its speed to a blistering 500 miles per hour. In less than 10 seconds the object had disappeared out of sight. This sudden acceleration ruled out to the witnesses that the object might have been a balloon or a Chinese lantern.

You can see a sketch from the witness below.

Sketch of what the witness saw

Sketch of what the witness saw

Several months earlier, also in Wordsley on the 22nd June [5] another very similar sighting unfolded. On the night in question, at just before 6 pm, Martin Mitchell, along with his wife and eldest son, was eating dinner in the back yard of their house when Martin noticed two strange objects appear overhead. The sky was perfectly clear meaning the objects stood out clearly.

Martin would recall that the objects were in the shape of a sphere and of a bright silver color which reflected the evening sun brilliantly. He would also estimate that they were at an altitude of 500 feet and were approximately three miles away. They were, though, seemingly headed in their direction.

At this point, Martin drew his wife and son’s attention to the mysterious objects, each of them turning the attention upwards. As they all watched in amazement, Martin went to grab his camera in order to capture the bizarre aerial vehicles on camera. By the time he returned, the objects were definitely closer to their home. He immediately raised the camera and snapped a picture of approaching craft before returning to watching them with his wife and son.

Suddenly, the objects began to curve in a change of direction before beginning to ascend slowly, disappearing into the distance within around five minutes, at which point they could no longer be seen.

Spherical Object Over Corris, Wales

Around a month before Geraint Symes’ and his girlfriend’s sighting, a similar object was witnessed in Corris Wales. At around 7:30 pm on 6th November, the two witnesses – named “Helen” and “Chris” in the report – were driving to Machynlleth (a nearby town) in order to shop for groceries. [6] The evening was particularly rainy and windy and looked set to be so the rest of the evening.

As Chris negotiated a bend in the road, Helen happened to peer out of the passenger window. As she did so, she noticed a “large circle of light” in the cloud-filled sky. She kept her focus on the light, not expecting it to be anything out of the ordinary at first, and continued to chat with Chris. The more she watched it, though, the more she began to think she was seeing something truly unusual.

As they continued down the right, Helen noticed the light was the result of a “huge glowing orange sphere” that was hovering further up in the sky. She watched the object for around a minute before she alerted Chris to its presence. They each continued to watch it for several more seconds before Chris pulled the car over to the side of the road.

The road where the witness saw the UFO

The road where the witness saw the UFO

They now each turned their full attention to the object and began to consider just what it might be. They discussed several possibilities, ranging from a natural body such as a planet or something like a Chinese lantern. However, they both knew that it was none of their suggestions, not least as the object was approximately twice the size as the moon would be (if it were visible). What they were looking at was something neither of them had seen before.

Then, things turned even stranger. As the pair exited the vehicle, the object suddenly began to rise into the air at a considerable pace. After a short time, it descended once more, settling back momentarily to where it had been previously. After several moments it disappeared instantly.

Helen would state in her report that she believed what they had seen was either an alien craft or a top-secret, experimental military vehicle.

The Merthyr Tydfil Silver Sphere Sighting

Another sighting worth examining here occurred one day in May or June 2010 in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales. [7] On the afternoon in question, a local resident – named “Jim” in the report – was sitting in his office which overlooked a good part of the town of Dowlaise. By chance, he happened to glance out of the window when he noticed a strange object over the top of the local church.

He would later describe the object as being a dull, grey, silver color, and distinctly sphere shaped. He would further remember that it was approximately 12 feet above the steeple of the church. He knew there was a relatively strong wind outside, and the fact that the strange object was completely stationary meant he could disregard any notion that it might have been a balloon.

He watched the object for around 30 seconds before it began to rise suddenly at a calm, steady pace. The way it moved made Jim even more certain that it was under some kind of intelligent control. He watched it as it continued upward, eventually disappearing into the clouds after around 30 seconds.

Another similar sighting occurred two years earlier on the afternoon of 28th December 2008 in Oxford. [8] The witness, Ben Emlyn-Jones was walking through the town of Headington just outside of Oxford at a little after 1 pm on the a particularly cold, windy, but bright day. As he walked, he was speaking on the phone with his girlfriend when he suddenly noticed a bizarre sphere-shaped object hovering at a relatively high altitude over the nearby houses.

He would recall that it was “white or pale grey” in color and appeared to be of a “considerable size”. He watched the several moments longer, noting how the object merely hovered in the same place. He continued to walk, describing what he was seeing to his girlfriend on the phone.

The object remained in sight for several minutes as he walked until it suddenly became enshrouded by a strange cloud. Ben continued to watch and was more than shocked when the cloud itself moved away, seemingly with the spherical object still inside. Within several more moments, the cloud had disappeared.

You can hear a little more about that sighting below.

Silver Sphere Emerges From Cloud Over Birmingham

Another intriguing sighting for us to examine occurred on the 21st June 2011 in the Bartley Green area of Birmingham. [9] On the day in question, Sinead was in her room with her friend looking out of her bedroom window when their attention was suddenly drawn to three planes that were flying at a particularly low altitude.

She would state that as she had little knowledge or interest in aviation, she had no idea what type of planes they were, but that they looked like military bomber-type aircraft. It was as they were watching the planes that they noticed a “small, spherical object” that appeared to come out of one of the clouds.

A depiction of UFOs over a city

There are many UFO sightings around the midlands

As this strange round object moved it appeared to the witnesses that it was white. However, it was clear that it was a magnificent silver color when it stopped and hovered in one place. Sinead recalled how the sun reflected brilliantly off its metallic exterior.

The two girls watched the object for around 30 seconds. Then, without warning, it suddenly disappeared. Both witnesses recalled that at the same time they noticed two very bright flashes of light. They would further recall that the first flash of light was where the sphere had been hovering only a second earlier and the second came from somewhere quite distant in the sky.

Both Sinead and her friend were more than a little perplexed by the sightings. And while they were uncertain of exactly what it was they had seen, they knew it was something out of the ordinary.

Other Glowing Sphere Sightings From Around The World

While there are indeed many sightings of these strange, spherical UFOs in the United Kingdom, they occur equally as frequently across the world.

For example, according to the research files of Jacques Vallee, six luminous spheres were witnessed moving across the sky in Aveyron in France at around 11 pm on 6th January 1967. Even more remarkable, according to the report, a strange, luminous beam of light came from one of the spheres and reached the ground. In this light beam, the witness claimed to have seen a “humanoid figure” that appeared to communicate telepathically with him.

In more recent times, on the afternoon of 1st August 2004 in Luxemburg, Belgium, a local resident witnessed a metallic sphere moving over the city while changing colors from white to red to orange. They reported it moved slowly for several moments before suddenly disappearing. The witness was uncertain if the object simply vanished or whether it took off with “great speed”.

The following year at around 8 pm on 13th March 2005 in Waroona, Australia, a local resident witnessed a strange sphere-shaped object in the sky while taking pictures of the moon in the night sky. Unfortunately, there is little other information about this sighting.

Only 10 days later, just after midnight on 23rd March in Clifton, Virginia, several “luminous spheres” were witnessed by a local woman during a thunderstorm. According to the report by MUFON investigator Norman Gagnon, these strange spheres were considerable in size and were hovering over the witness’s house.

The witness was awoken by the sound of the answerphone attempting to turn itself back on following a power cut. As the power struggled to return, the witness had looked out of the window at the unsettling objects outside. She would state that they were “bigger than the house” and that they had evenly spaced lights around the side. They remained hovering for several moments before moving away from the property. The power returned to the property a short time later.

Perhaps one of the most intriguing sightings, however, occurred several decades earlier in Alabama.

Multiple Witness Sighting Over Alabama In 1981

Although the exact date is not known, at some time at 8 pm one evening in the spring of 1981 in the Georgetown-Chunchula region of the state, Linda Richardson and her son Anthony, and his friend, Tony, were at the Richardson’s home when the evening took a rather strange turn. [10]

As Linda cleaned her kitchen, she heard sudden sounds of agitation coming from the horse and calf they owned, as if they had been severely spooked. Also hearing the sounds was Anthony and Tony, who ventured outside to see what might be causing the disturbance. They left the kitchen door open as they did so. Within moments, Anthony was calling to his mother to come and look.

She immediately stopped what she was doing and stepped outside to where Anthony and Tony were standing. She noticed immediately that they were looking up to the sky. She looked to where they were looking and was amazed to see a “large, glowing, white sphere” hovering right over the top of them.

Linda would estimate that the object was at an altitude of approximately 500 feet and appeared to of the same bright, shiny, exterior all over, with no markings or connecting plates of any kind. She also recalled how the object remained completely silent as it hung motionless overhead.

The three of them watched the object for several minutes before it suddenly went into motion. As it moved away, it increased both its speed and its altitude. Within a few moments of it beginning to move, it had disappeared over the roof of the house and so was out of sight. All three of them rushed into the kitchen to the front porch door.

As they spilled outside, they could see several red lights that they presumed were on the back of the strange aerial vehicle. She cautioned the two boys to stand closer to her, just in case the object should return and prove to be a threat. However, rather than return, it suddenly zipped into the distance and unbelievable speed, disappearing from their sight in a matter of a second. The three of them remained on the porch looking at the part of the sky the object had been only moments earlier for several minutes before returning inside.

The road where Linda witnessed the UFO

The road where Linda witnessed the UFO

Linda took a few moments to gather her thoughts before picking up the phone and ringing her next-door neighbor, Betty. Amazingly, she too had seen the strange object from her house after the light had shone through her window and alerted her to its presence.

Linda would further decide to make a report of the sighting and contacted the Coast Guard in order to obtain the relevant number. She rang (although she did not recall which base she had contacted) but the person at the other end, after first stating that she had likely seen a weather balloon, declined to offer an explanation and merely listened to Linda as she recalled the details. Whether he made a record of the report is not known.

There were seemingly other witnesses to this most intriguing sighting. The local postman, for example, George, also claimed to have seen the same object as Linda while speaking to her the following morning as he delivered her mail. What’s more, he would claim that several other people he had spoken with that morning had also witnessed it. As UFO researcher Dave Hodrien pointed out, despite the apparent multiple witnesses, there appeared to be no coverage of the incident in the local newspapers.

There were also some further intriguing details of the encounter. For example, according to Hodrien’s report, many of the witnesses would have trouble sleeping in the days and weeks after the sighting. Many, particularly Linda, it would seem, became increasingly paranoid and fearful of the night hours. Linda would even ensure that her husband had the guns they kept in their home fully loaded in case of a nocturnal return of the strange craft. She would also find herself staring up at the night sky, searching for the spherical object on several occasions.

Even more alarming was an incident that occurred several months later in the Bay Minette area. Linda, who voiced her belief that the officer at the air force base knew very well what the object was and was under orders to stonewall her report, claimed there were signs of a cover-up in the Bay Minette incident also. According to Linda, there were reports of a blinding flash of light over the area with repeated rumors that an unknown craft had crashed to the ground. Many witnesses made reports to the local newspapers and radio stations, but no coverage of the incident occurred. Had the military intervened in order to silence any reports?

The state of Alabama has more than its fair share of UFO sightings, one of which, again involving a metallic sphere, we will turn our attention to next.

Spherical Object Approaches Car On Lonely Road

Three decades later, just after midnight on the 1st March 2011 – according to MUFON Case File 31948 as reported by Roger Marsh in the UFO Examiner – a similar sighting unfolded in Wetumpka.

And what’s more, according to the report, the witness had seen the same “sub-car-sized” spherical object several times during the months leading to the sighting he reported. What’s more, this object almost always acted in the same way – it would “come darting in” before hovering for several moments, “lighting up the spot on the ground” as it did so before flying away in the same direction from which it came. The object had an orange pale luminous glow to it.

One particular night, after having worked late, the witness was driving home when he noticed the strange object in the distance. However, on this occasion, it appeared to be on a very steady course heading toward his car. He continued driving and the object did indeed approach his vehicle, trailing him from above the trees that lined the highway. After several moments, the strange object disappeared behind the trees and the witness continued on with his journey.

However, around a mile later, the glowing sphere “darted out from the tree line” and made its way across the highway in front of him at a distance of only several hundred feet, still at an altitude similar to treetop level. It continued on its way across a nearby field. The witness recalled that the object was much too fast and small for it to be a helicopter. What’s more, as it moved across the field, it would stop suddenly and “move around” for several moments before continuing on and eventually returning in the direction it had come.

The witness had experienced an even stranger encounter several years earlier at 3 am on a night in 2007. On the night in question, he witnessed an identical sphere-shaped craft, although this one was flying at a much higher altitude. He watched the object move across the sky, eventually seeing it disappear into the distance. Although he wasn’t sure what it was, he knew that it was something truly out of the ordinary.

He kept his focus on the night sky, and much to his surprise, the orb returned, although this time much lower to the ground. Realizing he was carrying a flashlight he began flashing the light in the direction of the object. The object began moving once more but when he flashed it once more, it stopped. He became suddenly nervous that it was the flashing of the torch that caused it to stop so he ceased doing so. After a few moments, the object moved on once more and eventually disappeared.

Bright Glowing Sphere Appears During A Snow Blizzard

Only weeks earlier in Manitoba, Canada, a glowing sphere was witnessed overhead at around 10:30 pm on 27th January by a local resident. [11] On the night in question, during an intense snow blizzard, the witness was spending the night at their cabin near the lake in the Parkland Region with several friends after carrying out some work on the property.

After eating, the witness was sat on the couch after his two friends had retired for the evening. It was then that he noticed a bright, glowing sphere in the night sky through the cabin window. He would recall that it was the same size as the moon appears to us from the ground but that “it was nothing like the moon”.

A depiction of a UFO on a snowy night

A depiction of what the witness saw

He would further describe that it gave off “bright, white, intense light” that was brighter than anything he had ever seen before. He would estimate that it was at a relatively low altitude of around 30 feet – approximately the same height as the treetops – and was between 40 and 60 feet away. The glow from the object lit up the forest below, allowing the witness to “see all the trees in the immediate area”. He would further describe the light as being “penetrating” and like a normal light. After several seconds, the light, and indeed the object, disappeared.

At this point, the witness jumped up from the couch and rushed to the window. He stared out into the snowy, night sky but was unable to locate the spherical object. That was until around two minutes later when it suddenly appeared again, only this time it was a little further away from where it was previously. It was again hovering just above the trees, its light illuminating the area immediately below it. It remained visible for several seconds and vanished once more.

The witness remained at the window in case the object returned, however, it didn’t, and he eventually called it a night and went to bed. Interestingly, the witness had seen a similar object around a year previously.

Early Morning Sighting Of Glowing Sphere Over Illinois

Another intriguing incident involving a spherical UFO unfolded at around 1:30 am on 19th May 2012 in Joliet, Illinois, when a local resident – Gavin – was smoking a cigarette with his girlfriend, Sarah, on the front porch of his house. [12] Suddenly, they noticed a “yellow/amber colored light” appear in the night sky, seemingly headed in their direction.

A depiction of UFOs in the sky

Did Gavin draw the UFO to his location?

They would later estimate that the object was traveling at a speed of approximately 70 miles per hour and was at an altitude of between 1500 and 2000 feet. It was completely silent and moved in a perfectly straight line and they noticed how it remained a constant light with no flickering.

The object continued on its course, eventually passing over the top of the house and disappearing into the distance.

As with other sightings, the witnesses recalled the shape of the object slightly differently. While Gavin recalled the object was most definitely sphere-shaped, Sarah claimed that the front of the object was slightly larger than the back and appeared very similar to a “solid headlight”. Although he was not certain of what he had seen, he was certain it was something out of the norm.

The White Bear Lake Incident

The following year in the early hours of 15th August 2013, at around 2:30 pm, a strange incident unfolded at White Bear Lake in Minnesota. [13] A local resident was being driven to the mall where he worked by his mother in order to pick up his paycheck.

As they were driving up a slope of the road, the witness noticed a “shiny metallic object” in the otherwise blue afternoon sky. At first, the witness believed they were looking at nothing more out of the ordinary than an airplane. He continued to watch it as his mother drove. When she pulled up at a stop sign, he drew her attention to the strange object. They sat in the car as the light remained on red and watched the strange sphere move around the sky, occasionally making sudden circular turns.

Then, suddenly, the object “took off in a blur” and disappeared. The witness also noted that there were several other motorists who had clearly seen the strange craft while waiting in traffic.

Translucent Spheres Over Tepoztlan, Mexico

Around a decade earlier during the afternoon of 20th November 2004 in the town of Tepoztlan in Mexico Salvador Guerrero managed to capture footage of “four translucent spheres” overhead. [14] The witness, who was with two friends, Amado Márquez and Eduardo Ortega, were regular skywatchers and were experienced with both conventional aircraft and unidentified ones.

It was just before 5 pm when the three men noticed the strange sphere at low altitude in the late afternoon sky. They immediately went about capturing footage of it until it headed toward nearby woodland eventually rising higher into the sky before descending slightly again.

A picture claiming to show a UFO

Does this show UFOs?

Remarkably, the sphere then approached one of the witnesses, so close that he could reach out to touch it. When he did so, however, a strange fluid emerged from the exterior and the witness felt an intense burning in his hand. When he looked at it, there was a bright red mark on his skin.

The object then disappeared.

Laser Pointer Attracts UFO Over Salt Lake City

A particularly intriguing sighting unfolded in Salt Lake City several years previously on 15th September. According to a MUFON report from January 2003, the witness, who worked at Westminster College when he stepped outside to take a break. While he stood outside he took a laser pointer from his pocket and pointed it toward the sky as if he was highlighting Jupiter.

Only moments after doing so, however, a grey sphere appeared in the sky and hovered in the sky at an altitude of approximately 40 feet. He would further estimate that the object was around 250 feet from where he stood.

Unsure of whether his laser pointer had attracted the spherical object or not, the witness quickly switched the laser beam off. He continued to watch the object as it hovered completely motionless, with the witness elaborating that it was “as if it was locked in place”.

Then, without warning, the object moved “in an instant” and was over the top of a nearby building. A moment later, it moved again, this time to a position directly over the top of the witness. It stopped again for a short time before going from motionless to moving at an approximate pace of 60 miles per hour. It eventually disappeared out of sight behind some nearby trees. He went to locate the object on foot but before he could come to a nearby clearing, he heard a loud bang. When he reached the clearing, the object had vanished completely. He would claim that he wasn’t sure “if the bang sound was related to the object or not”.

The witness would recall some intriguing details of the craft, though. He would claim that the underside of the object was “crater-like” and a “reddish-pinkish” color. Furthermore, he had the distinct feeling that it was “aware” of him, particularly as it passed directly overhead.

Multiple Witnesses See Yellow Spheres Over Pori Airport, Finland

Without a doubt, one of the most intriguing sightings of spherical UFOs unfolded decades earlier over Pori Airport in Finland. [15] Early in the morning of 12th April 1969, at just before 8 am, around 20 pilots witnessed seven separate yellow spheres that were hovering over the airport.

Even more remarkable, several hours later at noon, FAF pilot, Jouko Kuronen was piloting his aircraft with his co-pilot on a routine navigational flight at an altitude of around 10000 feet. As they were in flight, they witnessed what would appear to be the same seven yellow spheres witnessed earlier that morning. He would report that it appeared the objects were “observing” the airfield, which served both civilian and military purposes.

He received orders to investigate the objects closer and turned his plane toward them. He would describe them as being a “pale yellow” and “generally round in shape” and appearing “somewhat blurry and indistinct in outline”.

As he approached them, however, the sphere arranged themselves into a tight formation and instantly sped off, the speed increasing as it moved. Realizing there was no way he would be able to catch them, Kuronen received orders to return to base.

The sighting remains unexplained today and is one of the most well-known, and credible, cases of such a sighting.

The Symes Family – Coincidental Sightings Or Something Deeper?

Were the Symes family merely in the right place at the right time on multiple occasions across the decades in terms of their UFO encounters? Or might there be a much deeper, layered reason for their repeated sightings? In truth, without further information or revelations regarding their particular sightings (and any others that may or may not come to light), we will never know.

And what about the notion of alien abduction? Researcher, Dave Hodrien would state of evaluating the information that he did not feel “the evidence currently points towards direct interaction from these objects”.

Regardless of the reasons for the sightings, that the Symes family witnessed something out of the ordinary is surely without a doubt. Were they alien vehicles or drones? Many appear much too small to accommodate occupants and so perhaps suggesting the latter. If that is the case, what is the purpose of their mission? Are they spying on citizens of the planet or merely observing in a more general capacity?

Of course, there is always the possibility, at least in some cases, that these objects might not be extraterrestrial in nature at all, but futuristic reconnaissance vehicles of the military. Only further investigations and research of these strange encounters will begin to shine a light on these questions.

You can check out the short video below which examines some of the best UFO sightings for the United Kingdom.


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  • Joe Foster says:

    I read with great interest about the years of sightings by members of the Symes family. This excellent article actually helped validate similar events that took place over my life starting in the 1950s and continuing until 2015 (so far). Specifically, the multiple references to spheres mirrored many of my sightings (both in civilian life as well as years in the Coast Guard). I have been fully aware of an element of synchronicity that is woven into a number of these events.

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