UFO Crash In Argentina – The 1995 Salta Case

Marcus Lowth
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October 29, 2018
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October 13, 2021
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An apparent crash of a silver, metallic disc-like object in the summer of 1995 in Argentina was witnessed by dozens of people, including a civil aviation pilot who would take to the skies on several search and locate missions of his own accord in the aftermath of the incident. Although he wouldn’t manage to locate the craft itself, his findings, and the dark events that followed were certainly of interest to someone. Such interest, in fact, that many researchers who would take to examine the case over the years that followed would highlight how it had all the hallmarks of a “shadow government” case. Essentially, an indication of some kind of alien-human agreement.

A depiction of a UFO crash in Argentina

A depiction of a UFO crash in Argentina

Equally as intriguing, and perhaps suggesting a link of some kind was a similar encounter over Argentina several weeks earlier. Although this craft didn’t land or crash to the ground, it would cause a near-miss incident with an incoming plane at Bariloche airport. And what’s more, it was another encounter that was witnessed by more than one person. Might these incidents suggest some involvement of the Argentine government in UFO affairs? And if so, are they working independently of such governments as the United States? Or might it be that dark political and military elements of each and every country, with whatever respective “vested” interests, contribute to and make-up the “shadow government” that keep the UFO and alien question, as well as a great many other elements of society, if the conspiracies are to be believed, controlled and strictly under wraps?

Before we move on, check out the short video below (in Spanish). It features the footage of Antonio Zuleta, who although not featured in what follows, would work with the main witness to the following encounter in the subsequent investigations that went ahead.

A “Sort Of Flying Saucer” Screaming Out Of The Sky

While having lunch at around 1:45 pm on the sunny afternoon of 17th August 1995, Tony Galvano would witness “a sort of flying saucer” [1] of a “bright metallic color” come screaming out of the brilliant blue skies over the Serrania Colorado region of Joaquin V. Gonzalez. As the object passed over the small community, many of whom were now also watching, it was followed by “two other objects – probably missiles” which would impact against it.

The craft then suddenly “began to fail” and fell to the ground shortly after. A second or so later, a “powerful explosion” filled the air followed by “intense seismic movement”.  According to the witness, the aftershock of this seismic activity would be felt almost 200 miles away. Indeed reports would suggest residents in towns as far away as Gaona, El Quebrachal, and El Galpon would notice the sudden rumbling activity. Something just short of panic soon swept through the small communities.

Then, shocked residents of the area would witness “a column of thick, black smoke” rising into the cloudless sky. Galvano would later state that he’d “never seen anything like it” and that it was most definitely a solid craft. While many of the residents would run towards the scene in order to get a better look, Galvano would run towards the nearby airstrip. He would jump into his Flystar airplane, taking off and into the air shortly after and “went to investigate”.

However, due to the thick, dense smoke, he couldn’t locate the downed craft. After several rounds of the area – all through the hazardous smoke – he returned to the airstrip. Staying up any further would be dangerous flying. And besides, Galvano wished to see what might be happening on the ground.  It turned out, in discussion terms at least, there was plenty.

Crash Site On The Esplanade?

According to Galvano, local radio broadcasts would relay account after account from local residents who had witnessed the mysterious object. Apparently intentionally brought down to the ground. All expressed the same confusion at just what the object was, as well as a demand from the authorities for answers and assurance. Galvano would organize a search of the area with other concerned residents. However, despite covering “large expanses of terrain” they could not locate anything resembling what had crashed out of the sky earlier that afternoon.

Two days later, though, Galvano would take to the skies again. This time, his journey would be much more fruitful than that on the day of the crash. Below him was an esplanade with what appeared to be an “impact print” around three miles long and 600 meters across. It was obvious to Galvano that the area had undergone some form of intense “friction heat” by a “giant, heavy object”.

As he brought the plane down a little lower, he could clearly see the trees that had previously resided within the impact area tossed to one side or another, completely ripped and torn from the ground. Even stranger they had bizarre markings “as if they had been sprayed with acid”.

Suddenly, the aircraft began to lose altitude, its engine sputtering and ready to give out. Realizing the plane was not going to make it anywhere close to an airstrip he prepared for an emergency landing. Despite being “battered” from the impact, he was largely uninjured and able to walk away from his usually reliable plane. As he walked away from his aircraft and around the apparent previous crash site, he bent down to pick up some of the dirt below. It would prove to be, perhaps, proof of something untoward.

A depiction of a UFO crash in Argentina

A depiction of a UFO crash in Argentina

“What’s Coming Down Is Very Heavy!”

He would state later this he had “never seen anything like” the “strange dust” he now held in his hand. Specialists at the University of La Plata would conduct analysis. Results would indicate that it contained 98% potassium with “the remaining 2% unknown material”. According to the results, this substance-level is not found anywhere on Earth. Despite these results, further searches of the area wouldn’t yield any further interesting finds. Then, just over two weeks later, another strange encounter would unfold.

While he and several other volunteer searchers from the local community were trawling through the woodland and jungle areas, several heavily armed individuals arrived in black suits and traveling in black heavy-duty 4×4 vehicles. They would inform the volunteer group that they were now taking over the searches and that they should go home. After that, they would refuse to talk with the group or allow them to roam freely in the area in their presence. Galvano claims the last thing one of these strange “Men In Black” said to him was that he should “Forget it. What’s coming down is very heavy”. It was a sentence that remained in Galvano’s mind like “letters of fire”.

Furthermore, he would begin to receive strange phone calls. Always with a very definite presence on the other end. However, it would greet him with nothing but a chilling and menacing silence. These calls would almost always come late or in the middle of the night. After so long, Galvano was sufficiently spooked that he would physically leave the area for several years. The “Men In Black”, according to local accounts that would find their way back to Galvano, would remain in the area for several years. However, shortly after their presence diminished, Galvano would return, looking to investigate the incident further.

A Connection With The Bariloche Incident?

Unbeknown to Galvano and the other witnesses to the Salta case was a similar incident just under a fortnight earlier in the early hours of the 2nd August. And furthermore, multiple people would witness it. As an aircraft was approaching Bariloche airport in the foothills of the Andes mountain range, [2] a bright, white “flying saucer” would suddenly approach the incoming plane “at a very high speed defying the laws of physics”.

The pilot would quickly move his plane off course in a successful bid to avoid a sure collision. As well as the pilots on the plane, several people on the ground saw the aerial altercation. These would include members of the Argentine military. Furthermore, while this strange bright craft was flying over the airport, the computer and power systems “went crazy”. Further still, a widespread power outage hit the vast majority of the city.

Suddenly, the strange craft was directly in front of the plane, this time hovering. Once more, the pilot turned to avoid a collision. Only this time, the mysterious craft turned with it, flying alongside it for several moments. As it did so, two green lights appeared at either end of the object. An orange light would connect the two in the center. As the plane came in to land, the UFO initially followed until around 3,000 feet. At this point “it rose at supernatural speed” and vanished out of sight.

Might there be a connection between the two cases? One alleged sighting, one apparent purposefully caused “crash”? The two-week window is certainly interesting enough. As is the apparent intense military and Men In Black interest in at least the first encounter.

You can check out the short video below which looks at the Bariloche Incident a little more.


1 Argentina Expedition Seeks To Recover Crashed Saucer, Scott Corrales https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/vida_alien/esp_vida_alien_18p.htm
2 Airmiss in Bariloche, Argentina, 1995, Ufology https://ufologie.patrickgross.org/htm/bariloche95.htm

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    I was living school for the day, I was 11 when a saw a cigar shape ship arrown that time in the capital of Salta. Is all conected in somw how. The strange thing that the people arrown me couldn’t see it or maybe some one else saw it comming down from the sky bit the news never said nothing about it, wich is rare because the ship went down behind the mountain where it was full of people. It was a huge ship. I thoght it was a plain wing falling with white smoke but there was no aireplain accident or souund and it was comming down slowly. edgardohi@hotmail.com

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