The “Night Of UFOs” – The 1986 Brazilian Air Force Chase

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January 30, 2019
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October 13, 2021
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What many researchers believe to be one of, if not the most credible UFO encounter in history would unfold over the skies of southeastern Brazil during the evening of 19th May 1986. At least twenty separate UFOs would appear that evening on military radar, with several Brazilian military jets confirming their presence visually. Furthermore, several of these jets would engage in a chase of these mystery objects in an encounter that would last almost seven hours. As well as the military and aviation witnesses, there were also multiple residents on the ground stretching from Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro.

A depiction of UFOs blended into an image of a radar

One night in 1986 UFOs swarmed over Brazil

It is a case that has fascinated researchers for over thirty years since, and while it doesn’t offer solid proof that the crafts were of extraterrestrial origin, the feats they achieved were, like many sightings, apparently beyond the capabilities of our finest terrestrially made aircraft. That something was in the skies over Brazil’s south east region is beyond doubt. Perhaps the words of Minister of Aeronautics, Brigadier General Otavio Moreira Lima are worth including here. He would state that “radar doesn’t have optical illusions”. Even blunter were the words of Air Force Major Ney Cerqueira, who would state that the “appearance and disappearance” of these strange objects was very much unexplained. And what’s more, the “technical instruments used for identification of these lights had problems in registering them”.

The Slow-Burning Beginnings Of A Night Of Strange Glowing Objects

Although the first radar confirmation of the upcoming strange activity of 19th May 1986 didn’t occur until 7 pm, the first visual sightings took place half an hour earlier at 6:30 pm. [1] There, control tower staff at the Sao Jose dos Campos airport in Sao Paulo, witnessed “two intense lights” apparently in line with the runway. They would estimate them to be around ten miles away. When radar confirmation came from the San Jose airport tower, there were three “targets” – none of which should have been there.

An hour later, the Integrated Center of Defense and the Control of the Air Traffic (CINDACTA) would announce it had eight unknown targets on its screens. Thirty minutes later, another employee from the Sao Jose airport witnessed an object with “defined edges and (a) red-orange color”.  The witness would view the object through binoculars, watching it approach and then backing away again.

By 9 pm came the first visual confirmation from the air when the pilot of a jet owned by the oil company, Xingu, confirmed he could see several “luminous objects”. After attempting to follow one of them, he would request permission to land at Sao Paulo airport which was granted. Ten minutes later he would attempt to bring his plane down on the runway. As he did so, one of the luminous crafts set out in his direction, moving away again before contact, but delaying the landing, nonetheless. The control tower would confirm two targets on their radar screen. One was the Xingu jet. And the other, the mysterious glowing object.

With the Xingu jet circling the airport and the unknown craft remaining on the radar screen for several minutes before disappearing, at 9:20 pm, a decision was made to inform Air Defense Command.

The Multiple Landing Attempts Of Alcir Pereira

Five minutes after the high-ranking decision makers of the Brazilian military and more specifically its air force was made aware of the situation, the Xingu jet would make a second attempt to land at Sao Paulo airport. However, as it did so, another object appeared close by. The pilot, Commander Alcir Pereira abandoned his landing and instead chose to follow the object once again.

Pereira would ultimately break off his pursuit and attempt to bring his plane into land a third time. He was currently at around 10,000 feet and about to descend when the Air Control Centre announced the appearance of three new objects in the jet’s vicinity. At the same time, Pereira confirmed the sightings, stating he had visual contact with “three luminous objects”. They were lower than his plane and flying over Petrobras refineries. They appeared to be heading towards Serra do Mar. Now concerned about the possibility of fuel, or lack thereof, he would finally manage to land the Xingu jet at Sao Paulo on his fourth attempt shortly before 9:40 pm.

At around the same time, as he was bringing his plane to a stop on the runway, more visual sightings were coming. All of a “solid round object”. Ten minutes later at 9:50 pm, according to the official report, a “luminous yellow object surrounded by smaller lights” was visible in the skies above Sau Paulo airport.

With the incident rolling past its third hour and with the control towers and the Air Defense Command none the wiser as to what these strange objects were, the scrambling of military jets increasingly became a likely option.

Picture from 19th May 1986, Brazil

Picture from 19th May 1986, Brazil

Scrambling Of Military Jets!

It was 10:23 pm, almost four hours after the first visual sighting when the first of several F-5E jets, piloted by Kleber Caldas Marinho, left the runway of Santa Cruz Air Force Base. [2] Just over twenty minutes later at 10:45 pm a second F-5E jet, this time piloted by Brisola Jordao, left the Santa Cruz base. At the same time, at Anapolis Air Force Base in Goias State, a Mirage F-103 jet, piloted by Captain Viriato, would leave the runway. The Mirage jet fighter carried with it Sidewinder and Matra missiles.

By 10:55 pm, only ten minutes after the Mirage had left, radar operators at Anapolis Air Force Base noticed several strange objects on their radar screens. At the same time, the on-board radar of Viriato’s Mirage jet also detected an anomaly. He couldn’t, however, physically see anything. Instead, he began to follow the object using the radar for his eyes while traveling at 850 miles per hour. By the time he approached and should have been able to see it, the object vanished from the radar screens. Five minutes later, a second Mirage jet also left the base at Anapolis.

At 11;15 pm, Kleber in his F-5E would report a visual sighting of a “ball of light”. He would begin to pursue the strange craft. He would later state:

I had one visual contact and one contact with my aircraft radar of something that looked like a luminous point, which was 12 miles in front of me, a distance confirmed by ground radar. The object was moving from left to right and then began to climb! [3]

Kleber would follow the aircraft for several minutes out towards the Atlantic Ocean. Two minutes later, a third Mirage jet would leave Anapolis Air Force Base.

Multiple Witness Statements!

The jets would remain in the skies until 1 am before returning to their respective bases. All pilots involved had bizarre and intriguing accounts to tell. Perhaps one of the most fascinating was that of Brisola Jordao, who after seeing the objects on his jet’s on-board radar was informed by the control tower that several of the strange crafts “were closing in”. However, even at ten miles he was unable to see them. Then, suddenly, thirteen of the objects appeared behind his plane “six on one side and seven on the other”.

Jordao would maintain his altitude and flight direction for several minutes. The objects would eventually disappear as quickly and as mysteriously as they had arrived.

Despite the overwhelming number of witnesses, many of whom were experienced and respected Brazilian Air Force pilots, as well confirmation of another radar sighting of multiple objects only two days later, the case would attract many “official” skeptics. The official line was the pilots – and the multiple residents of south Brazil – witnessed a meteorological event. They would claim that when comets enter the atmosphere of the planet, they “heat up and emit light”. This would explain the sudden sightings, both visually, and on radar. It would also explain why, the official report would insist, the objects would appear to simply vanish.

As you might expect, those involved, the traffic controllers and the pilots, if only privately, didn’t accept the official story. Three decades later, many of them would begin to speak publicly of the bizarre incident.

Local newspaper report of the incident, 1986

Local newspaper report of the incident, 1986

Thirty Years Later – Still Missing Answers!

In 2016, thirty years after that strange night in May 1986, further information regarding the case would find its way into the public arena. Some, the result of successful Freedom of Information requests. And some, from the mouths of some of the pilots and radar operators involved, who now free of their employers hold over them, could speak of the incident without fear of reprisal.

For example, the first person to spot the bright lights thirty minutes before the first radar sightings was flight controller Sergio Mota de Silva. It was he who informed the pilot of the Xingu airplane to both warn him of the strange lights and to request if he could see them also. The pilot of the Xingu plane, Alcir Pereira would state decades later:

I’ve been a pilot for many years and I’ve never seen anything like it. It was too agile, impossible that there was a human inside it. I do not know if it was disc, but it was a very strong glow! [4]

Mota, who was 59-years-old at the time of speaking publicly of the incident in 2016 would claim that he, like others at the airport, received strict instructions that they were not to give interviews or elaborate on the official findings of the incident. Privately, employees and pilots were told the sightings were part of an “electronic war”, insinuating that they were terrestrial developments or experimental crafts. However, Mota would state that these are to confuse aircraft systems only, and as such were not visible to humans. While Mota certainly doesn’t subscribe to the official version of events, he is not certain that it was “aliens” that were behind the encounter that evening. At least until one “introduces himself” to him, that is.

The 1982 Flight 169 Incident

Interestingly or not, a very similar incident occurred in Brazil just over four years earlier. In the early hours of 8th February 1982, commercial Boeing 727 Flight 169 made its way through dark but clear skies over the small town of Petrolina. There, 33 minutes into their flight, the pilot, Commander Gerson Marciel de Britto witnessed a strange glowing light on his left side [5] heading towards their position. Once it was a short distance away it would fly alongside them in unison. At this stage, the previously unaware co-pilot also saw this strange luminous orb.

Britto would contact air traffic control – which was the Integrated Center of Defense and the Control of the Air Traffic (CINDACTA). He would request information on any other aircraft in his vicinity. The reply was that no other aircraft should be anywhere near his position.

Thinking it might be a small, private plane, Britto would turn off the signal and fuselage lighting. He was hoping this would give him a clearer look at the craft. As he did so, both he and the co-pilot could see a central white-blue glow which appeared to be surrounded by a secondary glow which constantly changed from yellow to orange. Furthermore, the maneuvers of the craft as well as how it appeared to move with the air extinguished any notions in Britto’s mind that it was a conventional one.

Just to be certain his mind wasn’t playing tricks on him Britto made sure he could identify both Venus and the Moon in the clear, night sky. Both were where they should be. And neither was the object that continued to fly alongside their plane.

A picture of an apparent UFO overhead

Does this picture show a UFO over Brazil?

A Sudden Bright Flash Of Blue Light At 30,000 Feet!

CINDACTA claimed no confirmation of the anomaly on their radar systems. Other planes listening to the exchanges, however, would offer their own sightings of the object. An Aerolines Argentinas and the Transbrasil TR177 both corroborated Flight 169’s sighting.

By now he could sense he would likely receive little assistance from the control tower. Britto made the decision to try to communicate with the mysterious glowing craft. He began to flash the landing lights hoping to elicit a response. However, the craft would continue to follow them as it had for the last few minutes. Either unaware or unconcerned with Britto’s attempts at communication.

The two aircraft continued to tear through the night skies at an altitude of just over 30,000 feet. After several minutes of Britto’s attempts at communication, with the region of Belo Horizonte below, CINDACTA confirmed radar sighting of this anomalous craft. Then, a bright blue light emanated from the object. This would penetrate the plane and left all in its glow under a bright blue wash. It also allowed the crew to see more detail of the strange craft. It appeared disc-like or saucer-shaped. And very much solid, although it “shone like a mercury street lamp”.

Realizing that not only could the crew, all of whom were now staring in awe at the craft outside, but the passengers would also be able to see events taking place outside the plane, Britto calmly announced the passengers the situation. Furthermore, not wanting to cause a panic, he suggested they move to the windows and see it for themselves. Many of them did. The glowing disc followed their craft for the remainder of its journey to Rio de Janeiro.

Investigation Finds No Reason Not To Accept The Account!

Perhaps because of the number of passengers who witnessed the incident, the media would leap on the case. Several of the passengers would corroborate Britto’s version of events entirely. And most of the others, including several minor celebrities of their day, saw at least part of the incident. Interestingly, and perhaps an insight into the mindset of the Catholic Church particularly at the time, the only passengers who would claim to “know nothing of these things” were a group of priests and bishops. They were on their way the General Assembly of the National Confederation of the Bishops of Brazil.

Furthermore, VASP, the company who owned the plane involved would conduct their own separate investigation. This would result in them issuing public statements saying they could find no reason to not accept Britto’s account. As well as the many other witnesses’ statements. Essentially, according to their investigation, the encounter was genuine.

However, after several days when things had settled a little more, higher-ranking officials in the Brazilian aviation fields began to publicly doubt the sighting. And Britto’s statements. It remains an unsolved case. But only in terms of what the obviously solid object was that journeyed with them for close to an hour.

Solid Crafts That Reflect Intelligence!

Whether the two incidents share a connection regarding the intelligence being behind both of them is open to debate. However, it would certainly seem that something, capable of aerial maneuvers that are beyond the limit and capability of even what we have today took a particular interest in the terrestrial aircraft flying in the skies over the eastern coastline of Brazil. As we have speculated before, perhaps the Atlantic Ocean is of importance. And the many rumors and conspiracies of underwater alien bases that reside there. Might they prove to be the reason for the increased number of sightings in this region of the world?

Or might the most mysterious icy terrain of Antarctica, relatively speaking, near to the South American continent be a reason for these persistent UFO encounters, not only in Brazil, but across South America in general? It is certainly another location on Earth that is awash with conspiracy and rumor, many of which are UFO related.

Whatever it may or may not prove to be, we have two cases in the same location. Separated by barely four years. Where a strange craft has seemingly intentionally “toyed” with commercial and military aircraft. All while conducting some kind of secret surveillance mission. As the official report would eventually conclude “the phenomena were solid and reflect in a certain way, intelligence”. Particularly, it would finish, their “ability to follow and keep distances from observers”.

A depiction of a fleet of UFOs over Brazil

A depiction of a fleet of UFOs over Brazil

The “Astonishing” Claims Of Socrates Monteiro

Perhaps when thinking of the wider UFO activity and how these two cases might fit into that picture it is worth examining briefly an interview with a Brazilian UFO magazine conducted with one-time Brazilian Air Force Minister, Socrates Monteiro, [6] who would serve in the position from 1990 to 1992 but has a long and distinguished career in the Brazilian Air Force. Although he is now retired, he still “stays close” to the Air Force through various ties and projects.

Some of the revelations in the interview were both bizarre and fascinating. For example, he would claim to have had access to top-secret information. Details regarding “the interaction of other cosmic species in our country”. He would also state that radar sightings of strange targets, both of the military and CINDACTA, were a regular occurrence. Although the vast majority of sightings remained within the respective organizations’ walls. Some cases were even subject to private investigation by the Brazilian Air Force.

Perhaps one of the most chilling encounters he would speak about is of a “disc-type object of great proportions”. This would fly over a radar station in Gama. The incident would cause such panic in security at the facility that they opened fire on the strange craft. He would issue urgent orders for them to cease firing immediately. He would state “They have a technology far more advanced than ours. And we don’t know how they would react to our action”.

It is a point perhaps worth pondering once again.

Clear We Are Being Visited By Other Cosmic Species

Then, the conversation turned to the evening of 19th May 1986. He would state that the pilots would repeatedly try to get close to the strange “electronic abnormalities”. But after only a brief second, they would move away at “extremely high speed”. Furthermore, the whole incident was recorded on the video tapes of the radar facilities. Where those tapes might be now, though, he wasn’t sure. It is most likely, they were erased and taped over as per standard use every 30 days.

As the interview progressed, he would reveal even more startling information. Once again touching on the incident in Gama and how “their reaction could be tragic for us”. He then hinted that such a reaction was responsible for the Mantell incident. Monteiro would claim that their pilots (instead) approached these crafts “with caution”. He would state that it is a relatively open secret behind the closed doors of high-ranking military officers and officials. That we are “being visited by other cosmic species”.

His comments, particularly when viewed alongside several other similarly high-ranking government and military officials who have said similar things in recent years, has led some researchers to suggest that the country is moving, albeit slowly, towards some kind of disclosure of information. That is most likely a little bit of a reach. Still, Monteiro’s close ties to the Brazilian Air Force suggests they are happy for him to speak of such incidents. Even if they choose to deny them in an official capacity.

Check out the short video below. It goes over the basics of the infamous 1986 incident once more. The “Night of UFOs”, which for researchers and investigators, is a case still very much open.

Around a decade later, several other very similar sightings involving professional air pilots occurred over the skies of Brazil. And it is there we will turn our attention next.

Domed Object Witnessed By Experienced Pilot From The Roadside In Sao Paulo

According to the research files of Brian Vike, at around 3:30 am on the 6th May 1994 in the skies over Sao Paulo, an experienced airline pilot (with additional experience as an air traffic controller and a meteorologist), was a passenger driving back home to Sao Paulo following flight simulation training in Rio de Janeiro. With him was his girlfriend, another pilot, and the driver of the vehicle.

At the time the main witness was trying to sleep in the back of the car when his girlfriend suddenly prodded him awake and brought his attention to something strange in the sky. He peered out of the window and saw a bright red light in the sky. His girlfriend claimed that the object had been following their car for several minutes.

At first, the witness thought the light was a radio antenna on a mountainside. However, when he came to the realization that the terrain around them was all flat with no mountains, he was forced to dismiss this explanation. Although the light was moving erratically at times, it maintained its distance and position from the car. At one point, the lights began to change color several different times, from red to yellow, to white, blue, and green. The witness estimated that the object was approximately a mile from their position, and at an altitude of around 3000 to 4000 feet.

When the car slowed down somewhat, the light also appeared to slow as it still maintained the same distance. Several minutes later the car approached a bus and several trucks that had stopped on the road. Outside of the vehicles, the motorists and passengers stood at the roadside, obviously aware of the strange, glowing object in the sky above.

At this point, the witness asked the driver to pull the vehicle to the side of the road which he duly did. He and his girlfriend then exited the car in order to get a better look. It now appeared that the craft was much lower in the sky than only moments earlier. Even so, there appeared to be no sound at all coming from it. As he walked in the direction of the strange, aerial vehicle, he noticed how it appeared dome shaped. He also noted an aroma similar to ionization which also seemed to leave an aftertaste in his mouth.

By this time, several more vehicles had stopped on the roadside in order to view the extraordinary scenes above them. He continued to watch the object, which had now seemingly descended to only several hundred feet. Then, a sudden flash of multicolored lights came from the top of the craft, while a “bluish-green light” emerged from the underside. At the same time, the object moved off into the distance with a distinct floating motion, gaining speed as it did so.

As this was happening, the witness could feel a strange vibration in the air and an ever so faint humming sound. Another display of flashing multicolored lights followed before the object began to climb high into the sky once more – this time at great speed. It appeared to make several sharp turns of direction before finally disappearing from sight.

As the witness returned to the car, he discovered from the driver that the radio had suddenly become overtaken by static interference while the strange craft was overhead. After several minutes, it returned to normal.

The witness would further state that after 30 years in the aviation industry he had heard “many stories” of UFOs but that this was the first time he had seen one with his own eyes. He claimed that when he returned to the United States, he reported the incident to several government departments, but none replied.

The Mothership Incident Over Pelotas

Just over two years later on the morning of 5th November 1996, at around 10:30 am in Pelotas, according to the 20th December 1997 edition of CNI News, 39-year-old Brazilian pilot, Haroldo Westendorf witnessed a mammoth object while flying his private plane.

He had taken off from an airfield in Pelotas only 12 minutes earlier in what was planned to be nothing more than a recreational flight over the picturesque scenery of southern Brazil. He was flying at an altitude of around 5000 feet and was over one of the large lakes of the region when he suddenly noticed a huge unknown object ahead of him.

He immediately radioed the anomaly to the control tower. They would respond a short time later confirming that they also could see the aerial anomaly from the ground. In order to provide more detail to the control tower, Westendorf took his plane closer to the object.

Even at this stage, the pilot did not think the craft was anything otherworldly, which he claims was the reason why he had no problem flying so close to it. It was only as he got closer to it that he realized he was seeing something truly extraordinary. He was an experienced pilot who had seen many different aircraft from around the world. However, this was something completely out of the norm.

He would describe the object was a brown color and was looking like a “faceted cone” with a flat underside and slightly round at the top. He also recalled that on each of the side panels were “triangle-shaped bay” shaped bulges. He would further estimate that the object was approximately 225 feet high and around 325 feet in diameter – easily big enough, he would state, to fill an entire soccer stadium.

He would spend almost 15 minutes flying close to the object, even passing underneath it several times. He would claim it was spinning (relatively) slowly and was heading out to sea at a speed of approximately 60 miles per hour.

The incident, though, was about to take an even more dramatic turn.

A “Classic Flying Saucer” Emerges From The “Mothership”

During his third passing of the object, he noticed to that rounded top part of the huge craft had seemingly disappeared. What’s more, where it had been there appeared to be an opening into the craft. To his disbelief, he witnessed a “classic flying saucer” suddenly emerge from the craft. The disc-shaped craft rose up from the larger craft before settling into a hovering position for several moments before disappearing at “tremendous speed”.

The pilot would estimate that this disc-shaped craft was at least twice as large as his own plane. When this smaller object had disappeared, Westendorf began to climb in order that he could get a look inside the opening of the craft. As he did so, he realized that the object was now rotating with a lot more speed than before. Perhaps of more concern, though, were the “brilliant beams of red light” that was emanating from the top of the object into the sky. He decided to abandon his attempt to fly over the top of the object and moved his plane away.

Before he could put much distance between the rotating cone-shaped craft, however, it suddenly shot upwards at lightning speed. He was expecting to experience a wave of turbulence from the craft but it didn’t come. Instead, the sky remained quiet and calm as if the strange craft had never been there.

An Immediate Press And Media Interest

A short time after the object vanished, air traffic control told him he was to contact the Curitiba Air Defense Radar Center – a facility that was controlled by the government. They would, however, state they had witnessed nothing unusual. So certain was he that their radar simply must have tracked the object, he repeated the question three more times. Each time, the facility claimed they had not noticed anything out of the ordinary. He was, he would later state, convinced they were not being truthful.

Meanwhile, multiple staff from the control tower in Pelotas – and even some people on the nearby beach – had witnessed the incident almost in its entirety. Westendorf briefly took his plane to around 10,000 feet in order to break the cloud cover and see if he could locate the object once more. However, there was no longer any sign of it. He made the decision at that point to return to the airfield in Pelotas. However, he wasn’t ready for the scene that awaited him when he got there.

Shortly after landing the pilot was at the center of many press and television reporters, who had arrived at the airport already alerted to the strange goings-on. However, despite the repeated questions from the small mob, Westendorf politely informed them that he wished to speak with the workers at the control tower before spoke to anybody else. Incidentally, it would later come to light that the press had been alerted by several of his fellow pilot friends who had been listening into his radio transmissions from their homes. When they realized something out of the ordinary was taking place, they placed calls to some of the local newspapers and television stations.

He would speak with several of the control tower employees a short time after. Essentially, he asked them that if he spoke publicly about the incident, would they corroborate his account. If they wouldn’t, he would state, he would simply deny to the press that he had seen anything. The head traffic controller then picked up his telephone and contacted a high-ranking Air Force colonel and requested permission to back up the private pilot’s account.

One Of The Most Credible Cases On Record

The response from the colonel was that the traffic controller was free to use his own discretion. With that, he turned to Westendorf and offered that they would indeed back up his account if he spoke publicly of it.

Ultimately, all would speak with one of the biggest magazines in the country, and all would allow their name and image to be used. While all would speak with the press, it was the details offered by Westendorf himself that were, perhaps understandably, of most interest.

He would offer that even though the was extremely close to the “mothership” object, his plane remained fully functioning with no issues with navigation of other equipment. This was much the same for himself, stating he had experienced no illness or reactions to his close encounter in the days that followed.

The incident is perhaps still regarded as one of the most credible on record, not least because of the close- proximity Westendorf managed to get to the mystery craft. There were also many more witnesses to the events, including three air traffic controllers. What’s more, we know that at least three other people heard the radio exchanges between the control tower and Westendorf as they happened.

Whether or not the government ran radar base did track something unusual that day in southern Brazil remains unknown. However, given the sheer amount of publicity it was hard for them to dismiss the incident entirely.

What is perhaps most interesting about this case is the mothership aspect of it, seemingly sending the more well-known disc-shaped objects to venture to various places around the planet. What does that say about how populated our skies actually are? How many of these apparent “motherships” are roaming around high above us at any one time? And given the number of sightings near the seas, might these huge objects also be using the waters of Earth to navigate the globe?

Incidentally, some researchers state that this incident is perhaps one of the closest a terrestrial aircraft has come to such a craft in daylight hours.

Triangular Object Witnessed Over The Water Treatment Station

At around 1 am on the 21st August 1999, in Cubatao in Sao Paulo, according to the research files of Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, a local resident, Robert Rabelo, witnessed a huge object overhead while driving to the Water Treatment Station he noticed there were three other witnesses watching the strange object overhead.

At first they speculated they were witnessing a “short-circuit” on the energy towers of the plant. However, they quickly ruled this out after one of them climbed the tower to investigate. They quickly realized that the strange object was much higher than even the top of the tower.

The more they looked at it the more they realized it was a triangular in shape and had three red lights on the underside and one red light on the top. The witness would estimate that the object was at least the size of a football field. Suddenly, as they watched the object, they noticed “lots of flashes, hundreds of white flashes” which disappeared as soon as they began.

At one stage a bright yellow ball-type object appeared, seemingly from out of the triangular craft and head off into the distance. The object also appeared to temporary disappear and reappear several times before finally disappearing into the distance. They would later estimate it had been visible for around 20 minutes in total.

What the object might have been remains unknown. Once more, however, it appears as though these huge, mammoth crafts are some type of mothership that is sending smaller objects, possibly drones or possibly smaller, scout crafts, out to explore whatever region they are in. It is perhaps also interesting to note that the object was over a water source, once more showing a potential connection between these mysterious objects and the water supplies of Earth.

Creature Witnessed Taking River Water, March 2001

A particularly interesting incident occurred on the 22nd March 2001 and comes to us from the research files of Albert Rosales. On the day in question, Vinicius Da Silva and Marta Rosenthal were returning home from a fishing trip on the Tocantis River. Suddenly, a distinct bump was felt in one of the tires of their vehicle. Suspecting one of them had blown and was flat, Vinicius brought the car to a stop.

However, after examining all of them they all appeared fine. As he was pondering what the problem might be, he suddenly heard Marta let out a scream. He turned his attention to her and noticed that she was pointing toward the right side of the road. Her allowed his gaze to turn to where she was pointing. To his disbelief, only several feet away, there was a strange “metallic object” at the roadside with “small windows along its edge”.

Several moments later, Vinicius noticed a strange figure, approximately four feet in height, stood in front of the object. Intriguingly, the creature had a device in its hand that appeared similar to hose. As the witness watched, it appeared that the creature appeared to be drawing water out of the river.

The pair continued to watch the scene for around two minutes until he retrieved the hose from the water and entered the object. A moment later, the craft rose into the air, glowed intensely, and shot into the sky with alarming speed.

Picture Captured Of Bizarre Object Hovering Over A Field In Saint Rita

Around three years after the above incident, a resident of Saint Rita managed to capture a fascinating picture of an apparent UFO [7] from the Anhanguaera Highway. According to the report, at around 3 pm on the afternoon of the 4th August 2004, it was while the witness was traveling on the highway, along with two friends, when they noticed the unusual disc or cigar-shaped craft seemingly hovering over a field that ran along the roadside.

It was while they were watching the object, slightly awestruck at the extraordinary scene before them, one of the witnesses quickly reached for their phone and managed to capture a picture of the strange craft. You can see that picture below.

The more they watched it, the object began to move slowly over the ground, even leaving a slight dust trail as it did so. These moves, though, were only short in distance and brief. Most of the time, the craft simply hovered motionless. When they listened closely, the witnesses could hear audible sounds like “machines functioning together”.

The witnesses viewed the object for around 30 minutes in total.

Disc-Shaped Object Captured Over Alagamar

According to an article by A.J. Gevaerd of the Brazilian Center for Flying Saucer Research in Brazilian UFO Magazine, former military man, Roberto Di Sena, managed to capture several pictures of a disc-shaped object over Alagamer.

According to the witness, he captured the picture at somewhere between 8 am and 10 am on the morning of the 26th November. When the pictures were later analyzed, it was determined that they were genuine, and did show a solid object in the sky as opposed to have been added artificially after it was taken.

Although they would stop short of saying the picture definitely showed a genuine UFO, they were certain it was not manufactured by the witness. Little else is known of the sighting, and it remains a mystery.

You can see one of those pictures below.

Sightings Continue Well Into The Twenty-First Century

A strange glowing orb was witnessed in Amparo, Rio de Janeiro during the afternoon of 18th August 2009. The object was witnessed after-the-fact, with the witness attempting to photograph the Christ the Redeemer statue. Although they didn’t see anything unusual at the time, when they viewed the picture a little later, they noticed the strange orb to the left of the famous statue.

You can see that picture below.

At a little after midnight on 11th November 2009, several hours after a blackout had left around 800 cities around Brazil without power, a local resident was looking at their phone in their bedroom. By pure chance, they noticed a strange set of lights moving over their building.

They immediately ran to the window in order to get a better view of whatever the aerial anomaly might be, realizing straight away that it was not a helicopter or airplane. It appeared to be a dark, black object, seemingly rectangular in shape and had four white lights on the underside at each corner. In the middle of the it were two flashing red lights. Strangely, when the witness attempted to film the strange object their phone mysteriously malfunctioned and prevented him from doing so.

The witness further noted that the object appeared to move in complete silence and, while he wasn’t sure of the exact altitude, it appeared to be relatively low. He would further estimate that it was slightly smaller than a commercial airliner but moved faster. It eventually passed over the building and disappeared into the distance. In total it was in view for around 90 seconds.

You can see a drawing of what the witnessed claimed they had seen below.

One of the more recent incidents, which also resulted in a picture of a strange craft, occurred at the end of August 2012. The object was observed by four teenagers, who saw the disc-like object appear out of the clouds purely by chance.

The strange craft was visible for only several seconds – although long enough for one of the group to capture the picture. A video was also captured (which is since no longer available). However, some of those who have viewed it claimed that the teenagers are clearly shocked and even scared by what they were witnessing.

You can see that picture below.

Glowing Orange Object Over Rio de Janeiro

On the evening of 22nd July 2012, a little over a month before the disc-shaped object pictured above, two siblings and their father were on the roof of their grandmother’s house watching the stars when they suddenly noticed a strange red object in the sky overhead.

At first, they believed the object was a balloon or possibly a Chinese lantern. However, when one of the witnesses captured a picture of the object on their phone, they saw that it was something far different from a balloon.

As they continued to watch the glowing orange craft, it became obvious that it was ascending, becoming slight smaller every few seconds until it eventually disappeared. Witnessing the strange object jogged the witness’s memory of an equally strange craft they had witnessed earlier in the day that left a strange “cloud of smoke” behind it as it moved. They now wondered if that object was the same one they had just witnessed.

You can see one of those pictures below.

Two Objects Witnessed By Plane Passenger

A sighting that occurred at around 1 pm on the 18th November 2014 involved another airline pilot and featured an unknown vehicle seemingly following a passenger plane. The plane, belonging to GOL Airlines, was flying between Santa Catarina and Sao Paulo, with a passenger, Julio Bell, first spotting the strange object. He immediately reached for his phone and managed to capture several photographs.

The object appeared to be spherical in shape and appeared to emit a bright light. The witness also believed he could make out a dark spot at each “end” of the craft that appeared to be a dark orange. The witness further noticed that the object appeared to change color several times.

As there were few other passengers on the plane, the witness left his seat and looked out of the window on the other side. To his amazement, there was a second object on this side of the plane also.

Bell approached one of the airline staff to inform them what he had seen. They would respond that similar objects are often sighted on these particular flights and appeared relatively unconcerned by them.

You can see some of the pictures the witness captured below.

Statements From Brazilian Air Force In More Recent Times

It is also perhaps examining the comments [8] made by a former Brazilian Air Force minister, Socrates Monteiro to Brazilian UFO magazine in 2009. One of many things he revealed was that during his time with the air force “observations of unidentified flying objects were regular” on their radar screens. What’s more, all of these cases were “carefully registered”.

He would also tell of one particular occasion at the radar station of Cindacta in Gama when a huge disc-shaped object flew over the facility at extremely low altitude. Such was the panic during the situation that several personnel even opened fire on it. It was Monteiro who issued the order for them to cease firing immediately, elaborating that these mysterious visitors have “technology far more advanced than ours”, adding that “we don’t know how they would react” to such action.

He would also comment on the sheer speed of the object they would track, ranging anywhere from 15 miles per hour to just under 1000 miles per hour, and that they would often reach these speeds “in seconds”. He would further comment that, on occasion, some of these objects reached speeds of just short of 2000 miles per hour.

Often, when fighter pilots were ordered to approach these objects in an attempt to intercept them, they would simply vanish at high speed. Although they would often spend hours chasing objects, they would always have to abandon them. Often, in their official reports, the Brazilian military would refer to these UFOs as “electronic abnormalities”.

Although stopping short of outright saying these strange crafts were piloted by aliens, he would often refer to “they” when referring to crew and possible intelligence behind these aerial “ships”. Generally speaking, he very much gave the impression that this intelligence was part of a “superior civilization”.


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