The Invisible UFO Air Force Encounter And Mexico’s Persistent UFO Presence

Marcus Lowth
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July 7, 2022
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UFO sightings have occurred in Mexico, like in many other places around the world, for decades. However, since the early 1990s and the Mexican UFO Wave, sightings have been particularly persistent there.

Without a doubt, one of the most intriguing and credible encounters not only featured three pilots from the Mexican Air Force as the primary witnesses but resulted in the entire sighting being captured on infrared camera resulting in footage and still photographs of an encounter that unfolded in the mid-2000s.

Infrared camera image of two UFOs

Does infrared image show two UFOs?

Much like some of the recently released United States Navy videos, the incident added overall credibility to the many sightings from Mexico during the last three decades alone. Indeed, the incident sparked a serious investigation on the part of the Mexican authorities. These sightings would be interesting enough in their own right. However, when leaked documents and alleged cables came to light suggesting a secret conflict in the region with apparent interdimensional forces they suddenly become potentially more important.

Indeed, as we will examine as we look at just some of the more intriguing and potentially important UFO encounters of the last three decades, there could be many reasons for this apparent increase in activity, with each being as plausible as the next. And what’s more, there could be accuracy in each of those suggestions, making clear that the UFO and alien question is as murky as it has ever been, and looks to get murkier.

Before we examine some of the encounters with seemingly otherworldly crafts that have been unfolding since the last decade of the twentieth century, we will turn our attention back to the pilots of the Mexican Air Force, and their run-in with multiple unknown objects.

A Routine Surveillance Mission Turns Very Strange

According to an article from the Associated Press on 5th November 2004, several Mexican Air Force pilots witnessed – and filmed – 11 unidentified objects flying over Campeche State in Mexico during the early evening of 5th March 2004.

These glowing objects appeared out of nowhere at an altitude of just short of 12,000 feet and completely surrounded the jet during its routine anti-drug trafficking surveillance mission. Strangely, despite the pilots clearly seeing multiple objects, only three of them showed up on the aircraft’s radar system.

Pilots who claimed they witnessed a UFO

Did these pilots witness a UFO?

According to the report, as the Air Force Merlín C26A Bimotor aircraft proceeded on its route, the entire flight was recorded using advanced high-tech digital recording equipment. As this was a surveillance and detection mission, the plane was not equipped for combat, with their main duty to report anything of interest so combat aircraft could be scrambled if required.

It was around 5 pm when the crew first detected “unknown traffic”. Thinking the object could be a drug trafficking plane, Nunez turned the plane around and headed toward the target in order to investigate further. As he did so, he radioed to the control tower to report the anomaly.

It was as the plane was approaching the unknown object that it suddenly disappeared into the distance with alarming speed. It was at this point that Nunez and the rest of the crew realized they were dealing with something a lot more out of the ordinary than a drug trafficker’s aircraft.

Right Behind The Plane But No Visual Confirmation

The crew was shocked at how the object had moved so quickly, and for a few moments were unsure what to do. Then, without warning, it reappeared behind them. And of more concern, it was now pursuing them. Although they could see the object on the radar, they still had not made visual contact. As they quickly scanned their eyes around the sky, a second object appeared on the radar, also behind them.

As this was unfolding, Nunez radioed what was happening back to the control tower. Meanwhile, the objects continued to follow the plane, at least according to the radar readings. From what they could see, it seemed as though the unknown object was purposely keeping the same distance away from the plane, suggesting they were, at this stage at least, merely monitoring the plane. Also given the radar data, the crew should have been able to see the objects with their own eyes. However, visual confirmation of their aerial presence remained, so far, elusive, something that confused them all.

The plane then went into a series of preplanned maneuvers in order to attempt to get visual confirmation of the strange crafts. However, despite these, none of the crew could see anything in the skies, even though their radar data clearly said there was. Was the radar giving false data, perhaps due to the presence of these strange objects? Or were these unknown vehicles invisible to the human eye?

As they continued with these attempts to visually locate these unknown objects, they suddenly noticed several more objects suddenly appear on their radar screens. Things were about to turn a lot more dramatic.

Completely Surrounded By Invisible Objects

After taking a moment to gather their thoughts, the crew realized that a total of nine new objects had appeared on the radar screen, meaning there were 11 unidentified objects now following their plane – none of which they could currently see. Nunez immediately reported these new arrivals, now beginning to truly contemplate the danger he and the crew might be in.

As the crew watched the events unfold on the radar screen, they were more than shocked when the objects suddenly moved into a circling position, completely surrounding their plane. What’s more, according to the radar, these objects were now at extremely close range. Even so, they remained visually invisible to the crew.

Despite the truly bizarre nature of the situation, the crew remained calm.

The radar operator, Lieutenant German Marin stated to the media following the release of the video footage just over six months after the incident that he definitely felt “a little afraid” simply due to the fact that they were “facing something that had never happened before”.

Ultimately, the plane would give chase to the strange lights, something that the captain of the plane, Major Magdaleno Jasso Nunez, claimed the objects – or the intelligence behind them – was completely aware of. The third pilot, the infrared operator, Lieutenant Mario Adrian Vazquez offered that even though he couldn’t say what the strange objects were, they were “completely real”.

After several moments, Nunez made the decision to turn out all of the lights on their vehicle and see if this change made a difference to the situation. After several moments, the objects suddenly disappeared. This time, they didn’t return.

A Legitimate Desire To Find The Truth

During the aftermath of the incident, a full investigation was undertaken by the Mexican Department of Defense – and it was an investigation that was carried out in a very serious manner. In fact, so seriously was it taken, that General Clemente Vega Garcia appointed television journalist, Jamie Maussan – who had particular experience in such matters – in a collaborative capacity. All interviews and data were made available to Maussan, and the three pilots were given permission – and actively encouraged – to tell the journalist exactly what took place during the incident.

It would appear that from this we can assume that there was a genuine desire to get to the bottom of the incident. However, no explanation has ever been put forward.

It would seem clear, though, that whatever was behind this strange incident it was of very high intelligence. And the similarities to the Pentagon footage can also not be ignored. Just what were these strange objects and were they a potential threat? Why were these objects seemingly interested in their plane?

What is also interesting, as we shall see in a moment, is that potential leaked United States cables suggest that this sighting could have indeed been one that had the potential to explode into conflict. First, however, we will go back a little over a decade before the incident and a sighting UFO sighting that was witnessed by thousands of people.

A Continuation Of The Mexican UFO Wave?

Since the summer of 1991, UFO sightings have become a persistent part of living in Mexico. The incident largely seen as kick-starting this persistent wave of sightings is largely agreed to have occurred on the afternoon of 11th July 1991, when several bizarre aerial objects were spotted over several hours over Mexico City. And these sightings were witnessed by thousands of people across the city and were ultimately investigated by the Mexican government.

What made the incident even more intriguing, and indeed memorable, was that many of the sightings occurred during a solar eclipse, which is most likely why so many people witnessed the objects as they already had their attention on the sky. Many people claimed they had seen a “large metallic disc” overhead that was moving purposely and appeared to be a definite solid object.

Two of those witnesses were reporter, Guillermo Arragin, and television journalist, James Maussan (the same James Maussan who later be appointed to investigate the encounter of the three air force pilots in 2004). They were on the streets of Mexico City in order the film and report on the eclipse. As it turned out, they would report on much more.

The footage they captured was shown on national television around a week later. And almost immediately the television station was flooded with calls from residents of the city who claimed they had also seen the strange object. What’s more, several of them also managed to capture the object on video.

Erick Aguilar, for example, claimed to have been filming the eclipse when caught the strange object on tape. At the same time, and around 60 miles from Aguilar’s location, Luis Lara captured an almost identical object on video. Approximately 80 miles from there, the Breton family filmed another object that matched that in the first two videos. In this particular video, it was observed that there was some kind of “odd, wave-like disturbance” behind the disc, which some who viewed the footage put forward could be some kind of “energy trail”.

Several months after the sighting of 11th July, another similar object was witnessed by multiple people during a military air show.

What is further interesting about these particular sightings is that the Dresden Codex of the Mayan calendar appeared to predict their appearance, when it claimed that the “Sixth Sun of Quetzacoatl” would bring “changes and cosmic awareness” on the 11th July eclipse.

According to an apparent report from the Kremlin prepared for President Medvedev at some time between 2008 and 2012, it was this episode that made the United States government take an active interest once more in the UFO phenomena and the genuine possibility of attack. [1] According to the report, cables made available through WikiLeaks stated that the United States military had been “engaged” in some kind of secret war with whatever was behind these UFOs. And furthermore, it appeared that much of this activity was in and around the Antarctic continent.

Of even more intrigue, this military stand-off was at its peak following an encounter that occurred on 10th June 2004, when United States intelligence became aware of a huge fleet that appeared to emerge from nowhere out of the Southern Ocean. This mystery group appeared to be heading toward Guadalajara before they suddenly vanished. The report specifically stated that the objects “dimensionally returned” to the waters of the Southern Ocean.

Although this incident was the peak of this discreet conflict, it would appear that the sighting in 1991 was the incident that set these events in motion. You can check out video footage of that sighting below.

The Encounter Of The Mendoza Family

According to the files of Santiago Yturria from the Mexican UFO investigative group, on the afternoon of 23rd July 1995, at around 5:20 pm in Leon, the Mendoza family – Gustava and Elena along with their two sons Aldo David and Gustava Alberto – were driving along the road when Elena noticed something strange in the sky.

She would later recall that a “bright flash” was what initially attracted her attention. When she turned to see what it was, she could see “an object that was emitting or reflecting a light on its left side”. She immediately called out to the rest of the family, and they all turned their attention to where she was looking. She would further state that the object was “static in the sky” and that she felt a strange sensation even looking at it, something that her husband also claimed.

At this point, Gustava urged Elena to take a picture. Elena reached for the Kodak 110 camera she had in her lap and immediately snapped a shot through the car windshield. Elena recalled that as she took the picture the object “made a slight movement to the left” before turning “very quickly to the right and disappearing in the blink of an eye”.

After the object had vanished, Gustava brought the car to a stop. They all looked at each other, not quite sure what they had just seen, but knowing it was something completely out of the ordinary.

They remained where they were, uncertain whether the object would return or not. As it happened, it didn’t. It was only then that Gustava realized that he had brought the car to a stop in the middle of the road. He would recall how the entire atmosphere felt “really strange” and that there were no other vehicles on the road, elaborating that they couldn’t “feel any wind or hear any sounds”. It was then that they turned their attention to the photographs, each of them clearly hopeful that they had managed to capture the potentially alien object.

They set out on their way once more, deciding to have the film developed as soon as they arrived at their destination. When they viewed the picture, they all breathed a sigh of relief – the picture clearly showed the object they had witnessed.

It was several years later when the family finally came forward to offer their account and the picture they had taken. You can see that image below.

A picture of a real UFO

Does this show a real UFO?

The Cerro Pie de Minas Landing Case

Approximately three years after the encounter of the three Mexican Air Force pilots, in the early hours of New Year’s Eve 2007 in Cerro Pie de Minas, according to a report made public by Javier Francisco Reyes and compiled by Ana Luisa Cid and Jesus Martinez Castro, multiple residents of the town witnessed a bizarre object in the skies overhead. The report stated that the witnesses ranged from young children to senior citizens, with many motorists even bringing their vehicles to a halt so they could view the object.

All would describe the same thing – a saucer-shaped object that was approximately 1000 feet above the ground, was completely silent and gave a particularly bright glow. What’s more, they appeared to emit flashes of light for around 30 hours, and during that time, there were strange “fluctuations” with electrical power across the region. It was noted that when the object grew brighter, the electricity levels dropped, in some cases going off completely only to return to normal when the brightness of the object weakened.

Some of the witnesses, despite viewing the object from a considerable distance, stated they suffered from eye irritation. As we might imagine, many people reached for their mobile phones in order to take pictures of the bizarre aerial anomaly. However, they quickly realized that something was causing the pictures to blur – suggested by some as electromagnetic interference. Even photographs that were taken on non-digital cameras were distorted when developed.

Some residents did manage to film video footage of the object, however. Those who viewed some of these videos claimed the footage generally showed a “round light” that appeared to change from white to light blue that appeared to have “strange figures” within it. Some witnesses, who viewed the object through binoculars – claimed these figures appeared like “a cat or a being with horns”. As we might imagine, such sights and descriptions thereof caused a great deal of panic amongst the residents of the area.

A Sinister Feeling Spreads Around The Town

According to local residents, the object eventually landed on a hill known as Pie de Mina on the outskirts of the city. Witnesses, however, could still view the object through binoculars, over the next two days, the population almost worked itself into a mass panic at what this mysterious object and its occupants would do. Many even insisted that a “strong, cold wind” had hit the region immediately after the object appeared.

The following evening, with the object still clearly on the hill, multiple pickup trucks made their way to the site, crammed full of the town’s residents who were eager to investigate. However, as they neared the glowing object, the light suddenly went out.

A short time later, another group managed to get much closer to the object, describing it as disc-shaped and of a shiny metallic exterior that had a white-blue glow to it. They had made the latter part of the journey on foot due to their vehicle stalling and all the electrics failing. When they were close to the object, several of them reached for their phones in order to film it. However, within seconds, the batteries drained from almost full to completely dead.

Two of the people from this search party made their way even closer to the object. However, when they heard two “dry, metallic sounds” from inside the object, they turned and ran, fearing they were about to be attacked. It is not clear if they saw anything else as the pair refused to speak to anyone of the encounter any further.

Is There A Connection To The Natural Elements Of The Country?

As the days went on following the encounter, and the story leaked outside of the local community, many journalists and reporters soon made their way to the area, eager to report on what had happened. And while not everyone wished to speak about the events publicly, there were plenty of people who told of what they knew and had witnessed.

A farmer in the region – 35-year-old Alfonso Ramirez Maya – was happy to show the video footage he had captured. His footage appeared to show a balloon-shaped, glowing object, that appeared to change shape as it moved. Jesus Santana Hernandez also managed to capture video of the sighting, which showed a remarkably similar craft.

Other intriguing pieces of video footage even appeared to show strange symbols, including the horned cat-like being on the side of the object. Many people, though, declined to make their videos public, largely for fear of being ridiculed or accused of being a hoax.

When it came to light that serious organizations were looking to investigate the matter, though, many further people came forward, with some even volunteering to accompany the investigative team to the location where the object landed (which was particularly unforgiving terrain complete with scorpions and rattlesnakes).

It was also noted by UFO investigators that the area is rich with several valuable minerals and metals, such as uranium, cobalt, copper, and silver. Might this have been what attracted this potentially otherworldly vehicle to the region in the first place?

Eventually, fearing the town would descend into mass hysteria, local authorities announced that what had been seen was likely “the clash of high voltage wires” that had become “entwined in the strong wind”. As we might imagine, these explanations were not taken seriously by the majority of those who had witnessed the bizarre landing incident.

Mexico Continues To Experience Many UFO Sightings

There are many reasons Mexico could have been seeing an increase in UFO encounters since the start of the 1990s. The simplest explanation is that people were suddenly more aware of what was potentially in the skies above them. These objects could have always been traversing the skies over Mexico, only they weren’t seen or witnessed as they were on the day of the solar eclipse in the summer of 1991.

Could there be, though, a more intentional increase in aerial activity by the intelligence of these unknown vehicles? If so, what determined this change? While we should clearly treat the claims regarding the “war” with UFOs with a considerable pinch of salt, they are intriguing, not least as similar claims have been uttered before from apparent whistleblowers in the United States and other western nations.

Could there be any truth to such notions? They are perhaps certainly something we should keep on the mental backburner.

It is interesting that the report mentions a connection with the ocean, though. In recent years, multiple UFO researchers and investigators have put forward that it could be very possible that these strange crafts are arriving here not from the far reaches of outer space, but from deep below the surface of our very own waters. Might Mexico be experiencing more UFO sightings in recent decades simply because of its positioning – with waters enveloping on either side of it?

We might also consider that there is a connection to the natural elements of the country. Much like Chile – another country that sees persistent UFO activity – Mexico is relatively rich in valuable natural elements. Might this be what attracts these otherworldly vehicles to this part of the world? Might this have been the reason for the 2007 landing case we examined earlier? We might recall, for example, how there was a distinct drain on the power supplies of the area. Indeed, this consideration merely adds yet another layer of complexity to the Mexican UFO mysteries.

The reasons for these persistent aerial anomalies remain a mystery. That they are happening, though, is in no doubt. Mexico is one of several key locations around the planet that is either of interest to these apparent cosmic visitors or is consequently positioned to their true agenda. In terms of UFOs, researchers should keep a close eye on the skies in this part of the world.

The video below shows the footage filmed by the Mexican Air Force pilots.


1 Some Very Strange Things Occurred On July 11 1991, Coll Interesting Stuff

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