The Eccentric, Outrageous Side Of UFO Culture

Marcus Lowth
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January 19, 2020
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October 5, 2021
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Many people who view the UFO community from the outside will often do so from a viewpoint that it is made up of “cranks and crackpots” who are naïve at best or deceitful at their worst. And the truth of the matter is many inside UFO circles, at least in part and only toward a select few, share such feelings.

For while most who study the UFO and alien question do so from a serious perspective and with an equally serious state of mind, there are some whose claims are so outrageous, bizarre, and over the top, that even many inside the community reject, condemn, and even distance themselves from such claims.  And such a stance is perfectly understandable from a field that constantly battles for serious recognition of their studies and research, to begin with.

An image of a typical 1950 UFO in a cloudy sky

Some UFO claims are more eccentric than others

However, with all that being said, while we should most certainly examine such off-the-wall claims with a large helping of salt, it might prove to be a mistake to dismiss such claims completely without even examination and contemplation. As we will see, it is the belief of many who have studied those who have made such bizarre claims that while the latter respective accounts are most often complete fabrication, an initial, strange encounter could quite possibly have taken place, which the respective witnesses then later exploited for various reasons, not least financial gain.

This eccentric, outlandish, and at times “crazy” side of the UFO and alien question will either prove to be a collection of accounts that were manufactured as fact for a variety of reasons, or they will likely prove to be crucial in our eventual collective understanding of what lies at the heart of this most mysterious and intriguing area of research and study.

Bizarre Claims Right Across The Decades Of The UFO Era

We have examined several of these seemingly outrageous cases of UFO and alien interaction before. For example, the claims of Carroll Watts remain under suspicion by many as being fabrications or outright manufactured stories.

Watts would make claims of several incidents with an alien race during a six-month period in 1967. What’s more, he would state that he was part of a cosmic experiment being conducted on humanity as it grew nearer to entering the world of space travel.

In more recent times, similar, if more ominous claims of alien contact would come from David Eckhart, who despite many researchers not being able to shake the notion that the claims in question are nothing more than an elaborate hoax, has so defied explanation and has remained steadfast in his version of events.

A cloudy evening sky with four superimposed UFOs over the top

Many people would claim to have had contact with aliens in the 1950s and 60s

Maybe some of the strangest of these claims that leave many of us undecided as to their credibility are those that would come from Brian Scott, who would make similar contact claims in the mid-1970s, following a decade and a half of continuous regular visitations.

What is clear, and something that shouldn’t be lost on any of us is that while one would certainly have a lot to lose (at least potentially) by making claims of alien contact, whether those claims were true or not, there would also be just as much potential for considerable monetary gain from such a move. It is a gamble, that some people are seemingly happy to take.

Same Details Continue To Show

We have also mentioned the claims of Sir Peter Horsely, who after enjoying a distinguished career in the British Armed Forces would seemingly out of nowhere make claims of sitting in a room in a London house and of speaking with an alien who was existing on Earth in disguise and part of a strategically placed team of extraterrestrials who were working with the governments of the world – sometimes without even their knowledge – for the apparent interests and betterment of humanity.

What is interesting, while some would comment on “what a shame” it was that Horsely had seemingly fallen so low as to make such claims, it would appear no official denial was made as to the incident.

Before we move on to look at one of the most well-known claims of alien contact and communication from the beginnings of the UFO era, we might remind ourselves of the equally outrageous, although slightly more discreet claims of Albert Coe, whose claims would echo many details offered by Adamski, and as we shall see a little later, those of others who would step forward with claims of their own in the years that followed.

According to Coe, he would meet a humanoid extraterrestrial whose race lived high up in the mountainous regions of Venus and would form a relationship with him that would last decades, eventually telling of their time together in the 1969 book The Shocking Truth after receiving permission from (Zret) to do so.

What’s more, much like many of the contactee reports during this time, there were heavy hints and a corroboration of the ancient astronaut theory.

George Adamski – The “First” Alien Contactee Of The Modern UFO Era?

Without a doubt, one of the most controversial and (relatively speaking) eventually divisive members of the UFO community was one George Adamski. Adamski was perhaps one of the first “contactees” who would claim to not only have seen a UFO, or even their occupants but to have been on board their ship on several occasions and to have remained in regular contact with these apparently otherworldly visitors.

He would ultimately release the book Flying Saucers Have Landed along with Desmond Leslie and would soon become well-known, not only in the United States but around the world. [1]

In fact, while it was perhaps not his intention, he is largely seen to have influenced the claims of other people who would make similar claims in the years that followed Adamski’s declarations of otherworldly visitation and journeys into the stars.

What is perhaps interesting about Adamski is that while he became well-known in the 1950s during the first waves of UFO sightings, he was a studier of ancient religions and philosophies, as well as “Universal Law” and the balance we should all achieve with nature and the universe around us. And what’s more, he was very well researched in such things as the esoteric occult and displayed relatively spiritual leanings.

Reasons For Doubt?

What is perhaps also interesting, however, is that during the first years of the 1930s when prohibition was still in place around the United States he would obtain a license to make and obtain wine due to his position at a California temple (The Royal Order of Tibet) and which would officially be used for religious ceremonies and rituals. However, it was well known, according to apparent quotes from Adamski himself, that he was “making a fortune” by supplying wine all over California.

What’s more, when prohibition ended this lucrative profit for Adamski, who would find himself suddenly without income. According to some sources, two associates of Adamski would later claim he had said it was during this time that he began formulating ideas “for all of this flying saucer crap!”

These claims may sound a little more valid when we explore the claims of several people who would later state that the accounts Adamski was passing off as factual were, in fact, fictional pieces that he had written almost a decade earlier.

A picture claiming to show a UFO

A picture claiming to show a UFO

For example, in 1967, Frank Edwards would make the claim that Adamski had authored, and registered with the Library of Congress, a fictional work named An Imaginary Trip To The Moon, Venus, and Mars several years before he made claims of actual contact with extraterrestrial beings. Even more damning, if true, are the claims that Edwards was given the manuscript several years later, only this time, it was claiming to be a factual account.

Were the claims of Adamski nothing more than previously rejected accounts of fiction that he then discreetly submitted to the public as a real event? Or again, is there a blurring of fact and fiction. So much so that separating the two is almost an impossible task.

The Equally Damning Claims Of Jerome Clark

Edwards, however, wasn’t the only one who would make such claims. According to researcher and author, Jerome Clark, editor of the popular science-fiction magazine, Amazing Stories of the 1940s, Ray Palmer claims that he would receive a fictional account from Adamski which revolved around the idea that Jesus was an alien and landed in Earth in a large spaceship. Palmer would reject the manuscript.

However, several years later when he read Adamski’s previously mentioned book, he would find the fictional account sent to him now being portrayed as a real-life account, with Jesus now an extraterrestrial from Venus.

As we will mention a little more later, many of Adamski’s supporters, and even Adamski himself at times, would insinuate these instances were a case of “using the back door to get the truth out!” It is an intriguing defense, although not one that carries a lot of weight. Although we have examined previously the notion that many truths are indeed carried and hidden in fiction.

A picture claiming to show a UFO

Did Adamski manufacture claims of UFO sightings?

These claims of attempts to write science-fiction morphing into claims of actual contact encounters with extraterrestrials from outer space are very much worth keeping in mind, however. Especially when we consider the dates involved in the timeline of Adamski’s apparent sightings.

By 1940, Adamski and his wife had purchased a ranch near Palomar Mountain and would essentially set up a new “base” there. Several close friends also moved into the property, and before long more land around the ranch was purchased and the area renamed Palomar Gardens.

More and more people would venture towards the charismatic Adamski, who would often speak to growing numbers of people on all manner of subjects from ancient religion, spirituality, and of course, the notion of visitors from another world.

Coincidental Initial UFO Sightings Or A Predetermined Operation?

By the mid-1940s Adamski had also built a crude observatory where he and often guests and visitors would often view the stars. It was around this stage that regular guests, students, and those who stayed on the land would refer to Adamski as “Professor” which would often give the impression to those who were not as familiar with the set up that he was an actually accredited scholar.

Even more, he would often allow the impression to form that he was a professional astronomer working on behalf of the nearby Palomar Observatory. And while he would always correct people, the correction would only come after considerable pushing.

With this in mind, if we recall the claims of Ray Palmer that he had a fictional manuscript since at least 1946. Is it just coincidence, then, that toward the end of that same year, Adamski would make his first claim of witnessing a UFO?

A picture claiming to show a UFO near the Moon

Does this picture show a real UFO near the Moon?

On the evening of 9th October, while he and several other friends were watching a meteor shower passing from their land in Palomar Gardens, they would witness a huge “mothership” passing overhead. Several months later, at the same location, he would even manage to capture an apparent image of the same ship as it passed in front of the moon. Even stranger, several months after that in the summer of 1947, just following the Kenneth Arnold sighting, Adamski would once again make seemingly wild claims when he stated he witnessed over 180 UFOs fly over his land in one single evening.

While he was still several years away from the notoriety that would surround him in later years, Adamski was beginning to attract many would-be believers who seemingly thought that widespread contact was inevitable and that George Adamski was the catalyst for such cosmic connections.

A “Professor” Or A “Chosen” One?

As the fifties began, Adamski was not only a regular lecturer in a rapidly expanding UFO culture throughout the United States, he was beginning to be able to command relatively large fees to do so. [2] And what’s more, he would seemingly seek out such opportunities based on these fees. Was this an attempt to get his information out to as wide a group of people as possible? Or was it more in line with a wish to line his own pockets?

During this period the claims of Adamski were becoming seemingly more outlandish. For example, he would state that the United States’ government had pictures of man-made canals on Mars and that each of the planets in our solar system was known to harbor life. He would also produce further photographs of these strange visitors from other planets.

A depiction of a typical grey alien

Were alien entities visiting people in the 1950s and 60s?

Even at this stage, before his eventual claims of contact with these strange entities from our cosmic neighbor, Venus, many who had taken a less-sensationalist view to the study of UFOs were already accusing Adamski of being nothing more than an opportunistic charlatan.

However, in November 1952, Adamski would claim the first of his most sensationalist accounts would take place, only months after the sightings of UFOs over the White House in Washington DC on the other side of the United States in California.


According to the account, on the evening of 20th November 1952, while in the Colorado Desert, Adamski and several friends would observe a strange cigar-shaped object, similar to the one observed at Palomar Gardens several years earlier, hovering at a relatively low altitude in the sky in the near distance from them. The witnesses, who would all sign legal papers to state what they (and, in turn, Adamski) was saying was true, claimed that Adamski would excuse himself claiming the strange craft was here for him before he began walking, perfectly calmly, in the direction of the hovering vehicle.

Adamski would then claim that a smaller ship would land near to where he had stopped before a humanoid figure emerged. He would introduce himself as Orthon from the planet Venus. What’s more, this communication would come via telepathy.

A depiction of multiple people being abducted by aliens

Some people claim to have been part of mass abductions

They would “discuss” several things, including nuclear weapons and the dangers of war with such weaponry. This is an interesting detail and one that comes up in other cases of close contact, including ones that might hold a little more weight than Adamski’s. So, might that mean, then, that we shouldn’t dismiss Adamski’s accounts so readily?

Incidentally, several of the witnesses, despite the considerable distance between them and Adamski, would claim that they could see him meeting “someone”, as well as the smaller ship. Furthermore, once he had left, a member of the witnesses and associate of Adamski would make molds of the apparent alien’s footprints in the desert, which were later found to contain unknown symbols.

Adamski would request that he take a photograph that Orthon would refuse. He would, however, request a “blank photographic plate” which he would return in the near future. Less than a month later, that second meeting took place.

An Iconic (UFO) Picture That Is Likely A Fake!

Following a second meeting with Orthon, which Adamski would claim took place on 13th December 1952, he would manage to capture a picture of the scout ship that brought him down to his rendezvous from the mothership somewhere in Earth’s orbit.

We should note that as well as being one of the most well-known, perhaps even iconic UFO photographs, most regard it as a fake. Many theories as to what the “flying saucer” actually is, with one scientist, German, Walther Riedel claim it was nothing more than a surgical lamp. You can view that picture below.

A picture from the 1950s claiming to be a UFO

Is this really a UFO from outer space?

Furthermore, Adamski would claim that his alien visitor returned the blank photographic plate he had given him. Only now, it wasn’t blank. Upon him developing it he would discover bizarre symbols, similar, but not the same, to the ones noted on the bottom of the shoe prints.

It was around this time that Adamski would begin long-distance talks with author Desmond Leslie, and would ultimately send him the basics of what would become the manuscript to their co-authored book (mentioned above).

Leslie himself would even claim to have witnessed a “beautiful golden ship” hovering overhead while visiting Adamski following the publication of their literary effort (which would go on to be a bestseller). It is the charge of many skeptics that it was certainly not in either man’s best interests to NOT see these strange crafts. Whether there was an initial encounter that sparked the realization of potential monetary gain remains open to debate.

More Examples Of Adamski’s Opportunism?

According to claims across two subsequent books, Adamski would continue with his contact encounters with Orthon. Furthermore, at least according to these accounts, he would venture much further than just stepping onboard these futuristic vehicles. Claims of trips to the Moon, Venus, and other parts of the solar system, with further claims of meetings with ancient entities who would discuss philosophy with him.

He would even offer an apparent letter from the United States government in 1957 claiming they were preparing to endorse his story publicly. However, just short of 30 years later, otherwise respected UFO, James Mosely would claim that he and Gray Barker had created the note as a prank that would ultimately attract the attention of the FBI (they would apparently decide against charging the two men for using imitation government seals and stamps). The FBI would state that Adamski was informed of the circumstances of the letter and would request he cease his claims of endorsement. However, these were requests that would fall on deaf ears.

A picture of an alleged UFO

Many people became suspicious of some of the more eccentric claims

Whether Mosely and Barker did intend the letter as a prank or whether it was an attempt to lend credibility to the study of UFOs for the “greater good” might be a point worthy of further study. That Adamski was, at the very least, opportunistic, perhaps for the same reasons, is pretty much beyond doubt.

During this time, a movement in itself would grow outside of Adamski’s influence or control. Whether these follow-up accounts were genuine or merely other opportunists who had decided to jump on the UFO contact accounts bandwagon is perhaps open to debate. At least in some cases. Might it be, though, that there really was an effort to communicate with humanity during this time?

Howard Menger – A True Contactee Or “Delusional”?

Adamski was far from the only one whose claims were almost universally dismissed by all but those looking for such sensationalist accounts. One such contactee, Howard Menger, would make his claims around the same time as Adamski in the mid-to-late 1950s. What is perhaps also interesting is that Menger’s claims of alien contact also go back decades before his name became well-known, to the early 1930s when he was only 10 years old.

UFO researcher, Timothy Good would write about this apparent episode on his book, Alien Base: The Evidence For The Extraterrestrial Colonization of Earth, although we should note that Good makes clear that while he can’t dismiss everything Menger claims, he does that at least some of the claims to be “delusional”. [3]

A close-up picture of Howard Menger

Howard Menger

He would state that Menger would first meet the “exquisite woman” with the most “golden hair” by the riverside in High Bridge, New Jersey. According to Menger’s version of events, the strange lady with a “fragile transparency” to her “Camellia-like skin” that she had “come a long way” to see him and he had been “observed” for a long time before going on to say that they (her civilization) were “contacting our own” which Good would take to insinuate that there was some kind of connection to this strange alien race in the past, whether through Menger’s ancestors or even in a past life.

As it happened, such things would become clearer by the time had a second encounter with these blond-haired extraterrestrials.

Two Decades Of Helping “Space People Establish Themselves On Earth!”

A Decade later in 1942, Menger was based at El Paso in Texas while serving with the United States Army. It was during this time that he would meet a second alleged alien. He was just across the border in Mexico one evening when a taxi would suddenly pull up beside where he was walking. Inside the taxi, in the back, was a man with slightly tanned skin and long blond hair. What’s more, this gentleman spoke English and invited him to get inside the taxi.

On this occasion, Menger would suddenly decline and let the taxi pull away and disappear into the distance. He would claim to regret the decision in the weeks that followed, convinced that this was the second meeting the beautiful woman who he had met 10 years previously had meant when she spoke of things he would be a part of “later in (his) life”.

The young Menger would have another incident several months later. This time, while he was based in California at Camp Cook. A mysterious gentleman would approach him, and after speaking for several moments, would state that he understood his “reluctance” to get inside the taxi on the evening in question.

These experiences would continue throughout the decade and into the mid-1950s, all the while he would “help the space people establish themselves on our planet”. Then, in 1956, things would take an even more outlandish twist.

Past Lives On Other Planets And Secret Government Experiments

Beginning in the summer of 1956, Menger claims to have been invited onboard the visitors’ spacecraft. Over the following weeks, he would claim to not only go into space and orbit the Earth in this otherworldly vehicle but was taken as far as the Moon. He would even state that the Moon was host to an alien civilization, with gigantic behemoth-like artificial structures stretching out across the surface.

Perhaps even more bizarre than the story itself were the claims that he was able to take photographs of the structures by the aid of film gifted him by his extraterrestrial contacts. These contacts, missions, and journeys into space would continue for several more years until the late 1950s.

A picture showing an alleged alien figure

Does this picture show an alien entity?

By far the strangest twist to the entire incidents, however, was his meeting of one Connie Weber following a talk he had given on the subject of UFOs and space visitors. He would state that Connie was a reincarnation of his former spouse when they had both lived in a past life on Venus. So sure, in fact, he would divorce his wife of almost 20 years and move in with Connie, eventually marrying her a short time later.

We should also mention that Menger would make claims of being part of a military experiment and that his claims of alien visitation and contact were intentionally made up so they could test what kind of response such claims were given by the general public. While most would dismiss this claim also, it is certainly an intriguing notion. And one that doesn’t really take too much stretching of the mind to imagination such an experiment would take place.

The Account Of Hubert Lewis – More Claims Of An Alien Presence On Earth In The 1950s!

The idea of alien from Venus sounds strange to us now, however, there were several such claims that not only was there a race of aliens if not from Venus then at least operating a base there that were visiting the Earth, but these extraterrestrials were, as in the above claims, were secretly living hidden in plain sight among humanity during the mid-to-late 1950s.

Was this merely “conventional” thinking of the time? Or might there really have been a bizarre extraterrestrial presence on our planet during this period in history? Indeed, if there was to be any truth in that, might this presence still be here today?

One such claim would come from Shropshire in the United Kingdom in November 1957. On the day in question, Hubert Lewis [4] was making his way to pick up newspapers when he witnessed a strange, tall man suddenly appeared in the road in front of him causing him to bring his bicycle to a stop. More out of instinct than anything else, Lewis would demand to know who the strange was, to which he was told he was not in any danger and had “no need to be alarmed”.

It was around this point that Lewis noticed the strange, silver disc-shaped craft hovering in the air a short distance away, clearly visible despite the muggy, grey, foggy conditions.

A Development Of A Psychic Connection!

Also at this stage, a bizarre calm began to wash over Lewis. Furthermore, the weather conditions – which aside from being damp and miserable were also significantly windy – appeared to lessen somewhat, almost as if the pair were in some kind of invisible protective bubble.

In total, Lewis would recall that he and this strange alien visitor spoke for around 30 minutes. Like many others of the same era, he would claim that these extraterrestrials were from Venus and that many of them actually lived here on Earth, usually in high-ranking positions or influential roles in authority, and more specifically, the general human population was unaware of their presence.

A depiction of three grey aliens

Have aliens been abducting humans for decades?

Perhaps even stranger is that Lewis would claim to receive regular visits from his new alien friends. And what’s more, he would begin to develop creative and more specifically, psychic abilities. This detail, while perhaps easy to dismiss, appears regularly in reports as a consequence of a close contact encounter. Why might ask, then, what happens to our minds during these events that leave it in a position to be able to see things that it couldn’t see before, in some cases quite dramatically so?

A little more ominously were the visits from police officers – who would always be wearing a suit and tie as opposed to a police uniform – who would all but threaten Lewis about speaking of his experience. A truly bizarre case indeed.

The Bizarre Claims Of Elizabeth Klarer

Another apparent contactee who would make claims around the same time as Menger, and who many believe was influenced by Adamski to make seemingly bizarre claims was Elizabeth Klarer, [5] who would claim that on 7th April 1956, after having received telepathic messages since being a child, managed to “call down” an alien spaceship.

What’s more, this ship contained the alien with whom she had been in contact with all those years, an entity that was essentially human named Akon. Klarer claimed she would go with Akon inside his ship where he would take them a main mothership which was orbiting nearby. However, from there, they would venture out to Alpha Centauri, which was home to Akon’s home planet, which Klarer would claim was called, Meton.

Ultimately, Klarer would become pregnant and would remain on Meton until she had delivered the baby. However, after she had done so (apparently a baby boy), she was returned to Earth – apparently with her complete approval – while her newborn baby would remain with its (to her) extraterrestrial father on his home planet orbiting Alpha Centauri.

Although many would dismiss and even mock Klarer’s claims, she would seemingly receive particularly close attention from several world governments, including and particularly the United Kingdom’s, but also those of America, Russia, and Germany. So much so, in fact, that she even addressed the House of Lords in 1983 and a paper she had authored was read in its entirety at a gathering of the United Nations shortly after.

Klarer’s claims are perhaps a perfect example of an account being so outrageous and seemingly straight out of a Hollywood screenplay, that it almost compels us to take a closer look.

The Encounter With Aliens That Influenced A Drugs Firm!

Without a doubt, one of the strangest encounters, and quite possibly one of the most believable, at least of those we have examined here, are those of Gosta Carlsson, [6] a Swedish ice hockey player who in 1946 – almost a decade before the surge of sightings and encounters of the fifties – would have a bizarre encounter with seemingly far-reaching consequences.

During a walk in the countryside of the Swedish town of Angelholm one May morning, Carlsson was shocked to see a silver, disc-shaped craft land in a field near to the pathway he was following. He would remain where he was for several moments, even more shocked to see two humanoid occupants emerge from the craft. They would notice him immediately and would head toward him.

He felt no fear or threat, and all the while the two humanoids would speak to him using telepathy. While not all of the information was retained – at least by his conscious memory – he did recall several seemingly herbal and natural remedies that could be used to treat a variety of illnesses.

A stone monument of a saucer shaped UFO

Some people who claim to have met aliens go on to experience changes in their lives

We might dismiss the claims if it wasn’t for the fact that Carlsson would go on to start two pharmaceutical companies – both of which were very successful. And what’s more, Carlsson makes no effort to hide his belief that his success was down to the (seemingly) chance encounter with the otherworldly visitors that spring day.

Despite the apparent good of his company for the rest of humanity, many people would dismiss his account. There is, however, a stone monument of a flying disc in the field where he claims the encounter took place, ensuring that both he, and the incident itself, will remain in local legend for the foreseeable future.

The Hybridization Conspiracy – Awash With Over-The-Top Claims Of Alien Encounters!

We have written on several occasions of the belief by some researchers that at the heart of the alien abduction phenomena is a hybridization program to create some type of genetic mutation between our (human) DNA and extraterrestrial genes. And for the most part, most researchers suggest the ultimate end goal of this alleged program is far from beneficial for the human race.

As we might expect, while no claims involving the apparent loss of a fetus during an apparent alien encounter, or the sudden presentation to a person of a small child who while looking so much like themselves also appears so, for want of a better word, alien, with the obvious implication that the child is derived from that person’s DNA can ever be treated as anything close to normal, some particularly strange claims stand out more than others.

We have written on several occasions of Simon Parkes, for example, who was a serving British politician when he made claims of a sexual relationship with an alien entity in 2013. Or perhaps we should mention jazz singer, Pamela Stonebrooke, who 20 years earlier in 1993 and across the Atlantic in Los Angeles would claim to have had several sexual encounters with a “reptilian entity”. Most would dismiss her claims as nonsense and attention-seeking sensationalism.

Similar claims were made by Stephany Cohen, who claimed to have had sex “in spirit form” with alien entities while her physical body was asleep. And what’s more, she would, much like the previously mentioned Parkes, state such a thing on British national television during the flagship morning show of ITV. You can check out a short video clip of that interview below.

The Intriguing Case Of Meng Zhaoguo

Without a doubt, one of the most bizarre and intriguing cases to suggest some revolve around the idea of a cosmic hybridization program comes to us from the Red Forest the Heilongjang Province in China in 1994. According to a logger who was based in the area, [7] Meng Zhaoguo, he would spot a strange metallic object near to where he was working causing him to think it was a downed military helicopter or something of that nature.

He would leave his position to go and investigate. However, as he got to within a few feet, he felt something hit him over the head causing him to lose consciousness. He would awaken an undetermined amount of time later and would make his way back home, the incident of the downed “helicopter” out of his mind.

That was until he awoke at home a short time later. However, instead of laying on his bed as he would normally do, he was floating several feet above it. Even more bizarre, a strange but beautiful 10-foot woman suddenly appeared and proceeded to have sex with him while floating in midair.

Close-up of Meng Zhaoguo

Meng Zhaoguo

Several weeks later, a similar incident occurred. However, instead of merely floating above his bed, he would float straight through the ceiling of his home and into an awaiting spacecraft. While the 10-foot woman was seemingly not among the occupants of the craft, he was told some remarkable information.

Part Of An Interplanetary Breeding Program?

According to an interview in the Huffington Post, he was told that “in 60 years, on a distant planet, the son of a Chinese peasant will be born”. Furthermore, although they couldn’t say when they would assure him that he would one day meet his son.

Needless to say, many inside and outside of the UFO community were far from convinced with Meng’s story, and suggest, once again, that the initial part of the encounter of seeing something strange in the woods, and of being hit over the head were very likely true. However, the details after that remain suspect to many.

To the vast majority of people, this would most likely sound like complete nonsense. And that is what many, even inside the UFO community feel about such claims. Particularly when there is no evidence offered to support them.

What many of us might not realize, though, is that there is seemingly a large community of groups full of people who believe that just such an encounter has happened to them. And perhaps strangest to most onlookers, that they are part of some kind of interplanetary mission.

The video below features a short interview with Meng Zhaoguo.

The Equally Bizarre Claims Of The Quarter-Century Affair Of “Suzanne Brown”

If we return back to the United Kingdom for a moment, we will examine the case from the files of researchers, Carl Nagaitis, who would examine the accounts of a lady he would refer to in his report as “Suzanne Brown”.

According to Brown, for almost a quarter of a century between 1965 and 1989, she would receive regular visits from an alien she would refer to as Myriko. What is perhaps interesting here, while Brown would claim that Myriko was only around 5 feet tall, he had shoulder-length blond hair, which is a discreet detail that appears to show up a lot in these strange humanoid encounter cases. Especially those of the fifties and sixties.

A depiction of a group of grey aliens with a bright light behind them

If aliens are real, what is their interest in us?

Although there was nothing sexual in the visits, to begin with and would often accompany Myriko on board a large spacecraft over the course of many years. However, following her divorce as an adult, Brown would claim the encounters would become suddenly brutal and unfriendly. She would even claim that, through mind control, Myriko would force her into sexual situations against her will.

After several weeks of this, she would fall pregnant. However, several weeks later, after waking to see Myriko standing over her before passing out once more, she would wake to find she had suffered a miscarriage. However, it is her belief that the alien visitor had removed the still-growing baby and taken it back to his ship.

According to Brown, following the menopause, and more importantly, it would seem, inability to conceive children, she wouldn’t see Myriko again.

Why Are More Woman Abducted Than Men?

Before we move on from the claims of an apparent cross-planet program to hybridize the human race and an alien race from elsewhere, we should perhaps go over that last detail once more, especially in light of how Brown claimed her pregnancy ended (a pregnancy which was forced upon her through the actions of her strange alien visitor). Is it a coincidence that these apparent visits only appeared to occur while Brown was of child-bearing age and then ceased suddenly when her ability to conceive children also ceased?

An image of an alien entity blending into a face of a woman

Are more women abducted by aliens than men?

Might we also consider what might have happened had Brown’s marriage not have ended and she would have conceived a child naturally during the course of that marriage. What would have happened to that child? Would Brown have made it to full term? Or would Myriko have arrived to obtain the offspring, only without having to employ the mind control tactics to ensure that she did indeed become pregnant? If, of course, we accept Brown’s account to be true (although, in this case, the use of a pseudonym might be a notch in the credibility column for the witness).

We know, if we believe the statistics, that more alien abductees are women than men. If there really is something to the hybridization conspiracy, might these types of accounts be of more pressing concern to us?

Might there be a reason for us to take claims of a hybridization conspiracy more seriously? After all, the best way to distance oneself from such an accusation – from the conspirators’ point of view – is to ridicule even the notion of such a thing as ridiculous nonsense. And with accounts of this nature, having them perceived as the ravings of lunatics and crackpots is not at all difficult.

If These Claims Are Untrue, Why Are People Making Them Up?

We might ask what individuals, or in some cases small groups of people, have to gain from making such claims, which to most people, even those with the most open of minds, believe to be elaborated on at best, and outright lies in the worst-case scenario. Why would someone put themselves in such a position?

Aside from the obvious answer of financial gain, it would appear the attention received might be as key to understanding many of these particularly outrageous and outlandish cases a little more. Not so much for the sake of fame, or just to be the center of attention, but more due to a longing to belong. To something with meaning and purpose.

That is not to say that each of the accounts we have examined above is each a complete mountain of lies. As we have stated throughout and on several occasions, the chances are that many if not all of these types of sightings begin with an initial, credible and significant incident, that then gets elaborated on over time, or more specifically here, second, third, and more incidents are then manufactured.

A depiction of humans in futuristic medical chambers

Are claims of a hybridization program nothing but nonsense or should we take them more seriously?

The reasons for this could be numerous. Perhaps a certain feeling of acceptance skewers a person’s better judgment. Maybe there are attempts to recreate that feeling of excitement or wonder following a genuine mysterious encounter?

In short, there are as many complex, varied, and nuanced reasons that people would embellish and even manufacture such claims as UFO sightings or even meeting extraterrestrial visitors from another world as there are for why people present at much more credible incidents prefer to remain silent.

And, of course, that is not to say that we should automatically reject the most bizarre and outlandish claims without investigation or study.

The Study Of Claims Of Extraterrestrial Visitation Is So…Alien!

By its nature, the study of extraterrestrial life and the UFOs that are potentially connected to them is so alien to us that the vast majority of claims and accounts are outrageous to one degree or another. And the fact is, the human mind is only really trained to deal with what it knows. It will automatically – on most occasions – reject something so radically different as nonsense, at least to begin with.

So, with that in mind, should we perhaps be more open to some of the claims we have examined above? After all, what we think we know of the world and our reality today, will be completely different in just a decade, never mind several. And what of all the things of tomorrow that we have no inkling of today?

With all of that said, however, the only substitute from both speculation and dismissiveness without investigation is to lay bare the world governments’ UFO files and give complete unrestricted access to each and every piece of information contained within these respective files.

As we have stated before, though, such is the level of distrust between members of such communities as the UFO and the conspiracy world, that even such disclosure will be viewed with suspicion. Perhaps this is why these extraterrestrial visitors seek out everyday members of the public as opposed to members of a government, who will just as likely quash such information and hide it from the public as much as seek to use such information and contact for the collective good.

Accounts So Strange We Can’t Afford To Ignore Them Completely!

At the end of the day, none of us can be certain of any of the claims we have examined above. And while our commonsense rages inside of us that such claims can surely not be true, it would be against the collective interest of the UFO community to ignore completely such accounts.

There is no doubt that most in UFO circles have nothing but contempt for those who make such claims. As well they might, for if their claims are nothing more than outrageous attention-seeking attempts to secure financial gain and fame they do nothing but set back the serious study of the UFO and alien question. And as a consequence, those who might hide the truth of such events have an automatic deflect mechanism – the accusation that such talk is nothing but the ramblings of wild eccentrics.

However, there will always remain a certain amount of doubt that such accounts might have at least a certain element of truth to them. That, like Adamski, the initial encounters were genuine but subsequent events were manipulated or even outright manufactured. And perhaps the reason for this was to get the genuine information across as much as for continued financial gain or to remain in the spotlight.

Check out the video below. It looks once again at the very controversial George Adamski. Like many of the other people we have examined on here just might have claims so bizarre and outrageous that they almost certainly have to be true.


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  • BRIAN BURDEN says:

    Whatever the truth of Geo Adamski’s claims, the UFO he photographed was certainly authentic. Google “Haunebu” and you will find photographs of an (alleged) nazi flying saucer of that name, which is an absolute dead ringer for the Adamski UFO. It looks as if Adamski may have been a dupe in an elaborate government disinformation campaign to draw attention away from ongoing research being conducted on the authentically alien Roswell wreckage.

  • Jasmyne says:

    Interesting article. I believe the UFOs flew over the Capitol Building, not the White House.

  • john ventre says:

    If you look at this through the eyes of demonic infestation, you see clearly what is going on…

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