Objects Over The Ocean, Humanoid Encounters, And Cosmic Drones: Brazilian UFO Encounters Of The 1970s

Marcus Lowth
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May 14, 2022
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Much like other parts of the world during the 1970s, Brazil had a particularly high number of UFO reports. However, what perhaps made the incidents in Brazil stand out – particularly in retrospect – was the sheer number of different types of encounters and experiences.

A depiction of a UFO over Brazil

UFO sightings are rife in Brazil

From shiny, metallic objects spotted hovering off the Atlantic coast to multiple objects descending out of nowhere one after the other and vanishing into thin air, to strange, drone-like devices, seemingly under the control of an intelligence far away and close-up encounters with strange humanoid creatures, the incidents recorded in Brazil during this time are some of the most intriguing on record.

Although many of the encounters we will examine here are little-known today – certainly outside of Brazil and South America – it is important they be kept in the public consciousness, not least as similar incidents are still taking place today, both in Brazil and around the world.

We might ask, as we do with other countries with similarly high volumes of UFO sightings, what unique qualities of Brazil make it such a hotspot of otherworldly activity? Just why are so many strange, mysterious vehicles and equally strange and mysterious creatures encountered here?

Multi-Witness Sightings In Rio de Janeiro

We will start with an encounter witnessed by an entire family from the veranda of their home overlooking the water, as well as a police officer, is another incident that shows a real connection between the seas and oceans of the world and occurred on the other side of the Atlantic off the coast of Rio de Janeiro four years earlier.

The incident appeared in an article titled UFO On The Sea Near Rio by Dr. W. Buhler in the May/June 1971 edition of Flying Saucer Review (Volume 17, No. 3).

What is particularly intriguing about the incident is that there were multiple witnesses, including, almost certainly, several members of a police rescue team. Furthermore, the event saw the presence of apparent occupants on the strange craft, seemingly carrying some kind of predetermined mission. Indeed, understanding the sighting off the coast of Rio de Janeiro might just shine a light on other cases of UFOs and the world’s seas and oceans.

A “Grey Metallic” Object Off The Brazilian Coast

It was a little before noon on 27th June 1970 when Dona Maria Nazare Machado was standing in her kitchen preparing lunch. The rest of the family sat outside on the veranda along with a neighbor, Mr. Aguiar, a Brazilian Federal Police agent. In fact, it was Aguiar who first spotted something strange hovering over the water. He at first thought it was some kind of motorboat, noting how it was “striking the water” and sending spray up around it. He alerted the others.

Immediately all on the veranda had turned their attention to the strange object, which was approximately 3000 feet from the coast. They could make out what appeared to be “two bathers” who appeared to be waving their arms as if signaling. They were both “thickish set and quite small” and appeared to have “something on their heads”. They also appeared to be wearing shiny clothing.

Aguiar would further recall that the object was a “greyish metallic color”, was around 15 feet in length, and appeared to have a “transparent cupola” over the top of it. What’s more, these two people were actively engaged in some activity on the “deck”.

After several more moments, and still believing that the object was a motorboat in trouble, Aguiar set out to the Mar Hotel in order the inform the authorities so a rescue boat could be dispatched. The family remained on the veranda watching the events.

During this time, the strange object moved to a little over 300 feet from the shoreline and appeared very much like a disc. However, strangely, didn’t make a sound as it did so. The witnesses also noted that it lacked the usual “bobbing” motion that a boat would make on the open waters.

Aguiar would return from the hotel around 30 minutes later. The object was still on the waters. That, though, was about to change.

A Strange Device Left In The Ocean

Aguiar returned to the veranda. After several moments, the object began to move. It skimmed the water for several moments before beginning to rise into the air in a “low arc” and began headed out to sea. At this point, Aguiar realized that it was not a boat at all but something more out of the ordinary. It was, he would recall, a “flying saucer”.

Dona Maria would also note that as the object took off, she could see another object trailing behind which appeared to be “retracting” back inside. On this trailing object, she noticed there were several flashing lights – green, red, and yellow. She further noted that although the object appeared to be of a metallic silver exterior, when it began to rise into the air it appeared very much transparent. So much so, that she could see what appeared to be two occupants inside it.

Within moments, once into the air, the object sped away out of sight. All the while it didn’t make a single noise. As Dona Maria returned her attention back to the area of the water where the object had been she saw a “white hoop-shaped object” on the water. It remained there for several minutes before appearing to sink below the surface. However, moments later, it reappeared.

The hoop-shape object then began to separate, with an oval-shaped object now forming which continued to float on the water. It remained there for around two or three minutes before it began moving calmly toward the beach. At what appeared to be the back of the craft was a green section that separated from the oval and then trailed behind it. After around 15 minutes, this yellow oval-shaped object had made its way to around 400 feet from the shore.

Something Retrieved Out Of The Water!

At this point, the object made a sudden turn to the left and began in the direction of the beach at Gavea. At this point, Dona Maria set out downstairs stepped outside of her property and onto the road in an attempt to see the object a little closer. On the street was a group of several young boys. Dona Maria diverted their attention to the object a short way out from the coast. They immediately became fascinated with it, with some of them even attempting to throw stones at it. However, within 10 minutes, the object had disappeared from view.

Dona Maria noticed that the hoop-shaped object had seemingly reformed and, a little farther from the shore, was moving in the same direction as the oval object. The hoop remained in sight for around 20 minutes before it too vanished from sight in the distance.

A depiction of a UFO over the ocean

Many UFO sightings in Brazil are on the Atlantic coast

At around the same time, this was happening, Aguiar noticed a fast-moving rescue boat headed toward the area. What surprised him was that it was barely 20 minutes since he had reported it. He suspected that, given the apparent location of the rescue boats at the time of the report, For de Copacabana, it should not have arrived for another 40 minutes.

As Buhler writes in his article, it isn’t clear if the crew of this rescue boat “saw the UFO take off, but it may be assumed that they did”. Given how close they must have been to arrive at the location when they did, it is also safe to assume that they “had the UFO in view long before” they arrived. They must have also witnessed the white hoop on the water noticed by Dona Maria.

Aguiar watched as the boat stopped a little over half a mile from the coast. He continued to watch as one of the crew then fished something out of the water, a red, cylindrical object, which appeared to be a considerable task for him to achieve. Almost as soon as the object was on the boat, it turned around and headed back in the direction it had arrived from at high speed.

By 3 pm, Dona Maria had returned to her home, and the family, along with Aguiar discussed the most remarkable events they had witnessed.

Many Possibilities To Consider

The incident is as intriguing as it is perplexing. Was this strange craft an extraterrestrial vehicle? It certainly fits the profile in terms of its disc-shaped dimensions and the way it moved off into the distance at lightning speed. Or might it, given the authority’s speedy response, have been a secret military vehicle? Might that have been why they were so eager to retrieve the cylindrical item, and indeed why they appeared to have prior knowledge of it in the first place?

And what should we make of the strange, hoop-shaped object that remained on the water following the UFO’s departure? And of the oval-shaped object, it produced and sent on its way?

As Buhler asks, was this a reconnaissance mission in which the hoop and oval-shaped objects had been left behind to collect data? Or were they “spare parts” that would take themselves to other extraterrestrial vehicles elsewhere in the waters off the coast of the country, perhaps somewhere off the coast of Gavea beach? Perhaps they were even on their way to an underwater alien base, perhaps where data or even supplies could be retrieved?

Buhler even contemplated whether these devices were a way of monitoring the witnesses themselves, both the family on the veranda and the people on the beach at Gavea, or even devices aimed at changing human behavior using some kind of advanced technology. Indeed, the possibilities are many, as speculative as they are.

Many Other Sightings Off The Brazilian Coast

Buhler would highlight several other cases that occurred in the same region as that of the witnesses to the 1970 incident, some of which were from residents of the same street. For example, Aristeu Machado claimed an incident occurred six months prior to that witnessed off the coast. According to Machado, the witness was a lady named Dona Altair, who lived at the property at the time. At around 2 am one night, unable to sleep, she stepped out on the veranda and looked out toward the beach. Suddenly, a strange flash of light caught her attention. The next thing she knew, she was watching a “flying saucer” rise into the air, changing colors as it did so before it disappeared into the distance.

Another incident occurred several years previously somewhere between 10 pm and 11 pm on the 16th March 1966, four years previously, in the Barra da Tijuca area. On the night in question, several doctors and nurses at the Lourenco Jorge Hospital witnessed a bizarre object that had “come up out of the sea”. It hovered over the surface of the water for a time, before heading out to one of the mountains nearby and then returning to its hovering position over the water. Like the above encounter, the object turned different colors as it moved, going from green to blue, and even to red.

A depiction of a UFO over the ocean

There were many other UFO sightings in 1970

Less than 24 hours later, at around 5:45 pm on 17th March at Ilha Cagarra, several people on the beach suddenly heard a large explosive type sound and witnessed an oval-shaped craft descend from the early evening skies and into the water. The life-saving service was soon put into action, but despite four lifeboats arriving in the area almost immediately, they would find no sign of any vehicle crashing into the water. An air rescue plane even surveyed the region but came up empty-handed. At least two of the witnesses reported seeing a “ball if fire” heading toward the sea in the minutes leading up to the explosive sound. It would appear that rather than a crash landing, this was likely a purposeful entry beneath the waters.

The following year in April 1967, further incidents were reported, one of which occurred at around 8:30 pm on 15th April 1967 at Gavea Peak when several witnesses saw a strange object “shooting forth white beams of light” while hovering overhead. When one of the witnesses viewed the object with binoculars, they witnessed turn from white to red, as if it were signaling. It remained in view for around 15 minutes before disappearing.

There was also a mini-wave of sightings reported by doctors and residents of Barra da Tijuca Hospital in the final weeks of April. What made these sightings so strange was that many people who witnessed them mysteriously fainted and were “out” for several minutes. While coincidence might satisfy some, so many people seeming reacted in such a way to viewing these strange crafts is surely suggestive of some kind of experiment, perhaps using technology far in advance of our own.

Other Sightings Of A Busy UFO Decade

As we might expect for a country as active in UFO sightings as Brazil, there are many other reports of strange objects to examine in this part of the world in the years that followed. And what is interesting about these sightings, despite the many varied accounts, many of the details matched each other. Indeed, UFO sightings in Brazil were at least as high as anywhere else in the world during the 1970s. And while we don’t have time to examine each and every sighting, as is to be expected, some were of more intrigue than others.

The Humanoid Encounter Of Fritz Abbehusen

According to one report, at a little after 7 pm on 13th December 1972 in Bahia, a retired businessman, 65-year-old Fritz Abbehusen, was at home watching television when it suddenly started to lose its picture amid interference. In fact, the picture was so bad that he got out of his chair and went out to the porch to see what the problem might be.

However, when he opened his front door and stepped outside, he was confronted with the sight of a huge round glowing object moving across the sky, heading toward a hill several miles from his house. After several moments, Fritz reached for his binoculars so he could view the object in more detail. When he did, he could tell that it had not landed, as he had originally thought, but was hovering a short distance from the ground.

The object appeared to be in two distinct sections – an upper and a lower section. The lower part was glowing somewhat, similar to a neon light, while on the upper section he could make out what seemed to be windows or portholes with an orange glow shining out from them.

At this point, Fritz shouted to his wife, Margarida, as well as their servant, Valdeta to come and see what he was watching. They did, and for several moments, all three of them watched in awe at the fantastic, futuristic craft. Then, without warning, three lights, each of them flashing, separated from the object. And of more concern, one of these lights was heading in their direction, albeit slowly.

Several minutes later, at a distance of around 150 feet, the light came to a stop. Fritz remained on the porch watching the object while the two women moved back slightly. As well they might, as an already strange evening was about to get even stranger.

From the glowing light, two being emerged, approximately the size of an average teenager and wearing a white-grey one-piece bodysuit. Fritz would later offer that walked as if they were on their tiptoe. From where they stood, the witnesses could only see the bodies of the beings, and could not recall any of the details of their faces.

As the two entities approached, the two women retreated into the house, screaming at Fritz to join them. However, before he could move, the two creatures retreated back into the light and it too headed off back toward the larger craft.

The object remained hovering over the hill for several hours until somewhere close to midnight until it finally disappeared into the distance.

The local newspapers soon got wind of the story, and Fritz faced a barrage of questions from reporters and members of the community alike. Despite the bizarre nature of his tale, Fritz was considered an honest man, and a very credible witness. What’s more, during the sighting he had claimed that a beam had at one point come down from the object and lit a small fire below for a time. When he took reporters and onlookers alike to the location where he claimed the object had been hovering, there was a small patch of scorched vegetation. Corroborating his version of events even further were two smaller scorch marks near where the two entities had stood.

Indeed, the encounter of Fritz Abbehusen could be one of the most discreetly credible in history.

The Raposo Tavares Highway Incident

Just over a year later, according to an account in UFOs and Abductions in Brazil by Irene Granchi, in February 1974 at around 11;15 pm in Sao Paulo, a couple named Lucia and Edison were driving home from the cinema when Edison suddenly realized he needed to fill up. Realizing there was an all-night gas station on the Raposo Tavares Highway, Lucia directed Edison there.

As they turned onto a side street that ran parallel to the Raposo Tavares Highway, they noticed the creation of a new road that led toward the town cemetery and a row of tall trees. It was as they followed the direction of the road that they saw what they believed to be the headlights of several cars up near the cemetery. What’s more, several people appeared to be walking about in front of the lights.

A depiction of a UFO off the coast

UFO sightings occur all over Brazil

They passed and continued on to the gas station. When they returned down the same road only five minutes later, however, all of the headlights had seemingly vanished. Now, as Edison brought the vehicle to a stop so he could look around more clearly, it appeared that they were the only ones here. It was as he put the handbrake on that he could feel the car lift into the air for several moments as if it had been dragged forward ever so slightly, and then hit the ground with a sharp thud.

At first, the pair thought they had been hit by another vehicle from behind. Before they could turn around, however, the car lifted up once more. This time Lucia went to open the passenger door. When she did, though, the vehicle was lifted from the ground once again. She pulled the door shut immediately, realizing that she felt suddenly very cold and weak. As she turned to Edison, she realized he must be feeling similar ill effects. He struggled to speak and appeared “deathly pale”.

After a few moments, Edison managed to start the car and put it into reverse before immediately setting off in the direction of town. When they made their way past the cemetery, however, Lucia saw a strange entity, approximately four feet high and dressed in silvery-white clothing which appeared to have a cape and some kind of helmet or hat.

Before she could take in any further detail, Edison sped up and they continued on until they reached home. Upon arrival, it was discovered that the car’s entire electrical system was completely burnt out.

Multiple Glowing Lights Over Vitoria

At around 11 pm on 15th June 1975 in Vitoria, according to a report filed years later with the National UFO Reporting Center, an anonymous witness was looking up at the sky from their home when they were a teenager, and suddenly noticed a “yellowish light like a big brilliant ring” overhead. Following this strange distinctive light were many others, much smaller than the first one. What’s more, these trailing lights were all of varied colors, from red to green to blue, and they appeared to have a neon quality to them.

It appeared that the lights were descending based on his knowledge of the local geography. He listened intently but could not hear any kind of sound or noise coming from the lights, which moved in complete silence.

The witness eventually became unnerved and returned inside the house. The following day, reports of the strange objects featured on the morning national news. Despite the media coverage, however, the sighting and what the objects might have been, remains unknown.

The Bizarre Case Of Paulo Coutinho

Almost exactly a year later, at just before midnight on the 23rd June 1976 in Sao Paulo, according to an article in Apex by Mario Martins Ribeiro, another bizarre encounter in Brazil unfolded. On the night in question, 18-year-old student, Paulo Coutinho had not returned home after attending a night class. When a friend of his called at the house with Paulo’s school books claiming he had found them scattered around the roadside, his parents feared the worst and immediately reported him missing.

However, despite an intensive search, there appeared to be no trace of the young man. It was around this time that the missing boy’s father got a sudden urge to go and check in his own back garden, but it was more than just a feeling, it was as if something intelligent was trying to tell him something. When he did so, he discovered his son lying near the house. Although he was conscious, he was not fully aware and required medical attention in a nearby hospital.

It was discovered that he had significant irritation to the arms and that, rather bizarrely, several ballpoint pens that had been in his pocket were discovered to be significantly radioactive.

Amazingly, a corroborative witness of sorts would come forward – one of the family’s neighbors named Virginia. She had been standing on her front porch at around 7:30 pm with her daughter when they noticed a bizarre luminous object appear over the neighborhood. Was this object returning Paulo home?

Eventually, he would recover enough to inform people what had happened. He claimed to have finished his night class at around 11:30 pm and he then proceeded to walk his girlfriend home. After this, he set out for his own house when he noticed a strange light overhead. He realized it was not merely an airplane, but before he could contemplate what it was he found himself completely paralyzed.

The object was heading toward him, eventually stopping around 20 feet away. The next thing he knew, a strange creature appeared, around three to four feet tall and with an overly large head. Also large were the eyes, while its ears were particularly pointed and it had a nose “like a pig’s”. It was wearing a blue-grey one-piece suit that appeared to have a logo or symbol on the chest.

The next thing he realized, both he and this obscure creature were rising into the air. He looked up and realized he was moving toward a huge, red-colored cigar-shaped object that appeared to become a metallic grey the closer he got to it. As he got closer still, some kind of door must have opened because the next thing he realized he was in a strange room, with three of the bizarre creatures looking over him.

Before he could move any further, he was once more paralyzed and rooted to the spot. As this happened, telepathic messages suddenly flooded his mind, telling him to fear them and that he would come to no harm.

They then turned and headed toward another room. Almost against his will, he found himself following them. Although the room was brightly lit, there was no apparent light source, and the room was completely devoid of furniture.

He was then subject to several experiments and questions, many of which he couldn’t recall in any detail. The next thing he realized, he felt himself floating once more and realized he was leaving the object. His next memory was of waking in the garden, his entire body feeling both numb and prickly at the same time.

Backyard Encounter With Humanoid Entities

Just over two years later, at around 11 pm on 11th July 1978, again in Sau Paulo a UFO landing encounter was reported. According to an article in UFO News Brazil, the witness, a local 44-year-old woman who wished to remain anonymous, was watching television when she noticed her pet dog suddenly become very agitated. It ran in circles and then went from room to room as if expecting to find something there. When it reached the door that led to the yard, it stopped and scraped at it, clearly wanting to get outside.

Then, a loud noise rang out, like the clang of something mechanical. She reached for the door and, perhaps against her better judgment, she pulled it open. There, in front of her, were two strange humanoid figures that appeared to be hovering just above the ground. Even stranger, behind them, an oval-shaped craft rested on three strange legs on the ground.

The witness felt paralyzed, and she wasn’t sure if this was due to her own fright or some kind of force from these strange creatures. She heard voices inside her head telling her not to be scared. One of the figures was looking at her, while the other was now looking around on the ground as if trying to find something in particular.

A depiction of a UFO

Why do so many UFO sightings occur in Brazil?

She further described these humanoids as wearing silver-colored helmets on their heads – which appeared larger than they should have been for their frame – that appeared to be lit from the inside at the front with a faint blue light. She could make out large eyes and a small flat nose, but couldn’t see any ears or mouth. They were each dressed in the same style one-piece suit that had multiple gadgets and devices hanging from it.

One of the humanoids remained next to the witness while the other now drifted off to the craft. From his belt, he produced something similar to a flashlight that illuminated the entire yard. The humanoid moved this flashlight-like device around the yard, before activating a device that produced a strange smoke. The next thing she realized, each of the humanoids was inside the craft, motioning for her to join them. She remained where she was, causing them to motion their arms a little more urgently. Still, she declined their invitation with her lack of motion and the object suddenly rose into the air.

As the object ascended, the witness could see two bright yellow lights. As soon as the object was out of sight, the witness was no longer paralyzed and was able to move normally. The witness also commented that throughout the episode, the entire area appeared as though it was in a bizarre vacuum, a sensation that disappeared as the UFO did.

Encounters With Humanoids While Hunting

In 1979, two more intriguing if little-known encounters unfolded, each in May. The first in  Bacacheri, Parana saw three residents witness three rust-colored cylindrical-shaped objects that flew parallel to each other as they moved through the sky. They appeared to move slower than a standard aircraft would, and they had no wings or visible means of propulsion. After several moments, the outer object on each side moved in opposite directions and eventually disappeared, leaving one single object, which continued to travel in a straight line before it vanished from sight.

Around the same time, on the morning of 16th May at around 10:30 am, according to the files of Dr. Libirajara Franco Rodriguez, and Maria Jose Pereira, Arlindo Gabriel dos Santos was out hunting in Baependi, Minas Gerais with two friends. At some point during the trip, Arlindo became separated from the others, and while on his own, witnessed a bizarre object heading down to the ground.

The witness, as cautiously as he could, began approaching the vehicle, stopping when he was at a distance of around 500 feet. He claimed the craft was shaped like a telephone booth and was approximately 5 feet tall. Realizing he had his KODAK camera with him, Arlindo quickly raised it to his eye, turned toward the object, and snapped a picture. As soon as he did so, the strange craft disappeared right in front of his eyes.

Amazed, he set out in the direction of where the strange phonebooth-like craft was. However, moments later, he noticed that a second object was descending out of the sky. And this one was shaped like a bowl or saucer and was bigger than the first craft.

He remained where he was, snapping pictures on his camera as best he could while still keeping his eyes on the scene in front of him. Suddenly, he heard a strange swishing sound, and a puff of smoke enveloped the second craft. Moments later it was gone.

A depiction of a UFO

Could there be alien bases in Brazil or off the coast?

Before he could move, a third object appeared out of the sky, directly downward to where the first two objects had been previously. This one was barrel-shaped, again around five feet tall, and had a large propeller-type apparatus at one end. Across its exterior was a strange display of red stripes. It remained still for several moments, prompting Arlindo to walk toward it. However, after taking only a few steps, the object vanished right before his eyes.

Once more, before he could take stock of what was going on, yet another object appeared and descended into the same spot. This fourth object was egg-shaped with a particularly pointy top end. This object made a huge noise as it rested on four metallic legs. Around its side were several windows, although the witness couldn’t see through to the inside. Once more, he raised the camera to his eye and went to snap a shot. However, before he could do so, whether intentionally or not, a white flash came from the object, so bright, that it temporarily blinded him.

He now felt beyond frightened and consequently dropped the camera and ran. However, after running only several feet, he found himself suddenly unable to move. Try as he might, he was not only stuck to the spot, but it felt as if someone, or something, was pulling him backward. As he turned his head to look behind him, he saw two humanoid figures approaching, each wearing heavy suits and large helmets with a glass visor. When they were close enough, he could see that the faces behind the glass appeared very much human.

Before he could take in any more details, these strange men grabbed an arm each and dragged the unwilling witness toward the egg-shaped craft. As he got closer, he could see a third humanoid figure standing by a set of stepladders that protruded from an opening on the side of the otherworldly craft. Before he realized what was happening, he was being pulled inside the vehicle.

When he looked around, he could see other human-like figures inside. To begin with, they remained quiet. However, after several moments, they burst into conversation using a language he didn’t understand.

A larger entity – a female – entered the room, and appeared to try to communicate by pointing at objects in the room. Arlindo, however, could not recall any specific details of any conversation that took place. He did, though, recall being told to cover his eyes after he was escorted from the craft, and keep turned away from them until they had taken off. He did as he was told to do, and by the time he felt it safe to look back, the object and the occupants were nowhere to be seen.

“In The Future, Earth Will Know” – Multi-Witness Sighting Over Mendonca Lima

Perhaps one of the most intriguing encounters actually happened several months before the above account, at just before 6 pm on 13th February 1979 in Mendonca Lima. According to the report, topographer, Vladimir Menussi, along with four work colleagues, was working in the region when they decided to do a spot of fishing in a nearby river while they waited for the equipment they required to be delivered.

As they were doing so, they noticed a bizarre disc-shaped object appear in the sky. It appeared to be approximately 100 feet wide and was at an altitude of around 1000 feet. The object appeared to be hovering, motionless as the witnesses watched in amazement.

They could clearly see the disc shape of the object, and that it appeared almost flat with a “small circular depression in the central part”. The craft was “divided into radiating lines or segments, similar to the spokes of a cartwheel”. Inside each of these segments, several openings were visible that appeared to the witnesses to some kind of opening, and the top side of the object also featured several domes or “cupolas”.

Then, the object began to move, performing “gentle, silent movements in all directions”. Every now and then some kind of gas was released from the openings. The object remained in sight for over an hour as the work unit below looked on in awe. Then, just as it seemed like nothing further of interest would occur, three “tubes of blue neon light” were emitted from the underside of the object and stretched down to the river below.

These beams appeared transparent and appeared to rotate within themselves. The witnesses, however, couldn’t tell if the beams of light were putting something into the water, or if they were drawing it up, like a huge, futuristic straw. The crew continued to watch, and after several minutes the beams of light were withdrawn back toward the ship, one at a time.

A moment later, another light was discharged toward the water, this one coming from the left of the ship and sent what appeared to be electrical sparks flying as it made contact with the river below. Not only that, but the water itself reacted as if it were suddenly very turbulent in just this particular area. After a moment or two, this beam of light disappeared. Only a second later, however, an identical beam of light was emitted toward the water, this time from the right side of the ship.

As the five witnesses looked on in amazement, they each heard a voice inside their heads at the same time, appearing to be telepathic communication from whatever occupant was inside this unsettling craft. It told them “not (to) be afraid” and that “nothing unpleasant” would happen to them. Perhaps strangest and most thought-provoking of all, this telepathic voice told the men that they were “working here” and that “in the future, Earth will know”.

At this point, the vents on the object appeared to close and the large disc-shaped object began to glow a delicate blue color. This shine eventually morphed to red, gradually getting becoming more and more intense as five men looked on, stunned by the events unfolding around them. Then, remained completely silent, the object suddenly ascended high into the sky and vanished from sight in what seemed in an instant.

The object was in sight for just short of 90 minutes, and each of the five men told the exact same story. It is also perhaps pointing out that each of the witnesses was highly credible, specially trained in calculations and observing, and not people to have manufactured such a mind-bending event.

Just what was the “work” that the occupants were involved with, and what exactly what Earth know soon? The sighting remains a complete mystery, but very credible.

The Unnerving Abduction Encounter Of Jose Antonio da Silva

It is also worth our time examining a pair of encounters that took place at the very end of the 1960s. According to the report, on the afternoon of 4th May 1969, 24-year-old soldier, Jose Antonio da Silva, was fishing in Minas Gerais. [1] Suddenly, the peace and serenity of his surroundings was broken by the sound of voices. At the same time, da Silva became aware of movement behind him. A moment, a strange light struck his leg causing the young man to drop to his knees on pain.

He could see two figures, each around four feet tall and wearing silver aluminum one-piece suits and helmets on their head approach him. They grabbed him and unceremoniously dragged him toward a large upright cylindrical-shaped object a short distance away. The creatures pulled him inside the object and proceeded to place a helmet, much the same as their own, upon his head. Within moments of this happening, da Silva could feel the craft rising into the air.

As the craft was in motion, he could hear the being talking in a language that was unrecognizable to him. He wasn’t sure how long the journey was, but he felt the craft come to a sudden, jarring stop. Before he could take in any more details, a blindfold was placed over his eyes and he felt himself being led into another room. Once there, the blindfold was removed.

He could see one of the strange figures standing in front of him, as well as several others, standing further back. He watched them as they appeared to be examining his fishing equipment, even taking some things for themselves as if they were some kind of sample.

Perhaps most alarming of all, when da Silva looked around the room, he noticed several other men on strange shelves. One of them was calling for a drink and one of the dwarf-like figures went over and passed him a curious green liquid in a glass that appeared to be made from some kind of stone.

Then, one of the figures – who da Silva suspected was the leader and was slightly taller than the rest – began speaking to him through drawings and gestures. He would only recall parts of the conversation, but it appeared to revolve around weapons.

Following this conversation, the already strange encounter took an even stranger twist. The figure told da Silva that they wanted him to assist in relations between them and humanity. He refused to do this and he was eventually blindfolded once again. He could feel the craft rising into the air but would blackout during the return journey.

He would awaken in the town of Vitoria – almost 200 miles from where he had been fishing when the bizarre object had landed. As his fishing rod was next to him, he went to a nearby stream, drank, and then caught several fish so he could eat. When he went through his possessions, he realized that his identity card was missing. He recalled that the extraterrestrial entities had been examining this, and he assumed that they had retained it.

He eventually made his way back home (although the report doesn’t state how), and he discovered he had been missing for almost five days.

It is perhaps also interesting to note the findings of veteran UFO researcher, Jacques Vallee, who would point out that many details of da Silva’s abduction contained elements found in initiation rituals. For example, he was “confronted” by a group that appeared to wear special uniforms, almost in an occult way, and is blindfolded. He is then led by the arm into a strange, specific dark chamber-like room.

When his blindfold is removed, a very identifiable leader is present and questions him at length. This unique conversation, many symbols, and gestures are used. Ritual drinks are consumed and he is then blindfolded before being led away from the room.

Might there be a connection between the initiation rites of secret societies and alien abduction?

The Strange Case Of A Cosmic Drone

Almost exactly a year earlier, on the morning of 17th May 1968 in Sao Paulo another close encounter is on record. According to an article in Flying Saucer Review by Dr. Walter Buhler, 28-year-old Caetano Sergio dos Santos arrived home from his night shift and discovered a strange metallic disc next to the back door of his house. He estimated it was approximately 17 cm across and 15 cm wide. Bizarrely, despite its size, when he went to pick it up, he found it was so heavy that he had to use both hands and a considerable effort.

He showed it to the rest of the family, and all were perplexed as to what it might be. All claimed to have heard nothing unusual during the night, and there didn’t appear to be any kind of dent in the ground to appear that it had fallen.

As there had been several reports of terrorist groups planting bombs in the newspapers, the family contemplated if the object might have been such a device. They even contemplated that someone might have planted it there in order to frame them for such activities.

The object itself had a smooth, grey surface that would shine extremely brightly at night or in the dark. There was also a transparent material at each end of the object, that was so tight to the object that it appeared to have been cleanly melted in place. Experimenting further, when Caetano attempted to make a scratch on the surface with a screwdriver, he found he was unable to mark it anywhere.

When he examined the transparent sections a little closer, he would discover each had some kind of dial underneath with five different settings indicated by strange symbols. One of the pointers of these dials was black and the other was red. What these dials were used for is a complete mystery.

Later in the day, while Caetano was sitting outside, an aircraft passed over the top of them. He quickly glanced at the disc to see if there was any kind of reaction – there wasn’t.

A depiction of a UFO near a bridge in Brazil

UFO sightings in Brazil continue in abundance today

Stumped as to what the object might be, Caetano took the trouble of showing it to his neighbors (although he otherwise remained quiet about the find). They were, however, as confused as he was by the whole affair.

Concerned that his children may come to harm if they touched the strange disc, he stored it on a high shelf in his bathroom. However, later that evening while returning to the bedroom to check on his wife before leaving for work – who was heavily pregnant – he noticed the disc glowing brightly. He didn’t think too much of it. But when he returned several hours later during a break in his shift, he heard the calls of his wife screaming for help as he approached the house. He found her and the children in the backyard, clearly distressed and wearing only their nightclothes.

His terrified wife told him that a humming sound had awoken her at around 1 am – only several minutes previously – and that it was coming from the bathroom where the disc had been stored. When she went to look, she could see a bizarre blue glow coming from the bathroom. What’s more, this blue glow appeared to be spreading until it was stretching into every room of the house. She turned the electricity off completely, hoping that would stop the glow, but it continued. Fearing they were in danger, she collected the children and left the house.

Even stranger, several moments after they had arrived in the yard, and only moments before he Caetano had arrived back, they heard a loud cracking sound and several pieces of roof tiles fell to the floor.

When the family returned to the house several minutes later, with Caetano now with them, they discovered the disc was no longer there. What’s more, directly above where it had been stored, was now a huge hole in the roof.

It appeared the disc had been recalled back by something and shot through the roof to a destination unknown. Incidentally, when samples of the broken tiles were examined, they were found to have high readings of radiation.

Many Reasons For Brazil’s Persistent UFO Encounters

We know that UFO sightings continued well past the 1970s in Brazil. And arguably the most famous and drawn-out UFO incidents in Brazilian history have been ignored here (you can read about them here). The fact is, the 1970s was as busy in terms of UFO and alien encounters in Brazil as anywhere else in the world.

While we could ask the same question of other countries such as the United States, Chile, the United Kingdom, and several other countries that have had a persistent UFO presence over the decades since the start of the Modern UFO Era, we might ask if there is something unique about Brazil that makes it of such interest of usefulness to these apparent visitors from elsewhere in the universe.

Perhaps, as many UFO researchers have noted previously, its location on the Atlantic Ocean may very well be part of the reason so many UFOs are reported here. After all, it is increasingly accepted that these strange vehicles appear to have a connection to the vast water networks of the world, the Atlantic Ocean being one of them.

We should also turn our attention to the vast forests, jungles, and mountains, all of which are far enough away from the metropolis-like cities to provide makeshift bases for these extraterrestrial visitors to work out of. The country is also awash in natural resources, as well as being home to vast amounts of animal and plant life. And while this last point may sound trivial, the research of some UFO investigators – perhaps predominantly Timothy Good – has highlighted before how these aliens, at least some of them, have an interest in studying such animal and plant life, much in the same way humans would if we ever ventured on to another planet.

There are, as always, many more questions than answers in terms of the UFO and alien question, and Brazil will undoubtedly contain key pieces of the overall big picture by the time it is revealed to us. With the world becoming increasingly smaller and news traveling around the globe in seconds, sightings and encounters become internationally known, in some cases, within minutes. If we can, collectively as the UFO community, keep tabs on these incidents and, where possible, match the details of encounters of decades past, then that picture just might start coming together a little quicker than it currently is.

Check out the video below – it looks at some of the best UFO sightings caught on camera.


1 1969 – Brazil; Abduction of Jose Antonio da Silva, UFO Casebook https://www.ufocasebook.com/dasilva.html

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