Stone-Like Objects And Strange Liquids: UFO Cases Of Alien Artifact And Fragments

Marcus Lowth
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December 4, 2023
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Given the fact that there is apparent solid, physical proof of some UFO encounters due to recovered fragments, artifacts, and even debris, it is perhaps a little surprising that such cases are not better known outside the UFO community. The fact is, there are many more of these cases than many might think. And these incidents have unfolded around the planet and across the decades, perhaps suggesting that whoever these strange otherworldly visitors might be, they have been coming here for some time.

From pieces of metal, strange liquids, and various items of debris to strange rock-like objects seemingly purposely ejected by these strange crafts, the cases we are about to examine are as intriguing as they are unique. Indeed, there is such variety in these accounts that it is hard to pin down connections or clues as to who might be behind these specific encounters and for what reason these strange craft are here in the first place.

While there is not time nor space to examine each and every case of UFO artifacts, we will look at some of the lesser-known encounters, and perhaps of more importance, those that remain unexplained. We will start our examination, though, with an incident that played out over Sweden in the opening years of the Modern UFO Era.

The Isle Of Vaddo Landing Case

One of the earliest cases of fragments associated with UFOs and fragments or artifacts being left behind as a result occurred on the evening of November 11th, 1956 on the Isle of Vaddo in Sweden. [1] According to the report, the two witnesses – Stig Ekberg and Harry Sjoberg – were on the island building a house. On the night in question, at around 10 pm, the two men were driving on the island when he noticed something strange in the skies overhead.

They would later describe the “bright flying object” as looking like a “flattened sphere” that was approximately 25 feet across and around 10 feet in height. They estimated that the object was at an altitude of just over 300 feet and was heading in their direction from the east. The pair watched the object for several moments before it made a sudden sharp turn heading directly toward them. Of more concern, at the same moment it did so, the truck’s headlights died, quickly followed by the engine cutting out and the truck coming to a stop.

The object was now descending, appearing to rock back and forth as it did so. Eventually, it came to a stop at the side of the road in front of them, approximately 300 feet away, hovering a short distance above the ground.

Ekberg would recall that it was “illuminating the surrounding landscape with such a tremendous amount of light” that a barn that was a considerable distance away was visible. There was also an aroma that the witnesses described as a combination of “ozone and smoldering insulation”.

Photograph of the artifacts of the Vaddo case

Photograph of the artifacts of the Vaddo case

The pair watched the scene in front of them in awe for around 10 minutes. Then, the already bright light began to grow even brighter as the object began to rise into the air. As it did so, it moved a little to the left before shooting off into the distance at great speed. As soon as it had vanished, the truck’s headlights came back on, and when Ekberg tried the engine, it turned over on the first attempt. However, rather than driving away, with the object now departed, the two men decided to examine the area where the object had been hovering.

They walked over to the spot, noticing that the grass had been flattened exactly where the object had been hovering. Of much further interest, the pair noticed a “shiny rock” within this circle. When one of them went to pick it up they discovered it was hot. The object was around the size of a matchbox and was a three-sided metallic shape that had considerable weight for its size.

They took the piece of metal with them, and after several unsuccessful attempts to have it analyzed, they took it to the SAAB airline manufacturing company. There, Sven Schalin would perform several tests and examinations on the curious object. Interestingly, it was determined that the object was a mixture of tungsten carbide and cobalt – materials that almost all industrial countries would produce for various purposes. Furthermore, the quality of the object was not at all out of place in the 1950s.

With this in mind, does that rule out the possibility that what the two men saw was an extraterrestrial vehicle from another world? Or could it simply be that the alien race behind the object simply uses similar materials to us? It is a case and sighting that remains unexplained.

The Ubatuba UFO Fragments – An Intriguing And Controversial Case

Just under a year later, in September 1957, another intriguing UFO incident that resulted in strange fragments being left behind came to light. [2] A journalist for the Brazilian newspaper, O Globo, Ibrahim Sued, received an intriguing letter detailing a recent UFO incident. Even more intriguing, with the letter were three small pieces of metal, which were white in color.

According to the letter, the witness had seen a bizarre disc-shaped object over a beach in Ubatuba in the Sao Paulo Province. The witness continued that after watching the curious craft for several moments, it suddenly exploded, sending all manner of debris “raining down” to the ground. The witness claimed that they collected several pieces of the metallic debris, three of which he had sent to Sued. The witness further stated that there were multiple witnesses to the event, although none of the witnesses came forward publicly and their identities remain a complete mystery, as does the identities of the person who wrote the letter.

Ultimately, Sued would pass the metal pieces to Dr. Olavo Fontes, the Brazilian representative of APRO. He would send the fragments to the Mineral Production Laboratory of the Department of Mineral Production in the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture where they were examined by Dr. Flegl, a specialist in such matters.

The Ubatuba UFO fragment

The Ubatuba UFO fragment

One of these fragments was divided into several different pieces, with two of these smaller pieces being sent to the Spectrographic Section of the Mineral Production Laboratory Semi-Quantitative Emission Spectrochemical Analysis. When they were examined – by two different scientists – each was found to be made of pure magnesium.

Further tests were also carried out on the fragments. Ultimately, it was determined that it was highly unlikely, perhaps even impossible, for the metal fragments to have been made or originated on Earth due to them being spectrographically pure.

Despite the fragments and the findings following their examination, the lack of witness testimonies, and indeed the identity of the respective witnesses, makes the case quite problematic. Even the lack of details in terms of the date of the incident remains unknown.

The Kallavesi Lake Incident

In August 1964 at Lake Kallavesi just outside of Kuopio in Finland at around 7 pm, a local resident, 30-year-old Raimo Blomqvist, witnessed a bizarre aerial object while visiting his parents at their island summer cottage. [3] Blomqvist recalled seeing a “strange, colorful light ball” suddenly appear under the clouds overhead. As this strange glow approached, Blomqvist could make out the details of an oval object.

He watched in awe as the object hovered a short distance over the water, and noticed something fall from the object. As it hit the water below, he recalled hearing a strange hissing sound similar to hot metal being placed in water. Several moments later, the object began to glow brightly. Then, it suddenly shot into the air with great speed, disappearing into the clouds within seconds.

After waiting a second or two, he walked to the water where the object had been hovering. As the water was shallow, he could see a stone-like object below the surface. He reached for it, recalling that the object appeared to have five different layers and was approximately four centimeters long.

A little over a decade later Blomqvist reported the incident to UFO investigators, supplying them with the stone-like object for them to organize scientific analysis of it. They would find that copper, zinc, magnesium, mangan, zirconium, vanadium, and titanium made up the stone, while also discovering that the stone had been in a temperature of around 800 degrees for a considerable amount of time.

Whether the object was dropped by the strange craft or not remains open to debate. Some researchers into the case had put forward that the rock could very well have been one that originated in any industrial iron factory. Other researchers respond to this that although there are indeed similarities, the object Blomqvist retrieved from the water is not an exact match.

The Gold Nugget From Outer Space

An intriguing, if bizarre encounter unfolded at some point during the summer of 1972 in the Sierra Mountains near the Stanislaus River in California. [4] On the morning in question, just before dawn, Tom McCully, who was on a lone camping and fishing trip, was fishing when a pulsating later suddenly began reflecting off the water.

He would recall in the report he eventually made that the light would grow brighter and then dimmer, and, at first, he thought the source of the light must be a nearby forest fire. However, not only could he not smell any smoke from a fire, but he also couldn’t hear any of the crackling sounds that would accompany such a fire.

Before he could take in any more details, a bright, blinding flash of light suddenly appeared, followed by what sounded like large hailstones that began to rain down all around him. At this point, with fear surging through him, he bent forward to pick up his fishing rod in order to retreat from the scene. However, when he did so, he noticed what appeared to be a strange gold nugget on the ground. He quickly scooped it up and placed it in his shirt pocket.

As he was rolling up his sleeping bag, he noticed that the trees around him had what looked similar to bullet marks on them. As soon as he had collected his things he jumped in the car and returned home. He told his wife of what had happened. However, when he went to his pocket to retrieve the gold nugget to show her, to his disbelief it was no longer there. With no proof whatsoever of the incident, he decided to tell no one else of the encounter, and eventually put it all to the back of his mind.

Several weeks later, however, in July 1972 while preparing for a similar camping trip, he discovered the piece of gold wrapped up in his sleeping bag. At this point, McCully began speaking of the incident, and when he was told that Dr. Allen Hynek had offered a reward of $50,000 to anyone who had physical proof of UFOs, he decided to have the gold nugget analyzed, even chipping off a small piece to send to UFO investigators. And the results which eventually came back only served to increase the mystery around the encounter.

According to an article in the September 30th, 1976 edition of the Modesta Bee, tests and examinations on the gold nugget showed it was made of 99.4 percent iron. Furthermore, though, it was found to be non-magnetic and couldn’t be detected by metal detectors. The article further detailed that NASA had also expressed an interest in examining the fragment.

According to Dennis Hauck of the UFO Registry who organized the tests, the results were “silly” and this item “can’t even exist”.  Just what the object might have been, and if it was connected to the UFO encounter remains a mystery. As do the finer unknown details of just the purpose of this curious craft’s agenda that morning.

The Multiple UFO Encounters Of Jarmo Nykanen

Several intriguing UFO encounters were experienced and reported by Jarmo Nykanen from Suonenjoki in Finland. [5] The first of these unfolded on the morning of June 30th, 1973. That morning, he awoke at around 10 am and immediately began preparing for a trip to his summer cottage. He set off later that afternoon, walking to his destination through the forest.

To begin with, his stay was largely uneventful. He prepared an outside fire and cooked some food, before listening to the radio in the evening before retiring to bed around 2 am. However, not long after he did so, he heard a strange buzzing sound coming from outside. A few moments later, a bizarre blue light appeared, illuminating the inside of the cottage. Intrigued, he dressed and ventured outside toward the rowboat jetty.

Somewhere above the water, he could see a glowing blue object. Of more concern, as he walked toward the water, the light moved in his direction. It eventually came to a stop near the water’s edge, hovering above the surface. And at this proximity, he could make out much more detail.

He would later state that the blue glowing object was at least twice the size of a typical rowboat. What’s more, a strange “jelly” appeared to radiate from it. He further recalled that even the glow from the object was strange and somehow otherworldly. Even stranger was some kind of figure or entity that he believed (although he wasn’t certain) that he could see somehow “inside” the light.

Then, things turned even stranger. The next thing he realized he was waking up on the porch of the cottage and it was 6 am – four hours after he had first ventured out to inspect the light. Just what happened during those four hours remains unknown. Jarmo, though, would experience further strange behavior.

In the summer of 1975, on three separate occasions, Jarmo experienced strange knocking sounds seemingly coming from right outside his property. Although he often peered through the window during these episodes, he didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. Then, after around six months, these strange knocking episodes suddenly ceased.

It was, though, four years later where the most intriguing encounters occurred.

The Equally Baffling Events Of The Kolehmainen Family

The strange events of early 1979 began at around 6:50 am on the morning of February 2nd when Reijo Kolehmainen discovered a crater measuring around eight feet in the freshly landed snow approximately 15 feet from his house. When he went to inspect the crater, he could see a strange, red liquid at the bottom of it, as well as several metal pieces and even a metallic cup-like object. Reijo would further recall that the red liquid had a vinegar-like aroma to it. Reijo reported the crater to the police, who arrived around an hour later, photographed the crater, and collected several samples.

Three nights later, however, even stranger events unfolded at the Kolehmainen house. It was quite late on the evening of February 5th when the entire family suddenly heard a strange “shooting sound”. Although they put the incident out of their mind initially, when they ventured outside the following morning, they once more discovered a strange crater outside the house, slightly bigger than the first one. And once more, the strange red liquid and pieces of metal were discovered within the crater.

Reijo again made a report to the police. They once more arrived at the property to document it, even suggesting that someone might have constructed a homemade bomb and purposely thrown it toward their home, something the Kolehmainens found unlikely.

Another similar discovery was made just over two weeks later on the morning of February 21st. This time, the family would discover three crater-like holes, each containing the bizarre red liquid and debris. Even stranger, Reijo noticed that the electric lines above the holes were devoid of any snow while the wires elsewhere were piled high with it. Needless to say, the entire family was as perplexed as they were disturbed by these strange events.

Interestingly enough, the Kolehmainens were friends with Jarmo Nykanen. And in March 1979, Jarmo had agreed to look after their house while they were away.

A Vehicle From Another World Outside The House

Jarmo arrived at the property on March 8th. Two nights later, on March 10th, he would find another bizarre encounter unfolding around him. It was as he was walking around the grounds before settling down for the evening when he noticed a suddenly appearing flash of light coming from the nearby woodland. At the same time, he had the sudden feeling that someone – or something – was watching him.

He was even more shocked several moments later when an object in the shape of a bell appeared from the woodland near the house. Jarmo would later recall that the top part of the object glowed a bright blue color, while the lower section was lit up in red. Realizing he had his camera with him, he quickly raised it upwards. However, when he pressed down on the shutter, the flash simply refused to work.

After several attempts, he discarded the camera and walked toward the object with his flashlight. He turned it on and raised it toward the object. As soon as he did so, the object rose slightly from the ground, casting an illuminating red glow all around the surrounding area. After several moments, it shot straight up into the air and disappeared within seconds into the night sky.

Over the next few days, Jarmo made a map of the Kohelmainen properties, also placing the locations of the three discoveries by the family the previous month. It appeared to him that the locations of these craters were triangular. What’s more, it appeared to him, that the triangle was pointing toward his cottage.

The Cottage Incident

On March 16th, Jarmo returned to the cottage. It was as he was walking around the cottage to inspect the grounds that he heard a sudden humming sound coming from nearby. He turned in the direction the sound was coming from and immediately noticed the same bell-shaped object he had witnessed several days previously, hovering just above the ground a short distance away.

Once more, having his camera with him, Jarmo immediately began taking photographs. As he did so, the object began to increase in brightness, glowing a blue color. After snapping five pictures of the object, Jarmo then began to walk toward where it was hovering. To his disbelief, after he had taken only a few steps, the object simply disappeared.

Jarmo remained outside and spent the next 30 minutes searching for any sign of the curious craft. It was as he was walking near the frozen lake that he set his eyes on it again, this time as it hovered near the bushes. He once more took several photographs before attempting to get closer to the object once more. However, as he did so, he tripped. This action seemingly alerted the object to his presence as a moment later a red beam came from the object directly toward Jarmo’s face. He would recall that this light was bright, that it temporarily blinded him.

Alleged picture of a UFO

Alleged picture of a UFO

After composing himself, he pulled himself up from the ground and hid in the nearby trees. He watched the object for several more minutes before it rose into the air. Then, without warning, a blinding bright flash came from the object and red smoke emerged from it before it shot into the sky and disappeared.

When Jarmo walked to the area where the object had been hovering, he discovered the strange red liquid his friend had spoken of, as well as pieces of metal floating in it. The bizarre events, and just what the connection between the two locations remain unexplained and is perhaps one of the most baffling UFO cases of its time.

More Cases Of UFO Artifacts Than We Might Think

We have only examined a handful of cases of apparent UFO fragments and artifacts. Do these cases really represent examples of proof of alien visitation? Or might these cases, as interesting as they might be, have more down-to-earth explanations? Whatever the truth, they continue to fascinate UFO researchers and enthusiasts today in our contemporary era.

If these various objects are something from another world – or at least the byproduct of a vehicle from another world – then have they been left here on purpose? Or are they simply debris from exploration missions to Earth, similar to how we have left such debris on the moon and even on Mars following our own space missions?

One thing is certain. Such cases and apparent finds of alien artifacts will undoubtedly happen again in the future. And by keeping these other cases on the collective mental backburner, we will have a knowledge bank of information to draw from when determining just what such future discoveries might actually be.

The video below looks at some of the most interesting UFO encounters on record.


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