The Bagshot Heath UFO Incident

Marcus Lowth
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March 18, 2019
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October 6, 2021
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Considering the amount of detail reported, including national newspaper exposure in the Sunday Mirror under the headline, “Our UFO Terror!”, as well as the fact the encounter had multiple witnesses, the UFO incident at Bagshot Heath in Surrey in the United Kingdom in September 1985 is surprisingly little known or talked about, even in many corners of the UFO community.

David McMurray and his young family would experience an incident that would change their lives forever. And what’s more, weeks and months after the incident, the apparent aftereffects were continuing.

David McMurray undergoing regression with a superimposed UFO on the top

David McMurray

UFO researcher, Omar Fowler would investigate the incident, publishing many of his finding in Flying Saucer Review magazine. He would ultimately state he had “no doubt the report was genuine”. Perhaps it is unfortunate, then, that the incident has not received the attention it most likely deserves. Just why did such an apparently strong and credible case almost disappear from the UFO radar? Might this even be a purposeful and engineered approach?

Just what did happen on that lonely road on a dark September night in 1985? Are there other people such as McMurray all over the United Kingdom, possibly the world, with similar stories to tell but as unreported? Might there even be many who have undergone such incidents and are simply unaware of them? Indeed, if there is even any partial truth contained within the Bagshot Heath incident and others like it, we have to ask the question just what is going on in the skies all around our planet?

Two Strange “Saucer-Like Spacecraft” In The Middle Of The Road!

On the evening of 15th September 1985 at around 10 pm, husband and wife, David and Susan McMurray, along with their two young children, Paul and Katie, 5 and 18 months respectively, were driving home to Farnborough in Hampshire. Their journey took them through Bagshot Heath in nearby Surrey. It was here that the McMurray family would experience events that would change their lives forever.

Seemingly from out of nowhere, as the car pushed forward on a particularly lonely country road, a strange “spacecraft” shaped object came into view.

David would state in the Sunday Mirror edition of 29th September 1985:

I saw something hovering above the road in front of us. I could not believe my eyes. It was a huge saucer-like craft, about 50 feet long with brilliants lights coming from portholes around the center. Then, it suddenly took off. The whole family were weak and trembling for days afterward! [1]

A second strange craft, identical to the first would appear in the same spot and appeared to move alongside their moving car. After heading towards a new housing estate somewhere in the distance, David would decide to bring the vehicle to a halt before getting out to investigate. With the two children asleep in the back of the vehicle, Susan remained where she was in the passenger seat.

David noticed how the UFO had now also stopped. It now hovered just above trees on the opposite side of the road. He would later tell investigators that he had the distinct feeling that the object, or whoever might be inside it, was “watching him”.

It was then he became aware of a humming noise similar to “an electric sewing machine”. Furthermore, a red and green glow was visible on the underside of the craft.

David McMurray

David McMurray

“It Was As If It Was Watching Me!”

He and Susan would continue to watch for around a minute before the object suddenly took off into the night sky with acceleration unlike anything either of them had ever seen. They would report the incident to their local police on their way home.

Incidentally, in the same Sunday Mirror interview another corroborating witness, 24-year-old Lyn Brookes saw an almost identical object from her location in Wokingham, Berkshire. She would state, in a remarkably similar way to McMurray that:

…It hovered in one spot for about five minutes. I was really frightened. It was as if it was watching me!

What the McMurray family would realize over the coming days, particularly, David, was there appeared to be a certain window of time that they could not account for. Furthermore, David suspected that some form of telepathic communication had taken place between himself and the occupants of this strange craft.

The following morning, it was after 9:30 am when Susan and David woke. Each would normally be awake long before. Not least as their two young children were awake no later than 6 am without fail each morning. Today, though, each remained sleeping soundly when their parents burst into their bedroom.

When David attempted to start his car shortly after he would discover the battery was completely dead. Luckily, a nearby garage would jump-start the engine for him. However, the strange incidents were just beginning.

A sketch of the UFO McMurray witnessed

A sketch of the UFO McMurray witnessed

Strange And Sudden Symptoms

Later that day, David had developed a headache so severe he would find himself at the local hospital for immediate tests. While his results for blood pressure and such all came back as they should, he would remain “unwell” for several days.

He would have constant dizziness and “shaky legs”, as well as an on-off feeling of “hollowness” in his stomach.

It would also seem as one set of symptoms disappeared, others would replace them. For example, after a week or so, he began suffering memory lapses as well as severely disturbed sleep. Then, also without explanation, he developed a strange red rash all over the right side of his body. These red circular marks would only last a few hours, but as soon as they faded another would replace it.

Investigators would discover that several reports of a strange “humming” had been made by residents in the local area. And while many of the sounds were dismissed as coming from the military bases nearby, the fact they occurred at 3 am made it unlikely that any type of military exercises was the source of the strange sounds.

Furthermore, several UFO sightings would come from the area. One the previous year even appeared to make contact with the power lines, sending “flashes” into the air and causing a significant “dimming” of the lighting in people’s houses in the immediate area.

Susan McMurray and David McMurray

Susan McMurray (left) and David McMurray (right)

Long-Lasting Consequences And Developments!

By the start of November 1985, when investigators would return to speak with the McMurrays, it was obvious that David was still suffering from various lasting effects of the incident. For example, although the rash on the right had disappeared, there was now the very same rash on his left-hand side.

Even more bizarre, without realizing how or why he was doing it, he would have a sudden understanding of the mechanical functions and procedures of all manner of electrical equipment and devices. This would seemingly expand to include his car and the complete ins and outs of the engine system.

He would also experience sudden out of body episodes. He had awoken on two occasions to find himself staring down at both his own body and his sleeping wife. David would then return to his body “with a bump”. He would claim to have no history of such ability or instances.

Perhaps strangest of all, though, was the bizarre “message” that was constantly running through his head and had been since the strange night of 15th September:

Epsylon 44L – 47L!

Nor he, or anyone else who researched the case appears to have any idea just what the strange code or instruction are or mean.

McMurray points to his torso where the strange mark was found

McMurray points to his torso where the strange mark was found

Purposeful Press Management – Part Of The UFO Cover-Up?

Although the coverage given to the incident, albeit a one-off article in the Sunday Mirror was put across with respect and seriousness, UFO researcher, Gordon Creighton, explained how this apparent “serious coverage” could indeed be part of the “UFO Cover-Up”.

He would explain how the paper used large portions of the article by Omar Fowler which also appeared in Flying Saucer Review magazine (before the newspaper article it would seem). When Creighton raised this issue with the paper, they would accept it to be true, but they had altered things enough to leave out their name. They would even concede that they were “absolutely inundated with letters” from people from “all over Britain!”

Creighton would explain further:

Here we see the cover-up in operation…all over Britain there are scores and scores of folk who would like to become subscribers to Flying Saucer Review and would like to support us in what we are trying to do, but they are always sedulously blocked in their efforts, by those whose job it is to go often to most amazing lengths to see that the public remains unaware of our existence. Not one of those hundreds of letters are ever going to reach us – that’s for sure!

Even when the magazine had made attempts to advertise for witnesses surrounding the Rendlesham Forest incident they were met with considerable opposition and “problems”.

While some people pass off Creighton’s concerns, we should perhaps remember how, over the years, many UFO journalists have seemingly met untimely ends. And, as Creighton also points out, how many independent UFO publications suddenly stop publishing seemingly overnight.

Perhaps, now, in the age of the Internet, barring some unforeseen and strict limitations on access, this gap between the public and the researcher had closed considerably.

David McMurray undergoes hypnotic regression

David McMurray undergoes hypnotic regression

Revelations From Hypnotic Regression

David McMurray would eventually undergo several sessions of hypnotic regression. The results were remarkable, to say the least. The first of these sessions would take place in the private office at the home of Dr. Leonard Wilder in Stanmore, London on the afternoon of 12th January 1986. Several witnesses were present to the sessions, including the aforementioned Fowler and Creighton.

Once McMurray was under, he was instantly back behind the wheel of his car on the quiet country road in Bagshot Heath. Wilder would encourage him to talk about what was happening. David would tell of “something bright in the road, above the car”, which seemingly kept vanishing from his sight.

He would then state that this object was following their car. What’s more, the “brilliant brightness” from the object’s “windows”.

However, when Wilder began asking David to describe the size and shape of the object, he suddenly proclaimed:

Guardians…The Guardians…They are the Guardians! [2]

Wilder suddenly left his line of questioning and would immediately ask where the “guardians” came from. To this, David would reply, “Epsilon 44L…47L” before elaborating that their world was “far away”.

David would claim he didn’t know why these entities were communicating with him. They did so, though, through his mind. Furthermore, he claimed he was not at all frightened during the experience. However, he would become visibly distressed, seemingly about not fully understanding why the words “Epsilon 44L 47L” was continuously running through his mind.

Deciding to return to having David describe the craft, he would begin by stating once more that it was big and bright. However, he would then stop and state, “The light’s gone”.

The session, which in total including discussions beforehand, had lasted several hours.

Artist's impression of the UFO

Artist’s impression of the UFO

Reliving The Experience In Real Time!

Omar Fowler would recall how there was “an atmosphere in the room” and things “became tense” during the session itself. To all present, it appeared that David was literally reliving the experience in real time.

What caused the real “stunned silence”, however, was David’s certain and repeated claims of “The Guardians”. This phrase is one that not only comes up in UFO encounters – particularly close encounters and claims of alien abduction – but can also be found in ancient writings, creation legends, and mythology.

Even stranger was a subsequent experience that took place two weeks after the hypnotic regression sessions on the evening of 26th January 1986. Again, McMurray was driving with his wife and their two children. However, on this particular evening, as they approached the location of the previous sighting, an intense pain suddenly burst into David’s head. The pain was so intense, that David would immediately bring the car to a halt at the side of the road.

The pain would eventually subside and, although still in obvious discomfort, David restarted the car and completed the journey home. Upon arrival, though, he would immediately search his house for a piece of paper and something to write with. Susan would later describe his behavior “as though he was in some type of daze”.

He would finally find what he required and would proceed to write down a message given to him during the intense pain in his head. When finished, he read the words and showed them to Susan. Not only didn’t they understand what he had written, the handwriting was clearly not his own and his use of words was unlike him also.

The note written by McMurray after the incident

The note written by McMurray after the incident

The Universe – A “Supreme” Entity?

The meaning of this message was not at all clear to either David or Susan. Nor was it clear to researchers and investigators in their case. It was, though, obviously of importance. Not only as David went out of his way to record the “message” but it was seemingly strong enough in his mind for him to recall it in the first place. In short, if genuine, it would appear that there are at least some words of importance. The message reads:

Epsolom…Planet location 12th quadrant. Primary function guardians of planets. Watching Earth since 12 BC…Man’s development up to early 19th century almost nil. Key people located on Earth  early 1900…development up to date, increasing by 50%…still have not basic meotcail(?)…Warlike which will not be tolerated…still divided on the idea of one supreme ruler…will continue to watch and instruct key people onto the rate of advancement…Recommended that the advancement be reassessed as to the nature of their planet. And that they are allowed to continue at the 50% rate rather than to give them full co-operation!

There was then a signature –  the name, Asmiz.

These claims lean heavily towards an alien presence on Earth that seemingly goes back thousands of years. They also suggest this presence is apparently for the benefit of humanity. As bizarre as it might sound, might “the guardians” be another reference for the apparent “Watchers” of antiquity.

And what should we make of the idea of a “supreme ruler”. It isn’t the first time that such a concept, surprisingly or not, has surfaced in the details of a close encounter with an apparent extraterrestrial race.

Might this “supreme ruler” not be “God”, or even “a god”. But rather the Universe itself which rules everything and obeys its own laws only.

David McMurray

David McMurray

Confirmation Of A Long-Standing Extraterrestrial Presence On Earth?

As we might imagine, many people, even in the UFO community are not convinced by this subsequent sighting. However, if there is any truth in it, it would not only prove such claims as the ancient astronaut theory to be true. But would suggest an active extraterrestrial presence here on Earth. A presence with apparent influence. And a beneficial one to boot.

Might it be another case of an initial genuine incident, that for a variety of reasons, was followed by exaggerated claims or even outright lies? Perhaps to bring attention back to their original encounter? Or perhaps for the sudden realization of the potential for money for any further sightings.

There is certainly no evidence that this was the case with David McMurray. It is, though, perhaps understandably, a possibility, even for the most open-minded researchers. However, let’s remind ourselves of the many high-ranking officials’ claims of “multiple different races of aliens” are visiting our planet. Might it be that these particular extraterrestrials are on the same “mission” as those who apparently showed themselves with similar messages during the 1950s, for example?

The Bagshot Heath case, like many such incidents that have almost slipped through the cracks of time, could yet prove to be of great importance to the overall UFO and alien question. And it could, even now, over three decades later, still have secrets and revelations to divulge.

Check out the short video below. It features the aforementioned Gordon Creighton talking about UFO sightings and an apparent extraterrestrial presence on Earth. Extremely interesting viewing to say the very least.


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