Did The Christchurch Earthquake Unleash Demonic Manifestations?

Marcus Lowth
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July 9, 2017
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October 4, 2021
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Residents of Christchurch and the surrounding areas of Canterbury in New Zealand would suffer two huge earthquakes within six months. The first occurred in September 2010, with the second coming in February 2011.

The death toll would enter the hundreds, and the damage was of an astronomical cost. On top of this real loss, a surge of paranormal incidents and reports would surface in the days and months following the events. Some researchers began to connect the two, as if the earthquake had somehow brought forth something from deep within the earth.

Footage from the Christchurch earthquake.

Footage from the Christchurch earthquake.

As we will look at later, this phenomenon of paranormal and unusual sightings in the run-up to, or in the immediate aftermath of such catastrophic events occurs more than we might think.

Check out the video below. It features CCTV footage of the Christchurch earthquake in 2010 and shows how devastating the episodes really were.

The Strange Story of Allan and Sandra Bennett

Perhaps the story of Allan and Sandra Bennett is one of the more chilling of the accounts to later emerge. In the case of the Bennetts, their strange encounter would actually begin in the days leading up to the earthquake.

One morning in September 2010, Allan answered the knocking on his front door. In front of him, he could see a strange, menacing looking man on his doorstep. In his hand was a large manila envelope, which he would hand to Allan before leaving without saying a word. The envelope contained an unsettling black and white photograph of the Bennett’s house, but how it looked in the 1930s. Allan kept the picture for several days before he tore it to pieces. For reasons he didn’t understand he was unable to stand it being in his home any longer.

When the first earthquake brought chaos and misery to the town the following day, the Bennett’s property would suffer extended and severe damage. They themselves though were unhurt.

However, according to Allan, he could now sense “a presence” in the house. A threatening presence at that. In fact, Allan believed the “feel” of the property – their dream home – had now changed, and he couldn’t explain why. He would keep remembering the strange, dark-dressed man with the creepy photograph of his property from years ago. Did it have anything to do with the earthquake and the atmosphere he could now feel?

Demonic Manifestation?

Several nights later, Allan and Sandra sat bolt upright in their bed. A loud thud was shaking their bed, and at first, they feared another earthquake. The rest of the room, however, was calm. Something strange was happening.

They both gasped inwardly when strange footprint indents appeared on the bed clothes in front of them. They approached the pair. Then, Allan felt a tight vice-like grip around his throat and he instantly struggled for breath. He clawed at “invisible hands”, and just as he felt himself losing consciousness, the grip loosened. As he drew breath deeply into his deprived lungs, the presence seemed to vacate the room, and the banging ceased.

The Bennett’s would have no more strange experiences in the house, and they never did discover who the strange man who appeared at their door before the earthquake was. They, like many others in the area, reached out to local paranormal investigators for answers. One of the leading investigators into many of these strange reports and the person who researched the Bennett’s encounter is Anton Heyrick.

According to details of their case, investigations suggest that a demon had manifested in the Bennett’s property. Whether its presence is a result of the earthquake is unknown. As is whether it has left the Bennett’s home, or if it still lies dormant there.

Japanese Tsunami and UFOs Over the Fukushima Power Plant

Several weeks following the disaster in Christchurch an earthquake would strike off the coast of Japan. This would result in one of the largest and deadliest tsunamis to ever strike the country. The death toll is in the thousands, with thousands more still missing. Even today many remain missing.

As the hours of news and amateur footage made its way online, many eagle-eyed researchers would spot numerous UFO craft in the skies of the crippled nation. Many others would highlight strange “creatures” seemingly unleashed with the deadly wave. Many bizarre theories surfaced. Some believed the UFO sightings and reports of strange creatures suggested an invasion. Others theorized about the possible opening of portals to other dimensions as a result of the 9.0 earthquake.

Perhaps of more interest, was the cigar-shaped glowing object clearly seen over the Fukushima Nuclear Plant. Later reports would confirm that the week before, at nearby Haneda Airport, reports of four similar objects hovering overhead surfaced.

When you look at many other disasters, there are often reports of strange sightings either before or after them. Before we look at some of those, however, check out the video below. It looks at some of the footage taken in the hours and days following the Fukushima disaster.

Strange Lights And “Beings” Around Other Disasters

Six months before the deadly quake in Christchurch, and on the other side of the world in Chile, [1] another equally deadly earthquake would strike. Over five-hundred people would lose their lives, while the infrastructure in some cases was all but flattened.

In the midst of all the chaos, however, came a wave of sightings of strange lights in the skies over the region. To the locals, there was no doubt these were UFOs, and they were of intelligent occupation. One couple would even tell UFO researcher, Rodrigo Fuenzalida, that one such UFO was observing the residents of their apartment block. Despite the building only suffering minimal damage, the couple chose to flee the area due to fears of the UFOs possible intentions.

Even more interesting were the many reports of strange “humanoid luminous beings!” Many of these strange “otherworldly” beings were often seen walking and vanishing into surrounding lakes.

There were reports of similar sightings prior to the Oklahoma Tornado of 2013. And in 2005, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, came not only reports of UFOs, but in some cases of “humanoid reptilian beings” in the ruined streets. We have also written before of the Birdman of Chernobyl, and the Mothman of Point Pleasant. Are these also examples of similar sightings and strange activity in run up to disasters?

Assuming for one moment, these sightings are real, are they merely incidental of the circumstances? Or might they be altogether more entwined and purposely connected to them?

The videos below look at both reasons for, and footage of these strange sightings around disaster sites a little further.


1 Chile: Sixteen UFO Cases Reported on Earthquake Night, Inexplicata, March 19th, 2010 http://inexplicata.blogspot.com/2010/03/chile-sixteen-ufo-cases-reported-on.html

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  • Sakib says:

    Well I have to admit a lot of these paranormal things can be explained by jinn, a race of multidimensional entities that have inhabited earth far longer than humanity. They have strange abilities such as being able to shift between the physical and astral planes of existence as well as being able to teleport. They can shapeshift into anything they want, which perfectly explains all the so-called alien sightings and other weird sightings of strange creatures. The UFO’s are very likely to be their mode of transport and since they’ve been around for many thousands of years, it makes sense they would be more technologically advanced.

    Now for increased appearance in a disaster, well they simply want to survive and then escape the affected areas which explains the increase in UFO sightings. Another interesting coincidence is that the number of UFO encounters massively increased after the nuclear bomb in 1945.

    The other confusing thing is that throughout history, the same thing can be referred to by so many different terms with demon or spirit being the most common terminology.

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