The Mystery Of The Count Of St. Germain – A Vampire? Time Traveler? Or Simple Fraudster?

Marcus Lowth
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June 12, 2020
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October 3, 2021
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The case of the Count of St. Germain is without a doubt one of the most mysterious and intriguing on record. An enigmatic gentleman who first appeared on the public record in the mid-eighteenth century and then went on to appear in various places over the years, with some sightings stretching into the 1900s. What’s more, whoever this strange person was, he appeared to be at the center of some of the most momentous events in history.

Depiction of the Count of St. Germain

The Count of St. Germain

Just how many of these accounts are genuine and how many are fabrication based on hearsay is very much open to debate. There are, however, some wild and intriguing theories as to just who this strange person was. Were they from another world, for example? Perhaps they were a time traveler? Maybe they had somehow realized the secrets of the universe and had somehow managed to live, essentially, forever?

Was he even what we would recognize as a vampire who somehow discreetly moved about the world of the living across the centuries? It is perhaps interesting to note that some claims suggest he was the son of a prince from Transylvania which simply adds another layer of intrigue to this already bizarre account. And when we later turn our attention to a bizarre encounter at the start of the twentieth century in New Orleans, these claims take on an even more disturbing tone.

While the absolute truth of this strange gentleman will unlikely never be known for sure, the accounts still fascinate researchers today. And what’s more, it will likely do so for some time to come.

“Odd”, “Mad”, But Remarkably Talented!

The best to start examining the Count of St. Germain would be to turn our attention to London in the early 1740s, [1] where from accounts on public record, he was making quite a name for himself with his bizarre and enthralling abilities, as well as the high-ranking company he kept. Just one of these was Harold Walpole, the son of the British Prime Minister of the time, Robert Walpole.

We know from a letter written by Walpole that the Count was a magnificent violin player and also a great composer of music. He also described him as “odd” and “mad”. We might accept, then, that whoever he was, he was eccentric.

Portrait of the Count of St. Germain

Portrait of the Count of St. Germain

Perhaps so eccentric that he was soon arrested on suspicion of spying. He would be released, however, without charges. The experience would appear to have unsettled the Count, though, and he left London and headed to mainland Europe.

Several years later, he had made his way to Paris and was once again mixing with the most upper classes of society. This time, he was a regular guest of Louis XV. Much of his time with Louis XV was shrouded in secrecy, however. He would often spend considerable time in a commissioned laboratory working on all manner of strange experiments. These would include producing substances that would dye fabric which would bring riches to the region. Perhaps even more intriguing, he was often said to perform discreet “missions” for Louis XV, although it is not known exactly what these missions entailed.

Rumors Of Being Alive For Hundreds Of Years!

He was, though, often seen in the many drinking establishments around Paris. He was said to be able to speak several languages perfectly and would speak with great knowledge and wisdom. The count would also seemingly give away handfuls of diamonds to anyone he took a liking too. And it is perhaps this detail which gave rise to more rumors about the Count.

According to gossip around the city, the Count had the ability to turn normal stones into valuable jewels. Essentially that he was a master of alchemy.

Might this have been the case? Might this be the reason for the further sightings stretching decades into the future of this influential and seemingly mentally superior man?

There were also further rumors that the Count was not merely middle-aged as his appearance suggested, but that he was hundreds, perhaps thousands of years old. Perhaps some of the more outlandish claims were that he was even present at the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD when the premise of Christianity as we know it today was officially decided. We should note that many people, perhaps not surprisingly, dismiss such accounts.

However, the accounts and more specifically, the sightings of the Count would add further twists to the tale.

Further Accounts In History And An “Apparent” Death

Further reports would suggest that the Count of St. Germain traveled to Russia from France. Even more intriguing, such rumors also state that he was an influential person in assisting Catherine the Great taking power.

He would also surface in Germany where he struck up a similar friendship to the one he had with Louis XV, only this time with Prince Charles of Hesse-Cassel. And once more, he would soon have a laboratory placed at his disposal so he might continue his mysterious and private work.

It is here where it is said that the Count passed away in 1784. However, there were soon claims of sightings of him in other parts of the world. These were scattered throughout the 1800s, mainly in Europe.

There were even claims on French TV in 1972 from a man who claimed to be the Count. He would even attempt to turn lead into gold so as to prove his identity. Incidentally, he didn’t succeed.

Perhaps the strangest sighting and claim of the Count of St. Germain, however, would come from New Orleans in the United States at the start of the twentieth century. It is there where we will turn our attention next.

The Equally Mysterious Jacques St. Germain!

According to the reports, a strange and mysterious gentleman [2] began to make himself known to the residents of New Orleans in Louisiana in the early 1900s using the name Jacque St. Germain. He would soon become very popular among the high-ranking social circles of the city. We might recall how the accounts of the Count of St. Germain always managed to put himself in similar positions in various cities of Europe.

What’s more, he was remarkably knowledgeable and enigmatic, often seen in many of the drinking establishments around New Orleans and hosting “lavish” parties at his home in an affluent part of the city. We might also note how many of those who knew this new arrival to New Orleans would describe him as eccentric. Of course, this is something that was noted about the Count during his travels in Europe.

The Count of St. Germain

The Count of St. Germain

Of even more interest, were the accounts of historic events he would speak of. He would do so in such detail it would make those who would listen to these tales believe he had actually been there himself. Remember, similar rumors would circulate around the Count of St. Germain also.

If we accept that Jacques St. Germain and the Count of St. Germain are one and the same person, it is perhaps interesting that he would declare that he was a descendant of the Count. Although many did not fully believe the claims, it was impossible to deny the physical resemblance between the two. In fact, he was almost a carbon copy.

Was this a true fact declared by Jacques St. Germain? Or was it merely something to give himself a backstory? Whatever the reason, the mysterious gentleman remained popular among the city’s residents.

However, it is here where even stranger rumors began to circulate.

The Woman Who Jumped From St. Germain’s Balcony!

During these eccentric parties, it was soon noted that St. Germaine would rarely, if ever, eat any of the food or drink on offer. When his remarkably similar physical appearance to the Count was considered, rumors began to circulate that Jacques St. Germain was, in fact, a vampire.

Then, things would change dramatically.

Following one of the St. Germain’s parties, the police were called to attend after a woman had seemingly fallen from one of the galleries in the house. Although the identity of the woman is not known, it is thought she was a prostitute. And what’s more, it would soon come to light that she had not fallen but had jumped from the balcony in sheer terror into the street below, a state she remained in when police arrived.

A full moon in a night sky

A full moon in a night sky

When she eventually calmed somewhat, she would claim that she had jumped from the balcony to escape St. Germain. She would claim that he had bitten her neck and attacked her. Furthermore, only a sudden knock at the door allowed her to make her escape.

The woman was taken to hospital. However, the police believed that she had merely imagined the encounter, possibly due to excessive alcohol. They would not trouble St. Germain that evening, instead informing him that he could come to the station at his leisure the following day to clear up the incident.

However, when he failed to show the following day, police realized they would have to visit the mysterious gentleman at his home. Their initial feeling that the matter would be cleared up upon speaking with him was beginning to fade.

A Real-Life Vampire In New Orleans

They would arrive at the home of St. Germain they would find that the mysterious gentleman had seemingly disappeared overnight. All of the belongings remained at the house, but St. Germain himself was nowhere to be seen. They would, however, make some chilling and disturbing discoveries.

Inside one of the rooms, they would discover several bottles of red wine. What was strange, at least initially, they discovered they were all full but open. When they looked inside the wine bottles they would discover they were, in fact, a mixture of wine and blood.

Whatever the reason for this disturbing concoction, St. Germain himself was never seen anywhere in the city again. In fact, he was never seen anywhere again (the gentleman claiming to be him in the early 1970s aside).

What happened to St. Germaine? Did he manage to escape the city overnight and blend in somewhere else? What did he use for money given that he had seemingly left all of his possessions and wealth behind? And was the story told by the terrorized woman true? If not, why would the gentleman, who still enjoyed the benefit of the doubt and perceptions of high social standing in the city, simply pick up and leave unless he suspected that a dark secret would be revealed?

And if there is any truth to such outlandish claims, was St. Germain really the descendent of the Count from Europe? And if so, might there have been unknown deaths of individuals around this time that would match up with the strange account of St. Germain in New Orleans.

Just Who Was The Count Of St. Germain?

As we have examined, both the Count of St. Germain and Jacques St. Germain were certainly intriguing individuals. Were they the same person? And if so, just how was it possible for this apparent lengthy life?

Was this strange individual actually a time-traveler who arrived at various points in history and immediately slotted himself into the higher echelons of whatever society he was in? If so, for what purpose was this lone individual doing so? Purely for amusement, or might there be a greater mystery to unveil?

Or was he someone who had managed to live forever? Is he still circulating around society somewhere today? If so, is a lone person who has managed to cheat death, or are there others? Might stories of vampires have more basis in reality than most of us might think?

Or might the Count of St. Germain have been akin to a fraudster who used his knowledge to ensure his position in the affluent areas of society? And might Jacques St. Germain have been exactly who he said he was? The life of the two individuals will likely fascinate researchers for some time to come.

Check out the video below. It looks at this most fascinating and mysterious gentleman a little further.


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