Have Scientists Found Proof Of Alien Visitation Over Three Quarters Of A Million Years Ago?

Marcus Lowth
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October 11, 2022
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Most of us will have heard of the ancient astronaut theory, the suggestion that intelligent extraterrestrial life arrived on the Earth many thousands of years ago, with further suggestions that they were not only responsible for many of the ancient megalithic buildings but for kickstarting the human race as we know it today.

A depiction of a space craft

Did a space craft crash on Earth 780,000 years ago?

Many researchers – even those in the UFO community – are skeptical of such claims, with some even dismissing them outright and, essentially, staying well clear of them. However, according to recent reports, scientists are suggesting that just such a craft very well may have arrived on earth around 780,000 years ago – a time when our evolutionary ancestors, Home Erectus (upright man) were very much present on the Earth and could very well have been witness to such a cosmic event.

As we will examine later, as much as it is a speculative leap, many researchers suggest that an alien intervention provided the missing link between Homo erectus and home sapiens (the human race). Might it be that this apparent aerial and the cosmic anomaly was connected to such an intervention?

Studies That Have Lasted For Decades

The studies which have been carried out by NASA over several years (and are indeed ongoing) made the discovery that the strange object arrived from space approximately 780,000 years ago. This object was huge in size, measuring miles and miles across, and was likely traveling around 20,000 miles per hour when it arrived. [1]

However, rather than entering the planet’s atmosphere and crashing to the ground causing a cataclysmic event, the strange object appeared to intentionally slow down and position itself in orbit – something a natural body simply wouldn’t do. [2] While it might be possible for larger planets such as Jupiter or Saturn to capture such a large object in its gravitational pull, this is extremely unlikely to be the case with Earth (or indeed any of the smaller, rocky planets of the inner solar system such as our cosmic neighbors, Mars or Venus).

However, it is perhaps what happened next when things turned really strange. According to the scientific data uncovered by NASA scientists, after remaining in orbit for some time, the object appeared to undergo a drastic change – essentially it appeared to heat up considerably and begin “self-melting”. Following this, “frozen liquid glass” then fell to Earth across an extremely large area, stretching from Antarctica to southern China.

Samples of this one-time liquid glass have been collected and studied, with scientists revealing that it appears to have been made up of around 75% quartz crystal. What is interesting here is that many ancient astronaut theorists have suggested that just such a material may have been used by visiting aliens in the distant past as a way of recording information – much in the same way as modern computers are moving toward today.

There were, though, other intriguing elements discovered in the samples also – such things as aluminum, magnesium oxide, calcium oxide, potassium oxide, and iron. As writer and researcher, Bruce Fenton notes, “many of these are compounds that have properties potentially relevant for spacecraft design”.

An Origin From Outer Space?

Scientists would also discover that the strange object – whatever it was – contain isotopes that very suggested an origin from outer space. Investigation of this recovered glass-like debris (which is known as australite tektites) has gone on for almost a century, with no conclusive explanation having been reached. We still do not know where this mystery object came from or why, or how, it ended up orbiting the Earth in the way it did. Nor do we know why it seemingly exploded sending the debris down to Earth in the first place.

There have been several proposed explanations put forward. However, none appear to be at all watertight.

A depiction of a spacecraft

Has there been an alien presece on Earth for almost a million years?

For example, some have suggested that the huge “meteor” was the result of a natural body crashing into the moon and then sending a large piece of debris toward the Earth. As the previously mentioned Bruce Fenton writes, “if an asteroid impacted the lunar surface and blew off a lot of melted rock, it is possible some of the resulting tektite material might head” to Earth. However, as scientists have discovered the lunar surface over the years, they found that it does contain the make-up required to produce australite debris.

Another explanation put forward is that a large asteroid crashed to Earth – or possibly exploded above the ground much like the Tunguska incident in 1908 – somewhere in Southeast Asia. However, like the moon debris suggestion, there are things that don’t add up and so make it untenable. Quite simply would have made it unlikely, if not impossible to spread the debris field as far as scientists have discovered it. What’s more, these discoveries have been proven to have formed in space and not within the Earth’s atmosphere.

More Fascinating Discoveries

There are other points of interest also, as noted by scientists and relayed by Fenton. For example, before it rained down to Earth, the tektite glass appears to have been subject to a very specific way of heating – one that essentially left a homogenous material (one that is uniform or the same) and removed the vast majority of bubbles caused by the heating process.

As Fenton explains in such impacts or explosions as this one, “the energy release is extremely powerful but also short in duration”, before continuing that “this rapid heating and cooling would create glass with a lot of bubbles and the material wouldn’t be homogenous”.

These findings and recent conclusions not only rule out such suggestions of a lunar impact or a direct impact of the Earth by a cosmic body, but they also mean that the explanation remains wide open and very much up for debate.

There is another extremely intriguing point made by Fenton to examine. One that, at first, might sound preposterous to most but is very much worth mentioning here. For example, there have been rumblings for some time from both astrobiologists and astronomers who have voiced their opinion that “post-biological alien artificial intelligence” will one day in the future arrive on Earth from elsewhere in the galaxy. And that these beings, as Fenton writes, will exist “in the form of huge mobile silica networks” – very similar in make-up to the substances discovered and examined for decades by our contemporary scientists. Might it be that these extraterrestrial AI machines arrived here long, long ago? And might the apparent explosion that occurred almost 800,000 years ago have been these artificially intelligent aliens?

A Moments Rampant Speculation

If we allow ourselves a moment of speculation here – and rampant speculation at that – might it be possible that this event was some kind of “seeding” project by an unknown extraterrestrial intelligence? Might the “glass-like” substance have carried with it something that seeded the planet and eventually led to human beings? Although the idea of panspermia – where microbial life arrives on a planet after hitching a ride on a meteor or comet has been discussed and even suggested before – this notion would assert that this was a purposeful seeding.

Or might, if we assume the object is a spacecraft of some kind, the intelligence that was on it have left before the apparent self-destruction and landed safely on Earth? Might the destruction of the craft have not been purposeful at all but some kind of accident that caused the craft to place itself into orbit so the crew could abandon it before it, essentially, blew up?

We might note that some researchers – after examining many ancient legends – have suggested that rather than a purposeful landing on Earth, an extraterrestrial intelligence was forced to land on Earth and then found themselves stranded here, at least for a time.

Might they then, with whatever advanced technology they managed to bring with them to the surface of the Earth, have managed to build their own society, perhaps even using such technologies to genetically engineer what we know today as human beings and, in the process, come to be known as the “gods” of the ancient world?

Once more, this is mere speculation. However, given that several theories have already pretty much been ruled out as being a realistic possibility, perhaps this speculation is very much warranted.

A Mystery That Remains A Mystery!

What we are left with, then, is a complete mystery. Was this huge object that seemingly exploded above the Earth’s surface really a natural cosmic body such as a meteor or asteroid? Or should we be contemplating something a lot more technical such as a large mothership-type spacecraft? And if that was the case, what might that say not only for human history but how we view the wider cosmos?

Most scientists would state that it is statistically unlikely, if not impossible, given the number of planets that we know exist and the many more that likely remain undiscovered, for intelligent life not to exist elsewhere in the universe. And while the notion of that intelligence being able to traverse the universe is another matter entirely, if they could, why wouldn’t they have been able to do this in the distant past? This speculative intelligent space-faring civilization could be millions of years ahead of where we are now, for example.

For now, the mystery continues. And while further studies will undoubtedly continue, the speculation, theorizing, and assertions will do so also.




1 Unwritten Mystery: Was The World’s First UFO Recorded 780,000 Years ago?, Bruce R. Fenton, Curiosmos, September 23rd 2020 https://curiosmos.com/the-worlds-first-ufo-recorded-780000-years-ago/
2 The Origin of Tektites, NASA https://ntrs.nasa.gov/citations/19980227350

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  • Peter Denholm says:

    That is a fantastic theory. But I still like to believe after millions and millions of years that life some how appeared on earth and then mankind also appeared by evolution or by God. At this point in time how should not be important to us, but survival and continued existance is important.

  • scherben says:

    How is it possible to discover that some object was travelling 20,000 mph, stabilised its trajectory and went into near Earth orbit from fragments consistent with normal debris from space?

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