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February 24, 2019
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September 29, 2021
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Most of us are familiar with the legends and stories of Bigfoot or Sasquatch. We have all hear tales of a mysterious, hairy beast, who stalks the mountains and woodlands of the planet. Most countries and cultures have accounts and legends of such a creature.

A picture of Bigfoot blended into a huge footprint in the snow

Do Bigfoot creatures really exist?

Reports of sightings generally speak of a creature anywhere from seven to ten feet tall, weighing around three hundred pounds. Their “hairy” appearance makes them comparable to a gorilla, although their stance is much more upright. An extremely unpleasant aroma also accompanies their presence. Sightings suggest they have flat stomachs and some reports even state very distinct breasts on some of the creatures. Again, these are all traits more in line with human beings as opposed to a gorilla.

The name “Bigfoot” comes from a picture that ran in a California newspaper in 1958. Local resident, Gerald Crew, had taken a cast of a huge footprint that he claimed belonged to a Sasquatch. He had made the discovery while walking in Bluff Creek in the northern part of the state. However, sightings come from all over the world. And these mysterious creatures are known under various names, which we will examine later.

Although claims of these creatures go back for thousands of years, there appears to be an increase in sightings. Even many mainstream scientists state that as unlikely as it is, it would not be impossible that an unknown species of hominid could go undetected for thousands of years. As our societies grow, ever encroaching into areas that might house such species, so do the reported sightings.

Skoocooms Legends, And The 1924 Fred Beck Incident

There are sightings of Bigfoot-like creatures all over the world. One area that is particularly awash with such reports is the state of Washington in the upper northwest of America. What’s more, these stories go back hundreds of years.

In 1847, while visiting Mount St. Helens, artist, Paul Kane, received warnings he should stay clear of the area by local tribes. According to them it was “inhabited by a race of being of a different species” who were also cannibals. They referred to these creatures as Skoocooms and indicated their presence was a supernatural experience as much as anything else.

In 1924, while staying in Abe Canyon, Fred Beck [1] and his team were subject to rocks thrown at their cabin. After managing to sit-out the incident, they would find huge footprints in the mud around the grounds the following morning.

Most thought it was likely a prank from a rival mining team, but Beck wasn’t so sure. He investigated the stories and accounts of the area over the following years, eventually writing of his theories. Multiple stories told of large hairy creatures appearing out of nowhere, even throwing rocks from high above. He ultimately believed that the creatures that attacked the cabin that evening were from another dimension.

It was this particular sighting and reports thereafter, that would lead to the most famous piece of Bigfoot footage.

The short video below – a docudrama from the 1970s – looks at the claims of Fred Beck in a little more detail.

The Patterson-Gimlin Film

In 1967 two filmmakers embarked on retracing the steps of Beck’s team as they investigated the legend of Bigfoot. It is certainly up for debate as to the authenticity of the footage filmed by Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin. [2] However, just as important is the fact it hasn’t been “debunked” in any conclusive way. What they captured is arguably the most famous piece of footage of a Bigfoot creature in history.

While in northern California, the two filmmakers filmed the Bigfoot creature walking away from them, even turning to observe to two men, before calmly walking into the woodland and out of sight.

You can check out the infamous Frame 352 below.

The main drive behind the expedition was Patterson, who had been following Bigfoot sightings for several years. He was particularly interested in the Beck incident of 1924. When he and Gimlin captured their now infamous footage, it was, they would always maintain pure luck.

Capturing the creature on film was not a top priority for either of them. There was to film a documentary retracing the exact route taken by the Beck team almost forty years previously. However, shortly after 1 pm on the 20th October 1967, that is exactly, if we accept their claim to be genuine, what they did.

As they made their way along the bank of Bluff Creek they spotted a logjam up ahead. They also spotted a large, hairy creature on the opposite side of the creek approximately 25 feet away. After calming his horse, Gimlin readied his rifle while Patterson moved forward with his camera.

As Patterson filmed with Gimlin “covering him”, the creature was walking away from him. Then, it turned and looked towards him for several seconds before turning back away from him and out of shot.

There Was A Look Of “Contempt And Disgust!”

Patterson would later recall of the moment the creature turned to look at him:

…(There was a look of) contempt and disgust…you know how it is when the umpire tells you ‘one more word and you’re out of the game’. That’s the way it felt!

Initially, Gimlin would jump back on his horse and attempt to follow the creature. However, he would lose sight of it around a bend in the trees. Furthermore, Patterson was calling for him to return, later saying he suddenly felt extremely vulnerable and alone with his filming partner gone. Before they left the area, the two men would take plaster casts of a left and a right footprint.

Both Patterson and Gimlin stuck to their version of events, and despite some minor details differing, seemed largely credible. After Patterson died in 1972, Gimlin was much less eager to speak of the incident. He repeatedly denied that either himself or Patterson were part of a hoax.

In fact, it is these slight discrepancies in minor details that some researchers suggest lends the pair even more credibility. For example, if such an elaborate sighting was set up purely for monetary gain or notoriety then surely the pair would have ensured such details matched each other.

Even so, there have been several detractors and claims of evidence the footage was a hoax. None of which, incidentally, have proven watertight.

Perhaps the most recent came in the early 2000s when a gentleman by the name of Bob Heironimus came forward to state he was “the man in the ape suit” of the Patterson-Gimlin footage. However, many would quickly point out that the creature in the film clearly had breasts which an “ape-suit” didn’t.

Below is the full length complete original version of the Patterson-Gimlin film.

Legends Of The Yeti – The Bigfoot Of Siberia And The Far East

In the mount regions of the Himalayas and into the treacherous terrain of Siberia and the icy worlds of the far north, come sightings of the Yeti, sometimes referred to as The Abominable Snowman (although there are multiple local names). While this equally perplexing creature is essentially a Bigfoot-like beast, there are some differences. Not least the color of their hair, with the Yeti donning a white fur as opposed to the red-brown of the western Bigfoot.

The origins of the Abominable Snowman name is said to come from Charles Howard-Bury and his leading of the 1921 British Mount Everest reconnaissance expedition. During this trip, he would note how he discovered strange footprints in the snow.

He expressed his belief that they were likely those of a “loping” wolf. However, his Sherpa guides would offer another explanation. They would inform him the tracks were those of the Metoh-Kangmi, or the “Wild Man of the Snow”.

Researchers suggest that Metoh means “man-bear” and Kangmi means “snowman”. However, when journalist, Henry Newman, interviewed Howard-Bury, he is thought to have mistranslated the word “Metoh”. Instead of “man-bear” he translated it as “filthy”, which he then changed to “abominable”.

From this, the moniker the Abominable Snowman was born.

There were, however, accounts of such a creature that pre-date the twentieth century. Before the beliefs of Buddhism spread throughout the peoples of the Himalayan region, many of the locals were said to “worship” a deity-like creature who lived in the mountainous region. One particular group – those of the Bon religion – even believed that the Mirgod (which translates as Wild Man) had special properties within its blood which they sought to use within their rituals and ceremonies.

A record of an early strange footprint in the snow from 1899 is of particular interest.

A Presence That Likely Goes Back Centuries

In the same way the Bigfoot creature of the west, sightings would continue in the Himalayan and Siberian regions throughout the twentieth century. And with the technological revolution of the 2000s, these sightings would seemingly increase.

Researchers in the west, however, began to take note of the strange sightings from east following photographs taken by English mountaineer, Eric Shipton, during his 1951 expedition to Mount Everest. At around 20,000 feet above sea level, Shipton noticed large human-like footprints in the snow and immediately took photographs, using his ice pick to show the size of them.

The picture is one of the most famous regarding this strange beast, with some even going as far as to state it is the best proof on record of the authenticity of this mysterious creature.

More interesting discoveries occurred three years later on the 1954 Daily Mail Snowman Expedition led by John Angelo Jackson. The expedition would stretch from Everest to Kanchenjunga. As well as photographing multiple strange-looking footprints in the snow, he also discovered several ancient symbolic depictions of the strange beast. This would suggest that the sightings of the Yeti had been happening for centuries.

As the twenty-first century has progressed sightings, and indeed seriously planned missions to locate evidence of their existence has continued.

A huge footprint discovered in the snow with a pick ax next to it for comparison

A huge footprint discovered in the snow with a pick ax next to it for comparison

The (Eventually) Revealing Expeditions Of Tom Slick

Perhaps some of the most intriguing accounts from this region of the world are from the expeditions of American entrepreneur Tom Slick. He would collect samples of feces of the Yeti in 1959. Analysis of the sample would apparently discover a parasite that was, and still is, unknown to science. What is particularly interesting about this discovery is it would later, through declassified documents, show just what a serious interest the US government had in these Bigfoot and Yeti creatures.

The document from April 1959, it states:

American resources in the last two years have been concentrated on efforts to capture the abominable snowman!

It is most likely a safe bet that if such intelligence services had an interest in such a creature so far from home, they would most definitely have an interest in the one that was on its own doorstep. And when we look at the connections between Bigfoot sightings and UFO activity, which we will shortly, then we have to wonder just where that interest stems from, and why?

Much like in the United States, the environment where many of these sightings take place is generally in the largely uninhabited areas of the region. This would make sense and perhaps endorses the idea that these Bigfoot creatures are indigenous to this planet. And furthermore, for the most part of our collective history, have remained hidden in these otherwise undisturbed landscapes.

However, with the constant encroachment of the modern world, these attempts at concealment is becoming increasingly difficult. Perhaps again interestingly is the plethora of sightings in the many cave systems of the world. Might it be possible, given the previous statement, that these tunnels and caves, have become a network that allows these mysterious beings to retain a semblance of their anonymity?

Other Bigfoot-Like Creatures All Over The Planet!

Much like the upper northwest regions of the United States or the mountainous terrain of the Himalayas, many other regions of the world, have similar clusters of sightings. And each has their own name and characteristics, although, in reality, these creatures will be of the same, or similar, Bigfoot-family.

Skunk Ape

In the swamp lands of the Florida Everglades are numerous sightings of the Skunk Ape (although there have been sightings as far as Kentucky). While there is no doubting the similarities to the Bigfoot creatures most of us would likely conjure up in our minds, the Skunk Ape is decidedly faster than the Bigfoot and doesn’t move in an upright stance. Like Bigfoot sightings, witnesses most often report an overpowering aroma.

Several people have managed to capture photographs and even video footage of the legendary creature, suggesting that whatever it might prove to be something is roaming around this area of the southeast of the United States.

There are various other theories to explain what this mysterious creature (or creatures) might be. Aside from the Bigfoot claims, several researchers suggest they could be “wild chimpanzees”, either simply undetected by scientists (which is unlikely) or the result of escaped chimpanzees from zoos or even laboratories decades previously.

The short video below looks at this particular enigmatic beast a little further.

Dewey Lake Monster

Another Bigfoot-like creature is the Dewey Lake Monster, or the, “Michigan Bigfoot” or the “Sister Lakes Sasquatch”. Several sightings of the creature in the early-1960s near Dewey Lake would, for a time, have Bigfoot researchers descending on the region.

Authorities would certainly treat the sightings seriously, however. They would note how “some good, honest, legitimate people” made reports of seeing the beast. However, despite intense searches, not only could they not locate the Dewey Lakes Monster, they could not offer a reasonable explanation for what else the townsfolk of Dowagiac were seeing.


A similar legendary creature resides in the Australian Outback. Known as the Yowie, this strange entity goes back hundreds of years to the oral traditions of the Aboriginal tribes. These creatures, according to local legends, are anywhere from 6 to 12 feet tall and have an “ape-like” appearance.

Similarly, to the Bigfoot legends, the Yowie walks upright as a human would do, and its feet are decidedly bigger than a standard human’s foot. Their behavior, much like the Bigfoot and Yeti accounts range from these hairy creatures of the Outback being shy and retiring and going out of its way to not be seen, to cases of outright aggression.

Although reports were relatively common in the nineteenth century and early 1900s, they are rather more sporadic today. However, they have continued throughout the twentieth century, and several recent cases of “savaged pets” and bizarre sightings suggest such a creature still patrols the bushland of Australia.


Around the base and ascending landscape of Mount Hiba in Hiroshima in Japan, are regular sightings of the Hibagon. Most descriptions of this creature are very similar to the North American Bigfoot.

Said to be around five feet tall, it walks upright as a humanoid would and has black hair and large white hands and feet. What is interesting is that sightings of this strange creature seem to have started out of nowhere in the early-1970s. One of the first sightings, although no “hostile actions” occurred took place in 1972. The witness would describe the creature as “covered with brown hair” and having “deep glaring eyes”.

Because of this sudden appearance, some researchers have suggested the Hibagon could be a member of the monkey family, even a person, still suffering the aftereffects of the nuclear bomb on Hiroshima at the end of the Second World War.


A similar creature resides in the remote woodlands and mountain regions of Hubei in China. Translated as “The Wild Man of Shennongjia” sightings of the creature have seemingly exploded in the second half of the twentieth century. According to the records of the Xinhua News Agency over 400 official sightings are on record.

Because the region where many of the sightings take place is largely uninhabited, and certainly rarely visited before the arrival of modern airplanes and helicopters, it is very likely that these mysterious creatures have called the area home for centuries.

The Billiwhack Monster

Back in the United States, perhaps one of the most bizarre and intriguing of such creatures is reported to lurk within the abandoned Billiwhack Diary plant in California. Indeed, the Billiwhack Monster is perhaps more akin to a yeti – if reports of it are more than just urban legend. As well as its dirty white hair and razor-sharp claws, the beast dons “ram-like horns” on his head, with some even describing it as a half-man, half-sheep-like creature.

Sightings continue, albeit randomly today, but were seemingly at their peak in the fifties and sixties.

Perhaps what is particularly interesting are the claims that the Billiwhack Monster is the consequence of a secret government experiment towards the end of the Second World War. The secret genetics program was attempting to make, so says the legend, a super soldier combining human DNA with an unknown beast.

Given that local legends insist that sightings of the Billiwhack Monster go back to the early-1900s, at least, might it be possible, if the legends are true, that the unknown beast was some kind of Bigfoot-creature?

Also interesting, much like other Bigfoot hot-spot areas, is that the entire planet experiences these mysterious sightings of strange lights, UFOs, and apparitions appearing out of nowhere and vanishing into thin air.

The short video below features a little more on this strange beast of California.

Indeed, these are just some of the similar Bigfoot-like creatures from around the world. However, what should we make of some of the other mind-bending connections to these strange creatures?

UFO Sightings And Other Strange Phenomena Connections

Bizarre as it might seem, areas where Bigfoot sightings are high, are usually also UFO hotspots. Not only that these areas are often prone to other strange phenomena. This has led some to question whether there is a direct connection to the creatures and such strange events.

We know, for example, there are numerous UFO encounters with direct references to “Bigfoot-like” creatures. Just what might that connection be? Are these creatures actually extraterrestrial in nature? Or might the simply use the same method of entry from their world into ours?

A lot of the alleged “hotspot” areas of Bigfoot sightings are also in regions where tectonic plates meet. Some theories suggest that the energy released when this happens is so great it opens a portal to another dimension. Remember Beck’s claims that the creatures known as Sasquatch were from another dimension?

An area known as The Bennington Triangle on the northeast of the United States also has legends of beast-like creatures. Some legends of the local tribes of the area also speak of a “portal” being present here. Might this be another example of inter-dimensional creatures?

In Scotland, on Ben Macdui, the highest peak of the Cairngorms mountain range, famous for mysterious sightings and strange phenomena, also has reports of tall, hairy creatures lurking within the valleys. Referred to as the “The Big Grey Man”, there are many reports where people feel someone is watching them. Some even claim to have heard large footsteps in the snow behind them as they descend the mountain.

Why Do Bigfoot Creatures Vanish Into Thin Air?

The idea of portals or gateways sharing a connection to Bigfoot encounters is an interesting one. And one that would make a certain amount of sense, as bizarre as it might sound, when we consider some of the claims of these beast-like creatures simply vanishing into thin air.

For example, respected UFO researcher, Linda Moulton Howe, would recall an account of a rancher who found himself staring straight into the face of a Bigfoot creature. He instinctively raised his weapon to fire at it – only several feet away – and, in a flash, it simply disappeared.

Indeed, for all of the solid sightings and video footage, no one has ever captured one of these creatures (whatever the moral argument might be in doing so). In fact, it would appear that nobody has even come close to this. And when we bear in mind that many witnesses stress how the creature was “there one minute and gone the next”, we should perhaps look at the idea that these apparently wild beast are, in fact, visitors from another dimension, or even time.

Admittedly, it isn’t an idea that readily springs to mind when discussing Bigfoot sightings. However, increasing numbers of researchers are recognizing such a connection, regardless of how outlandish it might seem.

Indeed, the idea that these creatures are little more than “strong beasts”, at least according to those who have had close contact experiences with them, would seem to be quite far removed from the truth. Many such witnesses, even though they cannot explain why, state of an immediate sensation of overpowering intelligence from these towering beings.

A warning sign that Bigfoot creatures may be in the area

A warning sign that Bigfoot creatures may be in the area

Purposeful Manipulation Of The Elements Or An Unknown Natural Phenomena?

So, the question we should ask, then, are these potential portals the result of purposeful engineering? Perhaps the use of advanced technology or an understanding of how to manipulate energy and the elements themselves in order to step from one realm to another?

Or might they be the unintended result of natural phenomena such as tectonic plate activity, for the sake of argument, that results in a brief sharing of plateaus between our world and theirs?

There is increasing research, even in the mainstream, into the possible existence of black holes on Earth, portals and wormholes, as well as the existence of energy in empty space. Anyone of these largely unknown phenomena could result in opening gateways to another dimension.

As we have also mentioned before, many scientists now seriously contemplate the “multi-verse” theory. The idea that multiple universes, worlds, or dimensions, all existing at once, with everything – the past, the present, and the future – all taking place at the same time, all the time, is no longer just to the mad ravings of the “lunatic fringe”. These concepts, albeit only in theory, are in the minds of serious-thinking researchers and scientists.

As we have seen, sightings of these strange creatures, whether “Bigfoot”, “Yeti”, or whichever local moniker is used, tend to concentrate on certain areas. And one of the most intriguing of these, certainly in the United States, is one that is often overlooked when looking at Bigfoot cases. Perhaps that is because it took place during one of the most active UFO waves of the twentieth century.

The Pennsylvania UFO Bigfoot Waves

When we examined the connections between “Black Box” sightings and Bigfoot creatures we examined briefly the recent increase in sightings of both in the state of Pennsylvania throughout the 2000s. What is perhaps of interest is that the same region had a similar wave in the 1970s, at the height of the initial wave of cattle mutilations, no less. And while they quietened somewhat, they have continued since.

Some of the more recent sightings in the region are as chilling as they are interesting.

For example, John Reed, from the town of Lykens, would report in October 2012 how his motorhome was attacked by a Bigfoot creature while he was inside, no less. The creature also smashed windows in his car. He would state of the incident:

It wasn’t a person. I didn’t see any clothes or coat or anything like that. (And) I don’t think it was a bear. It didn’t move like a bear! [3]

Such reports are regular and consistent in the state.

In fact, some researchers have uncovered reports of Bigfoot sightings going back to the mid-1800s. One particular report from December 1858 reads:

…a thing like a man, but hairy as a bear, has been seen by the people (of Pennsylvania). It was very wild and strong – it was once seen in a pen, sucking the cows, and when discovered it started as if about to fight, and then turned and fled, bounding like a deer. It walks upright and is supposed to be a wild man!

Perhaps what is most interesting about these words is the connection between this strange beast and attacks on cattle. Are these cattle mutilations, or something similar, before people as such?

The Fayette County Incident

Perhaps one of the most intriguing of these UFO/Bigfoot crossover sightings occurred during the UFO wave of 1973, a surge of sightings particularly memorable for the sheer number witnesses that would report seeing humanoid occupants. Although this wave of sightings stretched the entire year, the bulk of the activity was from around late-September onwards.

Many of the sightings were concentrated on certain states, one of which was Pennsylvania. However, unlike some of the other sightings, those in the Keystone State also seemed to include Bigfoot-like creatures.

On this particular evening in Fayette County, on the 25th October at a little after 9 pm, multiple witnesses would report seeing a large “red spherical object” hovering at low altitude before coming down to land in a field nearby. When witnesses approached the field, they saw a “white dome-shaped object”, making a “whirring” sound and illuminating the ground around where it sat.

Even more bizarre, however, were the two tall creatures, between 7 and 9 feet tall, walking from the craft. Each had shaggy hair, and each had particularly oversized arms right to below the knee. Strangest of all, though, were the glowing green eyes.

At this point, some of the witnesses fired their weapons on the creatures. Rather than fall injured or even dead, though, they simply turned around and, in a flash, the domed craft was gone, and the creatures were almost out of sight into the woods.

A depiction of a Bigfoot creature in the woods

A depiction of a Bigfoot creature in the woods

A Sudden Trance-Like Animalistic State!

When local UFO investigators arrived at the area later that evening, they noticed how the animals that would normally graze and roam in the pasture wouldn’t go anywhere near it. They would remain there for most of the night and into the early hours of the following morning.

They would notice how several of the animals would pay no attention to their presence. And instead stared intently into the woods where the two strange creatures vanished. Investigators also witnessed several strange flashes of light coming from a farmhouse near to their location.

Then, something truly bizarre took place. Something that once again lends an aspect of the supernatural to the Bigfoot question.

While speaking one of the main witnesses, he would suddenly go into a trance and begin to growl like a dog. He then pushed several of the investigators to the ground and ran into the field, animalistic sounds coming from him as he did so. Then, he let out an “inhuman scream” before collapsing to the ground, now seemingly free the control of whatever force had taken over him.

At the same time, and again in line with other Bigfoot sightings, was an intense odor akin to “rotting eggs”.

He would quickly come back to his senses. He would state that during the episode, only seconds long, his mind filled with chilling visions. Visions that he could only describe as like “the end of the world”.

This is a particularly interesting notion, especially when we consider some of the Native American legends. Ones that state these Bigfoot-like creatures have more in sympathy with the spirit world than anything else.

Sightings Of “Hairy Man-Like Beasts” Throughout History!

While we might imagine Bigfoot encounters to be of (relatively) recent origin, sightings would appear to stretch right the way back to antiquity. While we will look at some of the myths and legends of the ancient texts shortly, perhaps the first record of a contemporary sighting (in that it wasn’t a retelling of an ancient myth) comes from the Norse explorer, Leif Erikson.

Although many researchers place the date at 986 AD, in reality, if Leif Erikson was the recorder of the account, is likely to have happened in the early 1000s. During their expedition to the New World (North America) the explorers (who were not Vikings, who were raiders and militia) came across “manlike beasts”. Furthermore, these beasts were “horribly ugly, hairy, swarthy, and with great black eyes”.

What’s more, these hairy men “towered over” his own men and had a “rank odor” and a “deafening shriek”. There were several such sightings during their journey. It is perhaps interesting to note, given the Norse’s own hairy appearance of large beards and long hair, that they should use the term to describe these mystery people. We should perhaps take from that, then, that “hairy” in this sense, refers to all-over body hair.

It would perhaps be of interest, if one had the time, to comb through such ancient accounts, writings, and journals. It is likely we would find other discreet claims and accounts.

In fact, some of the accounts from the furthest reaches of recorded history might not only suggest a persistent Bigfoot presence here on Earth but also a connection to life that arrived here from another planet entirely.

A picture showing an apparent Bigfoot

Is this a Bigfoot creature?

Ancient Alien Connections

According to some Ancient Astronaut researchers, there is a real possibility that Bigfoot creatures are an indigenous species of Earth. Some believe that human beings are the result of their (Bigfoot) DNA mixed with alien DNA – in particular, that of the Anunnaki. This would, in theory, make these Bigfoot creatures the supplanted indigenous species through hybridization of theirs and alien genes – humans.

Verses in the ancient Sanskrit texts (as translated by Zecharia Sitchin) appear to refer to this when it tells of Enki selecting the planet’s “most developed primate” with which to combine Anunnaki DNA with.

Of these early attempts, one particular verse states:

Shaggy with hair all over was the newborn. His foreparts like of the Earth creatures were. His hind parts to those of the Anunnaki more akin they were.

Perhaps more telling was the following verse, which refers to a period of time after allowing the “creation” to grow. As it did, Enki realizing that this species was not suitable for their needs, concluded he must start again:

Taller the Earth child grew. In the image of the Anunnaki he was not. His hands for tools were not suited. His speech only grunting sounds was!

If you subscribe to the Ancient Astronaut theory, then if this was a “first attempt” at geoengineering the human race, might they – Bigfoot – have gone on to develop by themselves, in isolated areas? As we mentioned earlier, even mainstream science suggests this is certainly possible, if unlikely. And there are examples of human tribes that only came to the modern world’s attention recently.

In fact, if we stay with the translations of these Sanskrit tablets, we will discover a most intriguing account. That would appear to undoubtedly describe a creature we in the modern world recognize as Bigfoot.

Enkidu – The “Wild Man” From 4,700 Years Ago!

If we look at the Epic of Gilgamesh, essentially the oldest text in the world dating from 2,700 BC, it tells us the story of Enkidu. A close friend and “wild man” who resided outside of society.

If we look at one part of the text, it describes Enkidu in the following way:

Like an animal, Enkidu’s body had hitherto been covered with hair which is now shaved off. He is anointed with oil and clothed like a man!

These descriptions, particularly when we consider the above accounts of creating humans and the creations before the ultimate success, certainly sound similar to modern-day descriptions of a Bigfoot creature.

On a side-note, if we accept the account to be accurate, is it possible that Enkidu would have descendants? Ones who maybe chose not to live in civilized society or wear clothes? Ones who went back to the environment in the woodlands and mountain regions away from society.

While many mainstream historians dismiss these writing as fictional literature, we on the outskirts have to question this assertion. For example, Gilgamesh himself was very real with numerous recordings of his achievements and buildings.

Furthermore, at a time when “writing” was a long, arduous, and, if mistakes occurred, expensive task, would ancient people really have taken the vast amount of time required just for a story? We have to push back against these dismissive assertions. Not in the insistence that they are without a doubt historical fact. But against the absolute insistence that they are not.

An ancient seal appearing to show a Bigfoot creature

Is the story of Gilgamesh actually speaking of a Bigfoot creature?

Missing Three-Year Old Boy Case – Two Days With A Bear? Or Two Days With A Bigfoot?

Back in our contemporary era in January 2019 a story in the news intrigued many researchers into the Bigfoot phenomenon. When 3-year-old Casey Hathaway from North Carolina was discovered safe and well after two nights on the freezing cold forests of the region, he claimed that “a bear helped him” [4] survive and get back home.

While there is no known account of bears helping lost children. Or indeed adults. The fact they would be in hibernation at the time of the incident would pretty much discount such a notion. Many experts suggested the boy had “created the story” as a coping mechanism. Or that he had just “had a fantasy”. Many in the Bigfoot community could see the obvious staring straight at them.

To them, there was no doubt that the “bear” was, in fact, a Bigfoot creature. Many would take to social media with examples of such incidents in the past. One commentator would state:

…there are no reports available of bears coming out of hibernation to tend to lost children. However, also on record, are many reports of Bigfoot helping lost children…So, did Casey Hathaway spend two days with a bear, or did he spend two days with a Bigfoot? Some may doubt such a thing. However, in the light of what we know about bears in winter. And Bigfoot’s documented interaction with other children. I am going with Bigfoot!

Another commentator, completely as a matter of fact, would offer that his wife claimed he “probably got lost. And was found by a Sasquatch”. It is an interesting notion. Not only would it suggest intelligence, it would also suggest empathy and compassion.

Are Bigfoot Sightings Increasing?

The fact is there are multiple sightings and reports of Bigfoot creatures each year. And 2020 has been no different. On the afternoon of 12th January, for example, two Ohio men [5]

would encounter and report a Bigfoot creature as they walked through Salt Fork State Park.

One of the men – known only as Eric – would report how the creature they witnessed walked upright but was very much an ape-like creature. The other witness would claim that while seeing the Bigfoot creature was “scary” it was more terrifying when he could no longer see it.

A picture claiming to show a real Bigfoot

Does this picture show a real Bigfoot

What’s more, there are three apparent hotspots within this particular park alone where Bigfoot sightings are relatively rampant. Morgan’s Knob might be one of the better known as a television show examining the Bigfoot legends was filmed in the region. The remaining two hotspot locations of Salt Fork State Park are Parker Road (sometimes called Buckeye Trail) and Bigfoot Ridge.

While these areas of the state park certainly appear to have more sightings, many local legends and accounts claim that the creatures call the woodlands home. And have done for hundreds of years going back at least to the 1700s.

However, the state park of Ohio is far from the only place where Bigfoot sightings are taking place today two decades into the 21st century.

Researcher Collects Over 60 Sightings Throughout Idaho

It isn’t just in Ohio where Bigfoot sightings are increasing. One researcher in Idaho, Becky Cook, has spent two decades collecting and publishing Bigfoot accounts around the state, a figure that is in excess of 60 and spread over several books.

One account tells of a witness (known as Nesbitt) who along with several others was walking along a quiet road in the woodland when a “Bigfoot came crashing out of the trees” before it “jumped down off a ledge” to stand right in front of them. The witness would state it was their belief that they had “scared him as much as he scared us”. The witness would continue that the creature was around eight to nine feet tall with hair all over his body and with yellow eyes. Perhaps interestingly she would recall how the nose of the creature was “like a dog or bear’s nose”.

A picture claiming to show a Bigfoot footprint

Is this a Bigfoot footprint?

Much like in UFO circles, Cook would soon discover that more people witness these strange creatures than we might think. However, fear of ridicule or of being labeled crazy often prevents them from reporting them. The more Cook spoke to these reluctant witnesses with the promise (and delivery) of the account only in their words, many were suddenly eager to come forward with their accounts, even if some wished for their names to be changed.

We might wonder if other states around the United States have a similar rate of sightings, and whether many of them go unreported. We should perhaps also wonder, as we will move on to next, whether there might be more to the Bigfoot creature than a wild beast who lives in the woods. In fact, it might be that these strange beasts are not from our world at all.

Another Connection To The World Of The Supernatural

One of the most intriguing aspects of Cook’s research into Bigfoot sightings is an apparent connection with people who have had near-death experiences. According to Cook’s data, around 70 percent of witnesses have had “at least one near-death experience”. It is her increasing belief that this could be a major factor in people being able to see the creatures to begin with.

We should recall that many researchers, as well as many of the native tribes of North America, claim there is very much a supernatural element to the Bigfoot creature. Indeed, there certainly appears to be much more complexity to the Bigfoot creatures than most of us at first suspect.

A picture showing a Bigfoot footprint

Is this a Bigfoot footprint?

She also mentions that many witnesses speak of these strange creatures actually arriving on Earth through strange portals as opposed to living in the wilderness. This would, she claims, explains why many people only see these strange entities for a very short period of time.

Taking this further, what might that tell us of the reason UFOs are often witnessed in abundance in the same locations as Bigfoot hotspots? Might there be a more supernatural aspect to the mystery of UFOs? And might, like the Bigfoot creatures, arrive here on Earth through the same or similar portals? And if so, what is causing these portals to open?

Picture Of Bigfoot-Like Creature Captured In Lincolnshire, England

It isn’t just in the North American continent where Bigfoot creatures are witnessed. Around the same time as the report on Salt Fork State Park, a researcher from the UK claimed to have captured a picture of a Bigfoot-like creature in the woods [6] around Lincolnshire.

The person who captured the picture is the co-founder of the British Bigfoot Research organization, Adam Bird. He claimed that after hearing reports of sightings in the area he ventured out there for himself. He was shocked to capture the image of a shadowy ape-like creature seemingly peering through the branches of the trees.

A picture claiming to show a real Bigfoot

Does this picture show a genuine Bigfoot?

He had already managed to spot and photograph strange footprints on the ground in the area, as well as hearing strange rustling noises around him. It was not until going through the images several hours later, however, that he spotted the strange shadowy image.

Bird would continue that he and several members of the organization remained in the area for several hours and “felt watched and followed the whole time”. And while he remained cautious that the image might prove to be something else entirely, he also offered that the picture “could be genuine evidence that the British Bigfoot exists”.

Bird would continue in his report to local media that the Bigfoot creature “are seen all over the UK”, stressing his point by claiming reports “spread from Scotland right down to southern England”. What’s more, rather than being hoaxes or mistaken sightings of other creatures, it is Bird’s opinion that the Bigfoot creatures are very much “something unknown”.

The video below features discussion on this most recent case, as well as the Bigfoot phenomenon in general.


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