The Man Who Vanished Into Nowhere

Marcus Lowth
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October 24, 2023
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While there could very well be a rational explanation for the account of Vasile Gorgos, just why he disappeared for 30 years and where to, for now at least, remains a complete mystery, and one that could very well have aspects of the paranormal or supernatural to it simply due to the absolutely bizarre nature of the events.

Does the account of Vasile Gorgos tell the story of a man who simply made the conscious decision to walk out on his family and leave them behind in order to start a new, secret life? Perhaps one that had been in motion for some time? Or had he become drastically ill, and spent just over three decades with a person or a family who had taken pity on him but who knew nothing of his devastated family who believed he was dead? Or might he have even been abducted by extraterrestrials, or have wandered through some kind of portal?

The fact is, the account of Vasile Gorgos is one of the most interesting and thought-provoking of recent times, although it is far from the only one of people who have gone missing mysteriously and then reappeared again in equally strange circumstances. Perhaps what makes Vasile’s account stand out among others is the vast amount of time he was missing, and his age – in his mid-60s – when he went missing.

Indeed, the account of Vasil Gorgos looks set to stump researchers and investigators for some time.

One Strange Morning In 1991!

In 1991, Vasile Gorgos, a 63-year-old cattle seller in Bacau in Romania, left home to visit a trade market for business. [1] This was something he often did, and there was no reason to think that anything out of the ordinary would take place. He would, as he usually did, use the train to get to the trade market, and as he finished packing his case, he told his wife he would be gone two or three days at the most, which again, was quite normal for Vasile.

However, when several days had passed and he still hadn’t returned, his wife began to suspect that something was wrong. Indeed, nobody would see Vasile for another three decades.

Gorgos' ID papers

Gorgos’ ID papers

A full police search was carried out, both of his hometown and the surrounding areas, and the regions near the trade markets where he claimed he was traveling to. However, despite these prolonged searches, there was no trace of Vasile anywhere. It was as if he had literally disappeared into thin air.

His family even contemplated the idea that he had been robbed and murdered, something which the authorities at least considered. However, like the search, there were no clues to back up these suggestions, and certainly no leads to any suspects. For all intents and purposes, Vasile Gorgos had vanished off the face of the earth.

Presumed dead, his family and the rest of the local community held a ceremony for him. It was accepted that Vasile Gorgos would never be seen again. Three decades later, however, that changed.

Wearing The Same Clothes, Only 30 Years Older!

One Sunday afternoon on 29th August 2021, a mysterious car arrived outside Vasile’s home. Much to everyone’s surprise, Vasile stepped out of the car – clearly 30 years older but dressed (according to reports) in the same clothes he was wearing on the day he disappeared. Even stranger, his family would later find his train ticket from 1991 still in his pocket, as well as an identity card with details from the Buhoci region of the country.

Although they were overjoyed to see him, his family was at a loss as to where he had been. When they asked him, he simply replied that he had been “at home”.

Vasile would undergo an extensive medical examination and was found to be in great health. Wherever he had been, he had either looked after himself well or had been well cared for. The only health issues were minor ones, and the sort to be expected of a man his age.

Vasile Gorgos

Vasile Gorgos

What was quite bizarre, however, was that he had a complete recall of events from 30 years ago and prior to that, as if it had been yesterday, but he could not recall what had happened after he had left home that morning in 1991 on his way to the trade market.

Although it wasn’t noticed or picked up at the time, as soon as Vasile had gotten out of the car that had brought him back to his house, the vehicle had driven away. Nobody recalled seeing the driver, and Vasile’s family and neighbors were so shocked that they didn’t think to take note of the number plate. Ultimately, the person or persons who had dropped him off were a complete mystery.

Following the authorities being notified of Vasile’s sudden and mysterious reappearance, he went back to the family home. The questions as to just what had happened to him and where he had been, though, remained.

Just What Might Have Happened To Vasile Gorgos?

As we might imagine, there have been a number of theories put forward to explain the bizarre ordeal of Vasile Gorgos. And they range from the mundane to the fanciful. They are all, however, as equally as like as the next until further information becomes available.

It would appear even now, as recent as the story is, it has a feel of urban legend about it in that further research reveals very few other details of the case. Short of traveling to Romania and tracking down Vasile, the questions remain over where he went, what if anything more he remembers, and even whether any kind of investigation was initiated by the authorities following his return (although his family has requested anyone with information to contact them or the Bacau authorities).

The story appears to have first been published by journalists at Radio Easy Bacau [2] and then picked up multiple media platforms from there.

There are, though, some suggestions that are worth examining in a little more detail.

He Disappeared Intentionally!

We will start with some of the more rational explanations for Vasile’s disappearance, perhaps one of the most reasonable being that he simply disappeared of his own volition. One social media user using the name bonhommemaury stated that he likely “left intentionally, and now is suffering from dementia” or some other similar illness and that his “business trip was most likely a second family”. [3] They would elaborate that following this diagnosis, whoever he had been staying with for at least part of the past 30 years discreetly “decided to put the onus on his original family to look after him”.

Perhaps even more ominous, are the thoughts of social media user randusr01, who highlighted the fact that there are several other cases throughout the country of people “abandoning” their families and then “showing up decades later”. [4]

Another social media user claimed she had heard of a similar incident happening in Toronto in Canada. [5] They would state that a friend’s father, who was the child of a Chinese family who had moved to Toronto from China, simply vanished one day with no clue as to where he had gone. He was a hard-working family man, and the disappearance made no sense to all who knew them.

However, over three decades later, the daughter suddenly received a message from a relative in China. It stated that her father had moved back there over 30 years ago and began a new life. However, his health was now failing, and they could no longer care for him. Ultimately, arrangements were made to bring her father back to Toronto for medical treatment, despite his apparent intentional abandonment of them. Due to the fact that he was largely non-communitive at this point, the family never received an explanation for his decision to leave all those years before.

Might Vasile Gorgos have intentionally disappeared, perhaps to a second family and life, perhaps a second family that was equally in the dark of his first life as his first family was? And if that was the case, had he become ill as many on social media suspected, and then returned quietly by this speculative second family so that the burden of his care didn’t fall to them? As bizarre and far-fetched as those suggestions might sound, it is not that much of a stretch of the imagination to think there is the possibility that they could be correct.

A Medical Condition

We have already touched on the possibility that Vasile could have been suffering from dementia, at least at the time of his return. However, it is possible that while the signs were not outwardly showing to his family, he was already suffering from it when he left that morning to attend to the trade market. Vasil could have been suffering from Rapid Onset Dementia, with little things either missed or glossed over by his family until he suddenly couldn’t recall how to get home, and possibly who he was.

There is also the possibility that he suffered a stroke, or series of strokes after leaving home that morning and simply lost recollection of who he was or where he was from. Whether he spent some of that time in a medical facility or simply managed to secure lodgings is perhaps open to debate.

There are also several other possibilities. Perhaps one of the most intriguing is the possibility that he was suffering from a dissociative disorder such as severe dissociative fugue. According to one suggestion [6] “people will travel to other places for seemingly no reason and develop an entire alternative personality and live a relatively normal life there while forgetting their entire past life”. What’s more, there have seemingly been cases where some people then suddenly return home to their first life, having completely forgotten the episode of their disappearance, as if it had never happened. Indeed, this does happen, and it could very well be the case here.

There are, though, many reasons to suspect that what happened to Vasile Gorgos was much more than an illness or an attempt to settle into a new life. There is good reason to believe that some a lot more out of the ordinary took place.

Something More Paranormal In Nature?

Might it be, for all of the suggestions above, that the disappearance and sudden reappearance of Vasil Gorgos might be more paranormal in nature and certainly not planned? After all, as has been noted by many of those who have taken an interest in the case, the fact that he owned cattle should tell us that he would not simply up and leave and not either take them with him or have them sold for the best possible price.

Had he disappeared into a portal of some kind, or even to an inner world, perhaps taken there by a subterranean creature that is unknown to science and academia? Or might there have been some kind of “glitch” in space-time itself that transported him to another dimension or realm of existence?

Such suggestions are preposterous to some, but if we call such cases as that of Stephen Kubacki who went missing for 18 months (admittedly a lot shorter time than three decades) before turning up at a relative’s house with seemingly no memory of what had happened to him. Furthermore, he would refuse to speak about the incident, as if he was frightened of revealing the nature of his disappearance.

One social media user in the wake of Visale’s sudden reappearance, would recall an incident that occurred in the United States on Thanksgiving when his father’s uncle excused himself in order to visit the grocery store to buy bread and a packet of cigarettes. [7] However, the uncle in question simply didn’t return with none of the family having any idea what had happened to him. Then, one Thanksgiving 25 years later, the uncle returned, wearing the same clothes and carrying a packet of cigarettes and a loaf of bread. Even stranger, he refused to speak of where he had been and what had happened to him. Just what might he have witnessed and where might he have witnessed it, and how dreadful must it have been that he refused to speak of it?

A Case Of Alien Abduction?

Of course, one of the most popular theories is that Vasile Gorgos was the victim of alien abduction. And as outlandish as that might sound, there are several good reasons to suspect this could have genuinely been the case, perhaps not least he was wearing the same clothes as the day he disappeared and was still carrying the train ticket he intended to use that morning in 1991.

It is rather hard to imagine, particularly in the modern, digital world where information, images, and video footage travels from one side of the planet to the other in an instant at the click of a button, that Visale could have remained hidden for over three decades. Might the reason there were no sightings of him at all during this time be because he wasn’t on the planet at all but in a spacecraft somewhere or possibly at an extraterrestrial base?

Like many abductees, he claims to have no memory of the events, although is otherwise unharmed and in healthy condition. In fact, given the fact he is so healthy at the age of 93 just might be down to the intervention, unintended or not, of these potential aliens.

Perhaps working against the alien abduction theories is Vasile’s age, who at 63, we might suspect would not be a prime focus for these extraterrestrial abductors, as they appear to focus on those of childbearing age. That said, if there is a comprehensive biological program behind these alien abductions, then people from all age groups would surely be of some interest. Or perhaps his abduction was one of pure chance and opportunism?

If Visale was abducted by visitors from another world, when did this happen? Given that there appeared to be no reports of people witnessing this speculative alien abduction, where did it happen and when? And had he actually been with these entities from another world for 30 years, or had he simply aged that much due to space travel and the anomalies that would surely come with it?

One Of The Strangest Cases Of Recent Times

Just what might have happened to Vasile Gorgos? Where did he disappear to for over 30 years and why? Those are questions, for the time being at least, that will remain unanswered.

Might cases such as Vasile’s go a certain way to explaining the many people who simply go missing each year – a number which is in the tens if not hundreds of thousands? The vast majority of those people are never found, and nor are their remains. Might Vasile have been one of the few people, regardless of where these missing people are taken or even transported to, to have found a way back, perhaps even as unintentionally as he found his way to this mysterious location in the first place?

Mainstream science is today examining the genuine possibility of portals and whether they might exist on Earth. If they do, then we would imagine the next step in research – if it isn’t already happening behind closed doors – is to learn how to manipulate such portals so that we might be able to create them for ourselves.

Perhaps this is already happening, and Vasile Gorgos was an unwilling participant in experiments using members of the world’s population and the creation of portals or gateways. Admittedly, such a notion is nothing but wild speculation on our part. But in the absence of any solid explanation or further information, speculation is all that we are left with.

Whether we ever get to the bottom of the strange disappearance of Vasile Gorgos remains to be seen. For now, though, it remains a complete mystery.

You can check out the video below which looks at this mystery a little further.


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