The Intertwining World Of Unknown Entities And Unsolved Mysteries

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October 14, 2023
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There are many ways in which crimes are solved, all of which involve complex and nuanced thinking and an ability to connect the dots of a largely unseen picture. Undoubtedly one of the most intriguing are crimes, particularly murders, that have been solved as a result of contact with unknown entities from an unknown realm. What’s more, there are many cases where an apparent presence from the other side has communicated details that have resulted in an apparent explanation for deadly unsolved mysteries.

Indeed, be it a third person who has seemingly been selected by the respected spirit to convey such information, haunting the killer until they confess, or even taking possession of a person’s body in order to communicate directly, there are more cases of those who have passed on to the other side giving details of their often-grisly deaths than we might think.

While we will examine some of those other cases later, we will first turn our attention to one of the most intriguing of such cases – that of David Chase, not least, as despite an alleged version of events provided by the deceased himself, his murder remains officially unsolved.

The Sudden And Drastic Disappearance Of David Chase

The, still officially, at least, unsolved death of David Chase almost three decades after the discovery of his dead body is a case that is as grim as it is intriguing, not least as what little we know, and ultimately suspect about his death comes from Chase himself – from beyond the grave.

It is important to remember that this apparent evidence was dismissed by police, and no charges were brought off the back of it. Indeed, such evidence does have to be treated with a pinch of salt, even by the most open-minded person. That said, it does tally up quite nicely with the circumstantial evidence that was highlighted by investigators at the time.

David Chase and his wife, Judi, had lived in Evergreen, Colorado for approximately 18 months. Living with them were two foster children, whom the couple was taking measures to adopt in the very near future. However, it was a future that was to turn harrowing without warning. [1]

On the morning of 6th June 1995, David had arranged to work on a roofing job at a local club with one of their neighbors, Matt Orahoske. They arrived on time and finished the job by noon and so the pair went to get lunch before David made his way to the local bank in order to pay in a check for $1800, which had been given as an advance for a scheduled job.

David Chase

David Chase

Following this, David and Matt went to a local bar to grab a few drinks. By early evening, Matt left the bar, leaving David to finish his game of pool. However, by the following morning when David still hadn’t returned home, Judi sensed something was terribly wrong. Even so, she waited for several hours, thinking he might return from spending the night at a friend’s house.

Eventually, as the morning turned to afternoon, she phoned Matt and asked if he knew where David might be. He replied that he didn’t and that he had left him at a bar playing pool.

Then, things turned even stranger.

Out of the blue, Matt’s girlfriend rang her and claimed that when she had asked about David (after hearing he was missing) he had told her that he had said to him he was “going for a swim” and that he “had a raft”. Judi recalled how this completely baffled her, not least as her husband was an experienced mountaineer and outdoorsman, and would have been completely aware of succumbing to hypothermia in the freezing conditions of the Bear Creek River.

She knew something was wrong and contacted the police.

Statements That Didn’t Add Up!

The police would eventually question Matt given that he was the last person to see David. Unbelievably – to Judi – he told the police almost the exact same version of events that he told his girlfriend, only he added further detail – a detail that Judi once more believed highlighted that he was not being truthful.

Matt offered to police that he and David had spent most of the day after finishing the job at the club drinking beers and having several drinks in different bars and taverns. He further stated that toward the end of the night, at the last bar they visited near the river, he and David had unloaded the brush they had gathered during the morning into the river.

This detail stood out like a sore thumb to Judi, who claimed later when she learned of the detail that David was “fanatical” about environmental issues, specifically, keeping the wilderness clean and unpolluted. [2]

Then, the story turned stranger. As he had told his girlfriend, Matt claimed that David suddenly decided to jump in the river, stating he had a raft that Matt should “pick him up in Morrison”. He didn’t, however, see David after that. In fact, like everyone else, he didn’t see him again.

In fact, the next time anyone saw him, he was dead. It wouldn’t, however, be the last time a person heard from him.

A Very Strange Death That Was Consistent With Drowning

Six weeks after he went missing, David’s body was pulled out of the Bear Creek River, around three miles from the last known sighting of David. Although the coroner would state that his death had a certain amount of mystery around, he would ultimately rule that the cause of his death was “consistent with drowning”.

However, it was hard to ignore the cuts that were found on both of his legs. And even harder to ignore the fact that he had a broken neck. Even stranger was what he was wearing, or more to the point, what he wasn’t. When he was dragged from the water, he was wearing only his shoes and socks. The only other item of clothing was a piece of material that appeared to have belonged to the trousers he was wearing on the day he disappeared. This suggested to investigators that the clothing had very likely been removed against his will by another person.

Perhaps alarm bells should have sounded loudest of all, though, when it was discovered there was not a single trace of alcohol in his system – despite the claims of Matt that the pair had been drinking for most of the day on the day David went missing.

Artist's impression of the creek where Chase's body was discovered

Artist’s impression of the creek where Chase’s body was discovered

Despite the coroner’s initial ruling, investigators still thought it was very much worth their time reinterviewing Matt, and returned to do so once more. And when they did, he gave yet another version of events to them. As opposed to stating that David had jumped into the river of his own accord, he now claimed that he had fallen in accidentally.

Needless to say, at this stage, police were highly suspicious of Matt’s version of events. Furthermore, they couldn’t establish what was meant by David being asked to be picked at “Morrison” – which, incidentally, Matt now claimed he hadn’t heard him say.

Investigators also questioned why no one had heard David cry for help – which he surely would have done – given how close both the bar and the fire station were to where it is thought that he entered the water. And perhaps above all else, why hadn’t Matt himself helped him?

Then, to make things even more intriguing and complex, when she was questioned by the police, Matt’s girlfriend stated that she had found $800 stuffed into the glovebox of his car. There was never a satisfactory answer as to how Matt had come into possession of such a large amount of cash and why he had left it stuffed into the glovebox.

Ultimately, however, the police simply didn’t have any solid evidence that Matt had any direct connection to David’s death and they had to release him without charge.

The twists and turns of the case, though, were about to get even more intriguing.

“I’m David Chase! I Was Murdered!”

Around four months after David had first gone missing, at around 4 am one morning, a private investigator, Phil Harris, was asleep at home in his chair when a sudden voice came to him. It stated, quite clearly as he remembered, “I’m David Chase. I was murdered”. The voice would then continue that he wanted Harris to investigate the murder before instructing him to buy “the Sunday paper”.

He was both intrigued and unsettled by the apparent communication. He did, though, go out and purchase the paper as the voice had told him to. However, he couldn’t find any mention of David Chase in it.

He spoke of the encounter to a friend, Janet Harris and, after researching who David Chase had been, decided he should make contact with his widow. When they met and talked, Judi was initially, and understandably, suspicious of the seemingly outlandish claims. However, when Harris revealed details that only David would have known, she began to think that there could be something to what the private detective was saying.

Despite her reservations, she agreed to allow Harris to investigate the case, which he offered to do for the token payment of $1. Shortly after, after claiming to have received several messages from David, Harris had managed to build up a timeline of the events behind David’s brutal murder.

A Timeline Provided From Beyond The Grave

Perhaps it was no surprise to Judi that David confirmed her suspicions that Matt was indeed, according to what Harris claimed David told him, behind his murder.

He claimed that David had told him that when he went to deposit the check, Matt talked him into cashing it instead, claiming that he had a truck he might be interested in buying. He did cash it, but as they were leaving the bar at the end of the night, he had changed his mind and told Matt he wasn’t interested in purchasing a new truck.

David then told Harris that although he didn’t realize it at the time, Matt was “furious” with him. That was until Matt pushed him in the chest, telling him that he had promised him the money for the truck earlier. David then shoved Matt back before a fight broke out during which time the pair exchanged blows, one of which caused Matt’s nose to gush with blood.

Phil Harris

Phil Harris

Matt then lunged at David, and the pair ended up fighting on the ground near the water’s edge. It was during this time that David felt Matt strike him with something hard on the back of the neck. So hard, in fact, he knew his neck was broken. He knew he was dead.

He claimed that Matt and another person – possibly someone younger – cut his clothes from his body. Matt ordered this unknown person to tie the clothes around the murder weapon and then throw them as far as they could into the river.

Despite the unorthodox way in which the information reached her, this scenario sounded much more likely than the version of events put across by Matt. She encouraged Harris to continue to work on the case. However, only weeks later, the private detective passed away from a sudden heart attack.

Suddenly, Judi was all alone once more. And with no one to assist her in attempting to prove her husband was murdered. She would approach the authorities with her findings. However, as we might imagine, they were reluctant, at best, to act on the information, not least due to how she had come across it. Besides, as one of the police officers stated to her, even if they believed her, they couldn’t use her evidence in court as it wouldn’t be deemed admissible.

It is perhaps important to state that despite the claims, and indeed some of the circumstantial evidence, Matt Orahoske has never been charged with any crime, nor has he indicated that he has committed one. Indeed, for the time being, the murder of David Chase remains unsolved.

Many Other Cases Of Help From The Other Side

As strange as it might sound, the case of David Chase is not the only one where assistance from beyond the grave has, speculatively, provided evidence of apparent murders. For example, in 2010 Adrian Daou brutally murdered Jennifer Stuart by hacking her to death with an axe. [3] However, in the weeks that followed, he claimed he saw the woman’s ghost on several occasions. While he was being held on an unrelated charge three years later in 2013, he committed to Jennifer’s (then) unsolved murder, claiming her constant appearances to him had made him accept god into his life.

Daou was sentenced to life in prison for Stewart’s murder two years later in 2015. However, in 2021, a new trial was ordered due to suspicions that Daou was not mentally sound to have made such a confession. [4] Of course, if there is any truth to that, then it means Jennifer Stewart’s killer remains at large.

Cases Of Paranormal Assistance Far And Wide

Four years after Daou’s claims, in January 2017, Jose Ferreira from Wisconsin suddenly confessed to the murder of 13-year-old Carrie Ann Jopek in March 1982 when he was 17. [5] And he claimed he was doing so as the girl’s spirit was “haunting him”. Indeed, the story that would unfold, through various sources as Ferreira spoke to staff at a crisis hotline, a Milwaukee journalist, and his own wife, is a grim one, to say the least.

He had claimed that he was at a party on the night in question when he began speaking with a “teenage runaway”. Ultimately, the pair agreed to go to the basement to smoke marijuana, at which point he made advances toward her which she rejected. He responded by lashing out and hitting her, which caused her to fall down the stairs and break her neck. When he realized she was dead, he discreetly buried her under the porch.

Jopek’s remains were discovered around 18 months later during work on a neighbor’s property, but her murderer has remained unknown until now. Ferreira was questioned at the time (along with several other people) but he was not arrested or charged. Did Carrie Ann Jopek haunt her killer until he confessed to the crime?

Just four months later, serial killer, Terry Childs, suddenly confessed to the killings of Joan Mack and Christopher Hall, two unsolved murders from the mid-1980s. [6] Childs claimed that the two victims were visiting him in his cell each night and haunting him, forcing him to confess to the crimes. He was ultimately given two further life sentences (to add to the three he is already serving). Whether he was visited by the spirits of the two victims whose murders had been unsolved or not, or whether it is a case of a person wanting to “up their tally” is perhaps open to debate.

As we will see next, however, this is not a phenomenon restricted to modern times. There are a number of cases stretching back to the early nineteenth century that are certainly of interest to us here.

The Red Barn Murder – Paranormal Communication Or The Consequences Of Betrayal?

Perhaps one of the earliest recorded incidents of a murder being solved through contact with a person beyond the grave would be that of Maria Marten. [7] Maria, who was 25 years old in 1827, had been in a relationship with William Corder, who was two years her junior. Corder, for reasons unknown, wished to keep their relationship secret. However, when Maria gave birth to their child, she began to insist that they marry. Tragically, the child died not long after birth. Although nothing was suspected at the time, rumors began to swirl later that the child was murdered, possibly by Corder.

What is known, though, is that Corder still intended to marry Maria, at least that is what he led her to believe. In light of events that would follow, it was clear that marriage was the last thing on his mind.

He began to put it to Maria, in front of her family, that he had heard rumors that she was going to be arrested for having a child out of wedlock and not registering the birth. Then, on 18th May 1827, he suggested that they should meet at the Red Barn – a meeting place for locals at the time – and from there they should make their way to Ipswich where they would discreetly marry and start a new life away from Polstead in Suffolk. He even instructed her to disguise herself as a man until they left the town. She did as instructed, and the pair, essentially, disappeared.

That is, at least for a while.

A Sudden Return

Several weeks later, Corder was seen in the area once more. Although he claimed that he and Maria had married and that she had remained in Ipswich for the time being due to not wanting to be arrested. However, when Maria’s friends and family persisted in asking to see Maria, Corder disappeared once again. [8] Although the family received regular letters informing them that she was living on the Isle of Wight, they were always from Corder and not Maria herself.

The family became increasingly concerned when Maria’s stepmother began to claim that Maria had appeared to her in her dreams and had told her that she had been murdered. What’s more, they would, she claimed, find her body buried in the Red Barn. Eventually, after insisting he do so, her husband went to the barn with a friend to search for any sign of Maria. To begin with, he arrived there simply to placate his wife. However, when he discovered a soft mound of dirt different from the rest of the floor, a cold feeling began to run through him.

After removing several handfuls of dirt, he made the grim discovery of a body that had been jammed into a sack. Although he didn’t open it fully, he did so enough to see a green handkerchief poking through – a garment that he immediately recognized as Corder’s, and that Maria had worn on the day she had left home. The pair immediately left the barn and went to inform the authorities. Later examination of the body confirmed it to be Maria Marten.

Shortly after the discovery, Corder was located, arrested, and charged with Maria’s murder. Much to the shock of detectives, when he was discovered, he had married a local woman from Brentford and was running a boarding house for girls. Even more remarkable, he denied ever knowing Maria, much less killing her. Following his arrest, police discovered two pistols, several letters, and a French passport, suggesting he very well could have been planning to flee to France at the time of his arrest.

By the time the trial for Maria Marten’s murder began in the summer of 1828, the entire nation had taken an interest in what was becoming the crime of the decade.

The Trial Of The Year

As the trial progressed, numerous details became known. It was suggested – due to what appeared to be gunshot wounds in the body – that Corder had shot Maria using one of the pistols that was discovered in the boarding house. He had then, buried her in a shallow grave in the barn and fled. It was suggested that his reason for killing her was down to her knowledge of various crimes he had committed. Rather than tell her he didn’t want to marry her, he killed her instead.

Corder denied the charges and pled not guilty. He claimed that he had met with Maria at the Red Barn. They had argued and he had left before hearing a gunshot. When he ran back to the barn, he found Maria dead, and one of his pistols lying beside her.

However, when Maria’s 10-year-old brother took the stand and stated that he had seen Corder carrying the pistol a short time before the murder took place, and then claimed he had seen him leaving the Red Barn carrying a pick ax a short time later, Corder’s fate was all but sealed.

He was ultimately found guilty of Maria’s murder and sentenced to death. After repeated pressure from the prison chaplain and the governor of the prison, he eventually admitted to killing Maria, claiming the pistol had gone off by mistake while they argued. How true this confession might have been is perhaps open to debate, as we will return to shortly.

Four days later, on 11th August, he was hanged in front of a crowd of thousands, with estimations ranging from 7,000 people being in attendance to 20,000. Even more morose, but a testament to the interest the general public had in the case, around 5,000 people queued to see the body, which was left on display for almost six hours in the courthouse, the abdomen sliced open for good measure.

Had Maria Marten appeared to her stepmother, Ann Marten? It is interesting to note that Ann herself was only a year older than Maria. According to some researchers, it was likely that she was having an affair with Corder. Whether he was a part of the plan or not, it has been suggested that she herself could have indeed killed Maria (remember Corder claiming he had heard a pistol shot after arguing with her), with the intended plan being for them to continue their relationship and make it public after a significant amount of time had passed.

However, when Ann discovered that Corder had, in fact, remarried, she began to “experience” the dreams that eventually led to the discovery of Maria’s body. Was this her way of enacting vengeance? It is certainly a possibility. Or did Maria Marten really appear from beyond the grave to point the finger at her killer?

The Murder Of Elva Shue – Details Passed From The Victim To Her Mother In Her Dreams

Without a doubt, one of the most intriguing accounts of this nature on record is that of Elva Shue, who would seemingly appear to her mother in several dreams informing her of the wrongdoing. [9] According to the news reports of the time, one January morning in 1897, a young boy was asked by his neighbor, Erasmus “Edward” Shue, if he would run to his home and ask his wife, Elva, if she needed him to pick anything up from the market. When he arrived there, however, he was confronted by a sight he was not expecting.

For a second or two, he stood where he was, looking at the body of Elva Shue motionless at the bottom of the stairs. He noted how one of her arms was stretched out and upwards while the other was on her chest. Her head, meanwhile, was tilted to one side. There was something about how she lay that appeared wrong.

The location of the murder

The location of the murder

Even so, he approached the woman and knelt beside her, thinking that she might just be asleep. He called out “Mrs. Shue”. However, when she remained motionless, he suspected she was indeed dead and rushed out of the house. He ran straight to his mother and told her what he had found. She immediately went to the local doctor and an hour later, the coroner, George Knapp, was attending the Shue property.

By this time, Erasmus had arrived back home. He had seemingly scooped his wife up, washed and redressed her, and laid her out on the bed. Were these the actions of a man in grief? Possibly, but some people would begin to focus on the grieving husband a little more than he would have wanted. Perhaps not least the fact that he had chosen to dress her in a particularly high-necked dress. What’s more, there was a veil placed over her face and she appeared particularly obsessed with her neck, even “cradling” it while Knapp attempted to examine the body. In fact, when he went to examine the neck area, Shue prevented him from doing so, bursting into tears but becoming defensive at the same time. Given the tragic situation, Knapp didn’t push the issue.

An Appearance From The Other Side

Ultimately, Knapp gave the cause of death as an “everlasting faint” before changing it to complications due to pregnancy.

The strange behavior of Erasmus Shue, however, continued right up until his wife’s funeral. He would keep an almost constant vigil on the casket, and seen several times repositioning the clothing around his dead wife’s neck. Despite this truly bizarre behavior, most people simply believed that Erasmus was grieving and so acting out of character. One person, though, was not as convinced.



Elva’s mother, Mary Jane Heaster, strongly suspected that Erasmus was not as distraught as he had made out. In fact, she believed that he had had something to do with her daughter’s death. Whether what followed was the product of her imagination or her subconscious mind, several weeks after Elva’s death, she began appearing to her mother in her dreams. In these dreams, Elva would reveal to her mother what had happened.

She claimed that Erasmus was a cruel husband, her regularly attacked her. On this particular evening, he had launched such an attack over an argument to do with dinner. It was so vicious, that he had broken her neck and then faked that she had fallen down the stairs. The following day, he had sent the neighbor’s son to the home in order that he could “discover” the body.

A Truly Bizarre Case

Armed with this knowledge, she arranged a meeting with the local prosecutor, John Preston. He began investigating if there could be any truth to her claims. When he discovered that Knapp had not been able to complete a full autopsy, combined with many people attesting to Erasmus’ strange behavior around the body of his wife, particularly the neck, he ordered that the body be exhumed and a full autopsy carried out.

When it was, doctors discovered that there were indeed fingermarks on Elva’s throat indicating that she had been strangled. Furthermore, “the neck was dislocated between the first and second vertebrae. The ligaments were torn and ruptured. The windpipe had been crushed at a point in front of the neck”.

Although there was little evidence, when Preston began investigating further, he discovered that Erasmus had been married twice before. His first wife claimed that he had been extremely violent during their relationship. His second wife, alarmingly to Preston, had died in mysterious circumstances.

Although the evidence was circumstantial Preston had Erasmus arrested and charged. Although he attempted to leave out the information given to him by the victim’s mother during the trial, it was clear that most people of the town had heard the claims already. And what’s more, many of them believed them. Either way, Erasmus was found guilty of his wife’s murder and sentenced to life in prison where he died in 1900.

Heaster never went back on her claims, insisting until the end of her life that her daughter had appeared to her in her dreams and told her that she had been murdered.

The Complex Murder Of Teresita Basa

In more (relatively) recent times there is an even stranger case to examine – one where a victim of murder seemingly used possession in order to reveal who had taken her life. [10] On 21st February 1977, Teresita Basa was discovered dead at her home in Chicago. It appeared as though she had been stabbed and then set on fire under a pile of burning clothes. It looked to detectives that she had been stripped of her clothing and positioned in a way to make it appear as though she had been raped, which medical determined she hadn’t been.

By the end of the summer, police were still nowhere closer to catching Basa’s killer. What they did know is that on the night of her death, she had received two phone calls. The first was from a friend, who called at 7:10 pm. The second call was from a person unknown, and was received at 7:30 pm and lasted around 20 minutes. Just under an hour later, at 8:40 pm, local firefighters received a call regarding a fire at Basa’s apartment, which was on the 15th floor of a block in Lincoln Park.

Teresita Basa

Teresita Basa

When police examined the apartment, aside from the body itself, they found it in disarray, as if someone had purposely wrecked it to look as if robbery was the motivation behind the attack. They also discovered a handwritten note in Basa’s journal that stated, “Get tickets for AS”. They were uncertain who AS was, but it would prove to be of great importance when they received information on the case claiming the killer was a respiratory technician at Edgewater Hospital (where Basa worked) by the name of Allen Showery.

Dr. Jose Chua contacted the police with the remarkable claim that his wife, Remibias, had been possessed on three separate occasions by someone called Teresita Basa, who used his wife’s body, and her voice, to inform him that she had been murdered.

Details He Simply Couldn’t Have Known

Despite the bizarre notion, when Jose relayed details of the murder that he simply couldn’t have known, investigators began to pay more attention. He claimed that ultimately, Showery had arrived at Basa’s home to repair her television. However, for reasons unknown, he stabbed her to death while there, robbing her of an expensive item of jewelry and then setting fire to Basa’s naked body and leaving.

Armed with this new lead, police went to interview Showery, who denied killing Basa. However, when detectives discovered items of jewelry that matched the missing items from Basa’s apartment with his girlfriend’s possessions, they pressed on. She said that Allen had given them to her in February and that they were a late Christmas gift. The items were taken and determined to be the same items that had been stolen from Basa’s apartment.

They returned to interview Showery once more. This time, although he didn’t admit to killing her, he claimed that due to being in financial difficulty, he made the decision to steal whatever valuables he could find while at Basa’s apartment. He stated, though, that he simply knocked her out and started the fire to make it look like a random attack.

As the subsequent trial unfolded, Showery claimed that his confession had been forced by police, who were threatening to not only arrest and charge him with murder, but his pregnant girlfriend too. He now stated that he had been at home on the night of the murder with his girlfriend before spending the night with a neighbor, playing darts. The initial trial ended in a mistrial with the jury deadlocked. A new trial was ordered.

Another Strange Twist

Then, rather bizarrely, in February 1979, Showery admitted the killing following advice from his lawyer that he risked a much longer sentence with a jury trial. He was ultimately sentenced to 14 years in prison, although he received parole in July 1983.

While the murder of Teresita Basa appeared to be solved, as the years went on and researchers into the paranormal took an interest in the case, it appeared that things might not be as straight forward as they at first seemed, not least when some of the details which came out in the trial were examined.

For example, the Remy Chua knew Showery and Basa as she worked with both of them, in the same department no less, at Edgewater Hospital. Showery’s defense claimed that Remy Chua believed that Showery had complained about her work – a complaint that appeared to have cost her her job. Coincidentally enough, she became possessed by Basa’s spirit only hours after receiving this news.

Did Allen Showery murder Basa? And, if it wasn’t through possession, how had Remy Chua come to know of the details. Or was Showery set up somehow?

You can see more about this particular case in the video below.

More To These Accounts Than Many Would Believe

As we can see, then, there very well could be something to assistance with unsolved crimes coming from the other side. And if we consider the number of murder cases, albeit unofficially, that use psychics to assist in apprehending those who are guilty, then the notion of the spirits of those who have passed on still influencing what is happening in our realm of existence widens even further.

Is it possible, as in some of the cases we have examined here, that a victim of murder could “haunt” their killer until they confess? Or might that be the respective killers own guilt that manifests such hauntings that they then act on and reveal their crimes to the police and so unburdening themselves? Perhaps it is a strange combination of the two. If we accept that ghosts and spirits are simply manifestations of our own mind, perhaps this guilt results in energy eventually bringing these spirits to life, if only in the haunted person’s mind.

And what should we make of those cases, such as David Chase, who we started this examination with, who reach out to seemingly random people in order to have them hunt down their murderers on their behalf? While such notions sound like they have come straight from the desk of a Hollywood filmmaker, some of the details in these cases are remarkably thought-provoking, and cannot be simply dismissed as nonsense or fantasy.

The fact is, if even some of the examples we have examined here were even partially true, and then could be understood scientifically, in terms of how these we gain access to these spirits, then not only does this assist in unsolved cases of this nature, but it will give us an understanding of our own reality, the powers of our own minds, and perhaps above all else, what lies beyond our own lives, where do we go, and what, if anything, dictates if we can return to the realm of the living, if only as a ghost or manifestation?

The video below looks at murder cases and evidence provided from beyond the grave.


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