Water Experiments And Harnessed Energies – Just Fringe Science?

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Upon first learning of the fascinating, but bizarre, water experiments of Dr. Masaru Emoto it is easy to picture a scene from the Ghostbusters movies, perhaps the one with Ray and Egon shouting obscenities into a jar of liquid in order to evoke a reaction. The fact is, though, his results are fascinating and open the door to so many other questions. Not least, the power of the human mind and its ability to harness, manipulate, and utilize unseen energies around it.

Dr. Masaru Emoto blended into an image of water crystal

Dr. Masaru Emoto

And he is not alone in the notion that energies are all around us and even within us. Only most of us have no idea how to access and direct these for productive means. Although it sounds like a description of The Force from Star Wars, as bizarre as it is, that description is relatively accurate. Julie Motz, for example, is perhaps one of the world’s leading energy healers whose work helps to bridge the gap between the mystical and the scientifically medicinal and, in turn and when free of the self-serving interests and myopic view of much of the health and pharmaceutical industries, will help create a clearer picture of the human body, mind, and spirit. And perhaps more importantly, the full, undiluted potential of it.

Dr. Masaru Emoto

Japanese scientist, Dr. Masaru Emoto was, until his death in 2014, arguably the world’s leading researcher in the potential “consciousness” of water. And, specifically to Emoto’s experiments, its “response” when exposed to negative and positive emotions. He claimed that the physical structure of water would change depending on its surrounding energies.

In an attempt to prove this, he would freeze water after exposing them to different energies (negative and positive) and then examine the physical structure. Although the results are widely debated among the wider scientific community, they are intriguing and certainly warrant continued study.

Emoto began looking seriously into the potential of water following a meeting with biochemist, Dr. Lee Lorenzen in the United States in the early-1990s. Lorenzen introduced him to his own “developed water” that he named “Magnetic Resonance Water”, a result of his wife’s ill-health. Emoto was intrigued and began working with a device – a “Magnetic Resonance Analyzer” (MRA) – ultimately developing “hado water” (hado meaning energy relating to consciousness). Furthermore, Lorenzen would later claim that this water, when given to people with general ailments, would result in a general improvement in their health.

By 1994 and back in Japan, Emoto began thinking of how to prove that water could be manipulated. He would note that in the millions and millions of years on Earth, according to mainstream science, no snowflake is the same as any other. They are all completely individual. This would lead Emoto to first contemplate freezing water to examine its physical structure.

An image showing the apparent differences between a positive and negative water crystal

Positive (left) and negative (right) water crystals

“Water Is The Blueprint To Our Reality!”

Although the process sounds easy enough it took several months of trial-and-error-type experiments before Emoto and his team finally observed what they believed they would. The microscope used was particularly powerful, magnifying the image between 200 and 500 times its original size. Furthermore, the experiments took place in “a large icebox” with temperatures at Minus 5 Centigrade. Further still, these observations and photography had to be complete within ninety seconds. Otherwise, the water crystals would melt and so hide their form.

They would test and capture images of all types of water. Tap water, river water near cities, river water in the countryside, water from natural lakes. The results were fascinating. No crystals formed in the tap water, for example, nor in the river water near the cities. However, river water from the country and, in particular, water from lakes, formed “beautiful crystals with each one having its own uniqueness”.

Then, came the outside influences. These ranged from shouting at the water, telling it “I love you”, praying to it, playing music to it, and even showing various pictures to it. The results were beyond captivating. For all the negative displays and influences, no crystals formed, and the image captured showed an explosion of chaos. Conversely, for the water subjected to positive emotions perfectly symmetrical crystals were clearly visible in their frozen structure. This suggests a response within the water’s make-up. A response mechanism that suggests consciousness. These procedures also turned polluted water to healthy, drinking water.

Given that the human body is around 60% water, this is an interesting concept. As is the power of negative and positive energies and how they physically affect all in their surroundings.

The short video below looks at the Emoto experiments a little further.

Julie Motz – “Anger is misunderstood!”

According to the aforementioned Julie Motz, “Unprocessed trauma and withheld anger is responsible for 99.9% of all serious illness and disease. Anger is misunderstood. It’s not recognized as being the energy that can move us forward”. She continues that a person should “move (anger) through the body so you can access its strength. Anger isn’t something you want to get rid of. It’s something to appreciate and use and have at your disposal”.

As controversial as she is, Motz is perhaps the only energy healer to repeatedly work alongside surgeons in numerous prestigious operating theatres across the United States. According to the records of some of the work undertaken in these operations, patients require less anesthesia and largely go on to recover much faster.

Inspired by “Fusion Groups” of the 1970s, Motz would correspond such basic emotions with the four forces in matter – electromagnetism, gravity, nuclear force, and weak force. For example, she claims that the basic human emotion of fear corresponds to electromagnetism. “It is the feeling state of perception and should be carried in the cerebrospinal fluid and the nervous system,” she would state to ‘Atlantis Rising’ magazine.

Similarly, anger would correspond to gravity and is the “emotion of action” and responds to what your fear tells you. Furthermore, pain corresponds to nuclear force, which has its power in the center at its core. In terms of human emotion, Motz states, “Pain, in the emotional sense, is self-knowledge. It puts you in touch with the core of your being”. And according to Motz, this resides within the lymphatic fluid and the bones. Lastly, love, which Motz states is the true “healing power”, corresponds to weak force. In the body, this should move within the synovial fluid and bone marrow.

Julie Motz

Julie Motz

A Fusion Of Modern Tech And Esoteric Wisdom?

While many dismiss the claims of Julie Motz, and even she would tell you there are many charlatans in her field of expertise, her results speak for themselves. And given that scientists continue to make discoveries with regard to “unseen energy” maybe the work of Motz should receive more serious consideration.

Perhaps the biggest contribution the work of people such as Dr. Masaru Emoto and Julie Motz makes is the combination of modern technology and “western medicine” with ancient techniques and knowledge, and Eastern holistic practices. That, it appears to any reasonable and open-minded person, would appear to be the correct way forward. Aside from the potential collective health benefits and the eradication of disease, we may ultimately unlock the potential within each one of us. A potential that is becoming increasingly obvious was collectively known in antiquity, and whether purposely or not, now finds itself sidelined and dismissed entirely.

The question is, how much of the rhetoric denouncing such research and findings is in the interest of the population? And how much is in the interests of the pharmaceutical industry? And the huge profits available in specific diagnosis and treatment?

The short video below features Julie Motz speaking about her life as an energy healer.


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