The Blur Between UFOs, The Paranormal, Conspiracy, And History!

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There is a temptation by some, ourselves included on occasion, to look at some of the strange goings-on in the plethora of fields of interest and conspiracies, and make various connections between these events. And, for the most part, there is ample reason to do so. As we have examined here before, there is a very definite blur between such areas of interest as UFO sightings and apparent paranormal incidents. There are also much clearer correlations between UFO activity and alien encounters, and shadow government conspiracies, many of which lead into a whole plethora of alternative avenues to explore.

An ancient stone wall carving with superimposed UFO, Devil, and All-Seeing Eye on the top

Is there a connection between the ancient occult and UFOs?

There is also, though, speculative as they are, many theories that interweave UFO activity and a supposed extraterrestrial presence on earth into the fabric of our collective history. Indeed, as we have mentioned before, in many areas, mainstream history would appear to be wrong. And the works of such persistent researchers and authors as Graham Hancock, Ralph Ellis, Robert Bauval, Michael Baigent, Christopher Dunn, Christopher Knight, and Robert Lomas, to name but a few, continue to demonstrate this. While the aforementioned authors tend to propose an advanced civilization in pre-history, might it be that this advanced civilization was extraterrestrial in nature? Or at least their origins? After all, numerous ancient writings speak of their “gods” coming down from the stars. Might there be more of an intertwining than we could imagine?

While this type of thinking can take us into different locations around the world and periods of time in history, that extensive thinking would fill entire volumes of books, and rightly so. With that in mind, then, we will concentrate on what could prove to be an organization central, rightly or wrongly, to many of the world’s conspiracies. And how they might tie into the UFO and alien question.

The Truth Of Rosslyn Chapel Would “Unpick The Legitimacy Of Religion!”

Perhaps a good place to delve into this multi-layered web of mysterious activity and conspiracy would be Rosslyn Chapel. This enigmatic building and strange location in Rosslyn, Scotland has strands of bizarre activity that stretch out in several directions and into several apparently unconnected fields of interest.

For example, the entire surrounding area is considered to be a UFO hotspot. And while the peak of activity here was largely in the 1990s, activity occasionally surges again. In 2015, for example, in nearby Bonnybridge, over 300 UFO sightings were reported in the area (an area, incidentally, referred to by some as “The Falkirk Triangle”). The chapel itself, though, in Rosslyn, is to some the source and epicenter of such strange activity.

One researcher, Brian Allan, firmly believes a portal operates over the chapel. And what’s more, he points to some of the apparent musical instructions contained within the stonework of the chapel itself as providing the “frequencies” required to open such a portal. The use of frequencies to open portals is an interesting one. And one that many other researchers have touched on over the years.

In the book, ‘Rosslyn Chapel – Occult Secrets and Esoteric Treasures Revealed’ Allen states that this is unlikely to be voiced by official guides as it would “start to unpick the legitimacy of the religion the chapel apparently venerates”.

Then, there are the connections to the Freemasons, and the Knights Templar before them. Some even claim that such sacred relics as the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail reside here, courtesy of their transportation by the Templars hundreds of years previously. In fact, the history of the Knights Templar, and more precisely, the location they were forced to vacate is arguably the most fought over area in the world.

Rosslyn Chapel from the side

Rosslyn Chapel, Rosslyn, Scotland


Of course, at least according to mainstream history and the Templars themselves, the Templar Knights came into existence so as to provide safe passage for Christian crusades to Jerusalem. However, many researchers believe the real reason was a discovery of sorts at Temple Mount. In fact, according to the records, the Templars would spend the first nine “official” years of their existence between 1118 and 1127, excavating under the building (some scholars insist the Knights Templar go back at least to the 1080s, and, as we will examine in a moment, likely have roots centuries earlier).

Just what they might have found is up for debate. Indeed, numerous books on this alone are available. Some believe they were the remains and foundation of “Solomon’s Temple”. Others suggest that they procured numerous riches – both in terms of gold and rare stones, and, perhaps more importantly, such relics as the Ark of the Covenant, and even the Holy Grail (which itself is open to debate as to just what the Grail might actually be – is it a physical relic? Or is it knowledge and information?).

What is certain, is that the Knights Templar became unthinkably rich almost overnight. Richer than most of the royal families of Europe, to whom they would lend monies for all manner of reasons. In fact, the Templar Knights would be responsible for the blueprint of the banking systems of the modern world. They would regularly lend money to people of all backgrounds in any territories they had influence. What is perhaps interesting here is if we accept that the Templars morphed into the Freemasons, with the many positions of political and banking influence they hold in more contemporary times, it is easy to see where claims of “elites” controlling the world stem from.

Bloodlines To The “God Kings” Of Mesopotamia!

What is also interesting here, although it’s still far from proven, it would seem that the Knights Templar were directly connected, through bloodlines, to what could very much prove to be the historical Jesus (not the “divine” biblical one), who themselves, as we mentioned in our look at Oak Island, would appear to be of a Pharaonic bloodline of ancient Egypt. Furthermore, they practiced ancient rituals and ceremonies of the mystery schools. Rituals that many believe traveled with such bloodlines into Europe. Their presence has always been here. In the twelve and thirteenth centuries, history knows them as the Knights Templar. In more contemporary times, we call them the Freemasons.

Actually, many believe this line, and others like them, date back to antiquity and beyond. Possibly back to the “god kings” of the Mesopotamian world. If any of these claims are true, then we have to ask, what are the origins of these “god kings”? Are they purely human? Or might they have some kind of connection, possibly through hybridization in the distant past, to an extraterrestrial race?

Going back to the Knight Templar a moment, perhaps it is worth looking at the mysterious “talking head”. The mysterious head that many accused them of worshipping. Some claim this head was the head of Jesus. Others, however, assert it to be the head of John The Baptist. Others still, refer to the head as the demon, Baphomet. Might it be that this mysterious head was not a supernatural or demonic manifestation of sorts, but secret, ancient technology? Remember, the claim the Ark of the Covenant was a “telephone to God”. Might this talking head be something very similar? Might the talking head even be the Ark – a technological communication device? And if so, who were the Templars communicating with?

Temple Mount at sunset

Temple Mount, Jerusalem

A “Paradigm Of The Paranormal?”

So, back into modern times, are such families that have this influence over the world in which we live today the same ones (through bloodlines) as those who ruled such empires as ancient Egypt, Babylon, and ancient Sumer? Might they even stretch back before those empires? Perhaps to Atlantis, before whatever catastrophe wiped out such a potentially advanced civilization?

Although he doesn’t necessarily touch on everything we have mentioned here, researcher and author, Timothy Green Beckley is one of the loudest voices that somewhere, there will be a “paradigm of the paranormal” that will incorporate all such strange, bizarre, and unexplained activity and encounters, and provide an explanation for all such things. While this is perhaps unlikely – at least in this all-encompassing nature – there is no doubt there are some interesting connections. Connections that “coincidence” can’t explain satisfactorily.

Beckley does make an interesting point, though, regarding UFO sightings around sites said to contain “treasure” and “riches”. These types of sightings aren’t “spaceships with humanoid pilots on board”. They are more “ghost lights” or strange orbs that appear over such destinations. Oak Island, for example, has such strange orb-light sightings on occasion. Many people believe the lost treasure of the Knights Templar resides here. What is perhaps interesting, though, are certain claims of those in the Ancient Astronaut community. Claims of an alien race named the Anunnaki who came to Earth thousands of years ago to mine for gold. This would ultimately result in the creation of the human race. According to the legends, a slave race to mine the gold for the Anunnaki. Might it be possible, as Beckley argues, that “they are still searching for this valuable substance?”

The video below looks at a UFO sighting at Tempe Mount, another site of apparent otherworldly riches.


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