The Gemstone Files – The Real Timeline Of Recent History?

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Anyone who has conducted any sort of in-depth and persistent research into the history of our planet knows that the mainstream version of it is, at times, fast and loose at best. Within this very real void, enter theories, claims, and documents that are often truths wrapped in falsehoods and then told a certain way to create perspective.

A dark shadow figure running carrying a briefcase

Are the Gemstone Files genuine and accurate?

One such document is akin to the Tuli Papyrus of the modern age in that the contents of the alleged papers seem to be true, but no-one (besides the disclosers) has actually seen the original. The Gemstone Files are based on the writings and notes of “Bruce Roberts” who passed them on to conspiracy researcher, Mae Brussell, who in turn allowed author, Stephanie Caruna, to produce the book “The Skeleton Key to the Gemstone Files”. According to the writings, the events of the second half of the twentieth century were planned and executed with precision. What’s more, the contents of these already interlocking conspiracies are very likely the tip of the iceberg in terms of how they interlock higher up the “command chain” and out across the world.

Much of what is written within these alleged files can be proven in part. And that is perhaps the secret to how such a mammoth conspiracy – if it is true – can be carried out by so few people. By burying truths within half-truths and outright lies leaves it all but impossible for anyone on the outside to pick each component apart from the other. It is perhaps, organized chaos, out of which comes their chosen order.

Origins Of The Gemstone Files

The Gemstone Files, legends states, runs to well over a thousand pages and is comprised of notes and transcriptions of talks by Bruce Porter Roberts. In what only serves to make the mystery even more intriguing, the only person known to have direct contact with Roberts is the aforementioned Caruna and Brussell.

Copies of these files began to circulate into the public arena in 1975, either passed by hand or through the mail system. Some publications would carry parts of these files, and information would pass between conspiracy researchers. It wasn’t until the age of the Internet when their contents began to filter out into the wider public base. According to writer, Gerald Carroll, in the book ‘Project Seek: Onassis, Kennedy, and the Gemstone Thesis’, Roberts would die shortly after this initial distribution in July 1976 from lung cancer.

Roberts claims he was the true inventor and perfecter of the synthetic ruby that laser technology uses. However, according to the claims, the Howard Hughes organization would “swindle him” out of the patency. Left with nothing, but with an apparent wealth of sensitive information due to his time working with intelligence services, he began to investigate.

It is another interesting dynamic, and while it might suggest a certain amount of bitterness on Roberts’ part, it doesn’t warrant a complete dismissal of the claims. If anything, it suggests what many researchers have suggested for some time. That a “shadow government”, a group of power-hungry individuals answerable to nobody, are in control of events and circumstances in the modern world. Furthermore, they retain control in such ways as “removing” people when their usefulness expires. Whether by financial ruin as they did with Roberts or by fatal force, as the files suggest with John Kennedy in Dallas 1963.

Total Control

Roberts tracked the conspiracy back to 1932 when, according to the claims, Aristotle Onassis arranged a deal with Joseph Kennedy, Eugene Meyer, and Meyer Lansky, to smuggle alcohol into Boston. Kennedy would then distribute this through his Mafia connections. These connections are well-documented, and it is no secret that organized crime syndicates (the Mafia) profited immensely from the Prohibition Act. In fact, it is not unreasonable to say that Prohibition not only benefited the Mafia families, it funded their expansion over the decades that followed. As we will look at shortly, such was this “expansion” that they were, according to Roberts, all but “running America” through Onassis and Kennedy throughout much of the 1950s and 1960s.

The infamous Rockefeller family also share connections to Onassis through an oil company named Seven Sisters. In 1934, plans were put into motion to “fuck the Arabs out of their oil” and use the many ships owned by Onassis to transport the lucrative substance. Furthermore, Eugene Meyer would purchase the Washington Post shortly after in 1936. He would also assist in funding other families (including several Mafia) in purchasing other publications and media outlets. As we know today, for a country of its size, the United States has surprisingly few choices of media outlets when the owners of the individual companies are researched.

Just to demonstrate this, statistics from 2011 show that only six companies had control of 90% of all the media in the United States. Furthermore, for the 277 million Americans, the information they have access to is under the control of only 232 individuals. Broken down again, that means that one person decides what 850,000 people see.

During the Second World War, through sales of oil, materials, and weapons, Onassis, the Rockefellers, Kennedys, Roosevelt’s, and Rothschild’s would make millions of dollars.

A sphere made of many different computer screens

World control through media and technology

Rebuilding The World!

Following the end of the war, the oil supply increased, with Onassis purchasing several “surplus” US warships for transportation of it. The move was more than questionable to some, but it went ahead regardless, and the Onassis empire increased in influence. Although the Kennedy’s (including the eventual President, John) were “onside” it was apparent that they would need further “friends in Washington”. A person who was already “buying the favors of politicians” was Howard Hughes.

According to Roberts, Hughes would make a “non-repayable loan” of $250,000 to the brother of eventual US President, and at the time the Vice President, Richard Nixon in 1956. The following year, despite refusal on several occasions, the Hughes Medical Foundation would receive IRS-Treasury tax-free status. The foundation, incidentally, was the sole owner of Hughes Aircraft, and, should the desire be there to do so, created the opportunity to smuggle non-accountable goods or money as well as laundering them accordingly. Nixon, incidentally, would deny knowledge of the loan in the run-up to the 1960 US election.

He was running against John Kennedy, and according to the Gemstone Files, while the result of the election might have been in doubt, the person who would control the eventual President, wasn’t.

Another Conspiracy Within A Conspiracy

Roberts would state that by March 1957, Aristotle Onassis and the “cartel” around him would see Hughes as a threat to their monopoly. Although they had covert control of Kennedy, Hughes was the obvious backer of Nixon. Onassis would “infiltrate” Hughes’ inner circle and kidnap the millionaire from his Beverley Hills home. After a particularly bad beating his kidnappers would take him to the top floor of the Emerald Isle Hotel in the Bahamas. The entire floor had records in the name of the “Hughes Party”. He would remain there for a month, subdued with forced injections of heroin before traveling to Onassis’ private island of Skorpios. Shortly after, according to Roberts’ notes, a body double (L. Wayne Rector who was his actual body double since 1955) took up the position full time.

There are a few interesting things to note here. Hughes did suddenly become a recluse of sorts around the same time as this alleged kidnapping. There were periods when he wouldn’t leave his room for months on end. He also suddenly married despite having a reputation as a hopeless womanizer, particularly with up and coming Hollywood women. According to Roberts, the marriage was a fake one.

Hughes’ men had the option of joining the Onassis organization, or not (make of that what you will). Aside from growing his power and influence, he now also had control of Nixon and Kennedy. No matter who won in the 1960 US election, Onassis was in control of both of them.

The Influence Of Aristotle Onassis

According to researchers of the Illuminati bloodlines, Aristotle Onassis was a “king” within the secret organization. Essentially, he was extremely high up in the shadow power structure. This perhaps explains why the Gemstone Files attribute him with so much influence. It also explains the claims of him “running America” during this time. Furthermore, Onassis has connections in all directions. Aside from the names already mentioned he was a close associate of the Perons in Argentina, as well as one-time British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill. Both families are members of the Illuminati power structure.

Following the 1960 US election and Kennedy’s victory, such people as Onassis and other influential families, as well as many Mafia families finally had an open door to the White House. Or so they thought. We will come back to this in a moment.

It was also at this point when Roberts approached Hughes Aircraft with his synthetic rubies (gemstones) and the research for laser beam technology. According to Roberts, unknown persons would steal all of his work as well as the synthetic rubies. It was this incident that led Roberts to begin “The Gemstone Files” – to literally track his stolen work. As he did so he discovered the Onassis-Hughes connection. This, in turn, led him to the mountain of deceit he ultimately uncovered.

Incidentally, Roberts claims that intelligence agencies would use his technology and research as “carrots” with foreign consulates in return for secret information. As this network built up, so did its influence over the surrounding world.

John And Jackie Kennedy

John And Jackie Kennedy

The Kennedys

Following the stroke and ultimate death of Joseph Kennedy, the control he had over his sons was no longer there. Whether through wanting to seize power for themselves or whether they did what they thought was right, they would soon begin to “rebel” against orders from Onassis.

They would arrest previously untouchable figures in organized crime, as well as investigating apparent discrepancies surrounding Howard Hughes’ business affairs. Perhaps even more alarming to those set to profit hugely from it, he was looking to avoid conflict in Vietnam. Kennedy would also pull out of the “Bay of Pigs” invasion leading to several botched attempts on Castro’s life. When Bobby Kennedy authorized the arrest of the US-led assassins, it was the moment Onassis made his decision. The Kennedy boys must go. And he would start with John, who had “welched on a Mafia deal!”

First, however, “two murders had to occur” before Onassis could proceed. According to Roberts, Senator Estes Kefauver had discovered the links between Onassis and the other families from the 1932 deal. Furthermore, he was planning to uncover the corruption on the Senate floor. Shortly before his planned speech, in the Senate itself, he ate a small piece of apple pie. Unbeknown to him, it was “laced with sodium morphate”. He died of a sudden “heart attack” on the Senate floor.

The second murder was that of Phillip Graham, wife of Katherine Meyer Graham, now the editor of the Washington Post. Graham was very much a believer in Kennedy. His wife, daughter of Eugene Meyer, used her influence to have Graham committed. He would eventually return home. Shortly after his body turned up with a bullet wound to the head and his death ruled a suicide.


According to Roberts, the assassination of John Kennedy was initially planned for 1st November. The location was a football game in Chicago where he was due to appear. Apparently, he received a tip-off that Onassis was looking to “take care of him” and he promptly canceled the appearance. Tom Vallee was part of the assassination squad and Chicago police would arrest him at the stadium. Despite having a rifle in his possession, he would be free without charge.

Onassis and those involved in the murder would move on to their alternate plan and destination. Three weeks later in 22nd November 1963, John Kennedy was shot to death as his motorcade crawled down Elm Street in the Dealy Plaza area of Dallas.

Details, theories, and conspiracies surrounding the murder of John Kennedy can fill pages and pages of multiple books. And furthermore, most of us are vaguely familiar with the finer details of the killing. So, with that in mind, we will not delve too deeply into the timeline of events regarding Kennedy’s death. We will, however, look at some of the details that would remain absent from such publications as The Warren Report. Mainly because no record of the events exists.

Roberts would state that there were four active shooters that day, one of whom was Lee Harvey Oswald. Oswald believed he was there on a CIA mission to shoot at Governor Connolly, which he duly did. He had spent considerable time infiltrating both communist and ultra-right-wing groups for the agency. In reality, he had done so to unwittingly provide a background against him in the fallout of the Kennedy assassination. The other gunmen was a Denver Mafia hitman named Eugene Brading, and two Mafia men known as Frattiano and Roselli.

Not On The Record!

Each of the shooters also had a “back-up” who would dispose of the shells and the weapon. There were also “timers” in place, who overlooked the scene and gave the shooters their signal to shoot.

Frattiano would take position across from the book depository and hit Kennedy in the back and in the head. Brading was opposite the famous grassy knoll, however, he would miss his shot. The reason was Roselli’s shot had ripped into Kennedy’s skull and sent him flying backwards. This is the famous shot from the Zapruder footage from behind the grassy knoll. Roselli and his back-up man would then enter a manhole and follow the sewer line away from the Dealy Plaza.

According to Roberts, video would even capture Brading on film wearing a hat with an “X” on the hatband. He would state that local police knew ahead of time to allow anyone with this marking through any police lines in the event of an emergency. It is Roberts’ belief that they were under the impression these people were secret service. Police would eventually arrest Brading, however, as they did Frattiano. Both of them would leave without charge, and perhaps most importantly, no booking record exists.

The three other back-ups were dressed as tramps. After removing the shells from the area, they quietly made their way to a boxcar behind the grassy knoll. They remained there waiting for police to question them, which they eventually were. According to Roberts, the “tramps” entertained the police with what they saw, animated and happy for the attention. When the call came in of the arrest of Oswald, the three men were free to go. No record exists of the encounter.

The Setting Up Of Oswald

Oswald, after following orders to fire at Connolly and then drop the weapon and leave, did so. His “back-up”, however, didn’t remove the weapon. Instead, he carefully left it behind a pile of boxes where it would be an easy find.

It seems Oswald sensed “something” was wrong at this point, if only due to his strange decisions. After the shooting of Officer Tippet, which Roberts claims was actually “two men with revolvers”, Oswald entered a movie theatre. Rather bizarrely, he did so without paying, attracting attention to himself. Roberts would further suggest that the killing of Tippet and the linking to Oswald was in the hope that the responding units would shoot him on site for killing a fellow police officer. When that didn’t happen, and with Oswald a risk, the decision came to have Jack Ruby murder him instead. Using insiders in the Dallas Police Department, Oswald was led through a public corridor where Ruby shot him twice at point-blank range.

According to Roberts, Eugene Brading had met with Ruby at the Cabana Motel in Dallas. The Warren Report also reflects that Ruby did indeed visit the Cabana Motel the night before the murder of Oswald.

Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects is Onassis’ eventual marriage to the widow of John Kennedy, Jackie. Particularly given the apparent ritual and symbolic nature of the Illuminati and other such secret societies. It is an apparent tradition in such circles that “should you kill a man then you must take care of his wife and family”. Coincidence? Quite probably, but some believe Jackie was more than aware of the power games involving Onassis and other Illuminati families. Her family (the Bouviers) have long connections to such bloodlines.

Same Families In Charge For Decades?

Following the murder of Kennedy, Onassis’ grip tightened. And he controlled Kennedy’s successor, Lyndon Johnson, through fear more than anything else. Whether Johnson was aware of events in the background is open to debate. He did, however, reverse multiple decisions and implementations of Kennedy’s within days of the former President’s death.

John’s brother, Bobby, according to Roberts, was fully aware of who had murdered his brother and why. When the younger Kennedy made the decision to run for President, Onassis didn’t wait to see the results. In July 1968, using a “hypnotized Sirhan Sirhan shooting from the front” and a security guard, Thane Cesar from behind, Bobby Kennedy would face an ambush. He died shortly after. According to Roberts, all of Sirhan’s shots missed their target. It was the shots from almost point-blank range by Cesar that were fatal.

Howard Hughes, according to Roberts would remain on Onassis’ private island of Skorpios (incidentally the same island where he and Jackie married) until late-1970 when “his presence on Earth was no longer required!” His signature (required for the transferring of funds) was now easily duplicated via a computer. Hughes’ double went on a “well-publicized secret departure” in the middle of the night on New Year’s Eve 1970. Officially, Hughes died in April 1976.

As for Onassis, he would, according to Roberts, continue to utilize his influence until his death in March 1975. At that point, although we don’t have any further information courtesy of the Gemstone Files, we are only half a decade away from the Presidencies of Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and Bush Jr. Which in turn, could mean the United States has seen the same people control it since before the Second World War, possibly before.


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