The Caspar Mummy – Evidence Of A Hidden Race From Antiquity?

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There are many legends of races largely forgotten by modern humanity that thrived on the planet we call Earth. Indeed, according to some researchers, Earth was once called “Atlantis” in antediluvian times and was awash with life and (relative) harmony until its destruction in a cataclysmic event. An event recorded in our own myths and ancient writings as “The Flood”. Author and researcher, Ralph Ellis, would make such assertions in his book, ‘Thoth, Architect of the Universe’.

Three close-ups of the Caspar Pedro Mummy with a picture of the mountains superimposed underneath

The Caspar Mummy

Of course, to some, the legends and myths are exactly that. To others, however, the evidence of much truth to be found in such documentation mounts daily between like-minded researchers and enthusiasts. And aside from the vast plethora of artifacts suggesting advanced technology in such pre-historic times, is evidence of unknown races of humanoids, some of whom may still live alongside us today. Perhaps legends of a civilization living inside the Earth, for example, have more truth in them than many would think.

What is interesting about the Caspar Mummy, as we will see shortly, is the (comparatively) small size of it. Many Native American tribes state that the mountain ranges of the United States have long been home to the ‘Nirumbee’ or ‘Awwakkule’. We have written before of the “little people of Iceland”, while much of Europe has legends dating back to antiquity of “elves or trolls”. There are many similar legends throughout the world. The short video below features such a first-hand account.

The Caspar Mummy

Sometimes referred to as “The Pedro Mountain Mummy”, the discovery of a human mummy only a foot high in Caspar, Wyoming, is one of the greatest discoveries of the twentieth century. It is also one of the least spoken of or documented.

The discovery happened in October 1932 (some sources state June 1934) when two gold prospectors were searching for gold in a cave in the Pedro Mountain range. Cecil Mann and Frank Carr, after finding traces of gold in one of the cave walls, would make the decision to use dynamite to access their find. The small blast, however, would reveal not just deposits of gold, but another, well-preserved “room” within the cave system. Even more bizarre, a “man”, a little over one foot high, sat cross-legged on a shelf on the wall. He was a dark bronze color, and while not alive, was remarkably preserved.

They would pack their find and carefully transport it out of the Pedro Mountains, and into the city of Caspar. News of their discovery quickly spread and would eventually result in Wyoming State Historical Society arranging for a professional X-raying of the body. What it revealed was even more fascinating.

The internal structure of the man was completely intact as it would be in a “normal” adult male. Furthermore, the man had a complete set of teeth, again in line with an adult human male. It was estimated that the man was around 65-years-old at the time of his death. Further examinations at Harvard, the American Museum of Natural History, and the Egyptian Department at Boston Museum would reveal the man had likely died from a “blunt object to the head” and that the mummification process was “comparable to the Ancient Egyptians”.

Plenty To Think About

Did a race of “little people” exist in America in the distant past? It is an intriguing prospect that at one point in time a race of humans no taller than one-foot in height existed on Earth. In terms of legends, folklore and fairy tales, they are full of references to “little people” who live hidden away from the rest of humanity.

Perhaps what is also interesting, as wildly speculative as it is, are the many references and writings of giants in existence in the distant past. Many researchers believe that the basis to many religions and legends stem from one definitive source. Some go further in their belief that the source in question was what some refer to as “Atlantis”. If this tiny race of people existed in pre-Flood times, maybe it is possible that references about giants are not written by our ancestors, but theirs.

While there are discoveries of “giant” remains on record, many of them range from eight to twelve feet in height. This would certainly be big in relation to us, but not necessarily gigantic. Imagine, though, a person six times our height (roughly 36-feet), and then the term “giant” applies perfectly. Perhaps the legends of giants are writings of the ancestors from the race of people the Caspar Mummy belongs. About us!

Incidentally, the two men would sell the Caspar Mummy to collector, Ivan Goodman. It was he who allowed the extensive tests to go ahead. Following his death in 1950, the last known owner of it was, Leonard Wadler. Its whereabouts today, however, is unknown. Also worth noting are other discoveries of such remains. In 1876 in Tennessee came the discovery of “thousands of dwarf-like people”. A similar burial ground also came to light in Ohio.

Ivan Goodman holding the The Pedro Mummy in a display jar

Ivan Goodman

The Deros Conspiracy

Although it is a claim that should perhaps be taken with a pinch of salt, accounts of the Deros are certainly worth looking at here. Claims of these three-foot “subterranean creatures” first circulated in the public arena via the science-fiction magazine, ‘Amazing Stories’ run by Ray Palmer. Palmer would claim that Richard Shaver had approached him in 1943. He claimed to have uncovered evidence of maniacal descendants of an ancient civilization who had highly advanced technology at their disposal. This includes teleportation devices, with which they kidnap humans from the surface of the Earth. Furthermore, they send out “rays and influences” to the Earth’s surface in an effort to control humanity.

According to Shaver’s claims, the Deros were descendants of an alien race who came to Earth in antiquity. Incidentally, they would call the planet, Lemuria. Out of their civilization came the empire of Atlantis, which colonized both the “inner and outer Earth”. Most of the Lemurians would leave the planet following a “geological cataclysm”. Those who remained would take shelter inside the Earth. While humanity grew once more on the Earth’s surface, those below the Earth began to deteriorate, both physically and mentally. Their understanding of the vast amounts of technology around them would deteriorate also, aside from their most basic devices.

The Deros are largely unthinking, violent, and with a loathing of humanity in general. Interestingly or not, the word “Dero” is based on “Detrimental Robot” which almost suggests a zombie-type entity. As you might imagine, most disregard these claims as ways to increase sales, which they almost certainly were. However, the amount of details that crop up in abduction cases echoing these stories does on occasion make one wonder. Perhaps this is a case of “fact hiding in fiction”, if only in part.


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