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Being called UFO Insight, the website wouldn't be complete without the UFO section.  This is where our main stories live.  Written by industry experts and enthusiasts, these articles really provide detailed insight behind many UFO stories and incidents.

In this section we provide analysis, discussion and insight into many well know UFO cases and stories.  We also sometimes write about conspiracies surrounding the UFO topics.  This section is well worth bookmarking and will always be updated regularly with new articles.

Dorset UFO

The Little-Known UFO Sighting Of Ethel Field

May 23, 2018 5:43 pm

Shortly before midnight in late-September 1977, 62-year-old, Ethel Field would go out to her backyard to fetch washing in from the line. It was a chore that would result in her witnessing an event that would forever change her view of the world, if only privately. It was also an account that only came into the public arena once Ethel Field finally decided to report the incident to David Haith of the Bournemouth Times, from where it made a minor splash on local and national newspapers. Although the encounter was…

Tehran UFO Chase 1976

The Tehran UFO Jet Chase Incident

May 17, 2018 6:38 pm

Whenever there is radar confirmation to back up a UFO sighting it further strengthens the incident in terms of authenticity and credibility. This was very much the case with the 1991 Belgian Wave and the Kaikoura Lights incident of 1978, for example. Perhaps one of the most intriguing of such cases played out over the skies of the Iranian capital, Tehran, in the late-summer of 1976. Not only were there visual sightings from the ground, and military radar evidence, but several military jet pilots actively engaged the mysterious objects. What’s…

Kaikoura UFO Sighting

The Kaikoura Mountains Incident

May 16, 2018 6:04 pm

During Christmas and New Year, 1978, over the Kaikoura mountain ranges, a series of UFO sightings captivated New Zealand and, ultimately, the wider UFO world. Not only did multiple people witness the sightings with their own eyes, but radar would confirm, in real-time, that “something solid” was indeed over the skies of New Zealand’s South Island. Furthermore, over the ten days that the sightings played out, as well as confirmation from the ground were the sightings from experienced pilots who themselves were airborne and in the thick of the activity.…

UFOs Over Chicago

UFOs Over Illinois – The O’Hare, Tinley Park, And St. Clair Sightings

May 12, 2018 8:25 pm

The state of Illinois in the upper Midwest of the United States boasts several major UFO sightings throughout the 2000s. Indeed, the area is a sudden hotspot for such activity according to some researchers. And what’s more, the trends of the data suggest these sightings show no sign of decreasing. Of the fifty states that make up America, a collection of data from 2000 to 2015 ranked Illinois as eighth in the US in terms of UFO sightings. What further makes these high-profile sightings over the last two decades even…

Electric Orb

The Persistent Mystery Of The Hessdalen Lights

May 9, 2018 7:55 pm

In the small rural village of Hessdalen in central Norway, a seven-mile stretch of valley is home to mysterious lights that both locals and UFO researchers have witnessed and studied for decades. Usually of a white, red, or yellow color, the lights have appeared in the valley persistently since the early-1980s. Beginning in the summer of 1983, “Project Hessdalen” was established, with a view to finding out what was behind this strange phenomenon. Whether the lights are intelligently guided crafts, or the result of natural phenomena is still unknown. And…

UFO Wave

The Quietly And Conveniently Forgotten 1967 UFO Wave

May 1, 2018 9:56 pm 1 comment

1967 would see several high-profile UFO encounters across the US, Canada and much of Europe. Encounters that had such an effect, some are still remembered and even celebrated today. However, despite the US government, in particular, having had a vast amount of resources directed towards the study of such sightings at the time, they seemingly downplayed this “wave” instead of performing any kind of systematic investigation. As these sightings, as we know now, were stacking up privately and isolated from each other in 1967, there were “open debates” taking place…

South Africa UFO

The Mindalore Incident And Persistent UFO Activity South Africa

April 28, 2018 9:28 pm

While we know UFO sightings happen all over the world, some places, as we have written about before, are seemingly a magnet for such activity. Perhaps it is unfortunate then that we don’t delve into the plethora of sightings from South Africa more often. Since the early 1970s at the very least, the country has a steady stream of UFO sightings and alleged alien abduction cases to its name. We have previously examined the Kalahari Incident which, according to Tony Dodd, was one that several of his sources confirmed to…

UFO Nuclear

Connections Between UFO Activity And Nuclear Facilities

April 25, 2018 10:37 pm

For reasons most of us can only guess at, sightings of UFOs near nuclear facilities have happened as long as such facilities have existed. Perhaps of more concern is their apparent ability to “turn off” nuclear missiles making them completely inoperable. While most of us would not wish to see any nuclear weapons deployed at any time, and as outlandish as this sounds, should a hostile alien invasion take place on our already fragile planet, without the ability to launch a retaliatory strike, we might prove to be very easy…

Doreen Kendall

The Cowichan Hospital Encounter

April 21, 2018 8:10 pm 1 comment

In the first hours of 1970 in British Columbia, Canada, one of the most intriguing UFO episodes unfolded over the Cowichan District Hospital. While several of the night-shift nurses would witness the strange object as it made its way away from the building, one of them, practical nurse, Doreen Kendall, would see the craft and its occupants up close. Furthermore, many corroborating sightings occurred in the hours that followed, all of which had multiple and credible witnesses. And all of which shared remarkably similar details. Further still, all the witnesses…

Coyne UFO

The 1973 Mansfield Coyne Helicopter UFO Incident

April 16, 2018 4:43 pm

The incident of October 1973 over Mansfield, Ohio, was witnessed by four professional military pilots, as well as multiple witnesses on the ground. Furthermore, the encounter is still unexplained but considered one of the more authentic of such incidents. An unknown and highly advanced aircraft would zoom in on a military helicopter and then stop suddenly in front of them, hovering silently. Each of the pilots would sign sworn testimony regarding the authenticity of the encounter such was the conviction of what they saw. Perhaps more important was the commander…

Howden UFO

The Howden Moor UFO Incident

April 9, 2018 7:05 pm

In our article on the Ghost Planes of Derbyshire, we looked a little at the Howden Moor UFO incident of 1997. It is a case not only surrounded by mystery but a certain predetermined murkiness that achieves nothing more than enticing one’s attention. Perhaps the fact the incident happened during the much anticipated “Hale-Bopp” comet appearance ensured there were more pairs of eyes looking upwards than usual. And what’s more, these eyes by and large knew the difference between a meteor, a comet, and a “nuts-and-bolts” craft. As well as…


The Quietly Important Arizona UFO Encounter?

April 2, 2018 8:59 pm

In March 2018 a story found its way into the public domain concerning a sighting of a UFO over Arizona by not only two different pilots, but pilots from two different airlines. While information is limited at the moment, once researchers delve into the details and finer points of the sighting, it could very well prove to be one of great importance to the overall UFO mystery. What is interesting about this sighting is how, in time, it could prove to be one of the more genuine and examined cases…

Alien Lights

The Bone-Chilling Deadly UFO Encounter Of Joao Prestes Filho

March 30, 2018 9:20 pm

Although there very well could be numerous other reasons for the sudden agonizing death of 44-year-old, Joao Prestes Filho in Brazil in March 1946, the grim and gritty account tends to remain predominantly in UFO circles. Perhaps due to other, similar cases that would take place in Brazil over the decades that followed. The encounter remained relatively unknown from the rest of the world until French magazine, ‘Phenomenes Spatiaux” ran a story on the incident in 1971. The piece was the work of Professor Felipe Machado Carrion and ufologist, Irineu…

Close Encounters

The Still Unsolved 1974 Vallentuna UFO Episode

March 19, 2018 9:15 pm

In March 1974 in Vallentuna, a suburb to the north of Stockholm, a total of thirty-one people would contribute to over seventy reports of bizarre UFO sightings. And that is just the ones that made it to the authority’s attention. Along with the strange sightings was widespread interference with television sets in the region, suggesting some kind of electrical or radio interference. Furthermore, at least one abduction account is on record during the weekend in question and remains one of Sweden’s better-known cases. Sightings would continue for up to eighteen…

International Space Station

The International Space Station – UFOs, Lasers, And Live-Feed Cuts

March 14, 2018 8:04 pm

The International Space Station is perhaps the clearest evidence yet of science-fiction becoming reality. A permanent human residence in space, albeit in the confines of Earth’s orbit. Its presence not only allows us to learn about life in the cosmos but improve the lives of people on Earth. Although many believe the exploration of space to be wasteful and even unnecessary, the fact is, many of the modern items and gadgets we enjoy today only come to us off the back of the space race. Everything from microwaves to pacemakers,…