The Black Knight Satellite And Strange Anomalies In Earth’s Orbit

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Although outer space undoubtedly offers an infinite stream of adventures and mysteries, the upper atmosphere and the vacuum of space immediately around our planet, is apparently rife with activity in its own right.

One of the most researched and discussed sightings in this area of space is that of the Black Knight Satellite. Said by some to be a top-secret, possibly even joint US-Russian space project. Others claim it to be an extra-terrestrial “monitoring system”, left here in orbit to spy on activity on Earth from unknown reaches of space.

Black Knight Satellite.

Black Knight Satellite.

Gordon Cooper, veteran NASA astronaut and (until his death) one of the leading advocates of the declassifying of UFO files to the public, had his own apparent sighting of the Black Knight Satellite in 1963. Cooper is one of the most credible UFO witnesses on record and not someone to make “wild” claims.

The video below looks at the basics of the intriguing, if bizarre, Black Knight Satellite.

VIDEO: The Black Knight Satellite Documentary | A 13000-Year-Old Alien Satellite

The Black Knight Satellite

The theories of the Black Knight Satellite, what it is, and where it came from are numerous and many. Although there are several photographs claiming to show the elusive craft, the main pieces of evidence are usually detections of signals and calculating and back-calculating of objects in the Earth’s orbit.

In the 14th May 1954 edition of the “San Francisco Examiner”, a report appeared concerning the discovery of “two satellites” in the Earth’s orbit. This was several years before any (known) man-made object would reside in space.

In fact, various and random reports of astronomical anomalies orbiting the Earth are on record throughout the 1930s and 1940s. Incidentally, when the Russians did finally launch their Sputnik satellites in 1957, on each occasion there were reports of a strange object “shadowing” them.

The Black Knight Satellite apparently passes directly over each pole once in each revolution. Interestingly or not, we today, now use such technology to “map the planet!”

There have been many sightings since then. However, one apparent “message” received by a random radio operator seemingly offered more detailed information on this mysterious craft orbiting our planet.

“Disneyland Of The Gods”?

Author John Keel perhaps wrote of one of the more fascinating claims of the Black Knight Satellite in his book, “Disneyland Of The Gods”. He would report on an apparent message received by a HAM radio operator, Duncan Lunan.

It was a coded signal that Lunan claimed to have managed to unlock. Asserting that this information was from the strange Black Knight Satellite, Keel retold that the craft was “13,000 years old!” He would also state it was from the “Epsilon Bootis” star-system.

It is here to “keep watch” on Earth, and relay constant information regarding the geology and terrain of the planet. One full, “decoded” part of the message reads:

“Start here. Our home is Upsilon Bootes, which is a double star. We live on the sixth planet of seven, coming from the sun, which is the larger of the two. Our sixth planet has one moon. Our fourth planet has three. Our first and third planets each have one. Our probe is in the position of Arcturus, known in our maps.”

Whether there is any credence in these “messages” or not, is very open to debate, but many people have picked up on strange, electronic signals that appear to be coming from the upper atmosphere of Earth. Even Nikola Tesla claimed to have picked up on such signals, most notably during his Colorado Springs experiments.

Check out the video below that looks more in depth at the Black Knight Satellite.

VIDEO: The Black Knight Satellite 2017 new information

Connections To The X-37B Project?

If we assume for one moment that the Black Knight Satellite is real and simply a piece of space debris, might there be connections to the X-37B Project?

There is so little that we know of the project such is the secrecy. It has already been in orbit for over two years – at least as far as we know. Even usually skeptical commentators would state NASA’s secrecy with this particular project did nothing at all to quash wild conspiracy theories.

Stories would appear in Russian media that suggested the project was a continuation of the Reagan days. The intention being for it to destroy satellites above the Earth, and away from the public eye.

Or perhaps, as we will look at in a moment, if the X-37B is a destroyer-type craft, maybe its target is something not of this planet.

The video below looks at the X-37B Project in a little more depth.

VIDEO: Secret Missions of the X-37B

Solar Warden and Rosetta Conspiracies

Of course, there are many space conspiracies theorized to be happening in space in and around our planet’s orbit. Many of them speak of an intricate defense force of sorts that patrols as far as the dark side of the moon.

One of these secret projects is, Solar Wardon, which took on a more serious nature in 2012 when NASA consultant, Dr. Eric Norton, claimed that a “technologically advanced fleet of spaceships” were seemingly “stationed” on the other side of the moon to the Earth. Perhaps more worryingly, his calculations suggested the fleet was slowly heading this way!

More recently in 2014 with the approaching comet “Rosetta”, the whole world watched as the European Space Agency attempted to land a probe on the speeding chunk of rock. Fascinating as this was, to some, there were alternative reasons than those given for this otherwise scientific research mission.

Some firmly believed Rosetta not to be a comet at all, but an incoming alien spacecraft that both the ESA and NASA were covering up. It was a “ludicrous” notion, they said, to believe that space agencies would send billions of dollars to “get a few photographs” – a mission where success was not even a guarantee.

Furthermore, they would claim a whistleblower had come forward to verify this information. This “comet” actually had a composition that was more akin to an artificial structure. NASA had tracked its approach for decades leading to this moment.

Check out the video below that look at these theories in a little more detail.  You may also find our article about the Philae lander most interesting.

VIDEO: Philae Comet Lander Alien Conspiracy Theory

International Space Station Sightings and The “Boomerang” Incident

As is perhaps understandable, there are many strange sightings around the International Space Station. Not least due to the NASA TV camera that can be viewed twenty-four hours a day. Aside from those occasions where the broadcast goes down – usually seconds after a strange object comes into view. As we have written about before, this “loss of transmissions” are a conspiracy in themselves, and probably rightly so.

There, however, many reports of strange objects during the service shuttle missions to the space station. Officially known as the “STS 114” mission of 2015, carried out by the space shuttle Discovery, events would lead to what is referred to as “The Boomerang Incident”.

It was while crucial repairs went ahead on the Discovery shuttle as it was docked to the ISS, that a strange object was caught on the NASA cameras pointing towards the vastness of outer space. It moved in one direction before slowing to a stop and then moving in the complete opposite direction. This movement led to its eventual naming.

While NASA refused to offer anything more than space debris being responsible for the sighting, many believed the sighting was obvious proof of an intelligently guided craft seeming to observe the movements of the ISS.

Check out the video below which looks at the STS-114 Incident.

VIDEO: The best UFO Proof ever: The STS 114 UFO (NASA, 2005)

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