The More Bigfoot Sightings There Are, The Stranger The Theories Become!

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Most of us are familiar with the legends and stories of Bigfoot or Sasquatch. We all hear tales of a mysterious, hairy beast, who stalks the mountains and woodlands of the planet. Most countries and cultures have accounts and legends of such a creature.

Reports of sightings generally speak of a creature anywhere from seven to ten feet tall, weighing around three hundred pounds. Their “hairy” appearance makes them comparable to a gorilla, although their stance is much more upright. An extremely unpleasant aroma also accompanies their presence. Sightings suggest they have flat stomachs and some reports even state very distinct breasts on some of the creatures. Again these are all traits more in line with human beings as opposed to a gorilla.



The name “Bigfoot” comes from a picture that ran in a California newspaper in 1958. Local resident, Gerald Crew, had taken a cast of a huge footprint that he claimed belonged to a Sasquatch. He had made the discovery while walking in Bluff Creek in the northern part of the state.

Although claims of these creatures go back for thousands of years, there appears to be an increase in sightings. Even many mainstream scientists state that as unlikely as it is, it would not be impossible that an unknown species of hominid could go undetected for thousands of years. As our societies grow, ever encroaching into areas that might house such species, so do the reported sightings.

Just Three (Of Many) Recent Sightings

Reports of sightings of these wild creatures happen much more than many people might realize.

Very recently in September 2016, a strange Bigfoot-like creature appeared on footage in Michigan. A webcam that streams live video of an eagle’s nest unintentionally broadcast a “dark figure” walking in the woods below.

The footage isn’t the clearest, and many believe the mystery figure to be nothing more than a rambler.

You can check out the eagle’s nest footage below.

VIDEO: Bigfoot Sighting on Michigan Live Eagle Cam!

Even more recently in December 2016, an entire group of Bigfoot revealed themselves on camera in Yellowstone Park in Wyoming. In a move that simply adds more mystery, the camera suddenly swerved away from the scene. Many made comparisons to how the camera of the International Space Station live feed operates when UFOs come into shot.

Again, the video is not the best quality, but it is interesting viewing. You can check out the Yellowstone Park footage below and see what you think.

VIDEO: 6 Bigfoot filmed by Old Faithful’s webcam Christmas Day 2016

Around the same time as the Yellowstone Park incident, footage appeared of a sighting of a Bigfoot in Northern Ireland. A local woman, Maxine Caulfield, captured the picture while walking her dogs. In a fascinating twist, the forest where she and her canine pals were walking has the presence of the supernatural – at least according to local lore.

She claimed her attention came to where the figure was captured by her dogs seemingly focused on an invisible presence. At the time she took the photograph she could not see anything unusual. When she viewed the image later that evening, she was shocked to see the strange figure stood in the forest.

You can view the picture on the short video clip below.

VIDEO: Is this a picture of the British BIGFOOT?

Skoocooms, And The Fred Beck Incident, 1924

There are sightings of bigfoot-like creatures all over the world. One area that is particularly awash with such reports is the state of Washington in the upper northwest of America. What’s more, these stories go back hundreds of years.

In 1847, while visiting Mount St. Helens, artist, Paul Kane, received warnings he should stay clear of the area by local tribes. According to them it was “inhabited by a race of being of a different species” who were also cannibals. They referred to these creatures as Skoocooms and indicated their presence was a supernatural experience as much as anything else.

In 1924, while staying in Abe Canyon, Fred Beck and his team were subject to rocks thrown at their cabin. After managing to sit-out the incident, they would find huge footprints in the mud around the grounds the following morning.

Most thought it was likely a prank from a rival mining team, but Beck wasn’t so sure. He investigated the stories and accounts of the area over the following years, eventually writing of his theories. Multiple stories told of large hairy creatures appearing out of nowhere, even throwing rocks from high above. He ultimately believed that the creatures that attacked the cabin that evening were from another dimension.

It was this particular sighting and reports thereafter, that would lead to the most famous piece of Bigfoot footage.

The short video below – a docudrama from the 1970s – looks at the claims of Fred Beck in a little more detail.

VIDEO: True Story: Bigfoot Terrifies Miners, 1924 Mount St. Helens Fred Beck Story, Gold Miner

The Patterson-Gimlin Film

In 1967 two filmmakers embarked on retracing the steps of Beck’s team as they investigated the legend of Bigfoot. Although it is up for debate as to the authenticity of the footage filmed by Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin, just as important is the fact it hasn’t been “debunked” in any conclusive way. What they captured is arguably the most famous piece of footage of a Bigfoot creature in history.

While in northern California, the two filmmakers filmed the Bigfoot creature walking away from them, even turning to observe to two men, before calmly walking into the woodland and out of sight.

You can check out the infamous Frame 352 shot below and see what you think.

VIDEO: Bigfoot caught on tape (Patterson footage stabilized)

Both Patterson and Gimlin stuck to their version of events, and despite some minor details differing, seemed largely credible. After Patterson died in 1972, Gimlin was much less eager to speak of the incident. He repeatedly denied that either himself or Patterson were part of a hoax.

Below is the full length complete original version of the Patterson-Gimlin film.

VIDEO: Patterson/Gimlin Bigfoot Film – Complete Version

The following is a public domain documentary from the 1970s that features interviews with both Patterson and Gimlin. It also features the aforementioned Fred Beck speaking of his experience in Ape Canyon.

VIDEO: Bigfoot Man or Beast 1972 Patterson-Gimlin 16mm film Robert Morgan John Green Fred Beck

UFO Sightings And Strange Phenomena Connections

Bizarre as it might seem, areas where Bigfoot sightings are high, are usually also UFO hotspots. Not only that these areas are often prone to other strange phenomena. This has led some to question whether there is a direct connection to the creatures and such strange events.

A lot of the alleged “hotspot” areas of Bigfoot sightings are also in regions where tectonic plates meet. Some theories suggest that the energy released when this happens is so great it opens a portal to another dimension. Remember Beck’s claims that the creatures known as Sasquatch were from another dimension?

An area known as The Bennington Triangle on the northeast of the United States also has legends of beast-like creatures. Some legends of the local tribes of the area also speak of a “portal” being present here. Might this be another example of inter-dimensional creatures?

In Scotland, on Ben Macdui, the highest peak of the Cairngorms mountain range, famous for mysterious sightings and strange phenomena, also has reports of tall, hairy creatures lurking within the valleys. Referred to as the “The Big Grey Man”, there are many reports where people feel someone is watching them. Some even claim to have heard large footsteps in the snow behind them as they descend the mountain.

The ten-minute video below looks at the Big Grey Man legends in a little more detail.

VIDEO: The Big Grey Man of Ben MacDhui

Links to the Anunnaki?

One last point to mention, although it is on the fringe of fringe theories, is a connection to the Anunnaki.

According to some Ancient Astronaut researchers, there is a real possibility that Bigfoot creatures are an indigenous species of Earth. Some believe that human beings are the result of their (Bigfoot) DNA mixed with alien DNA – in particular, that of the Anunnaki.

Verses in the ancient Sanskrit texts (as translated by Zecharia Sitchin) appear to refer to this when it tells of Enki selecting the planet’s “most developed primate” with which to combine Anunnaki DNA with.

Of these early attempts, one particular verse states:

“Shaggy with hair all over was the newborn,

His foreparts like of the Earth creatures were,

His hind parts to those of the Anunnaki more akin they were.”

Perhaps more telling was the following verse, which refers to a period of time after allowing the “creation” to grow. As it did, Enki realizing that this species was not suitable for their needs, concluded he must start again.

“Taller the Earth child grew,

In the image of the Anunnaki he was not;

His hands for tools were not suited,

His speech only grunting sounds was!”

If you subscribe to the Ancient Astronaut theory, then if this was a “first attempt” at geoengineering the human race, might they – Bigfoot – have gone on to develop by themselves, in isolated areas? As we mentioned earlier, even mainstream science suggests this is certainly possible, if unlikely. And there are examples of human tribes that only came to the modern world’s attention recently.

One thing that is certain, however. There will be many more sightings of the creature known as Bigfoot before we discover its true nature. Whether it is an alien being or another hominid species unknown to us, people are most definitely seeing something!

The video below looks at the seven most believable Bigfoot sightings caught on video.

VIDEO: 7 Most Believable BIGFOOT Sightings Video Footage of Yetti

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