Bizarre Accounts Of Alien “Monsters” From Outer Space

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While many, even in the UFO community, tend to distance themselves from some of the outlandish claims of fanged “monsters” and even clawed robots, often with glowing eyes, arriving on Earth, seemingly from space in a technologically advanced craft and then proceeding to attack those in the nearby vicinity, the fact is there are many such claims on record.

Indeed, we have examined some of these before such as the Hopkinsville incident or the Pascagoula River abduction, both of which, incidentally, are largely considered very credible cases. The latter incident, in particular, is of interest here, simply due to the time it took place, at the start of the seventies in 1973.

A depiction of a monsters face with sharp teeth

Might “space monsters” really exist?

Although such cases of fanged and/or clawed alien monsters can be found in accounts from most decades, it would seem a particularly heavy wave took place during the 1970s. And what’s more, they would take place all over the planet. From the United States to Japan to Brazil – to name a few – encounters with these bizarre cosmic creatures appeared to surge.

So, while we should perhaps have a cautious pinch of salt at the ready, these claims shouldn’t be dismissed as freely as they often are. Here are just three such seemingly outrageous incidents. All of which occurred in the 1970s. And all from different regions of the planet.

The Kofu City Humanoids Incident

Perhaps one of the most intriguing claims of such an encounter comes from Kofu City in Japan. On the evening of 23rd February 1975, just before 7 pm, 7-year-old boys, Masato Kawano and Katsuhiro Yamahata were roller skating near a local housing estate.

Suddenly, each of them noticed two strange orange crafts “glittering” high above them. They continued to watch for several moments, each in awe and amazement at the scene unfolding before them.

Masato Kawano and Katsuhiro Yamahata

Masato Kawano and Katsuhiro Yamahata

Then, one of the crafts took off in the direction of Mount Atago. The other, however, began to descend towards them, eventually settling in a vineyard behind the housing estate. As the craft moved over them, each of the boys could hear an electronic “ticking” sound that some researchers claim was similar to a Geiger counter.

The two boys kicked off their roller skates and ran towards the vineyard eager to get a closer look at this bizarre craft. When they had it back in their sights, it now shined a brilliant silver as it remained still on the ground. On top of the disc-like base was a definite dome. On the underside were “three ball-shaped legs”, upon which the craft appeared to rest.

Kawano and Yamahata would each recall seeing “strange characters” (symbols) on the side of the craft, which had a metallic appearance. Then, a ramp or ladder emerged from the side of the craft. For the first time, the two boys began to feel decisively scared.

A Humanoid In A “Glowing” Silver Suit With “Metal” Fangs!

Both boys watched, neither daring to make a sound. As they watched, a strange humanoid creature with long arms began to descend the ramp. Inside the craft, the boys could see another, identical creature.

According to later reports from the two boys, the creatures were approximately 4-feet tall and wore a “glowing” silver suit. They also had large heads with equally large, pointed ears, and dark, brown, leathery, wrinkled skin. Perhaps most frightening for the two boys, though, was the apparent sharp “metal fangs” protruding from its mount. Furthermore, its feet that ended in two big “toes”.

Witness sketch of the creature

Witness sketch of the creature

At first, it appeared the creature was oblivious to the two young boys as it scanned its surroundings calmly. Then, it suddenly reached forward and placed a hand on Yamahata’s shoulder. As it did so, a noise came from it that the boys would recall as sounding like a “tape recorder running backward”.

Yamahata suddenly fell to the ground, unable to move. His friend immediately reached for him and pulled him up, dragging him away as quickly as he could move. They didn’t stop to look back and soon reached their housing estate. They each suddenly ran to inform their parents of the bizarre incident.

The “Take-Off” And Corroborating Witnesses

Several minutes after the boys had crashed into their respective apartments, their mothers, with their sons with them, would meet up on the land at the back of the complex. They then, with the two young boys leading the way, half scared and half excitedly animated, set off to the vineyard.

When they arrived, while the strange creature was gone, the craft itself remained. And it had now changed back to the bright, sparkling orange color as opposed to the cold metallic silver when the boys had approached it.

The two youngsters urged their parents to go forward with them to investigate. However, each mother grabbed her child, deciding, perhaps wisely, to maintain their distance. The group remained watching the display for around five minutes. Then, without warning the craft shot straight upward in a flash of bright light. So bright, in fact, that each of the witnesses was forced to look away and shield their eyes.

Witness sketch of the strange creature and the UFO

Witness sketch of the strange creature and the UFO

Despite their surreal encounter, the two young boys would go to school as normal the following day. When they did, however, they were eager to speak of the previous evening’s events. Indeed, fellow students and teachers sat captivated while the two boys spoke to their class and drew pictures of what they had seen.

Incidentally, perhaps encouraged by their tales, a classmate of the two boys, 8-year-old, Ichiro Minegishi would claim to have also witnessed the glowing saucer in the air while he was in the back seat of his parent’s car driving along the Kofy Bypass.

Perhaps spurred on by the apparent honesty and openness of the two boys, the headmaster of the school, Nobuyoshi Kaneko, would organize their own investigation of the location.

Physical Evidence At The Scene

While it might seem, on the surface, to be an ill-advised idea, the investigative journey to the vineyard behind the two young boy’s apartment building would prove to be of importance in terms of evidence gathered at the scene.

For example, they would discover two concrete posts, each solid and far too heavy for the two boys to move, both “pushed over”. Furthermore, they would discover definite markings on the ground where the boys claimed the craft had landed. Using a basic radioactivity measuring device one of the members of the makeshift investigative team would pick up substantially higher readings of radioactivity within the “circle” of the landing site.

Perhaps realizing the potential seriousness of the situation, the two boys would face intense questions, separately, from the teachers and their parents. When UFO investigator, Masaru Mori, was asked to look into the case, he also questioned the boys at length. Not once did they deviate from their original statements despite the multiple times they told it.

An official explanation for the sighting claims that what the boys saw in the air was a YS-11 plane which would fly at the altitude the boys saw the orange light. However, the only explanation for the landing and the creature itself seems to revolve around hallucination or hoax, neither of which is likely. Especially given the corroborating witness, at least to the craft itself.

Before we look at another truly bizarre and disturbing encounter, check out the video below. It looks at some of the most bizarre humanoid creatures from around the world.

The Encounter Of Antonio La Rubia

At around 2:30 am on the 15th September 1977, Antonio La Rubia was awoken by a huge “hat-shaped object” which descended out of the skies and landed in a field near his home. He would go to investigate this strange occurrence, leaving his home and discreetly making his way towards the field.

He would estimate the object to around 250 feet in width and was a lead color. The closer he got to it the more he rethought his decision to approach it in the first place. However, before he could turn back, a “brilliant blue beam” suddenly emerged from the craft, striking him and rendering him paralyzed.

Now unable to move, his eyes took in his surroundings as best they could. It was then he noticed the three strange “robots” that had appeared around him. These bizarre creatures were truly absurd in their appearance. La Rubia would claim them to be around 4-feet tall with “scales” all over their aluminum grey torsos. Their arms were something akin to an elephant trunk which ended in a single finger on each arm. A closer look revealed what appeared to be a syringe in each finger.

Artist's impression of the Antonio La Rubia incident

Artist’s impression of the Antonio La Rubia incident

Even stranger were their heads, which were the shape of a “vertical football” with a spinning antenna on the top. Furthermore, a strip of blue mirror-type boxes went across the middle of the face perhaps where the eyes would be.

Still unable to move, La Rubia watched with terror rising inside of him, as these mysterious robotic creatures “hovered” towards him.

The next thing he knew, he too was hovering off the ground. One of the robots had pointed the syringe-like device at him. However, rather than inserting it into his skin, the robot used it to “float” La Rubia towards a waiting spacecraft.

A Truly Mind-Bending Experience

He would find himself in a circular room as each of the robots moved away from him in different directions. As he watched them, La Rubia suddenly noticed around twenty or more identical robots, all lined up in all directions around him.

It was then that the terrified man screamed out:

What do you want? Who are you?

A bright light emerged from an unknown source and direction, once again paralyzing La Rubia. At the same time, the robots suddenly lowered to the floor, the antenna on their heads still spinning. As this was taking place, an equally mysterious spinning device came towards La Rubia. It would extract a sample of his blood before moving away into the dark shadows of the reaches of the room.

Then, several bizarre images were displayed to the confused and frightened La Rubia. A strange factory seemingly full of identical robotic creatures like the ones around him, as well as a similar environment where the craft like the one he was currently on were being built. Even stranger were random images of busy streets, as well as images of himself, naked. Perhaps most bizarre was the images of a “robot melting while an angry dog barked at it”.

Then, without warning, La Rubia would find himself in the middle of a road in the city of Paciencia several miles from home. He had on all of his clothes and none of his belongings were missing. As he looked up, he could see what looked like the bottom of a “huge, dark, balloon” moving upward, quickly and silently.

Incidentally, there was a corroborating witness, at least to the UFO leaving the road in Paciencia. However, when it was discovered that the witness was a “local drunk” he was dismissed despite his insistence.

The Space Brains Abduction Incident

What is truly one of the most outlandish claims of alien abduction occurred at around 2 am on 17th August 1971 in the Palos Verdes region of California. Two men in their twenties, Peter Rodriguez and John Hodges, were about to drive home after spending the evening at a friend’s house. However, their night was about to take a decidedly strange turn.

As Hodges sparked the engine into life and flicked the headlights on, something came into view in the middle of the road in front of them. Not quite believing their eyes, in the road were two large “brain-type” creatures, bluish in color and with a “strange vapor” around them. However, they were most definitely alive, whatever they were. One of them even had the rough shape of a human torso. Each had what appeared to be a red eye.

Depiction of the "space brains"

Depiction of the “space brains”

After snapping back to their senses, the two men felt a wave of absolute fear wash over them. Hodges now slammed his foot on to the gas pedal, pressing it down as hard as he could. Their respective houses were merely a block or two away from their friend’s. Within several minutes, after dropping Rodriguez at his front door, Hodges arrived home.

However, when he looked at the clock on the wall upon walking inside, to his amazement and disbelief, it was just after 4:30 am. How had a 10-minute journey taken them over two hours? He racked his brains over and over. Just what had happened in those two hours? And why could he not remember them?

“Take The Time To Understand Yourselves!”

It would be five years before Hodges would finally undergo hypnotic regression in order to unlock his mind. And reveal the events of the early hours of that bizarre August morning in 1971. What’s more, it would appear that the experience happened to Hodges alone. Seemingly taking place after Rodriguez had left the car outside his house.

Almost as soon as he was under, he would recall telepathic communication between the two bizarre brain-like entities. This began when he first saw them in front of the car. He would state they said to him:

Take the time to understand yourselves. The time draws near when you shall need to. You shall not remember this incident until we meet again!

And after that, Hodges had come to his senses along with his friend. And would drive away as fast as he could.

Depiction of the "space brains"

Depiction of the “space brains”

After dropping Rodriguez home, Hodges did indeed arrive at his own house without incident. However, when he opened the car door, the two bizarre brain-creatures were waiting for him. The panic in him was evident. So much so, that at the time, he would seemingly blackout.

Then, the next thing he was aware of, was waking up in a strange “control room”. He noticed that there were banks of computers all around this room. He could also see the brain-creatures too. However, when he surveyed his surroundings, there was another group of entities inside also.

Will Closed Minds Lead To Our Collective Downfall?

He would describe these creatures as humanoid and around 7-feet tall with leathery grey skin. They also appeared to have six fingers on each hand with webbing in-between each digit. Although he couldn’t recall how the information came to him, these humanoids would inform him that the brain-creatures were simply “organic translation devices” that allowed them to communicate telepathically.

The next thing he recalled was a series of images shown to him on one of the computer screens. Interestingly, and similar in detail to many of the accounts from the 1950s and early-60s, the overriding message was of a concern for humanity, and of the fact that “too much power” was concentrated in specific locations around the planet.

It isn’t clear whether this is a reference to some kind of build-up of natural power of the Earth, or, and most likely, the concentration of political and military power and influence. Hodges would again recall the message that we should:

Take the time to know yourselves. The time draws near when you shall need to!

What might this mean?

As for Hodges, he would recall a strange “buzzing” sensation run through him before waking up in his car outside his house.

As writer, Rob Murphy asks, might these apparent “concerns” actually be part of some cosmic psychological warfare? One designed to collectively disarm us and ultimately weaken ourselves against such an alien invasion?

The idea itself sounds preposterous. However, our collective refusal to confront and understand such possibilities may prove to be our very own achilleas heel. Surely it is better to investigate and rule out the outrageous than to dismiss without investigation what could prove to be important understandings of our collective existence.

The video below discusses this bizarre case a little further.


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