The Other-Worldly Mysteries Of China’s Yellow Emperor

Marcus Lowth
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November 17, 2016
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December 13, 2021
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China has always been a land of mystery, in particular to those of us who live in the West who mostly only see the historic nation from afar. As we progress into the twenty-first century, China’s ambitions to explore space and the further universe are very much at the forefront of space exploration, and as determined as their past is enchanted.

They have recently landed their own rover on the lunar surface, and further more they are planning to have a manned mission to land on the moon by 2036. They even have plans to launch their own probe to Mars in 2020, and a manned mission – if all goes well would have to be considered a genuine possibility.

Perhaps their biggest leap in the modern space race however, is a project they have built right here on Earth.

China's Yellow Emperor

China’s Yellow Emperor

Very recently in September 2016, the world’s largest radio telescope was unveiled, with the express purpose that it will “search for dark matter, (and) listen for aliens!” [1] Located in southwestern China in Dawodang, the huge dish measures half a kilometre wide and is named “Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope” – or FAST. While scientists are still working through initial glitches and technical setbacks, they hope that FAST will be fully operational by 2018.

The short video clip below talks about the FAST telescope in a little more detail.

China’s relationship with the stars however is certainly nothing out of the ordinary, nor is it something new. Recently we wrote about the discovery of The Dropa Stones – but as we will see, the connection between space and possible extra-terrestrials is much more widespread than one questionable discovery.

Floating City Appears Over China

In October 2015 bizarre video footage began to appear online that showed a “floating city” appearing out of the clouds [2] above the Chinese city of Foshan in the Guandong province. It was witnessed by hundreds of people first-hand, and many thousands more witnessed the spectacle over the internet. There were numerous theories as to what it might have been.

Many believed it was simply an optical illusion known as Fata Morgana – essentially a trick of the light. Others stated it was obvious evidence of secret government projects such as Project Blue Beam – a theory that states secret governments will “simulate” some type of alien attack giving an excuse to exorcise martial law.

Some though theorised the appearance may actually have been that of a huge alien spacecraft, or even a rip in space-time itself that allowed us a peak into another dimension. The same phenomena was witnessed several days later, hundreds of miles away in the province of Jiangxi. There were also further sightings as far away as the United Kingdom and California.

You can view the original footage of the this bizarre occurrence below.

A further sighting occurred in March 2016 when buildings were seen floating above the sea in the port of Dalian in the Liaoning province. The footage was aired on twenty-four hour Chinese news channel, CCTV, but many people began to ask questions of this new sighting. For example it was not disclosed who had filmed the video, nor was any footage made available of what this area looks like without the heavy, thick fog.

You can view the footage for yourselves below.

To some – particularly anyone with an interest in the ancient astronaut theory – believe that China has had a long and intentional history of UFO activity. Going back thousands of years, right the way back to antiquity. Might these recent bizarre sightings just be the latest in a long line of such events?

Check out the short video clip below that looks at some of the subsequent floating cities that appeared in United Kingdom and California.

The Advanced Technology and Knowledge of Huang-Di – The Yellow Emperor

The Yellow Emperor (otherwise known as Huang-Di) is sited as being instrumental in developing the Chinese society. He ruled for over one-hundred years around 3000 BC, and such things as Chinese medicine, wooden houses, writing, transportation, weapons and even specific government institutions are all attributed to his genius.

Huang-Di had advanced technology and extensive knowledge of the stars and the heavens. He was even believed to have descended to Earth in a “thunderclap on a clear day!” to begin his reign.

It is also said that he could summon a dragon from the skies – a dragon that was described as having metal scales. Is this purely creative licence on those who wrote the records and stories of Huang-Di’s reign? Or might it be the best reference available to them, and the metal scales were really the metal bodywork of a “nuts-and-bolts” spacecraft?

He also kept in his possession a “magical chariot” – known as a Changhuan. This chariot could take Huang-Di to any part of his kingdom at great speed. No-one was allowed on the Changhuan without Huang-Di being present. One story told of a person who dared to defy this rule, and climbed aboard the chariot so they could travel to far lands. According to the legend, when this person returned a short time later, they had aged considerably. Some theorists believe this may actually be referring to the believed consequences of travelling faster than the speed of light.

Is it possible that Huang-Di was really an extra-terrestrial who had landed in what is now modern-day China over five-thousand years ago and began to rule over the people? If so, was this a pre-planned act, or one of coincidence, accident and opportunism?

Aplha Leonis and The Forbidden City

Modern astronomers have identified that Huang-Di’s home star – referred to as Xuanyuan in Chinese records – as being Alpha Leonis, which is seventy-nine light years from Earth. What is interesting here is that many other cultures from antiquity also hold this particular star in high regard.

The Babylonians referred to it as “Sharru” – which means The King. Ancient Persians called it Miyan – or The Center, and ancient Indian texts speak of it as Magha – The Mighty. When his reign ended, Haung-Di summoned down his dragon (spaceship?) and it took him back to Xuanyuan.

Perhaps most intriguing about this star system, is that unknown metric wave signals have been picked up – waves that are very similar to the ones that are emitted from Earth.

Subsequent emperors were all said to be direct descendants of Huang-Di. So essentially – assuming for one moment that he was an extra-terrestrial – that would mean that the emperors that followed were all part extra-terrestrial too.

Is this why it is forbidden for anyone to look directly at the emperor?

Not only that, but beginning in 1420, all emperors were completely sealed away from any public gaze in the Forbidden City – a huge enclosure of sorts in Beijing. The Forbidden City remained active until the early years of the twentieth century. Even stranger is the story behind the building of the city, which was said to have come to a monk in a vision. Like many of the megalithic structures around the world, parts of the Forbidden City are made up of colossal stones – some of them weighing upwards of three-hundred tonnes. The city is said to be an earthly abode for the ruling emperor and a replica of sorts to the “palace in the stars” from which the first emperor – Huang-Di hailed from.

Long History of UFO Sightings In China

Another example of a recorded sighting that can quite easily be seen as a UFO can be found in the ancient book “Essays of the Men Hall” [3] – an account written in the years of Emperor Jiayou who ruled from 1056-1064.

According to the tale, the up and coming city of Yangzhou in the Jiangsu province, was regularly visited by a strange flying craft that glowed as bright as a pearl. It was most often seen emerging or hovering over one of the city’s many lakes. One particular account of the bright pearl-like object tells of a man witnessing doors opening before an intense light – so bright that it was blinding to human eyes – shot out in all directions. The object then rose from the ground and descended into the lake “like a setting sun!”

The famous painting “Red Flames In The Sky” [4] – sometimes translated as “Red Hot Flame Hovers In The Air” – painted by Chinese painter Wu Youru in 1892, is said to be an artistic account of another UFO sighting witnessed by hundreds of people.

According to the story, unearthed by respected UFO researcher Paul Dong, at around 8pm on a September evening over Nanking City, an egged shaped fireball was witnessed floating calmly across the sky.

It was moving much too slow to be a meteor and was clearly visible to hundreds of onlookers for considerable time. It was also moving against the north-blowing wind, so it was ruled out that it was a children’s paper lantern. Further reported by many – at least according to Dong’s research – was a faint buzzing sound, quiet but very noticeable.

The following short video looks at some of the more prominent UFO sightings in China – albeit from more recent times, but interesting viewing nonetheless and an example of just how many UFO sightings are still witnessed over this ancient and majestic land.


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