The 2008 UFO Wave Of Bucks County, Pennsylvania

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August 30, 2018
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November 14, 2021
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Sitting around thirty miles north of Philadelphia, Bucks County is one of the most affluent and typically “successful” American urban residential areas of Pennsylvania. Beginning in early 2008, however, and stretching well into the summer, sighting after sighting of UFOs and strange lights would emerge from the skies over this otherwise quiet and sprawling suburb.

A depiction of a UFO over Buck County

A depiction of a UFO over Buck County

Perhaps one of the strangest of the hundreds of sightings on record is that of Cliff Taylor, who would have not one but two experiences to tell of. What makes Taylor’s sightings unique is that they appear to be of some kind of “mothership” that each time vanished in the vicinity of his home. He would, unfortunately, be the only witness to the events. However, he is regarded as a credible, intelligent witness with full control of his own mind and someone not prone to deception of any kind. Furthermore, given his good name in the community, he had little to gain by making a public report of such an outlandish event.

Before we look at the Taylor incident, as well as some of the more intriguing sightings from the Bucks County Wave of 2008, check out the short video below. It is a typical example of the kind of sightings on record at the time.

Black Clouds In A Clear Night Sky

Retired contractor and businessman, Cliff Taylor, was doing what he did every night on 3rd June 2008. [1] He was walking his dog, Rusty, around the picturesque residential neighborhoods of Bucks County before getting ready to turn in for the night. That evening, their walk was non-eventful and pleasant, much like it always was. Later that evening, however, would come a night unlike any other in Cliff’s life.

Due to Cliff’s intense snoring, he and his wife would sleep in separate bedrooms. Rusty would sleep at the foot of the bed with Cliff. This particular night, around 4 am, Cliff awoke to Rusty’s agitated barks. He noticed a random flashing as well as a cloudy presence outside the property. He pulled himself from his bed and went to the bedroom window for a closer look.

As he stared intently into the mysterious cloud, he began to make out the very definite outline of a solid shape. A hexagon-shaped craft slowly emerged in all its glory for Cliff to see. He would later describe the scene as though he was watching an old cine-film but with every other frame removed such was the stop-start-stop-start nature with which the huge craft moved. He would estimate it to be the size of a sports stadium. Cliff would call out to his wife to come and look. However, by the time she heard him, the craft was long gone, disappearing over the house. Not convinced with his story and having to get up in only two hours, she went back to bed.

Certain of what he had seen, Cliff would feel a sense of hopeless frustration over the coming weeks that he was the lone witness to such a monumental incident. That was until the huge craft appeared again several weeks later.

A depiction of a UFO over Buck County

A depiction of a UFO over Buck County

A Cosmic Aircraft Carrier?

Although he would place calls to the local police and newspaper, Cliff Taylor could find no reports that matched his. Over the next few weeks, the sighting dominated his thoughts. Then, just short of two months later in the early hours of 27th July, at around the same time of 4 am, he once again awoke to Rusty’s nervous and anxious barks.

An intense electrical storm was raging outside sending flashes across the bedroom. He immediately got out of bed and dashed to the window. There, outside in full view, was the “mothership” he had witnessed weeks earlier. As he watched in awe, he noticed that the “lightning” was intensely blinding lights from the underside of the ship.

He rushed outside to the yard in front of his house. As he stared at the craft above him, he soon realized that the “mothership” was actually five or six individual crafts that were somehow linked together, almost as if they were on a cosmic aircraft carrier. He would estimate that each craft was at least the size of a commercial jet airliner.

Of the hundreds of sightings that can be placed within the files of the Bucks County Wave, only the encounters of Cliff Taylor attest to a “mothership” or UFO of such magnitude being seen. It is interesting that such a craft should appear twice over the same property during such a wave. Perhaps there is an “alien base” nearby and the Taylor property just happens to be on the route of this base? Or perhaps, as speculative as it might be, his property sits on an “energy spot” that results in a manipulation of natural phenomenon that allows the opening of a portal to somewhere else in the cosmos?

The Bucks County Wave

Not including a January sighting, one of the first significant sightings of the Bucks County 2008 wave came

at a little after 10 pm on the 28th March in the Montgomery County region of Bucks County when a local resident was walking his dog. As he was doing so, he noticed a high-flying aircraft that appeared to be moving at a particularly fast pace. He continued to watch the aircraft as he strolled on his way.

However, a short time afterward, he noticed a further “four unusual looking shapes” moving in his direction. And these were flying at a much lower altitude. Despite their relatively close proximity to him, he noticed that these four objects were seemingly completely silent. They also each had a flashing red light on the top of them.

Before they could reach his location, though, they changed their direction to the north and began to move away from him. A little unnerved the witness began to make his way home. Upon arriving he immediately informed his wife of the strange incident before heading to the window of their home to peer outside.

A depiction of a flying saucer

A depiction of a flying saucer

Much to his surprise, when he looked out, he could see the four, strange objects once more. They appeared to be circling in the sky overhead. He immediately called out to his wife, imploring her to come and see them for herself. She ran over to the window and did indeed see the strange aerial vehicles, as did their son.

They would later agree that the objects resembled “quick-moving helicopters” but with no sound. It was also their opinion that the strange objects appeared to be “looking for something”. They continued to watch the objects moving around overhead for around a quarter of an hour before they disappeared into the distance.

However, just as the family was about to settle down and put the strange event out of their minds, they suddenly heard the sound of several military jets flying overhead. Whether these jets were there by chance or whether they were there as part of an intercept mission remains unknown.

Sightings Continue With Regularity

On the evening of 20th April in the Falls Township area another intriguing sighting unfolded. An unnamed woman awoke in her apartment to her dog growling. His attention was focused towards the sliding doors at the back. As she came to, she noticed a “ripping” sound, “like someone was ripping someone’s (window) screen”. She got up to take a look and her eyes caught “an object hovering around the sky”. This caused her to back away from the window immediately. She would later state “I thought I would be sucked up, that’s how believable it was”. She woke her husband. Both watched the object, well back from the apartment window for around thirty minutes before it vanished.

Three nights later, at a baseball game in Newtown numerous people witnessed an “orange fireball” descending from the sky. The following night a man smoking a cigar on the deck of his property near the Lincoln Highway would report an “egg-shaped UFO” flying in a straight line above the road. It would suddenly drop “straight down like an elevator” before hovering momentarily just below the clouds. It would then speed off into the distance until its bright white lights were no longer visible.

Similar sightings of this nature continued throughout the months of May and June, including one witness who saw a “disc-shaped object fly out of the clouds” from their Bucks County apartment, and a police officer witnessing a silent craft shaped like a “sideways comma” which then morphed into another shape beyond description in front of his eyes.

The short video below is one of the news segments that looked at the wave, albeit, with a tongue-in-cheek tone.

“Weird Cloud Formations” And Boomerang-Shaped Objects

One of those sightings in early June occurred at 4:20 am on the morning of 3rd June. The witness was sleeping when they suddenly awoke and went to his bedroom window. As he looked outside, he saw what appeared to be a “small cloud”. And what’s more, it appeared to be heading in his direction.

The “cloud” continued to get closer, so much so that he realized it was an object more akin to an “elongated hexagon”. It appeared to be a solid object that clearly stood out against the lightening sky. He would estimate that it was at an approximate altitude of a little over 500 feet, while also estimating it was approximately 100 feet by 100 feet in size.

He watched in awe as the strange object slowly circled his house, making absolutely no noise whatsoever as it did so. Then it suddenly began to ascend and disappear into the early morning sky.

Another similar sighting occurred several weeks later on the evening of 23rd June, a Bucks County resident would take several pictures of “weird cloud formations” [2] in the dark summer’s evening sky. However, when she returned home to download the pictures from her camera to her laptop, she saw something strange. The cloud formations were some kind of “vortexes”. She would also report that as she was taking the pictures, several black helicopters were present in the skies above. You can see one of those shots below.

A picture showing an apparent UFO

Does this picture show a UFO?

Less than forty-eight hours later, at around 1 am on the 25th June, came a sighting of a “boomerang-shaped object” with blue, white, and green lights. The witness was on their front porch when a strange sound disturbed the usual serenity of the night. They would describe the sound as “similar to a passenger jet but not as low and at a higher pitch”. It was then that the witness glanced upwards to the night sky. As he did so he witnessed the craft, “fairly low to the ground” and moving “at a fairly slow pace”. White lights were spaced evenly along the boomerang shape, while a “football-shaped body” contained lights of white, green, and red.

The following week, on 2nd July, several witnesses would report strange lights hovering over the Oxford Valley Mall. On the same evening, came reports of an orange light “falling from the sky” over I-95 between Bucks County and Philadelphia.

The video below is another short news clipping from the summer of 2008 in Bucks County.

Bright Lights And Star Wars-Type Objects

Two more incidents took place in the early hours of 8th July. Two orange lights, both different sizes, hovered in the sky in one report. While another mentions “pink light with blue fog” as well as “three other bright lights”. These may have been part of the same object. Two nights later on the 10th July came an even stranger incident. A strange craft, according to witnesses, was sending “fairy dust” out from its underside. The sightings would continue deep into the summer.

At just before noon on the 16th July in Philadelphia County a local resident was driving home after finishing work when he noticed a strange “H-shaped object” in the noon sky overhead. He watched it for several moments as it hovered before it disappeared behind the trees that lined the roadside.

The witness noted later when she reported the sighting that the object made no noise whatsoever and moved much slower and controlled than a typical airplane. She also stated the craft, whatever it was, reminded her of an X-wing fighter from the Star Wars movies.

She would later ask her husband, who was at home at the time of the sighting, if he had seen anything from their home. Unfortunately, however, he stated he had not seen or heard anything out of the ordinary.

“Bright Balls Of Light” Moving Over Philadelphia County

On the evening of 3rd August, at a little after 10 pm, one of the most intriguing sightings of the 2008 wave unfolded. The witness on this occasion was out on their balcony when they suddenly noticed a strange “humming sound”.

A second or two later he noticed a “bright ball of light” move across the sky at a considerable pace. He quickly scanned the sky to see if there was any other traffic (due to him living near to the Philadelphia International Airport). However, aside from the brightly lit object, it appeared there were no other vehicles overhead.

A picture claiming to show a real UFO

Does this picture show a real UFO?

He continued to watch the strange light, which now moved much slower, certainly much slower than an airplane. The object would eventually disappear into the distance.

What is interesting about this particular sighting is that there are reports of similar objects from the New Jersey region – which is a relative stone’s throw from Philadelphia. The report described a “bright ball of light” moving across the sky overhead. Even more intriguing, later that same day, both in West Virginia and in Michigan, came reports of almost identical objects.

While it might be tempting to say the strange light was likely a natural object, given its apparent route and changes of direction, as well as the timespan between all of the sightings, as well as the controlled way in which it moved, it is likely that the object was most definitely a vehicle of some kind. Of course, whether the object was an extraterrestrial craft remains open to debate.

Bucks County Remains The UFO Hot-Spot Of Pennsylvania

Although the incidents would die down as Fall and Winter came to Bucks County, by January 2009 a conference would be held by MUFON [3] to address the situation. The UFO research group would state that reports in the region tripled, in some cases, quadrupled the organization’s workload. They would not only look at UFO sightings but also of alien abductions, and even alien-human hybridization programs.

Incidentally, sightings still continue fairly consistently in the Bucks County region, [4] and although figures have not reached the same levels as 2008, across the state of Pennsylvania as a whole they have actually increased. However, Bucks County still leads Pennsylvania in UFO activity with more sightings for its population size than anywhere else.

Check out the video below. It looks at the Bucks County Wave in a little more detail.


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