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We might imagine that claims of spacecraft landing from another world landing right here on Earth would be huge news around the world, and indeed, many such encounters have been debated by the wider public outside of the UFO community. There are, however, many other, lesser-known incidents that many in UFO circles are not aware of, and these encounters stretch right the way back to the start of the Modern UFO era.

What is also interesting, despite some of the general details being similar, each encounter also has its own uniqueness, with some even hinting at possible alien abduction scenarios. There also appears to have been attempts, at least in some of these cases, to cover up the incidents before they reached the wider public, which should lead us to contemplate just what the respective authorities might know about these apparent visitors from other worlds.

Indeed, these lesser-known landing cases are potentially some of the most important encounters with apparent extraterrestrials on record. And, as we shall see, they continue to happen today in our contemporary era. We will start with a little-known landing encounter that occurred in the mid-1960s when the UFO phenomenon had fully gripped the planet.

The 1964 Hubbard Landing Case

According to a case investigated by Donald Keyhoe and Gordon Lore for NICAP, on the morning of May 19th, 1964, at around 7:30 am in Hubbard, Oregon, a young boy, Michael Bizon was outside of his on his way to let the cow out of the stall. [1] Most mornings, the cow was eager to venture out into the field. On this particular morning, however, Michael noticed that she was acting very anxious and nervous and seemingly not interested in leaving the stall.

It was at this point when Michael spotted a silver square object, measuring about four feet in height, resting in the middle of the nearby wheat field atop four metallic legs. He watched the object for several moments before hearing a “soft beep” coming from it. Then, it “started to go up”, slowly, to begin with, and then, when it was around the height of a telephone pole, it “shot up just like a rocket”.

Following its disappearance, Michael turned and ran back to the house, blurting out to his mother what he had seen. Mrs. Bizon would later recall that he was “very frightened and half crying” when he arrived back at the property.

A short time after telling his mother, the Bizons’ carpenter, Ray Mortenson, offered to return to the wheat field with Michael. When they arrived, they could see a distinctly flattened section of wheat. Mortenson would state later that this area was “between three and four feet across” and appeared to be in a “flower-shaped pattern”.

This section of flattened wheat, incidentally, was also later witnessed by Marion County Deputy Sherrif, Shirlie Davidson. He would write in his report that “the grain appeared to have been pushed down by some object” with “three particular spots” standing out. Whatever the object might have been remains a complete mystery.

The Beach Encounter Of Dennis Crowe

A little over a year later, on the other side of the world in Vaucluse Beach in Sydney, Australia, another close encounter with an otherworldly vehicle unfolded. [2] It was around 5 pm on July 19th, 1965 when Dennis Crowe was enjoying a walk along the beach close to where he lived. Despite the rough seas and random rain showers, the stroll was peaceful and soothing. That was, until he saw a bizarre glowing object ahead of him.

He continued forward, now somewhat cautiously as he looked to make out what the curious object might be. Eventually, he could make out what appeared to be a saucer or disc-shaped object resting on the beach on small legs. He estimated the object was approximately 20 feet across and had a blue-green glow that appeared to encase it somewhat. The exterior of the object was a gray color and appeared to be metallic, while on the top was a dome-shaped compartment.

He continued in the direction of the object. As he did so he could several dogs barking, and he got the impression they were directing their attention at this otherworldly craft also. The object remained completely still and silent until he got to within 60 feet of it. Then, it suddenly lifted off the ground. At the same time, a sudden sound like “air being forced out of a balloon” was clearly audible.

Crowe looked on as the object rapidly ascended into the late afternoon sky, disappearing from sight in no more than 10 seconds. As soon as it vanished, the dogs suddenly ceased barking. He looked around to see if any other witnesses were nearby. However, he could see nobody, meaning he appeared to be the only person to have seen these bizarre events.

Despite this, Crowe did make a report of the sighting, eventually causing the Royal Australian Air Force to put forward a possible explanation – that what Crowe had witnessed was a “tornado”. As we might imagine, Crowe outright rejected this suggestion. Although no further witnesses or details surfaced with this sighting, Crowe never once wavered from his version of events, perhaps suggesting that, whatever it might have been, he most definitely saw something strange that afternoon.

The Pretoria-Bronkhorstspruit Highway UFO Landing

Several weeks later at just after midnight on the evening of September 16th, 1965 in Pretoria, South Africa, two police officers encountered an unknown craft on the highway. [3] According to the account, which appeared in several national newspapers, Constable John Lockem and Constable Koos de Klerk were on patrol, driving along the Pretoria-Bronkhorstspruit Highway when they were suddenly confronted with a disc-shaped object sitting in the middle of the road.

They brought their vehicle to a stop, both in awe at the sight in front of them. They would later describe the object as being around 30 feet across and was a shiny copper color. Within a few seconds of them first noticing it, flames appeared in two tubes on its underside and it began to rise rapidly into the air.

Lockem would later state that “its lift-off was quicker than anything” he had seen previously. Of more concern, as it rose into the air, the flames from the object had caused significant fire damage to the road, with parts of the gravel and tar being completely burned. Incidentally, samples of the road were collected and sent for analysis, the results of which have never been disclosed to the public.

Of further interest, when the District Commandant of Pretoria North, Lieutenant Colonel Brits was asked for comment by the media, he simply offered that the matter was being treated as “being of a highly secret nature” and that an investigation would be carried out “in top circles”.

UFO Drone Enters Landed UFO On The Beach In Nova Scotia?

In the early hours of November 30th, 1965, at around 3:30 am in Cornwallis, Nova Scotia in Canada, Seaman Ian Kinsey was on his early morning watch for Her Majesty’s Coastal Service at the Cornwallis Station. [4] It was as he was performing his regular “rounds” of the barracks that he happened to glance out of one of the windows he was amazed to see a glowing, yellow, oval object standing on the beach.

He immediately stopped what he was doing and watched the bizarre scene in front of him. After several minutes, a door in the side of the object slid open, and a brilliant white light came from it. Out of nowhere, a smaller, “cigarette-shaped” object appeared and entered the larger craft through this doorway. The object then rose into the air and disappeared over the nearby mountains.

Interestingly, when NICAP investigated the encounter, they discovered that two young men – Kevin Davis and Gary Jardine – had witnessed a similar object only hours earlier during the late hours of November 29th near Springhill. According to an account they gave to the Springhill Record, the object was oval-shaped, and had a “blinking red dome” on the upper half.

The two men also claimed to have seen a “bar-like object” emerge from one of several portholes along the side, which eventually disappeared into the night sending sparks flying from it as it did so. We might ask, was this bar-like object the same “cigarette” shaped object witnessed by Kinsey, and was the domed object the two men witnessed the very same that was seen on the beach by the seaman several hours later?

In a potentially more ominous twist, in the weeks that followed his report, Kinsey began to claim that he was being sent for “sanity” tests by his employers, and even worse, that he was being threatened with being “thrown out of the navy” if he continued to insist his version of events that evening was true.

When the Navy was approached for comment on the claims by NICAP, Captain J M Paul responded that although Kinsey was being released from duty, his release was “for reasons which are in no way connected” with the alleged UFO sighting. We can make of that what we will.

Truly Bizarre Street Landing In Anchorage, Alaska

Although the exact date is not known, at around 3 am in the early hours of a morning in 1966, a truly bizarre encounter unfolded in Anchorage, Alaska. [5] The witness was only a young boy at the time of the incident, and it was not reported until 40 years later in 2006.

According to his report, his first memory of the encounter was standing outside his house on the street where he lived. Although it was the middle of the night, the streetlamps reflected brightly off the freshly fallen snow. He could see that he was the only one outside, and try as he might, he couldn’t remember how he had got there or why he had decided to leave his house. Of more concern was the saucer-shaped craft around 50 feet in front of him.

He later described the object as looking like an “upside down saucer with a cylindrical ‘turret’ on the top” which appeared to rotate. The exterior of the craft was metallic and had what appeared to be windows that emanated a green color. He estimated that it was between 12 to 15 feet across and rested on the ground on three short legs.

He didn’t recall the object leaving, and this is when his memory of the event stopped. However, although he didn’t know it until years later, his brother had also witnessed the same event. In the early 2000s, the pair were hiking when the witness suddenly began speaking of the encounter to his brother. To his amazement, it was then that he informed him that he too had seen the object, from his bedroom window. He claimed that he watched the object for around two minutes. He didn’t, though, recall seeing his brother on the street. And, like the main witness, he couldn’t recall the craft leaving.

Of course, this lack of memory suggests the possibility that the encounter could have been a lot more than a sighting, and could, in fact, have been an alien abduction. The witness himself even stated that he had “often wondered” if he had been abducted that evening. It is certainly an interesting case.

Humanoid Encounter With A Landed Craft On Reunion Island

According to an article in the January-February 1969 edition of Flying Saucer Review, an unidentified object landed on Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean at around 9 am on July 31st 1968. [6] On the morning in question, 31-year-old farmer Luce Fontaine was at a clearing in the forest collecting grass for his rabbits. As he was doing so, however, he was suddenly confronted with the sight of an oval-shaped object around 80 feet away from him.

The object appeared to be a dark blue color and was hovering around 20 feet above the ground. The underside of the craft appeared to be slightly transparent, similar to a car windscreen. Fontaine would later state that “in the center of the cabin were two individuals with their backs towards me”. Then, the figure to the left of the cabin turned around and looked at him. It was around three feet tall and wore a “head to feet in a sort of one-piece overall”, one that the witness offered was a “bit like the suit worn by the ‘Michelin Man’.

While the second figure turned its head to look at him briefly, it remained largely uninterested. After a few moments, the figure on the left turned back around so its back was once more to Fontaine. The next thing he knew, “there was a flash” that Fontaine recalled as “strong as the electric arc of a welding machine”. He recalled everything going white around him before he felt a “power heat” followed by “a sort of blast of wind”. A second or two later, everywhere cleared and the object was no longer there.

Fontaine returned home and immediately told his wife what he had seen before making a report to the police. Given what people knew of him, he was taken seriously, despite the bizarre nature of the events. Furthermore, although there was no evidence of the craft’s presence at the scene, a significant amount of radioactivity was discovered on Fontaine’s clothing.

UFO Landing At Little Oyster Cave

According to the files of Bill Chalker, in February 1976 in Kettering, Tasmania, a 38-year-old local man witnessed a bizarre landing event on the shore of Little Oyster Cove. [7] On the night in question, the witness was awoken by the sound of his young child crying. When he went to investigate, he noticed what seemed to be a small aircraft heading toward the ground near the shore.

Thinking that he was witnessing a plane crash, he rushed outside toward the area, not even taking the time to dress.  When he was around 80 feet away, he could see the object was not a plane. There in front of him, illuminating the entire area, was a dome-shaped object. Around the side of the object were several windows from which came a bright white light. Through the windows, he could make out a tall cylindrical object, as well as several dark shapes that he likened to seats.

It is interesting to note here the cylindrical object in the middle of the craft, which the witness felt was somehow linked to a compass-like device. Many other witnesses of close encounters had detailed such a cylindrical-like structure that has also been described as being somehow connected to the ship’s navigation.

He continued forward toward the craft. The closer he got the more he could hear a humming sound, similar to an “electric motor turning over”. Suddenly, the object began to rise into the air, slowly, at first, and then with increased speed. As it rose, the humming sound increased in volume considerably. Then, the next thing he knew, the object was nothing but a “dot in the sky”.

The following day, the witness returned to the spot where he witnessed the object. To his disbelief, he found a “scorched circle” of grass exactly where the object had hovered or stood.

The Truly Bizarre Encounter Of Tom Dawson

According to a report by Billy Rachels, and featured in the files of Albert Rosales, a little-known landing encounter unfolded on August 6th, 1977, in Pelham, Georgia. [8] On the morning in question, at around 10:30 am, 63-year-old Tom Dawson was making his way to a pond at a local farm with his two dogs as he contemplated a spot of fishing later that afternoon.

As he approached the water, however, a “circular-shaped spaceship” suddenly “zipped” past and came to a sudden stop in between the nearby trees, hovering a very short distance above the ground. He could see that the topside of the object had a domed section while portholes were visible around the side. He later estimated that the object was around 50 feet across and approximately 15 feet in height.

Of more concern, though, he found that he and his two dogs were suddenly unable to move as if they had been “immobilized” by some strange force or technology. Even more bizarre, several cows in a nearby field also appeared to have become suddenly motionless.

Then, as he looked on helplessly, a “hatch” opened in the side of the object, and a ramp began to extend to the ground. A moment later, several strange humanoid figures – each around five feet tall – made their way down the ramp. Each was completely hairless and had a particularly pale complexion. Even stranger, they had strange pointed ears and a pointed nose. While some of the figures wore a one-piece-type suit, others appeared to have no clothes on at all. Dawson listened, noting that the figures appeared to be speaking “high-pitched gibberish” to each other.

“I Am Jimmy Hoffa!”

The beings made their way to where Dawson was standing – still frozen to the spot – and proceeded to place some kind of attachment to his skull with several cords or wires coming from it. These wires were connected to some kind of hoop which they proceeded to run over his body as if carrying out some kind of experiment.

It was during this experiment that an already strange situation turned even stranger and more serene. Appearing to come from inside the craft, a voice suddenly cried out, “I am Jimmy Hoffa!” It said this three times. Then, halfway through the fourth call, the voice was suddenly cut off. Then, as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened, the figures continued with their examination.

This is an intriguing if bizarre detail. Jimmy Hoffa, a labor leader, had disappeared in seemingly suspicious circumstances two years earlier in the summer of 1975. Clearly, the insinuation here is that these strange creatures – whoever they were – were responsible for his disappearance. And while we should treat this part of the account with a pinch of salt, it is certainly worth keeping in mind.

Upon its apparent completion, all of the figures except two returned to the ramp and reentered the craft. The two that had remained walked off to one side of Dawson, seemingly in some kind of conversation. He contemplated if they were debating whether to take him inside the spacecraft. After several moments, they turned to him, one of them moving its head through the air as if gesturing goodbye before they too reentered the hovering object.

The object rose approximately 75 feet into the air. Then, in the blink of an eye, it had disappeared into the distance. As soon as it vanished, Dawson, along with his dogs and the cows in the nearby field was able to move once more.

He immediately ran back home, blurting out to his neighbor what had happened. Ultimately, he was taken to hospital where was given a sedative in order to calm his nerves before being discharged. He would later state that he believed that had he been younger, the creatures most likely would have taken him onboard the craft. Indeed, what is interesting about this last detail is that six years later in England, 83-year-old Alfred Burtoo found himself in a similar situation. After he had been taken onboard a landed spacecraft and undergone an examination, he was informed that he was too old for his hosts’ purposes.

A Landing Encounter In Remote Vancouver

Another lesser-known UFO landing encounter was reported online in the early 2000s by an anonymous woman who claimed the incident unfolded at some point in the summer of 1983 or 1984. [9] She claimed in her report that at the time, she was living with her boyfriend in a remote logging camp around 10 miles outside of Sooke, Vancouver Island.

On the evening in question, she was in her backyard performing chores when she became aware of a “low hum” – something that she could “feel” rather than hear. Feeling a little unnerved she immediately went inside to get her boyfriend before both of them returned to the yard to investigate. They had lived in the property for several years and were more than familiar with the usual sounds of the area, and both agreed that this particular noise was most definitely out of the ordinary.

Several backroads ran along the back of their property, some of which led to a nearby logging camp. It was to this logging camp that they headed, feeling sure that the sound was coming from that direction, not least as the closer they got to it, the louder the noise became.

An “Enormous Dark Structure” The “Size Of A Football Stadium!”

They came upon a crossroads and immediately noticed a glow coming from up ahead in a flat area of the logging site. From here, they were close to a 40-foot sand dune, and so decided to climb to the top of it so they could get a clearer view of the flat clearing where the light appeared to be coming from. When they reached the top, they could see an “enormous dark structure” that “almost filled up the whole site”, a site that was several hundred feet wide.

They would later state the object was approximately the size of a football stadium, was cigar-shaped with rounded edges, and bright lights positioned around the edge. They both looked around the site to see if there was anyone else but there appeared to be no one else there. From here, the sound that had first alerted them to something strange taking place was so low that it could be felt in the ground itself.

The next thing they realized, one of the lights from the craft had turned in their direction and was now shining directly on them. As soon as it did so, they both jumped back to escape its glare, almost slid down the sand dune, and immediately began running back to their property.

At sunlight, at just after 6 am, the pair ventured back to the sand dune to inspect the area once more. To their shock, there was no evidence or signs whatsoever that anything out of the ordinary had even taken place – not even depressions in the ground where the legs that supported the object had been.

They would later ask several of their neighbors if they had witnessed anything unusual or heard any strange sounds. One of them offered that he often heard such strange noises and that he believed it was the military performing some type of training or secret operations. The entire episode remains a complete mystery.

A Landing Encounter That Could Be A Repeat Alien Abduction

Much more recently, at around 5:30 am on April 10th, 2002, in Tennessee, an anonymous woman was standing in the kitchen of the house she shared with her husband looking for deer near the lake. [10] As she was doing so she noticed a “bronze metallic octagon-shaped object” that appeared to be floating on the surface of the water.

She estimated that it was around 20 feet across and had a raised dome section in the middle of the upper side. At this point, uncertain if she was seeing some kind of reflection, she walked over to the glass doors and viewed the object from there. She watched the object for around a minute before rushing back to the bedroom to wake her husband. He followed her to the kitchen, however, the object was no longer there. Even stranger, the water appeared serene and undisturbed.

The pair had been friends with a MUFON investigator for almost 20 years, and so wasted little time informing them of what they had seen when they happened to visit them in Tennessee several weeks later. He would attend the location where the incident had taken place but could see nothing that might provide any clues as to what might have happened that evening. There was, however, another encounter several days later.

At around 7:30 pm on the evening of May 3rd, the witness was looking out over the same part of the lake and was more than shocked to see a strange light emerging from the water. Only moments after it had broken the water a blinding flash came from the object and it disappeared instantly.

Although she didn’t see anything else that evening, the events were far from finished. She went to bed as normal but had severe trouble sleeping, not least because of the unusual sound of coyotes howling in the distance. Of more concern, an unsettling noise like something banging against the side of the house persisted into the night.

Further details concerning the witness would also come to light following the MUFON investigators’ research into her case. It was discovered, for example, that she regularly witnessed “shadows moving” around the house. What is particularly interesting about this is that many alien abductees, especially those who have been discovered to have been abducted on multiple occasions, often report seeing these shadow people. So we might contemplate if the witness has, in fact, been abducted during these encounters with strange objects, and whether this has happened many times.

She has also discovered strange bruising on her arms with no memory of how she got them, which once more, would indicate a struggle of sometimes, possibly with her alien abductors, or possibly from being restrained. Even stranger, toilets in their home would often flush of their own accord, which is another example of paranormal-type activity being connected to UFO and alien encounters.

Daylight Landing In Sarajevo

Another recent landing encounter occurred on the afternoon of October 8th, 2005 in Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina. [11] What’s more, the encounter, which was investigated by Rudolf Bosnjak, resulted in several seconds of seemingly clear video footage being captured.

On the afternoon in question, while a local news crew was recording a segment for an unrelated show, a dark, saucer-shaped object was spotted moving across the sky a short distance away (it is unclear if this footage was broadcast live or not). In the video, multiple witnesses can be seen pointing at the object.

According to the report by Bosnjak, when a location in front of the theatre was inspected, it appeared the object had “left trace as landing points”, although it is not clear if any of the witnesses actually saw the object land. We should also mention that some people suggested that the video footage was a promotional video for the International Theater Festival in Sarajevo, something that Bosnjak insisted was not the case.

It is an extremely interesting encounter, although it remains unexplained. You can see two stills from the video footage below.

Is this a real UFO?

The alleged landing site markings

Many More UFO Landing Cases Than We Might Think

As usual, these are only a sample of the many landing cases on record. The fact is, many, many more landing cases have been reported that we haven’t explored here. And, undoubtedly, there will be many more that have yet to be reported, whether from recent times or many years in the past.

Given the vast amount of such occurrences on record, it is perhaps a little perplexing that these claims are not treated more seriously than they are. While we have to certainly be cautious with such claims, and should most definitely treat some with a pinch of salt, the fact that so many people around the world and across the decades are reporting such encounters should alert us to the fact that some very strange is indeed taking place, whatever it might be.

If only a small percentage of the claims that we have explored here are credible and accurate, it would be life-changing and perspective-altering for all of us. And would potentially confirm that not only are we not alone in the universe, but that those other intelligences are visiting our world – and have been for some time.

The short video below looks at some of the most interesting UFO encounters of all time.


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