Why Have We Never Returned to the Moon? – The Conspiracy Discussed

First Published: May 29, 2012 Last updated: February 12th, 2019 Written by: Ian Stephens Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes Posted in: Space 72 comments

Gene Cernan was the last human to step off the Moon when Apollo 17 set off on their return trip to Earth in December of 1972.  From the time Neil Armstrong made the first famous step on the lunar surface on July 20, 1969, until December 14, 1972, when Mr. Cernan, Jack Schmitt, and Ronald Evans returned to Earth, twelve different men walked on the moon in 6 successful moon landings.

And we’ve never been back.  Why? I believe I have the answer. First, let’s consider alternative theories like politics and science.


Some say that the entire Apollo program was the United States’ effort to prove superiority to the Soviets in the “Space Race,” a technological and ideological battle waged from the late 1950s to the middle 1970s.

The logo of Nasa's Apollo Program.

The logo of Nasa’s Apollo Program.

The Soviets scared the US when they launched a small orbiting satellite named Sputnik in 1957. It was just a simple transmitter but motivated the US to accelerate its space program. Americans were frightened by the thought that the Soviet Union would soon have the capability to launch nuclear weapons from satellites ringing the earth.

The goal to land a man on the moon was solidified when Kennedy announced the US would accomplish it by the end of the 1960s. The Soviets never made a serious effort to try for a manned moon landing, instead concentrating on developing the Salyut and Mir space station programs. Once the US “won” by being the first man on the moon, the rest of the Apollo missions eventually seemed redundant and uninteresting.

President Nixon even put forth a proposal to discontinue the rest of the Apollo program (partially to distance himself from any achievement by Democrat administrations). His cabinet persuaded him to continue with the program, but told him that if he eventually needed to cancel Apollo 16 and 17, he could tell the American people that Apollo 15 was successful in getting all the scientific data needed, and that funding could now be directed to the Space Shuttle and other high profile programs.


Landing on the moon produced many benefits. Practically every electronic device in use today had its beginnings in the space program: transistors, digital mobile devices, breast cancer screeners, heart defibrillators, weather satellites, automated teller machines, and more. Still, some experts believe we had done all we could with moon landings by the time Apollo 17 was finished. While there are always new scientific discoveries to be made, the US decided that it wasn’t productive to land on the moon yet again. Instead, they focused on the Space Shuttle program.

And yet, the public clamored to know- why didn’t we ever go back to the moon? This is for sure: NASA is doing a good job of obfuscating the real reason they won’t return to the lunar surface. For example, they began a public relations effort called Global Exploration Strategy. In 2006, they asked over 1000 scientists, business people, engineers, space aficionados, and members of the public, “Why should we return to the moon?”

Ostensibly, the reason for the survey was to determine the best strategy to explore space, the benefits it brings to the people of Earth, and what role the moon can play as we continue to push further and further into the solar system.

Alien Base

I know the real reason for NASA’s noble “Global Exploration Strategy” public relations effort. It is part of a bigger campaign to cover up reality: NASA has known for years that aliens inhabit the moon. They have used the dark side of the moon to establish a base, develop landing areas, create buildings and towers of various sizes and shapes, and to monitor life on Earth.

Alien Towers Found In Tycho Crater

Could this be the evidence of Alien Towers Found In Tycho Crater on the Moon?

The evidence is significant. At a 2001 presentation to the National Press Club, Karl Wolfe, a former NASA photographic repairman with top-secret clearance in the Air Force, explained how he came upon evidence of alien buildings on the moon. He was at Langley Force Base in 1965 when he was loaned to the Lunar Orbital Project. They had some equipment problems and needed some help.

Another airman took him to where the broken equipment was located. This airman explained how the data came down from the lunar orbiter to the lab. During his explanation, he suddenly told Mr. Wolfe that they had come upon evidence of an alien base on the dark side of the moon. He then showed him several photos of mushroom-shaped outbuildings, spherical structures, and various towers. Mr. Wolfe expected that this information would come out in the news the next day and was surprised that it never did.

Transient Lunar Phenomenon

For centuries a series of “transient lunar phenomenon” have been reported on or above the moon’s surface. These anomalies include unexplained flashes of light, strange clouds of various colors, glowing spots and more. In 1178, several monks noticed a huge flaming torch on the moon. In 1787, Sir William Herschel, a well-known British astronomer, detected three red glowing spots on the dark portion of the moon. J.F. Julius Schmidt, noted lunar observer, noticed a significant change in the Linné crater in 1866.

Soviet astronomer Nikolai A. Kozyrev saw a half-hour long eruption on a peak of the Alphonsus crater in 1958. In 1968, NASA published a summary of an investigation into these phenomenons. Known as Document R-277, it listed 9600 strange occurrences on the lunar surface over hundreds of years. And the mysteries continue. As recently as 1992, French scientists detected anomalies on the floor of the crater known as Langrenus.

The New York Herald Tribune science editor once related his observation of a 12-mile long bridge-like structure on the edge of a crater. It appeared out of nowhere. In preparation for Apollo missions, Orbiter 3 was sent to get advance photos of the moon. Several unexplained structures were found, including a large vertical tower in the Urkert section called “The Shard.” Also found was a structure named “The Tower” which may well be over 5 miles tall. Author George Leonard, in his 1977 book, “Somebody Else Is on the Moon,” showed tracks in the lunar dust he said were made by aliens.

Lunar UFOs

In the 1970s, two ex-NASA specialists said that NASA astronauts had repeatedly told the space administration that they had seen aliens on the surface of the moon. One expert named Marchant claimed in a 1978 book that a couple of UFOs were hovering in the area just before Apollo 11 made the famous landing. In his book “Our Cosmic Ancestor,” Maurice Chatelain, a former NASA insider, shows transcripts of radio transmissions between several Apollo missions and the mission control base. The astronauts describe alien spaceships lining several craters, observing the Armstrong moonwalk.

None of this is new. The Enigma TV program “Why Has NASA Never Returned to The Moon” found evidence of “Sky Gods” visiting earth throughout history. There are similar descriptions of “visitors” found in a wide range of historical cultures, from North American shaman writings to ancient clay tablets of Sumerians in Iraq. The Book of Genesis describes “watchers from the sky.” The Bhagavad Gita, the Hindu holy book, is a conversation taking place between Lord Krishna and Arjuna, his disciple. The text describes several Gods flying in an alien craft known as Vimanas. They traveled to Earth from far-flung galaxies where they have telepathic powers and other advanced technology.

The Enigma TV program also describes the Popol Vu, an ancient Mayan document. The Mayans, who had advanced knowledge of astronomy and mathematics, depict a flying serpent God in the Popol Vu named Quetzalcoatl. Several times in the past few decades, flying serpent-like shapes have been filmed in the skies over Mexico. Almost identical objects have been reported over Scotland. American astronaut Story Musgrave also reported similar sightings from his post in the Space Shuttle.

Staging Area

Are all these reportings hoaxes?  That theory always entertains me. Sure, several thousand people from all over the world over hundreds of years decided to fake reports of the strange phenomenon on the moon.

Like they had nothing better to do.

No, for my money, the more plausible explanation is that aliens continue to use the moon as a staging area for eventual interaction with people on Earth. That could be a military strike signaling the start of an all-out war, or an attempt to reach out in peace. Either way, at this point only the naïve among us still believe we are alone.

Why haven’t we returned to the moon? Because we found a lot more there than some moon rocks. We discovered the existence of an alien base with buildings, towers, and other structures! Unfortunately, NASA has decided the best way to handle it is to deny their existence. Sound familiar?

They can cover up what they want. History and irrefutable evidence confirm what I know–aliens are right now living on the dark side of the moon, keeping track of our every move.

About Ian Stephens

Ian Stephens is an editor and writer for UFO Insight. He has a keen interest in the fields of strange phenomena, UFOs and aliens. He is also interested in space, physics and science in general. Writing for over 10 years in these fields, Ian has a lot of experience and knowledge to share.

You can contact Ian via email.


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  • Waldo Devore says:

    When we moved Nuclear Testing from Nevada to Bikini Islands in South Pacific, the cover story was “testing”. You’d think the scientists knew better than to pollute the oceans with radio active fallout. But the real reason was that the US military discovered aliens on the ocean floor and they decided to use their newly invented A-Bomb testing cover story as the way to destroy the bases they found in the south pacific.

  • wiley says:

    I don’t think we are being watched by aliens nor do I care if we are. The moon does not have an ozone to deal with and less gravity, It is the perfect launch platform for deep space missions. It will take much less fuel to send a massive rocket from the moon depending on what resources can be found on the moon.

  • gamorgan says:

    are the Clangers on the moon & the soup dragon & froglets ?

  • D says:

    I just wanted to know why we haven’t been back to the moon… lol 🙂

  • Dodge Ball says:

    Could be aliens, but most likely our own bases. People think the moon is some spaceship or something, but planets like Jupiter and Saturn have moons that formed naturally. People believe in ghosts but I never see any. People also believe in god, but I never saw him. People also believe in a flat earth, but I’ve never seen one picture of it, and it makes no sense. The only thing we know is that we are on this planet and we should try to live a healthy life. Other than that, when I see aliens for myself i will believe it.

    • Ace Jam says:

      I’ve never seen a spherical earth either other than pictures supposedly taken by nasa showing a history of anomalies on the blue marble. But I do know we live in a world of historical liars and therefore refuse everything man has printed and rely on my own innate concepts through my mind’s reasoning, which so far has been pretty reliable and getting better because i feel we are born with these gene tools that keep humanity’s conscious excelling and learn to be in tune within this realm in which we live whether it’s a plane or plane(t). I do know you can spell level backwards and it’s still level.

  • Omar A. says:

    Then we are pretty much screwed. If the government(s) want to keep us in the dark and unprepared so they don’t list their grip on their dominance over us, when and if they (aliens) decide to strike. We will all die because we where unprepared.

  • Sheila Mughal says:

    I have never believed in aliens existing in the nearby vicinity – mainly because I didn’t want to. The very thought scared the life out of me. Hey, I spent my childhood hiding behind the settee when Dr Who’s Darleks screamed “exterminate”. Films such as “War of the worlds” did not help matters.I even saw a black triangle in the sky once. but convinced myself it was an Aurora/ stealth like spy plane. Nope..me and aliens did not get along.

    However, as a science fiction writer (the paranormal was more my bag)… My next book (The Unbeknown – out Feb 26th 2017) involved historical alien invasions and their interference with the human genome. Every author has to do research, and so I was forced to watch documentaries and read lots of reports, about my least favorite subject – ET. I became fascinated. The more I read, the more I became convinced they exist and they are close by. I think the footage that swung me the most was the interview of the Apollo 11 astronauts after their mission. They looked shocked. I have a great instinct, and I just knew they had seen something.

    However here is my take on it – and I will return to my comfort zone of the paranormal. Anything not of this earth is an extra-terrestrial, & that includes God and of course angels, demons and maybe the fairies at the bottom of the garden. As a sci-fi writer, I have to open my mind to all possibilities, and the truth is – if not of this earth, it is alien. If I can stop being terrified, I may even find this all very interesting – but the odds are that if they were hostile they would have blown us all up a long time ago. Mythology, legends and history says they have been here a long long time- so lets hope that is a good sign.

  • Stephen Hawking says:

    yep i believe in aliens that they exist

  • Tim says:

    I am an alien!

  • mick mere says:

    I recently wrote something about aliens and my experiences and it was reloaded the page by itself am i being spyed on!!!

  • anonymous says:

    Amazing footage, I know there’s life out there!. I once had an experience/seen paranormal thing’s that where actually real…..
    my grandfathers trapline there was a long pipe object that was really light weight, it wasn’t heavy at all/ 28′ feet long maybe 4 or 5 inch diameter around hollow, should have been really heavy but was super weightless like unreal material.
    7 people who i know who are honesty and reliable in words and honesty %100 percent trustworthy said they seen little people running through the darkness at 1:00am at night, they where laughing and running into the bush/forest. HERES THE LOCATION OF SIGHTING OF THE SMALL PEOPLE 55°04’36.9″N 105°17’46.0″W 55.076918, -105.296109

    Here’s another location where they are seen mostly but rare sightings 54°58’07.0″N 104°49’25.9″W 54.968626, -104.823869 Ufo sightings are most common in that area of both lakes, experienced seeing a red glowing object, people where on that other lake division 18. wapawekka seen the same red glowing object, this time it was following there boat on the lake, scary experience of the intelligent being’s flying around!!…………

    Lot of history of sighting’s / experiences of other life.
    Around 2012 there was a ufo sighting witnessed by 28 people first hand HERES THE LOCATION 55°04’27.0″N 105°18’20.3″W
    One of the witnesses seen 12 foot tall alien seeders in the creek!…….. i live near that location it was an orange object hovering still for 10 minutes………..
    The aliens where searching for something to transplant to another planet to see if it can survive it could have been a frog catching or some kind of little organism they where searching for at night using flashlights!!……..

    All of this information i know makes me believe there are aliens out there.

  • zalachenko muay says:

    it’s interesting readn this article.am just mind boggled and open minded to the outer limits.i’ve always thought of other beings apart from us.

  • Bob says:

    I think that there are other forms of life out there. We are not the only beings in the whole universe. To say that would be egotistical. Who ever is out there knows of us and would not bother us because we can not get along with each other. so how would we get along with another race of beings. the people of earth are too ignorant.

  • esh thathu says:

    Loved it

  • Ski Jackson says:

    I believe in aliens because we live in a huge universe so there might be a planet out there that dogs keep humans (aliens to us) as pets !!! Who knows !!! I want to be a astronaut when I get older (I’m only ten years old ) so I will get a bunch of food and fly as far as I can !!!

  • Mike Tame says:

    I’m a bit concerned that someone thinks that all Americans came from England. That really is the thought of an alien. (probably from England!

  • Scott says:

    THEY NEVER WENT!! Lying people. Wake up people.

  • Mariana says:

    I thik that there are a lot of arguments about the creation of the human been or the earth, the goverment should tell us the information they know, someday we’ll know that.
    This theme is so interesting.

  • beeker says:

    How about this theory: We are an alien colony. We have been interbred with apes tens of thousands of years ago (the interbreeding was probably necessary due to the elements in the atmosphere and so that we can have natural defence against earth viruses). The moon is a good place to have created the genetics lab and testing/observation site. This site, in this day and age is very likely abandoned to a degree but still serves some purpose. (mining ,observation, meeting point, ship repairs and maintenance)
    Many scientists(even Steven Hawking) insist that we must spread out into space in order for the survival of our species. Perhaps the aliens from another planets already thought of that. hmmm
    We have technology for 3D printers that work in 0 gravity. They could very easily have a massive 3D printer that they drag around in a huge space shuttle. They very likely have unfathomable tech that we haven’t even skimmed the surface of.
    I am not surprised NASA would not want to share this info because the religions of the world would take a huge hit financially(it’s always about money) and some fundamental beliefs would be questioned.
    Were we created In God’s image? How about in a grey alien’s image? Walking upright and mixed with the closest species which would make a hybrid species possible.
    There are so many questions…and we are not getting any answers because many people legitimately cant handle it.
    I can handle it. Heck I’ll be dead eventually and it will not matter to me in the end, but I would not be surprised.

  • Mr. Yinzer says:

    There are many resources on the moon. Nasa found mining equipment. gentleman, there is a substance called helium-3 in great abundance on the moon, while just a little bit of it on earth. this gas can be used to power nuclear fusion power plants. I have no doubt that this powers UFO’s or is their version of a new fuel. All they want, are these highly valuable resources. Other than that their is great amounts of uranium & titanium on the moon as well. do some research, that is why they are their. i have no doubt they spy on us and have been cheching in on us. but if they really wanted our resources on earth, they would just come down and take it.

  • Kslice says:

    Speculation beyond fact doesn’t make it fact.
    Why the fuck would aliens travel the immense, inconceivable distances of space (especially from other galaxies)to sit hiding on the other side of the moon making 5 mile high towers for the past hundred of year. There are so many points to make about how idiotic this article and the supporting comments are, I guess there’s little point in arguing any of them with any of you but c’mon people use your brain and think about it.
    I don’t doubt there’s an abundance of life out there, but secretly watching us from the uninhabitable waste of the moon and space whilst our governments and more importantly our scientists avoid contact with them despite spending billions on trying to find them through some kind of fear of their really tall towers… this i highly doubt.

  • LALA says:

    OK, first of all ,there is no dark side of the moon as suggested in this article. That says that aliens exist on the “dark side of the moon”
    The moon rotates around the Earth in a 360 degree, which means all of its parts are at various point exposed to the sun and exposed to Earth. There is always a part that is “Hidden”. But there is no complete part that is just dark. This is absurd.

    • GoogleFU says:

      LALA sez:

      “The moon rotates around the Earth in a 360 degree, which means all of its parts are at various point exposed to the sun and exposed to Earth. There is always a part that is “Hidden”. But there is no complete part that is just dark. This is absurd.”

      Since the rotational period is exactly the same as the orbital period, the same portion of the Moon’s sphere is always facing the Earth.

      Don’t take my word for it. Google it

      Or just go outside with a camera every night for one month and see if you ever see a different side of the moon than is facing you on the first night.

  • Kaydie says:

    Honestly the governments of the world are hiding much more than just extra terrestrial life from us. I firmly believe that the Vatican is also hiding secrets from the masses. Honestly I believe whole heartedly that the Vatican and the governments of all the nations should be forced into telling us the truth. I mean when we go on trial we’re sworn to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so why doesn’t that same principal apply to the politicians and church officials?

  • nirinedoromba says:

    space and the ocean depths are the ultimate frontiers to challenge the intelligent scientists and visionary citizens but then we know more of outer space than our ocean depths.There is need to enkindle students and pupils interests with interesting books, videos, websites,occupational information,summer camps etc on astrophysics,astronomy,rocket propulsion basics,oceanography,marine survey ,meteorology and climatology, environmental education dynamics etc.Such space age kids can make it to mars and the stars easily with advanced propulsion systems even if we are banned from coming back to the moon by lunar beings there are other vast areas in space and oceans to explore if we have the right eco friendly and non destructive technologies

  • Liz Parker says:

    I am starting to believe in aliens a bit more now, but I don’t believe there are aliens on the moon, I don’t believe that there is any alien life that was or is on the moon but if we keep searching on every planet we know including the famous dwarf planet Pluto there could be some alien life there as we have never been there before. <3

  • Daropale Olamilekan says:

    According to Yoruba people of Africa Human are aliens on this planet called Earth I strongly believed the moon aliens are the sky gods governing the affairs of the sky

  • stephen burton says:

    I’m from newcastle england the best place 2 live on earth and iv saw plenty of crazy shit in the sky I didn’t belive in aliens untill I listen 2 wot people said and thought why would they talk so much shit 4 no reason then I thought it has 2 be something now I Belive like no dought about it there here

  • Elmore says:

    I thought this was going to be a great article and at the very beginning under the heading Politics it appeared that the writer had nailed it. Then from that point on the rest of it deteriorated into silliness. To be sure the odds of life on planets in distant solar systems are excellent given the shear number of stars similar to the sun. But the enormous distances between stars make space travel between them highly unlikely except possibly for the most advanced civilizations and those civilizations would hardly need anything form us. Politics was the driving force behind the moon landings and once we beat the USSR to the moon there was no more reason to pump money into it. I followed the space program from the early sixties until 1969, but after the moon landing I realized it was nothing more than a huge political stunt to show the world that we were better than the USSR and I lost interest and never followed the space program again.

  • Doug says:

    People seem to forget that Apollo 18 and 19 were built and paid-for when the decision was made not to go back to the moon. When was money ever a real hurdle to the government? Answer: only when government wants it to be cover for a real problem.

  • chandrashekhar joshi says:

    Whatever this pohoto means,i alwawy see to the sky and think that some day i will see some alien UFO but i never saw something like that but i strongly bleive that the day will come soon when all the myth about aliens will come true and because if we exists here on earth then ofcourse many aliens life will be there on other countless solor systems we have no alien tech. so that we can contact with them but may be they have i strongly believe that soon they will contact with us.

  • Francis says:

    This article is very shallow.

    No evidence at all.

    Pure fiction.

    • Someone says:

      i agree

    • J Ross says:

      So I take it you have a valid hypothesis of what these structures are photographed on the moons surface, one in particular that is estimated to be over five miles tall?

      Personally, I believe it is likely alien life-forms are inhabiting the moon. The most likely scenario is they’re mining it from the inside-out for precious metals.

  • mthandazo says:

    you knw its always suspecious ,why did Nasa never returned to the moon ….the only people to answer that is only nassa because they having all the tools and materials of observing the lunar surface and the temper with the evidence and the photos that are being taken by orbiters.Another reason is why did Neil Armstrong refuse to swear on the on the bible that he walked on Lunar surface.The truth will come out sooner or later but the planet will be doomed

  • john says:

    The truth is out there

  • Angel Fernando says:

    I wish that all of the alien things are true but WHY ON EARTH WHOULD ALIENS WANT IN OUR MOON? It’s like, you all know, empty and deserted! Anyone, there maybe other reasons that we did not find out yet. But still It does sound odd why NASA stopped traveling to the moon. The truth will come out some day. We will just have to wait,

    • FBG DUCK CLOUT BOY says:

      They want space,maybe there other alien inhabited planet is full of capacity.

  • B.D. says:

    Disclosing the truth would shatter the illusions of millions of conservative religious voters.

  • matt foy says:

    this commentor chris it seems is very limited in his or her ability to reason.language is a man made concept which can be learned or changed overnight.especially accents.dna, physical aspects, appearence and structure are another matter completly.humans have no control over these things,and it would take many millions of years for humans to naturally evolve such differences.i could create a language, accents included overnight.it is done all the time by writers as easy as creating a klingon language for star trek,and even have a dictionary to explain the words.now take a human and let him evolve physically into a klingon naturally,good luck! i hope ive put this debate in terms that you can understand chris,and i truly believe its time for humans,as a species to take an objective look into whats around us constantly,and derive some type of protocal to deal with it.



  • r3 dfdv says:

    Yeah, that “ufo”…”landing” on the moon? That’s actually just an occultation of some star by the moon. That happens all the time, everywhere, from every possible reference frame that actually exists in the universe. This one is very simple to understand.

    The other things you wrote were just too misguided to even address, or the physics of the matter would be over the top for you, unfortunately.

    • Queef says:

      Are you serious? A star by the moon. wow.

      • candytripn says:

        “By the moon” as in perspective. If a star is in the same line of sight as the moon. Occulation is when one object is hidden by another object that passes between it and the observer. Knowing the definition of the word would really help you with context.

  • Todd says:

    I hope the aliens will come here in peace. I would love to have an alien as a best friend. I would go everywhere with him and anthon smith you have a very good point and i believe that to.

    • rose says:

      Awwww me tooo let’s be best friends until they come

  • Bobby says:

    I just thought you should know, there is no such thing as the dark side of the moon. The moon is locked onto earths rotation, causing the moon to rotate once per orbit only showing earthlings one side. That does not mean that the other side of the moon doesn’t get light. And it’s not like we have never seen the other side of the moon, NASA has plenty of photos on their site, go take a look at them, you payed for them with your tax money.

    • Don't Worry About It says:

      The moon orbits the Earth once every 27.322 days. It also takes approximately 27 days for the moon to rotate once on its axis. As a result, the moon does not seem to be spinning but appears to observers from Earth to be keeping almost perfectly still. Scientists call this sychronous rotation.

      The side of the moon that perpetually faces Earth is known as the near side. The opposite or “back” side is the far side. Sometimes the far side is called the dark side of the moon, but this is inaccurate. When the moon is between the Earth and the sun, during the new moon phase, the back side of the moon is bathed in daylight.

      – See more at: http://www.space.com/24871-does-the-moon-rotate.html#sthash.i0M5v6R8.dpuf

  • Glen says:

    I agree with Anton. We are all supposed to have come from Africa during the early stages of homo sapiens (apparently as we are led to believe) but we have different skin tones, different languages, different facial structures. If we really did originate from Africa then why aren’t we one colour with one language?

    • Chris says:

      You’re an ass…All Americans came from England yet we have a totally different accent…and that only took a couple hundred years…things and people change with their environment over time…I have friends who moved to just a different state in the US and start to sound different after only a few months…stupid argument…

      • Jacko says:

        Yes, Americans are modern day Israelites. Israel today is only the tribe of Judah. America is the only country that has ALL 12 tribes in it and is the most blessed nation to have EVER existed as far as resources and power goes. Great Britain (if you trace the genealogy) are descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Manasseh) and his younger brother that would break off and out of his older brother in the latter days and become a “great multitude of people’s is Ephraim=USA-Israel’s lead tribe). There’s a reason the Brexit happened and that’s because The UK is an Israeli nation, not a gentile nation like modern Assyria=Germany

    • Rahul Sarode says:

      If you had ever concentrated on geography you would see that farther you are from the Equator the lighter your skin tone is and the nearer you are to Equator the darker. It’s the evolution. Face it!

      • tom jurd says:

        I can’t believe how most of you live in denial!!! I saw 3 discs over Esso refinery Southampton and at least ten people watching and what comes along but two RAF jets like slow motion compared to when they got to close and the UFOs decided to speed off at incredible speed. I now know that the government chase them so that you can’t see them. There here and I now believe.

    • Sunrise says:

      Glen the same way there are different breeds of dogs, fish, birds, cats, etc…. Are they “aliens” too?…do they come from different planets because they “appear” contrasting.

  • Kafir says:

    This must be where the crazies and mentally deficients hang out…

  • TheTruth says:

    Aliens are fallen angels dummies

    • like really????? says:

      how can u honestly believe that.. angels do not exist…

      • Jacko says:

        How can YOU honestly believe angels and God don’t exist? “THAT” is foolish sir! Aliens are nothing more than cursed interdimentional beings/pre-Adamite race that were cursed by God and wiped out before mankind took residence on earth due to their rebellion and wickedness. Otherwise known as: “Demons.” And yes, if you don’t believe in demons you are truly blind as they possess people, are territorial, can fake someone’s identity and can be interdimentional since their very definition is “disembodied spirit.” Man is not and has never been given immortality “yet.” Man is mortal and when you die you are dead until God raises you (Christ was the FIRSTBORN of a NEW CREATION). That’s why supposed hauntings are only demons “masquerading as deceased loved ones.” The devil/Lucifer/Satan heads the fallen angels and the legions of demons and their priority is to deceive mankind by transforming themselves into “angels of light” as the Bible said long ago.. to deceive even the very elect if that were possible! When you know the truth it’s easy to see what it is. I used to be terrorized by supposed aliens, but then Jesus showed up in my life and I haven’t been tormented since. Christ has authority over ALL principalities and powers… on the earth, under the earth and in the heavenlies as Yahweh God HIMSELF gave him this authority!

  • Anton Smith says:

    I believe we are aliens on this planet called Earth we Arrived A very long time ago Explain why we have Different language’s and we dont look the same and forget what people want to believe we are the Aliens of this planet …..

    • Omar A. says:

      That’s the lost human tribe theory…. Battle star Galactica

  • John Hankel says:

    Well you have a very loose definition of the word evidence. There are very few facts contained within this article. Even if some of this was true, you didn’t offer any credible facts and or refrences that would support your idea. Is this a religious website? Because I think you just want me to take all of this on faith.

    • Kamron Hiltunen says:

      Well in reality there is no “dark side of the moon” lol the moon rotates on its on axis. So that theory is debunked. Yes there are aliens, no there not on the moon. They probably have been I won’t doubt it. But now? Wtf would they even want to do on the moon. We’re all to fucking retarted for them to care about us at all. Aliens are out there you’d have to mentally ill to think other wise. But you have to be equally mentally ill to belive they have a base on the none existent dark side of the moon so they could monitor humans, what could they possibly want to monitor? Whose gonna be president trump or Hilliary? We can’t even get to Mars guys come on. Let alone inhabit the moon and live on it. So calm down lol. There isn’t a damn base on the moon you goons.

      • kevin says:

        There is a dark side to the moon.. if you simply Googled before commentoing, you would have read that the moons rotation on its axis is such that we only see one face of the moon.. the dark side is never viewable from Earth.

      • Voltara says:

        The moon doesn’t rotate on its axis. The same side of the moon faces the Earth at all times. It’s called the “dark side of the moon” because it can’t be seen from Earth

      • wayne says:

        LOL, it actually does rotate on its axis, it takes less than 30 days to rotate once.. But since rotation and orbital period are the same, we always see one side of the moon.. So yes, there is a dark side

      • J Ross says:

        They are mining it for precious metals.

  • Larry says:

    This is a message not only to you Mr. Ian Stephens but to all who reads this. It has taken you people this long unbelievably to realize that you’re not alone. How much that has been done and how much has been show you over the years and due to the stout, stubbornness, and unbelief of heart you did not believe.

    Rather than taking a keen eye to search this out in the early stages when other life forms not from this planet, but visiting this planet on an ongoing basis and studying our planet going all over the world seeing your cities and people walking the streets in the cloak of invisibility, observing your way of life and testing the speed of some of your most sophisticated and fastest air crafts and leaving you in the dust as a form of mockery showing you that they have the capabilities of flying at speeds beyond your recognition.

    Seeing aero maneuvers that you couldn’t possibly define yet let alone do. Searching your ocean of all life forms and your land of all life forms. You yet could not come to terms there were other life forms beside yourself, living beyond your world and yet exploring your world. So many tried to tell you, but you would not believe because you didn’t want to admit to the very people of whom you’re surrounded by that there were other life forms far more advance than you and far more superior in technology than the technology you have, and with that pose a far more threat to your way of life.

    For how could you battle that which you could not catch nor yet understand. How could you battle that which could disappear before your eyes and become invisible to the naked eye and become visible again. Time and time again you have been shown this and yet you could not believe because of the stoutness of your heart of that you never seen.

    But your military knew they couldn’t out fly what they saw nor maneuver the way you’ve seen other life forms maneuver. They left you boggle in mind and shaken in density of impossibility that no human could endure such erratic maneuvers, for it would surely kill him. But you seen this and yet did not believe but could not deny.

    The military had no other choice but to acknowledge and admit in the cloaks of secrecy that there were indeed other life forms that were far superior and advance in technology as oppose to theirs. What were they to do? Can we surely tell the people that we encounter a species that is far advance than we. That our defenses cannot match up to theirs, that were defenseless against them: Match for match, What would that cause? Epidemic?! Fear?! Riot?! What chance do we have if they turned on us? How could we protect this great nation of ours if that happened. How would we defend the people of earth and our planet if such a thing occurred.

    Thoughts without question that have passed through the military’s mind of the one’s who lead and the heads of the military. These and other hard questions raised in their minds and as the old saying goes if you can’t beat em join em and that is exactly what our military did. They refuse to alert the public because of fear of knowing they could not match these life forms call E.T.’s on a defense level.

    As much as they the military didn’t want to admit they knew they were inferior in technology in comparison to these life forms and so they our military made a compact treaty with these life forms called aliens a treaty to allow abduction of human life form and animal life in exchange for their advance technology. I have much to elaborate on but time does not permit me.

    I just give you a few clues as to what has been happening and it gets deep much deeper than what’s been told and is true in every sense of the word and gets more grim by the minute. I would not take this lightly if I were you for there are far more sinister things happening that you have no idea about that’s going on right now and has been for some time.

    Nevertheless my time has expired and I must go but I leave you with food for thought. Something that if you want the truth and no lie then you will find it if you want it. I just say don’t turn a non ear when you find out how dark and grim this really is for it gets very ugly and I do mean UGLY!!! For now I wish all you readers well and specially you Ian Stephens. God Bless To All.

    • Paul Maldonado says:

      I don’t why the government wanted to cover up what they found? Why not say there’s life out there? We spend a lot of money to finding life and we knowledge that every plant have life,NASA just don’t want to give in say YES we know there’s life there,why say it and stop Dicking around,why not say a aliens are real,I know I seen them,I know there out there, the truth is out there,and lies will never cover up any thing,it will slip out one day?

    • Kslice says:

      You think all that and sign it of with god bless? that’s hilarious.

    • Moon says:

      So. What r they gonna do to us and WHEN?? I just got to know what’s their plans & when going to happen whatever it is FRANKLY I CAN NOT WAIT To see what’s gonna be

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