Was The Moon “Placed” In Orbit? And If So, By Who And Why?

First Published: December 20, 2017 Last updated: August 28th, 2018 Written by Marcus Lowth Estimated Reading Time: 9 minutes

The Moon has fascinated human beings since the dawn of time. As well it might. It truly is one of the most mysterious celestial bodies, not only in our solar system but anywhere in space. While it is essential for supporting life and seasonal conditions on Earth, something ancient people were seemingly well aware of, it is also an object of bizarre coincidences that just might be anything but.

For example, the Moon is exactly four-hundred times smaller than the Sun. Its distance from the Earth, in relation to the overall distance to the Sun, is exactly 1/400th. And these figures are not approximate – they are exact. It is these precise measurements that allow for us on Earth to experience total eclipses, something which wouldn’t happen if the measurements were “out” in any way. Just for perspective, the chances of that occurring “naturally” is literally zillions to one. It is also perhaps worth noting that, to the best of known knowledge, no other moon acts in this way.

The Moon. Image credit: NASA.

The Moon. Image credit: NASA.

It isn’t just its size either. Even its rotation around the Earth is so exact and without deviation that one side of the Moon is permanently hidden from us. What’s more, its orbit is perfectly circular as opposed to elliptical as all other known moons.

Further still, how it came into being in the first place is unknown. Accepted thinking that it is the result of a small planet-like object colliding with the Earth millions of years ago is guesswork at best. And not very likely, particularly given the Moon being much younger than the Earth. As we will look at later, there are ample reasons to pursue the idea that the Moon was “placed” into orbit.

But what about the first moon landing?

The “Two Minute Silence” Conspiracy

While the world looked on in celebration and fascination at the astronauts over 200,000 miles away from them, on a piece of rock careering around the planet at hundreds of thousands of miles per hour, the astronauts themselves were taking in their alien surroundings. And that, according to some UFO researchers, is a statement closer to the truth than most might at first suspect.

The television audience could hear the exchanges between the astronauts and mission control at Houston, Texas. What most were unaware of, was the astronauts had access to another line – one that the audience couldn’t hear. The reasons for this were simple enough. If they had any kind of emergency or simply anything of a personal nature that they didn’t want millions of people to hear, they could switch to this channel. It was also open to use for other, predetermined purposes.

During the broadcast, a total silence of two minutes ensued. Many at home feared the worst. Relief swept the nation when their heroes voices came back over the airwaves. Many UFO researchers believe a hasty conversation was taking place on the “other” line. And what’s more, it concerned what the men could see – huge saucer-like craft, watching them.

Many HAM radio operators would claim to have picked up on the frequency. What’s more, some of them claimed to have recorded the conversation. According to the rumors, claims, and conspiracies that followed, Buzz Aldrin would state that UFOs were “lined up waiting for us!”

The video below features some snippets of footage of Buzz Aldrin, if not admitting to an alien presence, certainly alluding to it. The video below that looks at some the alleged interceptions by HAM radio operators.


Aliens On The Moon?

While there is little to back up the claims of what the astronauts were speaking about (if anything) during those two minutes, it is widely accepted in the UFO community, even by some of the most skeptical of researchers, that “something” was happening. If reports are accurate, within thirty minutes of the historic landings, rumblings and rumors were careering around NASA’s control room that “there was something else there!”

Although the date is unclear, at some time in the early 2000s, alleged footage claimed to be a leak from Project Blue Book appeared online. It shows a tall, alien being looking at the astronaut’s position. While it is highly likely to be a fake, it is worth including here, if only because, as we will see shortly, there are claims upon claims of alien beings inhabiting the moon. According to the source, these events happened during the two-minute silence, with the video feed blocked from going out publicly. You can check out the video in question below. Below that is a piece of footage captured by the Apollo 8 mission. As always, make of them what you will.


In 2012, footage also surfaced online that appears to show several crafts leaving the Moon’s surface and jettisoning off into space. An experienced astronomer would capture the footage, who himself would state he filmed “thirteen orbs probably starting from a secret alien moon base!” There are many more such pieces of footage, and a simple search of YouTube for example will return many results.

You can view the 2012 video footage below, while the footage below that is the same piece but increased in quality.


Artificial Structures

Although there are various claims of airbrushing photographs, NASA has uploaded a plethora of images online. Many of these have gone under intense scrutiny by eagle-eyed enthusiasts, and the claims of “alien bases” are plentiful. And when you view the highlighted images, it is easy to understand why.

‘The Shard’ for example, has many researchers more than enthusiastic and appears in NASA Photograph Lunar Orbiter frame LO-III-84-M. It appears to show an artificial structure of some kind. Researchers have theorized it to be anything from an “alien outpost” to a huge relic of an ancient alien civilization. The fact it appears to cast a shadow rules out it being an “optical illusion” as offered by NASA.

Another image that appears to show something far from natural on the moon’s surface is one known as ‘The Tower’, whose location, coincidentally or not, is near the above anomaly. Estimates state the height of The Tower to be around seven miles. This would likely not be achievable on Earth, but due to the considerably weaker gravity on the moon, such accomplishments would arguably be possible. You can check out a short video of these structures below.

NASA photograph AS10-32-4822, which was a product of one of the Apollo missions, appears to show a castle-like structure, hence its moniker in UFO circles is simply, ‘The Castle’. What is particularly strange about this bizarre picture is that the structure appears to be floating above the surface of the moon. You can check out the short video below for a little more in-depth analysis of this anomaly.

There are a plethora of other images appearing to show circular bases in craters and huge, upright structures. Check out the video below – an interview with researcher and author, Richard Hoagland.

Human, Extra-Terrestrial, Or Both?

While the many mysterious pictures of the Moon’s surface are not definitive proof of alien bases or even top secret military bases, they are too numerous and too defined (relative speaking) to ignore and dismiss entirely.

If we assume for a moment these images do show artificial structures, then who built them? Are they the product of a secret space program that has been operational since the second half of the twentieth century? As crazy as some people find the notion, there are numerous leaked documents and whistle-blowers that state such projects are true.

Or might they be the remnants of a long-ago civilization? If secret space programs do exist, perhaps these ancient structures are of use to the military complex today. Perhaps there are reverse-engineering programs taking place there.

Or might these structures belong to an unknown terrestrial civilization of Earth, who ventured out to the celestial body some time in pre-history? Might either of these potential civilizations have been responsible for “placing” the moon where it resides today, in order to “settle” the planet? Many ancient texts have references that allude to “a time before the moon” for example. Many Zulu legends state that the moon was “dragged” into position from somewhere far away.

These are all questions still without answers. They also lead to another question. One that NASA experiments themselves appear to back up.

A Hollow Moon?

As Apollo 12 left the Moon’s surface on their way back to Earth, they purposely jettisoned their rocket boosters. They crashed into the Moon’s surface close to where the astronauts had left seismic measuring equipment. What followed would stun NASA scientists.

The Moon “reverberated like a bell”, and would do so for close to an hour. This could only happen to a hollow body. On the following mission, Apollo 13, the experiment would proceed again, only this time the rocket boosters were purposely heavier. The result though was much the same, only this time the reverberating continued for over three hours.

By NASA’s own reckoning, these experiments at the very least warranted further investigation into what may lie beneath the surface of the moon. NASA scientist, Dr. Gordon MacDonald would state, “If the astronomical data are reduced, it is found that the data require that the interior of the Moon is more like a hollow than a homogeneous sphere!”

Even the vast amount of craters on the moon are suspect to some. The variation in width – which at times is huge – should result in variation in depth. However, the depth of the craters on the moon’s surface are of (relatively speaking) the same size. This, as bizarre as it sounds, suggests something along the lines of there being a “hard surface” under the outer, rocky ground of the moon. And this hard surface would have to be such that it would withstand, and evenly distribute the impact of the meteor strikes. Realistically, that would suggest something metallic, which, for sake of argument, if it were true, would suggest an artificial structure.

So if that is the case, and a purposeful inner casing exists, that leads us on to the next point, and a mountain of theories and claims.

What, Or Who’s Inside The Moon?

While the Hollow Moon theory is far from proven, it does answer a lot of the anomalies and coincidences that we have discussed earlier. It also makes some of the conspiracies surrounding the moon a little more plausible, perhaps even likely.

We have written before of the Project Redsun conspiracy and the alleged finds of “Mona Lisa”. We have also delved into such claims as those of Alex Collier, who would state the moon was a transport ship that brought “reptilians, human-reptilian hybrids, and the first humans to set foot on Earth!”

Going back to some of the anomalies we looked at in the opening lines of this piece, if the Moon was “placed into position”, and “designed” to the exact specifics for its predetermined purpose (which would appear to be the stabilization of Earth), then those who carried such a mammoth task would have to not only have the technical capability but the advanced knowledge. Barring an unknown terrestrial civilization, that would only leave an extra-terrestrial race.

If Alex Collier is correct, and the Moon was essentially a space-station that was “maneuvered” into position while doubling as a huge transportation ship bringing humans and reptilian beings to “seed” the Earth with, then what is inside the Moon now? Is it merely the remains of such an ancient transportation of a bygone age? Or might it still be “functional” today? And for what purpose?

Many conspiracies state that is exactly the case, and Collier himself asserts around 30,000 people and extra-terrestrials currently reside at bases on the moon. What’s more, there are plans to move more selective elements of the Earth’s population there.

A Chilling, If Speculative Connection?

If there really is a joint alien-human presence on the moon, what purpose would it really serve? We have written before of the alleged meeting between President Eisenhower and various extra-terrestrial leaders in 1954. If that meeting did take place and the details of the apparent deal reached are true, then such bases on the moon begin to make a little more sense. As do some of the details given of abductees.

One question always put forward by UFO skeptics is the logistics of traveling through deep space. Although this could be overcome (theoretically at least) by use of advanced propulsion systems, or knowledge and use of portals or wormholes, if an alien civilization (or a deployment of one) existed on the moon, there would be no need for such logistical challenges to be solved. Again, assuming their crafts still had some kind of advanced propulsion, it would surely be possible to take abductees to secret, secure bases on the moon.

Many abductees also speak of being able to see the Earth through some kind of “portal” or “window”. Might it be, in their dazed and confused state, that they really did see the Earth? However, from a base on the surface of the moon? Many speak of endless rooms, like medical bays, that they either awaken in or walk into through a long corridor. Are these rooms not on the crafts themselves, but in an actual lunar facility?

Some abductees also speak of a “human, military presence” during their abduction, often low-key and in the background. If alien abductees do end up at these facilities, does this also offer some partial proof of joint alien-human lunar bases? As well as cooperation by the military in the human abductions?

China Claims “Military Base” Is On The Moon

More recently, as China pushes ever onward in their attempts to reach the Moon, came further claims of a “base” visible on its surface. According to Dr. Michael Salla, there is a “military-industrial extra-terrestrial complex” on the moon’s surface. Furthermore, Salla, like other researchers, states that this alien race are working alongside human beings. Or at least a chosen few of them.

The official release of a picture that claimed to show an “industrial complex” operating on the moon went viral. As you might imagine, the image received a mixed response, to say the least. It is interesting perhaps that the Chinese have invested so heavily in the technology they have recently. And currently have one of the most sophisticated telescope systems in the world. Is their sudden interest in landing on the moon something that should make us wonder what they might be aware of?

The short video below looks at this claim a little closer.

In a further bizarre twist, Salla also claims that NASA has taken part in active “bombing campaigns”. Apparently in order to destroy “ancient artifacts and facilities!” Further to that, Salla claims they will prove this is the case by revealing debris left from the bombing missions.

They are not holding back when it comes to theories regarding might be going on up there either. They have openly theorized that a “world government” may be carrying secret mining missions on the Moon. Other claims center around claims of a secret pact between the American government and an extra-terrestrial race who have control of the moon, and its resources.

Check out the video below. It looks at the various conspiracies and theories about The Moon in a little more detail.

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