MKULTRA – Mind Control And The Hollywood Connection

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Although many people do not like to admit it, mind control – for want of a better phrase – is a very real concept. So much so that such agencies as the CIA have spent considerable time, money and resources over the years researching and experimenting with such notions.

Although the seeds of mind control were in all probability sewn during Operation Paperclip, it was United States soliders’ experience in the Korean prisoner of war camps in the Korean War that seemed to directly influence the secret programs that followed.

The US military found evidence that a lot of their captured soldiers had been “brainwashed” by the Korean regime. So much so that they would confess to crimes that there is no way they could possibly have committed. It appeared the communist regime had achieved this state of mind in their prisoners by the repeated threat and random implementation of violence.

Mind control brain waves.

Mind control brain waves.

The CIA began to research achieving this state of mind control shortly after, but not through the use of extreme violence. Instead they used drugs – in particular LSD and heroin – combined with hypnosis and fear.

The “patient” would be put into a near coma-like state by the use of LSD, while at the same time a constant “white noise” interspersed with commands and repetitive speech was played to them. These commands included key words or triggers that would be used to have the patient carry out whatever “assignment” was programmed into them. The final stage to breaking down the patient’s mind and gaining control over their behaviour was through the use of electric shock treatment.

You can check out the 1979 documentary Mind Control below. Although it might be a little dated, it is a good comparison to the information made available to the wider public then to what we have now.

VIDEO: Mind Control 1979 Project MKUltra documentary CIA LSD experiments

MKULTRA 6% Of The Overall CIA Budget – That’s A Lot Of Dollars!

MKULTRA was earmarked to receive 6% of the overall CIA budget in the early 1950s. Make no mistake about it, that might not sound very high, but that is a lot of funding in absolute dollars – particularly when most might think the concept to be nothing more than science fiction.

For their part the CIA claimed that although they did “conduct research” into such concepts as mind control in the 1950s and 1960s, they had found no evidence to justifying continuing beyond that point. Even this admission only came about by the New York Times forcing the program into the public arena following their investigations in the mid-seventies. Coincidentally or not it was around this time that many of the records of the project were destroyed by the department themselves in an effort to cure the “burgeoning paper problem!”

In an even darker turn, the body of Dr. Frank Olsen – a CIA researcher who was outspoken in his opposition to the MKULTRA program – was exhumed for investigation in the early nineties. The cause of his death had been ruled suicide. However when his body was re-examined, scarring was discovered on his skull that suggested he had been attacked by someone using an instrument of sorts to the head. Essentially there was good evidence that he had been murdered.

Stranger still, was the death of former CIA director, William Colby, who had “accidentally drowned” in 1993 only days after being subpoenaed to testify in the investigation into Dr. Olsen’s death.

Perhaps more concerning is that this activity doesn’t appear to be limited to the political spectrum. As the following video shows, there is good evidence that the CIA also had – and still have – their sights on those that influence more people than even the president could – movie stars, and in particular, musicians.

VIDEO: Why The CIA Kills Rock Stars

Roseanne Barr: “MKULTRA Rules In Hollywood!”

Although it can be argued that she has a personal gripe with those concerned, Roseanne Barr is just one of many “industry insiders” who claim Hollywood is littered with evidence of MKULTRA infiltration. And you could counter-argue that the reason she might have a “personal gripe” is that she dared to speak up about the inner workings of Hollywood in the first place.

Barr recently spoke to RT News where she stated that mind control is used in Hollywood and that people are controlled through other mediums, primarily fear.

“This is a culture of fear, and nobody is more fearful than people in Hollywood,” Barr stated. “Hollywood are the ones who keep all this culture of racism, and sexism, and classism, and genderism and all of that in place. They continually feed it, and make a lot of money doing it, and they do it at the behest of their masters who run everything!”

The use of the phrase “their masters” is an interesting choice of words. Many who subscribe to New World Order theories often use this term. Controversial author and researcher, David Icke, also uses this term a lot in his works and theories regarding the inner workings of those in power.

Barr goes on to claim that many people in Hollywood quietly approach her and thank her for “speaking out” – something she acknowledges she is lucky to be able to do:

“You don’t really want to put yourself at odds with people who decide your future and pay for your work, but sometimes you have to. I was very lucky that I had a successful show that made me a lot of money, and so I can do that (speak out) and feel I owe that to the people I came from – who can’t do that because they’re afraid they’ll be fired, or they’re afraid even that they will be put in jail!

MKULTRA rules in Hollywood. There is a danger (if you don’t toe the line) that you will never work again, and people know it! Everyone has friends that it has happened to. Maybe you said too much, or maybe you were too vocal on popular issues!”

Barr went on to state that even if those popular issues become mainstream acceptance “they (Hollywood) still don’t forgive the first person that does it!”

This is also an interesting assertion by Barr. Perhaps a good example of this recently would be Benedict Cumberbatch, who after making critical remarks about how the governments of Europe and indeed much of the general public, had handled the ongoing refugee crisis, quietly backtracked from his stance and “expressed regret” for his comments.

You can check out the RT interview with Roseanne Barr below.

VIDEO: Roseanne Barr talks MK ULTRA Mind Control

Hollywood – A Tool To Control The Masses?

There have been numerous claims that Hollywood is run by dark powers, possibly connected to the Illuminati, and that various forms of mind control are exorcised. Barr’s claims that such CIA programs as MKULTRA “ruling Hollywood” is also one shared by many – and it has more weight than many might think.

The CIA for example has a dedicated department whose sole purpose is to monitor and oversee the entertainment industry. Although the “Entertainment Industry Liaison Office” acts purely in an advisory manner, many argue its purpose is to ensure certain slants, angles and messages are put across in blockbuster films and big productions. The fact that they offer monetary assistance in this capacity should be warning enough.

Journalist Carl Bernstein wrote extensively about how the CIA has influence in media outlets, and use this to sway public opinion on a whole range of social and political matters. This is a project codenamed “Mockingbird” and was arguably at its most active during the Cold War years, although it is still very much alive today.

Remember, the most basic form of mind control is simply repetition. The constant barrage of advertising, marketing backed up by “popular public and social opinion” is enough to coerce many to act, purchase and believe in a certain way.

As far-fetched as it might seem, it is perhaps important to remember that the owners of Hollywood companies (which include many major record labels) also own huge corporations in the food, health and energy industries – referred to as Big Food, Big Pharma and Big Oil. For many, the “stars” that we are encouraged to idolise and want to emulate, are simply “programmed tools” of such huge companies.

The video below should perhaps be watched with a pinch of salt, but it is interesting viewing given such claims as Roseanne Barr’s. Are these merely examples of strange, quirky and bizarre personalities of celebrities who are a little removed from reality? Or might they really be the breaking down of a mind that has been destroyed by pre-programming?

VIDEO: MK-Ultra victims (Alter egos)

Is The Evidence Really Right There For All To See?

Some theorists who have researched and studied MKULTRA and its victims, state that around the age of thirty, the brain begins to go into a meltdown of sorts. This is due to the constant programming and breaking down of the mind – often since a very young age.

Supporters of this theory often look to Britney Spears and her infamous meltdown in 2007 as proof of their claims. Following supposed stints in rehab, footage of Spears surfaced on the internet of her with a clean shaven head – apparently an act she had done to herself. When asked why she had done this a witness stated she replied, “she was tired of people touching her and she didn’t want them plugging things into her!”

To some, this statement was an obvious reference to mind control procedures. These theories intensified when in January 2008 it was reported that Spears had “multiple personalities” after she began addressing people in a full British accent. This was – according to sources close to her – referred to as “The British Girl” and is just one of many personalities she has. Even actor, writer, director and ufologist, Dan Aykroyd told in 2008 of how he noticed strange “Men In Black” listening and monitoring phone calls he made to Spears in the run up to an interview they were due to film for TV – an interview which incidentally didn’t run and was suddenly shut down.

More recently, Nickelodeon star, Amanda Byrnes has exhibited remarkably similar behaviour to that of Spears’, leading many to believe she is simply another in a long list of controlled media stars. Just one of her recent tweets read, “I will not be manipulated or brainwashed by anyone anymore!”

The 2016 documentary “Total Mind Control” looks at the mind control and the use of celebrities – very interesting viewing.

VIDEO: Total Mind-Control Documentary 2016: MK-Ultra, Celebrities & More!

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