The Luli Oswald UFO Encounter: Strange Lights And “Rat-Faced” Aliens

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August 8, 2021
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September 21, 2021
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The UFO and alien encounter of Luli Oswald and a fellow witness known only as FG on the Brazilian coast in the late 1970s is arguably one of the most fascinating and detailed on record. Not least as it contains details that lead us down several speculative possibilities as to the reality of the UFO and alien question.

Perhaps that it took place along the Brazilian coast that overlooks that Atlantic Ocean is another reason that many UFO researchers and investigators have taken a continued active interest in the case, with the South American country known to be a UFO hotspot and with more than its fair share of apparent extraterrestrial encounters to boast of.

A superimposed UFO off the coast of Brazil

The encounter of Luli Oswald is one of the most intriguing on record

In fact, only two years before the incident, one of the most public, concentrated, and documented UFO waves had kept the Brazilian public captivated, with the military conducting an active on-site investigation spanning several weeks during the wave. Whether the events of mid-October 1979 are connected to that particular episode is perhaps open to debate.

The account of Luli Oswald was retold in a 1983 edition of Flying Saucer Review (Volume 29, number 1) by Irene Granchi, who along with Bob Pratt investigated the incident within days of the encounter unfolding.

“Would You Feel Afraid” If You Saw A UFO?

At a little after 9 pm on the 15th October 1979, concert pianist and lecturer, Luli Oswald set out in her car from Rio de Janeiro to Saquarema on the coast in order to visit her daughter, one of her seven children. Making the journey with her – in fact, they used his car – was one of her son’s friends, referred to in the report as FG, who needed to retrieve documents he had left at the coastal town the previous day. By 9:30 pm, they were on the Amaral Peixoto Highway, as the rain beat down on their car. A short time later, with the rain beginning to ease a little, FG turned on to a coastal road.

As they were making idle chitchat, even at one point speaking of flying saucers when Luli asked FG if he would be scared if he did see one, they each noticed three strange lights hovering or moving over the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. What’s more, as well as the lights, each could clearly see a round, domed craft. We will return to the potential importance of this conversation immediately before the sighting a little later.

Artifically added "orbs" to show where Luli witnessed the objects

Artifically added “orbs” to show where Luli witnessed the objects

They continued on down the road, but both of them kept the bizarre aerial anomaly in view, noting how they both, at the time, thought it was the Moon shining brightly on the water. As they passed through some hills, taking them off the coastal road temporarily, they noted how it became suddenly very dark. By the time they were back on the road, this sudden darkness continued making the pair think they had taken a wrong turn somewhere in their confusion.

FG revered the car and turned around heading back to where they had just driven from. As his headlights faced the water, though, they began flashing. This continued as he headed back up the road until the engine began to sputter a little. When FG exited the vehicle and went to examine the engine, he noted that the lights were still flashing. He was beginning to think that Luli was joking with him after her talk of flying saucers and after satisfying himself that there was nothing wrong with the engine, he returned to the driver’s seat and they set off once more.

An Even More Bizarre Return Journey

After having checked their position, they set out once more to Saquarema. Once more, they noticed how bright the “moon’s” reflection appeared on the water.

They largely concentrated on the road for the remainder of the journey. However, when they eventually reached their destination, they saw the three strange lights once again. Aside from mentioning them to her daughter when they went inside, the pair largely put the strange sighting out of their minds. They did, though, decide to take the roads away from the coast and through the hills on the return journey. However, despite their intention, an error in their direction on the way back took them back onto the very same coastal road.

A sketch of the UFO drawn in to show where Luli saw it from

A sketch of the UFO drawn in to show where Luli saw it from

Not long after they found themselves on this road they had tried to avoid, the car began to behave more than strangely, “leaping” about the highway, almost literally bouncing ahead. It eventually came to a sudden stop outside an abandoned factory building. Incidentally, it would come to light that when the factory was operational it dealt with “magnetic materials”, which themselves were taken from the Jacone mountain nearby.

Although the factory had been abandoned for several years, the entire building appeared to be lit up. It took them both a few moments to realize that the glow was coming from an “enormous craft” that was “so vast it occupied the space between one mountain and another”. The object glowed a bright orange color and was a cigar shape “with the ends cut off”. Along the side of the craft was a row of windows.

When the pair noticed the three strange lights heading from the sea in their direction, their feelings of curiosity turned to terror. As the lights headed toward them, the car began to jump about on the spot.

Then, things got a lot stranger.

Missing Over Two Hours Of Memory!

The next thing the pair realized, they were sat in the car – which was no longer shaking – and they were outside a farm off the main highway, several miles from where they were when they noticed the strange lights approaching them. Neither had any memory of their journey to this location.

Fearing they would be running low on petrol they decided to see if there was a petrol station nearby. They ultimately found one and before returning to their car, they asked the attendant for two coffees. However, he informed them that it was 2 am and they no longer served coffee at this time in the morning. Both Luli and FG were in shock. According to their reckoning, it should have been around 11:30 pm. They were “missing” two and a half hours.

When they returned to the petrol station a short time later, what the attendant told them next shocked them even more. According to him, not many motorists traveled along the stretch of road they had used to get there, largely due to “strange objects” having been seen there, with some motorists even being hurt.

Luli pointing to where the lights approached them from

Luli pointing to where the lights approached them from

They set off for home a short time after, still attempting to process the events of the evening, as well as the revelations of the petrol station attendant. Bizarrely, each time they passed a petrol station or anywhere with particularly bright lights along the roadside, the doors of the cars rattled violently.

Incidentally, throughout this last part of the journey, the car radio had also suddenly become severely distorted in its broadcast for no apparent reason, despite having worked perfectly earlier. Furthermore, Luli would notice that her wristwatch was increasingly speeding up, gaining several hours each day.

They eventually arrived home – almost five hours later than they should have.

Strange Affects And Further Sightings

Over the following days, Luli noted some bizarre effects of the mysterious journey. For example, she didn’t require to use the bathroom for two entire days, and what’s more, she was eventually told the kidney trouble she had suffered with for years had seemingly disappeared.

She suffered, though, from painful, watery eyes for several weeks after that night on the coastal road, while also experiencing a persistent burning feeling in her chest (although there were no markings to indicate anything wrong with her chest, physically).

FG, on the other hand, despite being terrified at the time, experienced much more beneficial affects of the night in question. He would claim several weeks after the incident that he felt “magnetized” and had even undergone a “profound spiritual transformation”.

Despite FG’s more youthful perspective on the events, both he and Luli were regarded as very credible witnesses. And adding to this, when UFO investigators examined the location of the sighting and compared their notes to the account given by the pair, it appeared extremely likely, to them, that they were being truthful.

Irene Granchi met with the two witnesses several times [1], the first only days after the incident at the monthly APEX meeting. There, the pair spoke of their encounter to the small audience, and Granchi had a chance to speak with them further afterward. She would also have the chance to examine the car that FG had drove to the meeting in – the same car as the pair rode in on the night of the incident. They would find that it was “highly magnetized”, particularly so on the driver’s side of the vehicle.

Luli with the petrol station attendant

Luli with the petrol station attendant

Along with American UFO investigator, Bob Pratt, Granchi also visited with the petrol station attendant who spoke with the witnesses shortly after they found themselves outside the farmhouse. He would state that only days after the incident, “a huge UFO” flew over his house, even elaborating that he saw “three men standing in it”. He would describe the object as rectangular (much like the object witnessed by Luli and FG) with a transparent door. His neighbor also witnessed it and could corroborate the sighting.

He would go on to relay a further account to the investigators, this one of a motorist named “Reinaldo”, who had pulled into the petrol station and promptly claimed he had been chased by a UFO. The incident happened, the investigators worked out, in the same immediate vicinity to that of Luli and FG’s encounter. The incident had even resulted in damage to his vehicle.

What’s more, when they visited the location where the pair viewed the mammoth craft, they would speak to a local fisherman who claimed that he often saw strange pink and green “torches” rising out of the waters, heading into the sky, before returning and disappeared beneath the waves once more.

Further, perhaps more startling revelations, though, would come to light when Luli Oswald underwent hypnotic regression.

Further Details Through Hypnotic Regression

Although FG refused to be hypnotized, Luli agreed to the procedure in order that she might discover what happened that night on the coastal road on their way back to Rio de Janeiro (incidentally, according to Granchi’s report, FG’s refusal was largely down to a bribe of a new car from his father if he “kept quiet” about what he saw – the precise reason for this stance of FG’s father is not mentioned).

The first regression session took place on 9th January 1980, around six months after the incident had unfolded. During the session, it became apparent that, at least subconsciously, the pair knew that what they told themselves was the Moon on the way to her Luli’s daughter’s house, was in fact another, larger UFO – possibly the same craft they witnessed up close on their return journey.

It was a little after 11 pm on that return journey when the pair saw the three glowing lights once more. She recalled how the car began its strange jumping motions and how the engine began to stall. After FG had examined the engine and tires, they set out on the road once more. She recalled the violent shaking of the vehicle and how they pulled over. Then, however, she recalled what she described as a “telepathic link” between herself and whoever was inside the UFO – one which came from her.

She would continue, under hypnosis, with her account.

“These Aren’t The Same Faces…They Look Like Rats!”

At this point, she had noticed that a “beautiful, black UFO” had seemingly followed their vehicle. She claimed that she knew the occupants of this strange craft were “good”, “friendly”, and “well-intentioned”. From her position in the car, she could make out that they appeared to have triangular faces.

She now, through regression, noticed the large object that was hovering in between the two mountains. This object was transparent and empty. At this point, as well as the large UFO at the roadside, the two lights began down toward their vehicle.

Then, still under hypnosis, Luli exclaimed that “they’ve got the car…they’ve got hold of it from above”. When she was prompted as to what had gotten a hold of the car she replied “one of those little lights up there above us”, adding that they were now “moving along the ground” and that the vehicle had “been caught by that beam of light”.

Artist's impression of the Luli Oswald encounter

Artist’s impression of the Luli Oswald encounter

She would continue, now becoming distressed and visibly upset that they were “pulling us up” and that they were seemingly headed toward “the black disc…we are entering it from below”. The next thing she knew, they were inside the black object. It is perhaps interesting that she recalled approaching the craft but could not recall actually entering it – a detail which shows up repeatedly in such accounts, even under hypnosis.

She noted how they were no longer in the car and were in a room that appeared very much like an operating theatre. However, when she described her surroundings, the feelings of the well-intentioned beings had gone. Now, the entities that surrounded her were far different from the ones she had seen only moments earlier, exclaiming “these aren’t the same faces”. What’s more, she would recall how they appeared to be “pulling at my hair”. She also noted how there were strange glass tubes all around the room.

It was then she cried out, “they look like rats!”

Medical Examination By Strange “Beams Of Light”

Lilo, now very visibly distressed, would continue to try and describe these strange seemingly repulsive creatures that surrounded her in this equally strange hospital-like room. She would blurt out that they were “horrible” and that “their ears are shaped like rats’ ears…big and ugly”. Where the mouth should have been was only a small line.

She would state that they were standing on feet that looked similar to a ducks’ and that they were generally “revolting” in appearance. They were the approximate height of an average child with particularly thin arms for the rest of their body. They also contained a long, thin nose, a thin neck, and were “the color of rats, (a) sickening grey”. They appeared to have a “sticky” quality to their skin and appeared to wear no clothes, although she wasn’t sure whether their “skin” was, in fact, clothing.

In total, there were five of these creatures around her, each seemingly performing some kind of procedure or examination on her, using “beams of light” as opposed to instruments to do so.

A picture of Luli Oswald

Luli Oswald (right)

It was at this point that she noticed FG laying on a table near to her. She recalled he looked so pale that she feared he was dead. She would describe the table as looking as though it was made from marble. This is another intriguing detail to take note of. Many people who claim to have undergone similar experiences as Luli, often describe being on a stone or granite-like table.

One of the beams of light – which emanated from tubes that were hanging down – struck her body and caused her a considerable amount of pain. As she looked around the room, she also saw large, black panels that contained numerous buttons of some kind.

The next thing she realized she had gone from laying face down on the stone-like table and was now in a sitting position. The strange creatures were focusing their attention on her ears and nose. They used the same type of light beam to examine her ears, and once more, this caused her a considerable amount of pain.

Many Details From Other Cases

Perhaps one of the most intriguing details offered by Luli while under hypnotic regression was that there was a constant aroma of sulfur throughout the encounter. This is an odor that also comes up repeatedly in alien abduction and close contact UFO incidents. She would continue that this smell was making it difficult for her to breathe, even there was plenty of oxygen in the room – this perhaps gives an idea of how pungent the smell must have been.

Although she no longer appeared privy to the content, she presumed that the creatures communicated using telepathy, as they would simply look at each other before carrying out certain actions. Even stranger, while performing the examinations with the beams of light, they didn’t physically touch the tubes but rather just looked at them and the tube would move of its own accord.

According to her revelations while under hypnotic regression, the creatures were particularly interested in FG, while she, it was determined, was of no use to them. She would offer that this was because the young man had more of an “open mind” than she.

A depiction of a UFO

Did Luli Oswald encounter extraterrestrials?

What is perhaps interesting here, though, is that many researchers and investigators into abduction encounters have, generally speaking, discovered the opposite, with particular attention paid to female abductees due to things such as conception and childbirth. In fact, this appears – at least according to some – to be one of the drives for alien abduction encounters, with some going as far as to state that they contribute to some kind of hybridization program.

She would further state that the more she looked at the strange figures, the more doll-like they appeared. This made her question just what these creatures were. Furthermore, for reasons she couldn’t explain, she had the impression that these creatures were performing some kind of research and that these types of abductions had taken place “many times”.

Perhaps one of the most intriguing statements to come from Luli during this session was that the incident wasn’t “real, but it happened all the same”. Like the conversation of flying saucers before the incident began, we shall return to this shortly.

The next thing she realized, she was back in the car with FG. Both were fully clothed once more, but FG still had the corpse-like look on his face. Suddenly, the car began leaping and vibrating as it had done before. Then, without her realizing how it had happened, the car engine was working and FG appeared normal-looking and was seemingly driving the car.

An Apparent Complicated, Layered Event

There would be further offerings and insights from the hypnosis sessions that came from Luli. She would explain that through one particular rat-like being, she learned that these strange entities were from Antarctica (she didn’t elaborate whether they are indigenous to this region or simply arrived from another world and made this part of the planet their home). She further claimed that an “entrance tunnel under the sea” in Patagonia, leads to “another world”.

She continued that while most of the rat-looking entities were indifferent to human beings, this particular one was “of a different origin” and had also been kidnapped. However, apparent recollections a little later in the session – if we accept them to be accurate for a moment – suggested that the “outsider” had been rescued when his own vehicle got into difficulties.

We should state at this point that much of what Luli relayed of this creature and the alleged telepathic information it passed to her, is a little suspicious to some researchers, and even to the investigators at the time, and should arguably be taken with a slight pinch of salt.

However, that then forces us to ask if we should accept the other recollections or if they too might be suspicious. In this instance, given that FG’s, albeit minimal recollections combined with the other witness sightings around the same time strongly suggest that the encounter itself did happen. Of course, there is perhaps less certainty about the abduction, although during the recollections of procedures and examinations, Luli was very visibly upset and at times in pain.

A depiction of a portal

Just what happened to Luli Oswald and FG?

It would appear, then, that unless we also automatically accept these further pieces of information as accurate, they might be hazy recollections at best, or simply memories from elsewhere, perhaps a dream, that has become confused with the events of that night. Perhaps this conversation has been intentionally placed in her subconscious in such a way to prevent her from ever telling of the true nature of what was spoken about.

It would also come to light, that since the incident, Luli Oswald had several further sightings of strange lights, as well as other strange phenomena. Might this have been because she was simply more open to these experiences following the strange night in October 1979? Or might the encounter have awakened something within her own subconscious, much like FG claimed had happened to him?

She would even claim to have witnessed strange “orange balls of light” enter her bedroom, as well as having several dreams which later proved quite prophetic. Indeed, the events experienced by Luli Oswald along with FG is one of the most thought-provoking on record.

Some Intriguing Aspects To Ponder

There is certainly plenty of details to chew over regarding this most fascinating, if unsettling encounter. Not least because of the many details that appear in other UFO and alien encounters around the world and across the decades.

We might do well to draw attention to a strange encounter that unfolded in the early hours of Kentucky in 1957, when very similar entities attacked a farmhouse during the night, eventually being repelled by gunfire from the terrified families inside. Might these “goblin-like” entities be the same as the rat-faced beings witnessed by Luli Oswald?

If we return to the fact that the pair were, according to the write-up of their account, speaking about how they might feel if they were to see a UFO, we might consider whether this sighting is, albeit tentative evidence of the merits of the Psychic Internet theory.

If we remind ourselves – in its most basic form – the Psychic Internet theory suggests that, while very real, the power of collective suggestion may, in fact, cause such things as UFOs to appear. They are both physical objects and the manifestation of our own minds.

Might this have happened here? It is, admittedly, only speculation, and perhaps a notion that many will dismiss, but it is certainly worth keeping in the back of our minds for the time being.

A page from the Flying Saucer Review article

A page from the Flying Saucer Review article

As Granchi writes in her report, it is perfectly possible that the large UFO was “a generator of energy for the (other) UFOs” and that the information gathered from human minds is “transmitted telepathically to a base”.

We also have to return to the detail that it appeared to be FG that was of interest to the abductors during this encounter, and not Luli herself. In many reports, it is often females that appear of most interest to these apparent alien visitors, although this interest is certainly not exclusive.

Might it be that this race of aliens is different from those detailed in other abduction cases (usually “grey” aliens) and so have a different agenda and goal? Or might it merely be that Luli herself was out of child-bearing years, and perhaps would have been of interest to these apparent extraterrestrials if she had simply been younger?

What’s more, this incident is just one of many similar encounters with humanoid entities from this part of the world.

A Long History Of UFO And Alien Encounters In Brazil

Brazil, perhaps particularly along the coastal areas that overlook the south Atlantic Ocean, is a hotspot of UFO activity, both before and after the encounter of Luli Oswald and FG. And what’s more, many of them involve apparent alien or humanoid entities. We have examined The Barra de Tijuca UFO Photographs, for example, before.

Perhaps one of the most intriguing of these other cases occurred a decade before, in July 1947, only weeks after the Roswell incident, in the state of Sao Paulo. The encounter was brought to the attention of the wider world by Joao Martins in the May 1961 edition of the APRO Bulletin.

According to the report, topographer, Jose Higgins, heard a sudden whistling sound seemingly coming from above him as he went about his work on the afternoon of 23rd July. He looked up and witnessed a “lens-shaped object” descending from out of the daytime sky. He continued to watch in amazement as the bizarre object landed around 150 feet from where he stood.

The object was around 15 feet high, and approximately 150 feet across. It appeared to be made of some kind of “gray, white metal” and was “crossed by tubes in several directions”, from which it appeared the strange whistling sound came. As he got closer, he noticed that the futuristic vehicle was stood upon “metallic legs”. He also noticed a black glass window. After staring at it for several moments, he realized that there were two figures on the other side of the glass watching him. Then, a door began to open on the underside of the craft.

From out of the doorway came three humanoid figures, each around seven feet tall. Each was dressed in an “inflated transparent suit” and each had a metal box on their back. Underneath their suits, they wore short trousers and what looked to be a shirt, although the material appeared to be something similar to paper. Each of the figures appeared identical, with hairless heads and large, round eyes, as well as overly long legs.

Depiction of an alien

Brazil is a UFO hotspot

Then, one of the figures pointed a metal bar toward him and gestured with it for him to move toward the craft. He did so, looking through the open door and seeing an inner door that was connected to some kind of “pipe”.

Unsure what to do, but realizing he was in the company of something very likely not of this world, he motioned to them as best he could and asked where they came from. They appeared to understand as they drew a round object on the ground surrounded by seven smaller circles. They pointed to the seventh one as if indicating they came from there.

Once more, they gestured for him to step onboard the craft, however, he was more hesitant to do so and remained where he was. Then, he reached into his wallet and retrieved a picture of his wife. Once more, using gestures and expressions, he aimed to get across that he didn’t want to leave her behind. It appeared they understood, and they gestured that he could leave if he wished.

After taking several steps away from the scene, he turned to look back momentarily. He claimed that when he turned around he could see them “playing like children, jumping in the air and throwing enormous stones”. He remained, out of the way, watching them for around half an hour before they finished “examining their surroundings” and went back inside their vehicle. A few moments later it rose into the air took off with great speed.

Humanoid Sightings And Fatal Abductions In Brazil In 1952

Dino Kraspedon writes of another alleged account with humanoid entities in Brazil in My Contact With Flying Saucers. The incident occurred in November 1952 when Kraspedon had spent the previous three days and nights in the Angatuba Mountains in Parana. He had seen strange lights in the sky on the previous evenings. However, on this night, one of them – a saucer-shaped object – landed nearby, with the extraterrestrial crew of the vehicle coming outside. He would claim he was invited onboard the craft, and that he stayed on it for around an hour. Interestingly or not, Kraspedon would claim that these entities had claimed they lived on one of the moons of Jupiter – many scientists today theorize that Jupiter’s moons might be able to sustain life.

At around the same time as Kraspedon’s experience, another incident of a close encounter with an apparent alien occurred in Cubatao – a particularly harrowing one. The incident comes to us from the files of Analigia Santos Francisco from UFOVIA.

According to the report, a 9-year-old girl was playing outside with her brothers and their friends when a sudden gust of strong wind overcame the group from out of nowhere. Before the group realized what was happening, a strange object – about the size of a bus – was headed in their direction.

It remained motionless for a moment before a door opened that reminded the children of an elevator. Almost as soon as the doorway opened, an “arrow-like” object emerged from inside. At this point, the children became intensely scared and ran away looking for any place they could hide. It was at this point that the 9-year-old girl realized that her younger brother was nowhere to be seen.

A depiction of a flying saucer over a person

When apparent alien abduction proved fatal

After running home and informing her parents, they and several of their neighbors began searching for the missing boy. However, their efforts would prove to be unsuccessful, and the boy remained missing as night arrived.

Out of the blue, the local police department received a call about a young boy who had been found wandering around a nearby city in a state of confusion. The family was notified and would make the drive to where the boy was being cared for. Much to their relief, the young boy was their missing son. He claimed he had no memory of what had happened and that he felt severely ill. He did indeed have a particularly high fever and there were several strange rashes on his skin. Tragically the young boy died a short time later. According to the report, he displayed signs of radiation sickness.

Another sighting of a strange humanoid figure comes to us from the files of Antonio Faleiro, who relays the encounter of Mauricio Rangel in Passa Tempo, Minas Gerais. The witness claimed to have seen a strange “transparent or immaterial humanoid figure” that was running in a zig-zagged pattern across a field. At one point, the strange entity appeared to run right through a barbed wire fence as if it wasn’t there. The witness watched the figure until it disappeared into nearby woodland.

Extraterrestrial Encounter Over The Pardo River

Two years after the apparent wave of humanoid incidents of 1952, another extraterrestrial encounter unfolded near the Pardo River on the night of 4th November. According to the account, relayed in the book Flying Saucers: The Startling Evidence by Coral Lorenzen, Jose Alves was night fishing on the Pardo River when he spotted a bizarre object overhead. Of more concern was that the strange craft appeared to be headed in his direction.

As it approached, he noticed a distinct “wobbling motion” about it. It eventually landed nearby. Alves would describe the object as looking like “two washbowls placed together” and was approximately 10 to 15 feet across. He remained where he was, almost stuck to the spot with a mixture of fear and curiosity.

An opening like a window appeared in the craft and three humanoid figures emerged. Each was shorter than an average adult male and each wore a skull cap with tight fitted clothing. At this point, fright was running through the witness’s body. The three creatures appeared unconcerned with him, however, and appeared to be preoccupied with gathering leaves, pieces of grass, and other vegetation from the ground. He observed one of the creatures take a shiny metal tube and then take a sample of the water from the river.

A depiction of a UFO over a city

Why is Brazil so important to these apparent alien visitors

This is an interesting detail as many such close contact encounters with apparent humanoid aliens feature details of them collecting samples from the ground or nearby water supplies. Might this suggest that at least some of these strange visitations are a result of intelligence gathering regarding the planet’s environment?

Before Alves realized what was happening the three creatures suddenly returned to the craft with alacrity. As soon as they were inside the craft, it rose into the air and vanished into the distance, all the while remaining completely silent.

Alves quickly returned to town where it didn’t take long for his story to circulate around the community, and to the local media. Many residents would claim he was a trustworthy man who would be unlikely to make up such a claim. Incidentally, at the time, Alves had heard nothing about aliens or UFOs, and instead believed the creatures were “little Devils”.

Saturn-Shaped Object Photographed Over Passo Fundo, May 1976

Another intriguing encounter, perhaps not least because of the photographic evidence that came with it, occurred only three years before the Luli Oswald incident, on 12th May 1976 in Passo Fundo. According to the report in the November 1978 edition of the APRO Bulletin, at around 10 am on the morning in question, Joshua da Silva and Gesareo Goncalves were heading toward Passo Fundo when they noticed a “silver, metallic spherical object” overhead. The witness would later recall how the object was shaped like the planet Saturn, with a “ring” around its center.

Goncalves slowed the vehicle down a little but remained headed toward the strange object, eventually stopping the car when he was around 130 feet from it. They noted how the exterior of the craft had a “brushed metal” look to it and was approximately 25 feet across. As soon as the car was stopped da Silva reached into his bag to retrieve his Kodak Rio Camera.

Then, the object began to descend slightly causing da Silva to raise the camera and snap a picture. He managed to also take another before the craft started out in the opposite direction. Within a matter of seconds, it had completely disappeared.

When the photographs were examined a short time later, there was no evidence that they were a hoax and were declared genuine and credible. You can see one of those pictures below.

UFO Extracting Water Over Guaiuba, March 1978

On the evening of 23rd March 1978, 67-year-old Joao Inacio Ribeiro was taking a walk [2] along the beach looking out at the water when he noticed a bizarre circular object heading in his direction over the ocean. He could see a “cabin” on the upper part of the craft with three distinct windows in it, while along the side, multicolored lights of blue, green, and yellow flashed. He would estimate that the object was around 30 feet across.

The craft eventually stopped and hovered over the waters a short distance away. He noticed how the water directly underneath the craft appeared to react to its presence. More pressing, though, were the two figures that had seemingly made their way to the top of the craft. Each was around three feet high and wore tight-fitting grey bodysuits. They each had a hairless head and particularly large eyes.

Each of the creatures appeared to have strange devices in their hands, one of which appeared very similar to a vacuum cleaner. The witness watched in amazement as the beings began operating this device. It appeared to him as though they were extracting the water from below. This continued for around 10 minutes before they made their way back inside the object taking the devices with them. Several moments later, the object rose into the air, the waters becoming even more unsettled as it did so.

The witness was more than scared at this point and so turned and ran. He didn’t see it leave.

Two Humanoid Entities Witnessed By Mother Of Three

A little over a year before the Luli Oswald incident on the 11th July 1978 in Alto Da Mooca, a 44-year-old mother would encounter two humanoid entities.

According to an article that appeared in UFO News Brazil, the woman was at home watching television at around 11 pm while her three sons were asleep in their room. She noticed how the family dog had begun acting strangely – whining while moving around the house from room to room as if attempting to get out. It was as the witness was walking toward the door that she heard a “mechanical” noise that appeared to come from outside.

Cautiously, she opened the front door. There, right in front of her, there were two short humanoids, each hovering a short distance above the ground. Behind them, an “oval-shaped” craft stood on three metallic legs on the ground.

Then, one of the humanoids approached her and gestured that she should remain calm, obviously sensing the fright that was running through her. She noticed that the other humanoid appeared to be examining the ground as if looking for something. It was now that she realized she was semi-paralyzed, only being able to move her arms a short distance to her chest. She would later describe the two figures as around four feet tall, with each wearing “round metallic helmets” on their head and tight-fitting silver suits.

Depiction of an alien humanoid

There are many humanoid encounters in Brazil

When she managed to peek inside these helmets, she noticed their skin appeared “yellowish” and appeared to lack a mouth – in its place was some kind of strange metal plate. Their eyes, though, were very round and dark with no irises. She further noted that their heads were much too large for their otherwise thin frames.

The witness noticed that the second humanoid was now floating toward the shining craft behind them. A few moments later the humanoid closest to her also floated toward the waiting craft. When he got there, he brought a metal container from his belt. This immediately bathed the entire yard in a “yellow coherent light” that the witness also described as looking “solid”. The humanoid would move this light beam to various places around the yard and shining it into the witness’s kitchen. He then brought forth another container which unleased a cloud of smoke that enveloped the two humanoids.

They began to head toward the craft, one of them stopping momentarily and gesturing to the woman to go with them. She remained steadfastly where she was, with the humanoid eventually turning from her and entering the craft. The object then began to rise into the air. As it did, however, the witness caught sight of another strange figure through what appeared to be a porthole, although she couldn’t be certain. Within seconds, the object had disappeared out of sight in a flash of yellow light.

The Bridge To Mendonca Lima Incident

A little over half a year before Luli Oswald’s encounter, an incident unfolded in the Minas Gerais region of the country. According to an article titled UFO Abduction at Mirassol by Dr. Walter Buhler, Guilherme Pereira, and Professor Ney Matiel Pires, just before 6 pm on 13th February 1979, a topographer – known as Sr. Vladimir – was working in the region near the bridge leading to Mendonca Lima along with four companions. As they were waiting for items to be delivered to them for their work, they decided to fish along the river.

It was while they were fishing that they noticed something strange in the air – a “huge, circular disc-shaped craft” that was approximately 1000 feet above them. They would further estimate that it was around 100 feet across. After watching it move for several moments, the object came to a stop and remained hovering, almost directly over them approximately 2000 feet away from them.

The witnesses would later describe the object as having a flat underside with a “small circular depression” in the middle. This central part was divided into apparent segments. The men figured this might have been some kind of ventilator as they could see openings in each of them. The upper section appeared to have some kind of raised dome section and there appeared to be lights around the side.

The object remained clearly in sight for almost an hour, performing “silent movements in all directions”. Every now and then “fumes or gas” was sent outwards from vents. All of a sudden, from the underside of the object, three “tubes of blue neon light” were sent downward toward the surface of the water. The witness noted later that these tubes of light appeared to be “transparent” and “rotating”. Furthermore, it appeared very much that they were either “discharging” something into the water or taking something from it. This continued for several minutes before the tubes of light, one by one, retraced back into the ship.

A depiction of a UFO over a city

Many UFO sightings in Brazil have connections to water

After several moments, what appeared to be a beam of “electrical sparks” were sent from the craft into the water. The witnesses noticed that when these sparks touched the water, it began to react instantly. A few seconds after this first shot of sparks, another beam was sent to the water, again resulting in the same reaction on the surface.

Things would then take on a rather unsettling turn when each of the witnesses received a sudden “telepathic” message, seemingly from the occupants of the strange craft. According to their later recollections, this message said, “Do not be afraid, nothing unpleasant will happen to you. Remain calm. We are working here. In the future, Earth will know.”

Immediately following the message, the lights on the underside of the craft darkened before the object then began to glow a brilliant blue which would occasionally morph into a red color. Then, out of nowhere, the object rose up into the sky and vanished in an instant. All throughout the sighting, the object remained completely silent. The witnesses were found to be extremely credible and each told the exact same version of events.

Humanoid Photographed In Minas Gerais Only Month Before The Luli Oswald Incident?

Another strange and intriguing incident also unfolded only months before the Oswald encounter, at around 10 am on the 16th of May 1979, again in the Minas Gerais region. It comes to us from the research files of Dr. Libirajara Franco Rodriguez and Maria Jose Pereira.

According to the report, the main witness, Arlindo Gabriel dos Santos was hunting with two friends in the woods. Santos, though, had become separated from his friends and suddenly found himself near a clearing. As he looked around, he was amazed to see a strange “telephone booth” shaped object descending from the sky. He would estimate that the object was approximately five feet tall and was around 600 feet away from him.

Realizing he was carrying his KODAK camera, he quickly reached for it and managed to snap a picture of the landed object. To his amazement, an instant after he had taken the picture the object vanished from his sight, right in front of his eyes. He walked over toward the area where the object had been. Before he could examine it, though, he noticed another object descending out of the morning sky.

This second craft was different from the first, being shaped like a “toy top” and slightly larger than the first. Once more, he raised his camera in order to take a picture. As he did so, however, he heard a strange “whooshing sound” before noticing the object was suddenly enveloped in what appeared to be a cloud of smoke.

A picture claiming to show an alien vehicle

Does this picture show an alien vehicle?

It was at this point that he noticed a third craft descending. This third craft hovered above the ground for a few moments before landing. He remained where he was for a moment, noting how this third craft had red stripes on its exterior. He then began toward the craft. To his amazement, after only taking a few steps, it too vanished right in front of him. Only seconds later, a “huge egg-shaped, white-colored object” appeared out of the sky heading toward the ground.

He remained still, watching the craft as it landed on four metallic legs, producing a cacophony of sound as it did so. He noted how it had a pointed top and what appeared to be two “fins” on each side.

He started toward the object so he could photograph it. However, before he could reach it a “sudden flash” emerged from it, so bright it temporarily blinded him. Alarmed, he dropped the camera and turned to run. He managed to take several steps before he was stopped in his tracks as if someone were pulling him backward with invisible hands. He turned his head to look behind him and saw two humanoids, each wearing a tight-fitting suit and each with a helmet on their head with some kind of glass visor covering their face. He was close enough to them to see inside the visors, claiming that they appeared to have human faces.

The next thing he knew the two figures had grabbed him by the arm. He asked them to let him go, fright now taking over his senses. Then, from a strange box on the figure’s back, he was told that he would not come to any harm.

A picture claiming to show an alien humanoid

Does this picture show an alien humanoid

They continued to march him toward the landed object. The nearer he got to it, the more he could feel an “intense cold”. He also noticed a third humanoid figure stood by what appeared to be a ladder in the doorway of the craft. When he was close enough, the figure reached toward Santos and pulled him inside the vehicle. Once inside, he noticed how the air was cool but pleasant, and that there was an aroma similar to “baby powder”.

He moved his eyes across the scene before him. There were several other figures inside, each sat on seats in various places around the room. They each wore tight-fitting suits like the humanoids who had brought him to the craft and appeared human aside from their particularly large eyes. As they noticed him, the figures began speaking among themselves in a language that was unfamiliar to Santos. Then, things turned even more surreal.

He was taken to another room, this time by a female figure. Inside the room, in the middle of the floor, was a “square-shaped object”. One of the figures pressed a button on the wall and the object immediately began to rise into the air. The witness would later describe the object as looking like a piece of marble.

He then noticed the female figure point a tube-like device at the square, immediately bringing it to life with images of the Earth, as well as other planets. His mind became a blur after that. The next thing he realized he was being escorted off the craft with the instruction to turn away from the object and not to look at it as it left. He did as he was told. When he eventually did open his eyes, the object was gone.

Brazil Is Just One Of Many South American Countries Rife With UFO Incidents

While we have only examined an extremely small number of UFO and humanoid encounters that have taken place in Brazil here, the fact is the South American country is one of the most active for such incidents and remains so today. Why might this be?

Is it merely that the populace, in general, is more receptive to such sightings? Or might there be a genuine concentration on the region from these mysterious visitors? Might there be, as preposterous as it sounds to many, extraterrestrial bases somewhere in the country, or perhaps under the waters of the Atlantic Ocean?

We might keep in mind that as active as Brazil is, the entire South American continent is equally rife with such sightings of strange lights and futuristic vehicles. It just might prove to be the case that the key to unlocking the mysteries of the UFO and alien question will be found in this part of the world.

The video below looks at some of the strangest alien encounters on record.


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