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The Fourth Kind: Fact or Fiction?

The Fourth Kind: Fact or Fiction?

In 2009, Universal Pictures released The Fourth Kind, a thriller that follows the life of psychologist Dr. Abigail Emily “Abby” Tyler, who lives in Nome, Alaska with her husband. After he mysteriously passes away, she resolves to continue his clinical research with clients suffering from insomnia.

She begins to use hypnosis on select patients as part of their treatment. The hypnosis reveals that several of them have had very similar experiences. They each report waking up at 333 a.m. and seeing a white owl outside their window. Shortly after that, they hear violent sounds outside their room followed by someone, or something, dragging them out of their bed against their will as they scream and howl in protest. Then they black out.

These occurrences follow similar descriptions from alien abductees around the world. Many abductees report seeing animals such as owls, monkeys or raccoons outside their windows at or around 330am right before their abduction.

Charlotte Milchard plays Dr. Abigail Tyler in The Fourth Kind.

Charlotte Milchard plays Dr. Abigail Tyler in The Fourth Kind.

Marie D. Jones, a paranormal researcher, was interviewed in a video featurette provided by the film’s producer, Universal Pictures. She calls the appearance of owls a “trigger object.” She said it is a way of calming the abductees before they are taken.

She also explained the time phenomenon. “Time prompts are number sequences that show up over and over again in a person’s life, usually in the form of time,” she explained.  “333am is one of the most common time prompts. It is a ‘trigger time’ for abductions to take place.”

In the film, Tyler begins to believe that these episodes are actually close encounters of the fourth kind. Alien encounters are measured on a scale developed in 1972 by Dr. J. Allen Hynek, a noted astronomer and famous ufologist. He researched UFOs with the US government, working with various Air Force sponsored studies including Project Sign (1947-49), Project Grudge (1949-52) and Project Bluebook (1952-69). The levels of close encounters are:

  • First Kind: Sighting- visual sightings of flying saucers, unknown aerial objects, and odd lights.
  • Second Kind: Evidence- observations of UFOs and the physical evidence of them including heat, damage to train, scared and skittish animals, lost time (gaps in memory), crop circles, and paralysis.
  • Third Kind: Contact- there are six levels of contact described by Hynek, from observing inside a UFO, to experiencing “intelligent communication” with aliens.
  • Fourth Kind: Abduction- a human is taken aboard a UFO.

A New ‘Blair Witch’ Ruse?

Is The Fourth Kind real? In the beginning of movie, Milla Jovovich says, “I am actress Milla Jovovich, and I will be portraying Dr. Abigail Tyler.  This film is a dramatization of events that occurred October 2000.  Everything in this movie is supported by archive footage. Some of what you are about to see is extremely disturbing.”

The movie studio said the film was based on “archival footage” of a therapist who discovered “the most disturbing evidence of alien abduction ever documented” while conducting her hypnosis and therapy sessions. It sounds legitimate, except no one in Alaska has ever heard of Dr. Abigail Tyler. She does not appear in any records of the state Psychologist’s Association or Licensing Board.

However, there actually had been a disturbing number of disappearances in and around Nome, mostly travelers coming to and from surrounding native Inupiat and Siberian Yupik areas. Distraught friends and family were frustrated by the lack of attention from police, believing that there may be one or a group of serial killers at work.

Mysterious Disappearances

In 2006, the Anchorage Daily News reported on the disappearances, saying, “A string of disappearances and mysterious deaths of native villagers visiting Nome was not the work of a serial killer… An FBI study of 24 missing persons and suspicious death cases assembled by Nome police said excessive alcohol consumption and the harsh winter climate were common ties in many of the cases. In 9 of the cases, where no bodies were ever found, state and local investigators said they will continue to search for new leads.”

The article began after a native named Eric Apatiki, 21, disappeared. A tribal council leader, Delbert Pungowiyi, for years had been trying to get an investigation going about various disappearances. “People disappear over there and where are the bodies going? Where are the remains going?” Pungowiyi asked the newspaper. He called Nome “a boneyard for the region because there are so many remains there that have never been found.” The FBI began their investigation in response to the growing frustrations of the native population.

The Daily News concluded that there were no abductions, and the number of missing persons and unresolved deaths is what a small town of Nome’s size would see on average. The newspaper pointed to the FBI investigation, again citing the high incidence of alcoholism and extremely rugged weather conditions.

The nonprofit group that brought the cases to the attention of the general public is not happy about the movie. They claim that it takes away from any real investigation into the disappearances. “The movie looks ridiculous,” said Kawarak, Inc. vice president Melanie Edward told the Daily News. “It’s insensitive to family members of people who have gone missing in gnome over the years.”

A few of the deaths were caused by people suffering from exposure to the cold, or from falling into the freezing waters of the Snake River. Pungowiyi told the paper that he is still under the belief that his uncle disappeared due to some criminal activity. His uncle had arrived in Nome in 1998 to buy a snowmobile. He never returned to his village of Savoonga. He said he believes that some of the deaths, including his uncle, were racially motivated, and believes that one or two people were murdering natives.

Fake News Site

Putting further doubt about the movie’s veracity is the fact that Universal Pictures was sued successfully after they created a fake news site called They had a fake story that was reportedly from the real-life Nome Nugget newspaper. The “news story” actually used the name of the Nome Nugget Editor, Nancy Maguire, in the byline. The Alaska Press Club, on behalf of the newspaper and Maguire, sued Universal and settled out-of-court for $20,000.

Alien posession footage from the film

Alien posession footage from the film

Universal admitted creating the fake online news archive. They said it was part of a “viral marketing campaign.” They even went so far as to create a fake site called, which listed a bio for Dr. Abigail Tyler and exhibited several scholarly articles she had supposedly written in medical journals on hypnotherapy, hypnotic regression and sleep problems. It was later discovered that Universal Pictures had registered the domain name a month before the movie was released. Both sites are gone now.

Nome residents are also entertained by the obvious difference between the film version of their town and reality. The film was shot in the mountainous areas of Bulgaria, New Zealand, and parts of Alaska. The town of Nome is shown nestled in among mountainous terrain. In reality, Nome is on the edge of a treeless flat expanse up against the Bering Sea in the middle of Alaska’s West Coast.

A Fib On Top of Fabrication

In the final analysis, The Fourth Kind features a therapist, who has a high probability of being fictional, and “archived footage” that is in actuality reenactments with professional actors. In addition, no one seems to be able to find any record of an Abigail Tyler having lived or worked in the Nome area.

Couldn’t they have just checked her Facebook profile?

Many people just brush the movie off as a complete fabrication. However, the producers were not interested in clear cut facts as much as profitable entertainment.  It succeeded on the profit scale, pulling in $25.4 million dollars domestically on a $10 million investment.  On the entertainment side, it fell a little short. raters peg it at 5.9 out of 10, and gave it a 25% rating.

The film’s tagline says, “It’s Up to You to Decide.” Abduction skeptics say that no abduction episode has ever proven true. However, no one knows for sure. As you watch The Fourth Kind while gripping the arm of your chair as tight as you can, you realize you aren’t sure yourself.

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Ian Stephens
Ian Stephens is an editor and writer for He has a keen interest in the fields of strange phenomena, UFOs and Aliens. He is also interested in Space, physics and aviation. He also writes for the popular flight simulator website Fly Away Simulation as a senior editor. Circle him on Google+
  • Jason W
    February 14, 2012 at 9:24 pm

    Do you have any other articles?

  • Raphael J
    February 15, 2012 at 4:45 pm

    Thanks for the enlightenment. :-)

  • Cheryl
    February 16, 2012 at 9:21 am

    Amazing…well done :)

  • Roy Cool.
    April 24, 2012 at 5:56 pm

    Just watched the movie myself and must admit for a lot of the movie as I watched I thought it may have been real and based on facts. But some of the later ”archive footage” seemed too acted instead of real. So I enjoyed it for what it was, a sci-fi with a twist to the usual alien invasions to conquer/destroy the earth. But I still went on line too check and found this web site and the full info’ on the film and a photo of the actress the played the ”archive footage” Dr. I know it has took me 3 years after it was made to see it. but you can’t watch everything at once. Plus I like Milla as well. But having said all that I do believe the ”Truth is out there”.

  • Dana
    May 31, 2012 at 3:31 am

    I watched this movie about a year ago, and I still think about it. It is one movie that scares the H outta me, thinking about all this alien abduction crap, etc. I do believe in it, and I believe all the “archived footage” as well. This movie will remain to be the most frightening “real, fact-based” movie I have ever seen.

  • andromeda
    July 28, 2012 at 12:56 am

    In my own point of view as i watched the movie a year ago. It is an eye opener for the people who are wide thinker let us accept that we not alone in this universe so. It frightens me a lot because of the actual footage. I they don’t believe dr. abby tyler why is it that they can’t find her daughter? Just as simple as that to prove her wrong……so how could they critized her? Try to think people I’m not convincing anybody, all I want to know is the truth behind her story…….(“;)

    • Critical Thinker
      August 26, 2013 at 4:34 am

      You do realize that there was no real “archived footage” in the movie? As the story above indicates this was fake footage by actors. As CNN pointed out, the movie is pure science fiction.

  • Me
    March 29, 2013 at 4:48 pm

    well, from a spiritual point of view this movie is based on demonic possession.

    Studies about hypnosis in spirituality suggests that hypnosis causes a hole in your soul (body) to open which can allow your spirit to leave your body, while connected with a golden thread, and of course while your body is open anything can possess it.
    People who meditate call on a “higher self” or a spirit guide, this thing they are calling on is a demonic entity, which can actually give them peace, but steal their souls. Usually people who practice these things find it impossible to submit to God and they hate talking about Jesus.

    Therefore from a spiritual point of view, what actually happened is a series of demonic possessions which caused havoc in a small town in Alaska.

    Witches and satanists all use a technique that allow them to fly in their spiritual bodies, while leaving their soul behind. They can use their spirit bodies to listen in on private conversations, kill someone and move things around but you can not see them at all, because they are only visible in the spiritual realm. Witches and satanists are usually possessed with another entity. Look at videos on youtube about celebrities talking about their alter egos, or the big guy up there, or The sudden personality change when they need to perform. All of it is demons. the spiritual realm is home to “aliens” in spiritual words, these aliens are called Angels and demons. We cannot see them, because they live in the 4th dimension.

    Now when these people were hypnotically induced, they experienced another reality, their bodies were taken over by a demon spirit, maybe satan himself as he is likely to call himself God. And their spirit bodies were taken into the 4th dimension. The man that killed his wife and kids claimed he had seen something, something he couldn’t bear to live with. That something was the demons that live in the spiritual realm. Demons are ugly in appearance and because they are higher than humans, they can seem terrifying in power and appearance.

    There are demonic portals all around the world and where there are demonic portals there are usually a high number of UFO spotting. Alien portals is a place where demons come in and out from hell. Since these demons are much higher in intellect than humans, they are smart and they are technologically advanced.

    The markings and radiation they found on their bodies is simply evidence that a demon has taken them over. LIke the man who said he can hear two distinct voices talking in his head. This is a common phrase used in Schizophrenia. People who suffer from the disorder are likely to be experiencing demonic possession. Since from a spiritual view there is only black and white – either you are filled with the Love (Spirit) of God or something else is inside you. Since we exist of three parts. Soul-spirit-Body. When your soul is not filled with the Spirit, you surely will find another spirit controlling it. Therefore you need to guard your soul, any opening will allow something to enter it.
    And that is where the common phrase “demonic possession” comes from.
    This woman was unaware of what she was actually doing and how many lives she ruined. But all in good heart.
    The owl is a common symbol in the occult. It is also used in the Illuminati and even on an American money you can find a small owl. Therefore the owl they saw was merely a symbol which suggested that a demonic entity had found a gateway into their lives, which by the looks of it seems to be hypnosis. It probably tampered around causing small little things such as depression and insomnia, which lead the people to search for help, the help they received was a further gateway, which was used to steal the souls of those people.

    Satan is like an alien and possesses all alien traits, so all alien sighting are in fact demonic. Some people have spiritual gifts and they possess the ability to see things and see into the 4th dimension. Thus they sometimes see demons and think it’s aliens.
    The girl that went missing was simply killed and her body confiscated. I sure believe it’s easy for satan to get rid of evidence since he is very skilled at hiding satanic cults from people, including himself. Demons can lift people, demons can talk through people, demons can kill people and break their bones. Demons look like ugly aliens and they are very strong and evil. therefore, yeah, they are aliens. but they can not leave the earth. Only satan can actually go up to heaven and talk to God.

    There was something horribly satanic going on in that town and here is evidence of demonic possession yet people are so uninformed, that if it happened to them people would classify them as mentally sick. Wake up people!

    There will come a day when the 4th dimension won’t be hidden anymore and we will see everything and you’ll want to shoot your brains out like that other guy, but you won’t be able to. It will be too late.

    If you believe in Jesus today there is hope. But otherwise you are screwed and the day when satan and his demons, were wolves and vampires appear in our realm, we will die of fear and end up getting the mark of the beast simply because your afraid.

    But the power of the Blood Of Jesus Christ can save you.

    I know, I sound crazy, but I hope that I will be with Jesus that day, eating a meal and singing wonderful songs, because I don’t want to see satan and his demons. The end has come and people are sleeping. wake up. it will all be over soon.

    • Faith
      April 12, 2013 at 10:38 am

      ME…I want you to know that,u do not sound stupid, infact everything u mentioned is just The Truth! I’m an African and where i come from, we strongly believe dat d Owl is a Symbol of Evil and if i had seen something like it at night,i’d have prayed and rebuked it in the Name of Jesus Christ! I just feel sorry for those people including the Actors and Actresses who protrayed d events in the movies…cos there is only one truth, Jesus is Coming Soon! Very soon! Believe in him, cconfess him with ur mouth and You will be saved! These events at Nome, Alaska is not entertainment but enlightenment! Be Informed!

    • Christina K
      May 24, 2013 at 3:02 am

      As a Christian, I know what you have said is true. People are being deceived by things like hypnosis and channeling. I hope more people read your comment and take it to heart. Jesus died for our sins and only after you accept Him will you receive eternal life. This world is full of evil things that are extremely scary and hard to understand. What you have to remember is that while we have to deal with spiritual battles, Jesus has already won the war.

    • gary bond
      July 22, 2013 at 3:00 am

      my word!!…i think you need a nice cup of tea after that lot of mind spillage!..maybe u could try cutting down on the speed…

    • kath
      December 3, 2013 at 10:10 am

      thanks for the heads up l strongly agree with you people are just so ignornt thts why God said my pple and being destroyed because of lack of knowledge people just choose to ignore facts and things that are happening everyday.The mark of the beast already exist in evrythinng we purchase evrything wth a barcode has the mark its just a matter of time when it will be on pples foreheads and hands.We really need GOD before time run out

    • lolololol
      March 15, 2014 at 9:22 am

      I really found your comment quite interesting until I read at “Since these demons are much higher in intellect than humans, they are smart and they are technologically advanced”, demons are TECHNOLOGICALLY advanced??lolololol are you for real?
      “satan can actually go up to heaven and talk to God”?? My god!
      “the power of the Blood Of Jesus Christ can save you” lolololol, and just so u know wolves already are amongst us

    • April 11, 2014 at 7:11 am

      Why are you such an arrogant moron? Moron READ THE ARTICLE CAREFULLY, THE STORY WAS BASED ON LIES and yet you’re dumb idiot self goes ranting off topic and as if the movie is true based on your nutty logic. Learn what logical fallacies are and stop ranting you oblivious idiot.

    • Your a moron
      January 16, 2015 at 7:40 pm

      LMAO this is the most retarded shit I have ever read….. 4th dimension… HAHAHAHAHA you don’t even know what the first 3 are!

  • Clari
    April 22, 2013 at 4:22 am

    Oh my goodness! I though the exact same thing as “ME”, also Faith is totally true. The expressions translated from Sumerian are more like demonic phrases. Also, owls do represent evil stuff and in Central American countries there is the belief that if an owl sings above you, it’s announcing your death. I do not know if the story is true or fiction, if the little girl was raptured in real life I do really really feel sorry. If it is not true then the film kind of plays with viewers’ feelings. About the owl, I do not know if it is superstition or truth, but it does not represent anything good.

    We sure must be aware of strange things happening at the end of time. Even if this case is fiction, similar things happen though maybe not “aliens” cause it.

  • Anne
    June 8, 2013 at 11:18 pm

    I can’t believe how small minded some folks are…believing that Jesus will save you and that there is nothing beyond what we see here on earth is silly, bordering scary. There is no proof that we know of regarding aliens and there is no proof that Jesus will save you (or even agreement about what that means). We believe it is a miracle when the Virgin Mary is observed in some distant culture but we don’t believe folks when they say they have seen an object in the sky that doesn’t make sense to what they know. This is illogical reasoning. The bottom line is that none of us/you know. Some people have certain experiences they cannot understand, whether they see Mary or an alien, it doesn’t matter. All of our knowledge is incomplete. Once that can be accepted, then you can still hold your beliefs, understanding that a belief is different than knowledge. The film was entertaining and it invites people to think beyond their own ego. Some of the marketing practices might be questionable but in the end, we all watched it and it provoked discussion. That point alone makes it meaningful. But folks, don’t make that fatal attribution error (look it up online) and think that your thinking is right and someone who holds a different opinion is wrong-in the end, these are all beliefs and opinions(some informed and some not) but there is nothing in this conversation that we can actually know.

  • Andrew
    June 12, 2013 at 4:52 am

    Anne, I know what you’ve read is hard for you to understand but humor me a moment please. While I don’t fully agree with everything that’s been said in the past comments I want you and others to hear my testimony and decide for yourself. I’ve been a Christian my whole life. I don’t believe in a religion but I do believe in a relationship with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Let me tell you if it wasn’t for them I would not be alive today. When I was seven I experienced something that I believe I can explain. I was in bed waiting for my cat to come and sleep at my feet, as was her routine. I was lying on my back waiting when I felt a small amount of weight move onto my feet and then it slowly moved up my body and onto my chest. As it was crawling up I was watching to see my cat but when the weight got to my chest I couldn’t see anything. I thought to heavier but and myself “that’s odd”, and then the weight grew heavier I never saw what caused it. Then I tried to call out for my parents but I had no voice, my vocal cords would not move. I was petrified. Thank god that I had been taught from an early age about demons and about people rebuking them in the name of Jesus, because the thought popped into my head “this is a demon” and I mustered all the willpower I could and forced my voice to utter these words, “I rebuke you in the name of JESUS CHRIST”. With the brightest flash of light the weight lifted and was gone. So quite literally Christ saved me. Now after hearing reports of abductions all my life I’ve come to the conclusion that people mistake these abductions for what could be demonic possession. Believe me or don’t, for your sake and others around the world I pray you do believe or at the very least keep those words and the possibility of belief in Christ close to your heart. I would hate for something like this to happen to someone who was unarmed in spiritual warfare.

    • Carrie
      October 17, 2013 at 8:48 pm

      Google these two words together: Sleep Paralysis. I’ve experienced it myself. Nothing to do with demons or aliens.

      • April 11, 2014 at 7:12 am

        Your comment makes no point, simply saying “google bananas, you’ll see” which is basically what you said, DOES NOT MAKE A POINT. Nor, “Google shiny stars, google planes, google nightmares”. I can’t stand idiots

    • monde
      March 4, 2014 at 10:26 pm

      Andrew you telling us that when u where 7 years old you already knew about demons?

    • lolololol
      March 15, 2014 at 9:09 am

      You got to tell me what you’re on
      “Thank god that I had been taught from an early age about demons and about people rebuking them in the name of Jesus … “I rebuke you in the name of JESUS CHRIST”. With the brightest flash of light the weight lifted and was gone” lol you got to be shitting me, you didn’t just comnented this crap.

      • KC
        April 24, 2014 at 6:42 pm

        Andrew, I see what you’re saying, I am sensitive to vibes, from people and other presences, and just putting this out there, I am a born again Christian. I have had some interesting experiences from living at my grandparents homes of both my parents. I believe that God gave me the perception to pick up on spiritual presences, I guess this is what the gift discernment is. I felt a negative presence at my maternal grandmother’s home, and I also had an experience whenever they took my dad’s mom to the hospital after I took care of her while she was incapacitated from a bad fall. In her room, I actually smelled fresh lilies with no nearby source, and I was the only one who could smell them since I asked my dad, his mom’s nurse, and my brother if they smelled fresh lilies at the time. They just looked at me like, um no… in a surprised sort of way. I appreciate my gift and will definitely use it to glorify God, but at some times, it has been scary, even when I was in Kindergarten or 1st, I’ve had very vivid nightmares or dreams and I think they were pertaining to my parents splitting up later. So, God is definitely looking out for all of us in different ways.

  • Julia
    June 17, 2013 at 12:18 am

    I do believe we are not alone in the universe and am very opened minded. I believe people are and have been abducted by aliens for a long time, but I don’t believe all of them. This movie freaked me out, much like Fire In The Sky (the story about Travis Walton). I loved it. Whether or not the entire story is true, or is loosely based on a true encounter, doesn’t diminish the possibility of it. There are many people out there who have been abducted and under hypnosis have remembered some things, but there are so many similarities that even 5% being true is a scary thought.

    As for the Sumerian influence, they were a very wise people who believed we came from the stars, as I do. This civilization flourished over 6,000 years ago and is by all accounts the founder of language. I loved that they were included in the movie, as most people know nothing about them.

    This is now on the list of my favorite alien movies, along with Dark Skies, Signs, and Fire In The Sky.

    • April 18, 2014 at 11:27 pm

      Julia….well said. There are Aliens. No doubt in my mind. I pray they don’t hurt people or take them away from their families. I hope they’re friendly.

      • KC
        April 24, 2014 at 6:51 pm

        I’m feeling the same way, if there really are aliens, there may be good and bad ones, just like people, since this is such a vast universe and we are discovering earth like planets as well. I was intrigued in the story about this ET referred to as Thor (apparently from Venus) and his crew who stayed in Washington DC, if that is a true story, it is very interesting.

  • trev
    July 22, 2013 at 7:21 pm

    As science advances we know more and more about how the brain works and how we interpret the experiences we have. Of course, there are much more we don’t know that we actually know, but before to believe the experiences are somehow demonic, at least try to put a rational thinking into it. For instance, the experience that Andrew explained that happened to him when he was 7 years old it seems a problem of sleep paralysis ( Our brain is not a perfect machine, it has some failures from time to time, and when it happens (sometimes a neurotransmitter disbalance that it’s quickly resolved without any other consequences, sometimes something more serious) we experience ‘strange’ phenomenoms (such as the universal ‘deja vu’) and we try to explain them using the information that is around us, in our culture, e.g. in the mid ages witches, nowdays aliens, etc… I think that we all whenever we experience something ‘strange’ we should go first to a doctor/psychologist/psychiatrist and have a check up before starting thinking about possesions, or something alike. As I said, science is advancing, and it may be more dimensions than we know, it may be some other forms of live somewhere in the universe (or universes or ‘multiuniverses’) and it is all worthy to study and understand but try always to keep on the facts before ‘interpreting’ them.

  • Fred
    October 25, 2013 at 6:44 pm

    Compare the attributes of God, exampled by the life of Christ, with the attributes of Satan. Then research alien encounters and notice which attributes these people have experienced. Simple matter of deductive reasoning will help anyone decide what to believe about aliens. “Advanced intelligent beings” should not need to instill fear, be illusive, mutilate animals and experiment on human genitalia over and over and over and over to understand humans. Even our doctors, supposedly of a “lower human intelligence” have figured it out. Without even considering the biblical explanation of our world, simple common sense would encourage us to shun evil and seek that which is good for our own welfare.

    Fred ippolito

    • Frank
      February 1, 2014 at 10:02 pm

      You spout off fairy tales then talk about having common sense. The two cannot co-exist. You cannot believe fairy tales are true, then tell other folks to apply common sense to their thinking.

  • miranda
    February 27, 2014 at 2:50 am

    I actually thought it was real until i looked up the real dr. Abigail tyler and found nothing but pix and the summary of the movie. Besides, i just saw this supposed “real” abigail tyler and her real name is charlotte something. She’s just an actress herself. : /

  • Joy
    August 20, 2014 at 1:07 am

    I woke up to something jiggling my bed room dr knob back in 2001. I was sleep and dreaming but I could hear the dr knob moving. While still sleeping and dreaming I like woke up but still sleeping and I could see two hugh owl like figures. Their legs looked as those of aliens and their heads were those of an owl. Trying to wake up it was hard for me to breath. I finally jumped up gasping for air. I called 911…ambulance and fire dept. came and I was sent to ER. Was told it was indigestion. I didnt remember my “dream” until seeing this movie in.early 2010. I do believe what happened to those people really happened. I just thank God what happened to them didnt happen to me. I also do believe there is another “kind” besides humans. We are not alone. We cant be. Too many sightings and suspicions.

  • Kailynn
    August 25, 2014 at 11:23 pm

    I drive the Facebook group called UFO I MUST BELIEVE and I post only real photos and archives. After I watch this movie I will check myself what is real or what is false and publish the outcome of it. Where are the reports though?

  • Thomas
    August 28, 2014 at 3:02 am

    Hmmm….If not these comments are interesting, than they are amusing. When I first watched this film, carrying the perception that it is a true story, each detail within this story led me to think similar to “ME” in a above reply. Yes, within my Christianese, I found to see spiritual workings involved….And the characteristics add up to a very unfriendly spirit opposing what Jesus Christ stands for..Love! I’m sure many Christains can portray this same comprehension and ofcourse, most any one who lives outside of Christ will not agree and perhaps even ridicule the thought of it. Come dead or alive…truth is made known, do you think in ‘death’, we find the answers to what we are suppose to believe. Or as in the ways a Christain is taught…through faith. ‘Faith’ really is the only way to grab a real understanding of a relationship with the Trinity….unless a intervention is made through God’s will. And Earth…yeah, its one big ball(in are small eyes) of science, and sure we live as flawed beings…just humans making small growths into our virtues of statistics to solidify science only in the ways in which the human mind can understand it. Science doesn’t state God’s inexistence and better…might just be proving that God actually does exist. But still, required in faith. Probably the easiest way to discover God’s existence is to become a Satanist…why would I mention this? Well, It’s pretty darn easy to be astray from God to begin with and you will certainly, within personal regrets have the spiritual experiences to collect…about the most wide open road you can travel in life! But I wouldn’t suggest this at all! Life on earth…kindergarten for the soul…and we choose its purpose. God’s love, He doesn’t force us to be anything other than what we decide…and its our decision to find life with Him….and in this case, the road is quite narrow and much joy to be found within it. I do find Atheism to be bit undermin(d)ing and egocentric in thought…and easy for Satan, to say! The ‘Holy Bible’…most versions;a book built through faith and a book that will answer questions the entire span of our humanly lives.No other book can do this! It’s good read. And if you have not gotten any answers, faith and patience are the recommendations within it! Though this movie has false representation, still it adds up well to similar terrifying events that happen. The body, the soul, the spirit of an individual is a trinity within ourselves, meaning it is one, so what effects the body effects the spirit and soul, just as what effects the soul or spirit of an individual effects the body. Take stress as an example, which scientifically has become the number one shredder of years of our lives. So we have all these legitimately scientific(medical) names to what is going on in our minds and bodies. For what might be going on in your spirit and/or your soul will place an effect on your body phyiscally and mentally. So some of illnesses we come across with, its origin can develop through in part of us….God bless

  • piupiu
    September 7, 2014 at 2:22 pm

    Seriously guys :D

    Every1 knows, there is other life… must be. When universum has born, u cant even imagine how big it is. There’s something else, must be or we r the last “humans” and this will be end of the universe :D

    Think about. Peace.

    September 12, 2014 at 6:27 pm

    In my country ,they say :Where there’s smoke there’s fire .

  • October 18, 2014 at 8:48 am

    Read Quran Quran believe you will think differently

  • michael
    November 6, 2014 at 2:30 pm

    you know what…maybe your just covering shit up so people dont belive…your probably from goverment…come on the police dont want to part of the movie…so they hiding the thruth…and they are afraid to…

  • Sean
    November 12, 2014 at 12:26 am

    GOD IS NOT REAL!!! BECAUSE IT SAYS IN A STUPID BOOK DESIGNED TO CAUSE NOTHING BUT WAR!! God is a fictional character created in a Book. I BELIEVE IN SCIENCE AND FACT!! Some of what happened in this film may not have been completely accurate but shit like this is happening all over world. WE ARE NOT ALONE in this massive and ever expanding universe and to any of you that really think we are. You are NAIVE and STUPID!! We came from evolution. Not Adam and Eve (who would technically be brother and sister) because if we were from them then the human race would never have made it this far due to incest. Adam and Eve would have to have had kids who then fucked and had kids who fucked and fucked and so on and so forth bla bla bla. Facts show how bad a person can look after so many kids born from the same kids born from the kids before. Its horrendous and disgusting. JESUS CAN SUCK MY DICK. RELIGION LEADS TO WAR. ALIENS ARE REAL

  • Pollyanna Winterbottom
    November 22, 2014 at 10:21 pm

    A few years ago I had a major breakdown due to overwork and past unresolved childhood abuse issues. During the breakdown I ”saw” scary images, could sense things before they happened and had profound pshychic abilities.
    Lack of sleep and rumminating on negative thoughts created a psychotic period.
    Now that I’m recovered I’ve come to believe that all the stuff about ufos and demonic possession are creations in ones own mind when it isn’t working properly.

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