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Time, and the concept of it, is one of those mind-bending subjects that allows our perception to run wild and yet stops us from fully comprehending it. And, in turn, perhaps our understanding and comprehension of life, both the scientific and the mystical sides. When, for example, did time begin? And if we can find a “starting point”, what was before that? When will time end? And again, what follows? It has to be something, right? Or do we enter into a period of “nothingness”? An eternal blackness?


What about the keeping of time? We take for granted how we measure time now, but the research and thought process, not to mention the advanced calculations in measuring what a “second of time” is, and why we measure sixty seconds to a minute, sixty minutes to an hour, and even having 24 hours in a day are all mind-blowing in themselves. A great book to read on this subject is “Civilization One” by Christopher Knight and Alan Butler, which not only deals with the subject of modern time (Greenwich Mean Time – GMT) but also details how ancient civilizations and even ones of pre-history measured time. And how, in many ways, these long-gone civilizations were more in tune with the natural flow of the Earth than perhaps our measurements are today.

In UFO terms people experience missing time, which is usually filled in, to a degree, through hypnotic regression. Others, however, experience a kind of distortion in time. A case of being in two places at once, one of which is an experience of several hours whereas for the original location hardly any time passes at all.

Many people who have experienced near-death or out of body experiences have spoken of the past, present, and the future existing “at the same time”. Some people have even put forward the notion that this is exactly how time works. That everything is happening at once, all the time, at the same time. The past, the present, and the future. Our consciousness simply experiences certain moments in time. This, to some, explains De Ja Vu, and past memory. They are exactly that. Experiences of consciousness through the illusion of time. This might also explain sightings of ghosts and cases of hauntings. This then would surely suggest that time is not so much a linear journey, but more of an oval or a sphere. One which our consciousness navigates back and forth seemingly for eternity.

Indeed, as we will look at, the more one thinks about time, the crazier the whole concept becomes. As we examine accounts of bizarre anomalies of time, that craziness takes on a further intriguing and sometimes, dark twist.

Experiences From The Future?

Perhaps one of the most bizarre phenomena is of seeing something happen before it happens. In an individual, this might be explained as a premonition or a prediction. The individual concerned would be called psychic or clairvoyant. However, when a whole group of people witness something like this, then the explanation becomes a little more difficult.

Maybe the best example on record is that of Mr. Hawkins, an Alabama landowner, who had many of the young men and women in the area on his land each day to prepare peas and beans for sale. One such young woman was Eula White. The incident in question is thought to have taken place in the late-1930s.

One morning, Eula along with several other young women were busy preparing vegetables for market. Mr. Hawkins would leave his house as normal, saddling up his horse for his journey into the town. It was mid-afternoon by the time he returned. He would direct his horse up to the main gate of the ranch. He remained in front of the gate, waiting patiently for one of the young children to open it. Shortly after, a young boy ran towards the gate to do just that. Before he could get there, however, Mr. Hawkins and his horse simply vanished right before the boy’s, and the young ladies’ eyes.

Despite the shock, the young women would continue with their jobs, while Mrs. Hawkins would comfort the upset children, herself as shaken as everyone else. Then, around half-an-hour later, Mr. Hawkins again approached the gate. Only this time, he didn’t disappear and eventually called to someone to “open the gate” for him.

Had the group of over ten people collectively witnessed a small part of the future?

Time Anomaly

The Account Of “Douglas

An account from Ohio in 1981 is also particularly chilling. The witness, “Douglas”, along with his father would travel to the town of Austintown to look at a property that was available for rent. They arrived early at a little after 6 am. As soon as they stepped into the front yard the atmosphere seemed to change.

The garden itself was under siege from weeds that were wild and heavy around the entire perimeter. In the middle of the overgrown grass stood a swing. Although it was caked in rust, the swings were swinging. Douglas found this odd as there was no breeze. He found the faint sound of children laughing even odder. Gathering his thoughts, he told himself that the children were likely playing in another property across the street.

He and his father approached the house.

After peering in through the grimy windows they could see a shell of a property with dirt-covered floors. One in need of a thorough clean out. Although the front door to the house was still secure, the side door wasn’t. Not expecting to find it unlocked, the pair paused a moment. They then, tentatively, like two nervous teenagers looking for adventure, stepped inside.

There wasn’t much natural light in the building. They each stood in the large, main room of the small house. Hallways led to other rooms that were shrouded in darkness. They tried some of the doors. All were open, but each of the rooms was too dark to see anything inside. Not that either particularly wished to venture into them. They tried to open the door to the basement. This door, however, was locked.

The pair would spend several more minutes looking around and then went to leave.

The Basement

For reasons he couldn’t explain, Douglas tried the door to the basement one last time. This time, however, it opened. Furthermore, unlike anywhere else in the house, the lights worked.

The two men started down the steps. It was cramped and full of old and worn utility-type appliances. As he was looking around, a moving light cord suddenly caught Douglas’ attention. It was then the lights shut off, and the door to the basement slammed shut above them.

Douglas grasped on to his father’s shirt so the pair were not separated. All around them was pitch-black. Despite this, the pair managed to make their way up the stairs. Once at the top, however, Douglas’ father would stop in his tracks and let out a scream the likes of which Douglas had not heard before. Panicked a little, Douglas pushed on his father’s back, forcing him to push open the basement door. As they tumbled out into the dirt-covered hallway, each noticed it was dark outside. Furthermore, the streetlights were on and it was after sunset. They had somehow lost at least twelve hours. They rushed to their vehicle, locking the doors behind them.

Perhaps most bizarre, though, was the lamb each witnessed in the now open garage doors. Its throat was slashed open and blood was gushing from the wound.

“21 Hours” In Only 5 Minutes!

Despite the streetlights and indeed the (now) night sky telling them otherwise, their own watches told them they had only been in the house for five minutes. They would soon realize, however, that in “real” time, 21 hours had passed. Concerned family members had reported them missing, and a small search team had begun looking for them.

A few weeks later, the pair would drive past the house again. Neither knew what to make of the sign now placed there. An FBI sign at that, warning trespassers to “Stay Away”. While you might expect to see a sign from the owner or the company that owns the property, an FBI sign was more than strange. And furthermore, it simply added to the overall “twisted” feel to both the property, and the entire incident.

Douglas would ask his father, on several occasions, what he had witnessed at the top of the basement stairs. He would never answer him, only that it was “something”.

If the incident was down to a drastic miscalculation of time, or even of becoming unconscious, then whatever caused it, happened to both men, at the exact same time, and affected them in the exact same way. An unlikely scenario. Perhaps the FBI warning indicated some kind of top-secret technology hidden in the basement of the otherwise ruined property. Perhaps the pair had stumbled on this in error. Even more chilling, perhaps they were led there purposely as unknowing participants in an experiment involving the perception of time.

It is a most bizarre case and one that will likely stay that way.

Time Travel

The Woolwich Foot Tunnel Incidents

The Woolwich foot tunnel in London takes you under the ancient River Thames and is over one-hundred years old. Just one year short of its centenary in 2011, however, it was closed to the public in order to carry out improvements and general renovations. The work was scheduled to last a few months. The tunnel would certainly be open to mark its 100th birthday before 2012. However, the works would continue for well over the eighteen months. No genuine explanation ever surfaced for the reason the works took so long to complete. Strange stories, however, did.

As local residents would speak to workers from the tunnel, it became clear something strange happened to those who ventured down to the now closed off underground walkway. Several workers, for example, would speak of carrying out hours of work in the tunnel, only to come up and find only minutes had gone by on the surface. Or another recurring account was of workers managing to get from one end of the tunnel to the other in hardly any time at all. This despite the journey, to them, being of normal length.

As these “time anomalies” happened more and more often, workers began bringing egg-timers to the tunnels as a way of telling “time”. The workers would eventually become used to it, and it would become an “in-team” joke. One particular point of interest is the theory of all “versions of time” existing at once. One worker would state they struggled with the concept that two “time-places” were happening at the same time. For example, a person could see someone emerge from the tunnel where for them they had spent hours, but to the person outside only minutes were passing by.

A Case Of Two Time-Streams Co-existing?

One particularly bizarre account from the workers of the Woolwich tunnel in 2011, is one that shares a similar detail with the account of Mr. Hawkins from Alabama in the United States who we looked at earlier.

One of the workers would tie a rope around his waist which the rest of the group would hold on to and make sure it remained on one side of the tunnel. He would carry with him a bright red flag and once at the other side, he would wave it back to them. They would also each check their watches and check their surroundings.

Once he was halfway there, with one person stood at the entrance ensuring he was safe until he was out of sight, he looked back to wave before rounding the bend in the tunnel. Before he could do so, however, a cheer came up from above the men. They heard the group calling “He’s there! He’s waving the flag!”

The pair would later tell how they felt time stand still. The man with the red flag was about to turn back, but for reasons he couldn’t explain, he carried on to the other side of the tunnel as planned. Once there, he waved the flag at the rest of the crew on the other side.

Had the two men been caught in some “time-slip”? In a similar way to the Mr. Hawkins story, had the group of men witnessed the future before it happened. Or did the man with the red flag simply have to “catch-up” to events that were already happening? Or happened?

Time Tunnel

Holes In Space-Time, Or “A Glitch In The Matrix”?

Most mainstream scientists and medical professionals will likely dismiss these accounts as “temporal anomalies”. And some very likely may be. It is harder to apply that reason to encounters and experiences involving multiple people. Unless of course, we entertain the notion of some kind of top-secret mass experiment. Perhaps even extraterrestrial experiment?

Do these incidents represent proof of alternate dimensions? Possibly ones that run parallel to ours? Perhaps it is worth briefly mentioning the experience of British Air Marshall Sir Victor Goddard. An experienced pilot, while flying in 1935, Goddard would claim to have witnessed a completely different layout and color-scheme to the airfield he would eventually land at when he glanced down at it from his plane. When he glanced back, the airfield was “back to normal”. Only years later, when renovation work went ahead at the airfield did Goddard begin to suspect his experience was a glimpse of the future. The new layout matched the layout he witnessed temporarily years earlier.

Some conspiracy theorists even believe these types of incidents show there is a “glitch in the matrix”. And no one really knows what “the matrix” is, other than something just doesn’t feel right. Like something that should be right in front of us is beyond our understanding.

What these experiences ultimately show, is that our perception and understanding of time is not as clear as we might believe it is. And it would appear, that certain places, whether through natural phenomena or through technology that we don’t understand, distort our perception of, and even how we experience, time.

The documentary below looks at “Time” in a little more detail.

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