Skinwalker Ranch, “The Strangest Place On Earth!”

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Home to a plethora of strange activity and sightings is relatively little known about “Skinwalker Ranch” – labeled by one researcher as “the strangest place on Earth!” Perhaps all the more interesting about this secretive place is that it has deep ties to secretive government projects.

The entrance to Skinwalker Ranch.

The entrance to Skinwalker Ranch.

The ranch sits in the small town of Ballard, Utah. It has been the subject of serious paranormal investigation for over half a century. However, accounts of strange activity on this land goes back as far as recorded history. Perhaps even further when you consider the indigenous tribes and their oral accounts. For their part, they consider the land under a curse.

There have been several well-known UFO sightings over the area. Arguably one of the most widely reported incidents occurred in 1978. A huge saucer-shaped object – witnessed by several people – hovered directly over Skinwalker Ranch. It would remain there for several minutes before disappearing.

Skinwalker Ranch found itself in the mainstream again thanks to the 2013 movie, “Skinwalkers”. While the story is complete fiction, the background and specific events base themselves entirely on years of research, and local legend of the area.

The video below is the trailer for the 2013 film on the events at the ranch.

George Knapp

The name “Skinwalker” is a creature known in Native American legends who has the ability to shapeshift into “any animal they desire!” The land where the infamous ranch resides is rich with such creatures. In fact, the whole land, according to Native American tribes, is a place of strange activity.

Perhaps the first journalist to begin to seriously investigate the ranch is leading UFO researcher, George Knapp. The ranch was a recent purchase of the Sherman family (and is sometimes referred to as Sherman Ranch). Noticing bizarre and terrifying activity, they reached out to Knapp, and his fellow investigator, Colm Kelleher, to investigate.

They experienced strange flashing lights over their land and strange voices that would speak to them “out of thin air!” Furthermore, the voices always spoke in a bizarre language that was unknown to them.

Over a dozen of their cattle were subject to precise cattle mutilation. Even three of their family dogs would “disappear right in front of them!” while chasing an orb-like light. Perhaps most startling of all was the night Terry Sherman looked out of his window. In front of him was a “huge spaceship – about the size of multiple football fields!”

Knapp and Kelleher would witness for themselves “strange creatures with glowing red eyes!” Perhaps even more chilling, these creatures appeared unhurt when fired upon. They would also notice bizarre magnetic readings, as well as the glowing orbs that the Shermans claimed to have seen.

The Shermans, following Knapp’s and Kelleher’s investigation, would eventually sell the site to a billionaire businessman, Robert T. Bigelow, who had a vast interest in the paranormal, as well as vast wealth to conduct independent research.

Before we look at Bigelow, the short video below looks at the basics of Skinwalker Ranch.

Robert T. Bigelow and NIDS

At around the same time that Bigelow purchased the ranch from the Sherman family in 1996, he also invested multiple millions of dollars into the National Institute for Discovery Science – known as NIDS. The purchase of Skinwalker Ranch would allow them, to study the multiple amounts of paranormal activities. According to Knapp and Kelleher, this would be done in secret.

Bigelow did indeed turn the ranch into an “interactive” research facility. He would position cameras all over the ranch and surrounding land. Every acre was under at least one camera, twenty-four hours a day. Research teams would also work around the clock – in particular, they were investigating any extra-terrestrial activity.

Initial reports revealed an abundance of strange activity, stating in one section that the objects they had witnessed “were not consistent with covert American military aircraft!”

However, by 2004, Bigelow struggled to continue to fund the project, and the program eventually shut down. Bigelow though still owns the ranch and the land around it. This means, for all intents and purposes, he is still in charge of any research, that might go ahead. And for it to go ahead, it is Bigelow who has to grant permission.

As we will look at in a moment, some of the business ties that followed would raise an eyebrow or two as to his real motivation for shutting down the project on Skinwalker Ranch.

Before look at that a little further, check out the video below. It features people’s first-hand accounts of the ranch, as well as some “in-the-field” footage.

Too Close For “Government’s” Comfort?

Given that the initial NIDS findings suggested very much a UFO connection to the strange happenings at Skinwalker Ranch, and the fact that Bigelow himself had stated to the media that he had some “pretty strong convictions” of the “authenticity and existence” of such things, it is strange that he should suddenly shut the project down, and more to the point, not allow any other party to conduct any research on the land.

Some believe that he was, in fact, too close to “the truth!” So close, that he would receive an “offer” to close down the research.

Bigelow would move into the Space Tourism field – an area he had little experience in. That didn’t seem to stop him obtaining some lucrative contracts from NASA for his new company, Bigelow Aerospace.

Maybe Bigelow have shut down the research at Skinwalker Ranch in return for these contracts? Might he be developing extra-terrestrial technology and wisdom from studies at the ranch to use in the space tourism industry? Might the ranch become a testing ground for such technology?

As a company, Bigelow Aerospace rarely acknowledge the research that took place at Skinwalker Ranch. One of the only statements, in a rather mocking and tongue-in-cheek response as to the reason for the sudden end to the research, was “maybe he (Bigelow) wanted to leave the aliens in peace!”

Many people still flock to the boundaries of the area, and many strange reports of sightings still surface.

Check out the video below, which features George Knapp speaking about the experiences on Skinwalker Ranch. He also talks about some of his theories as to why so much strange activity appears to concentrate on such a small patch of land.

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