Aliens on the Moon: Why we Never Returned and What it Means for us now

First Published: August 28, 2016 Last updated: May 10th, 2017 Written by Ian Stephens Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far…….actually it was only around 65 years ago that the biggest cover up in human history took place. Early morning in Palm Springs, California (February 21st ­ 1954) was the day when President Dwight Eisenhower was visited by not one, but TWO alien lifeforms in what would change the path of the human race that we were never intended to go down.

Eisenhower received message from his advisors that a first contact meeting was agreed between the United States and an unidentified flying object orbiting Earth. The meeting took place at Muroc airfield (later renamed Edwards Air Force Base) with who we now refer to as the Nordics. The meeting was brief and according to testimonies from the President and his close advisors the basis of the meeting were to allow the Nordic’s to habitat here on Earth as their home planet had been engulfed by an ever increasing in size dying Sun. They also asked that all our nuclear weapons should be dismantled as we were “incapable to understand the power we possess and that it would be our downfall”

Picture of Earth from the Moon.

Picture of Earth from the Moon.

The President did not agree to the terms as the Nordic’s were not offering any of their advanced technology to aid us with our high rise to technology, and dis­arming our weapons would leave us to an attack from other countries (mainly Russia) and of course an alien invasion. The Nordic’s left in an aggressive, timely manner and the President was left feeling anxious and worried that the Earth may come under attack from more of these Nordic’s in the imminent future.

The next day another set of communications were received by the national advisory committee for aeronautics ­ NACA (NASA).

The Grey Aliens

Luckily (for us) the message was from the Grey aliens who like the Nordic’s were orbiting high above the Earth’s equator and were watching on during the “first contact” meeting. The Grey’s were aware of the Nordic’s as they were followed through the wormhole from their galaxy to ours by attaching themselves to a hidden part on the underside of the Grey’s mothership.

If Eisenhower agreed to their terms then the world as we know it would never of been the same again.

The Grey’s met with the President and together they made the “Greada Treaty” this treaty allowed the Grey’s to periodically and analytically abduct Human’s for research under the advisory that they be returned to their point of abduction unharmed and unaware of what took place. The Grey’s genetic build up was weak and they wanted to try and create a hybrid with the best qualities of both Human and Grey DNS alike. In return for this, the Grey’s would offer us parts of their advanced technology and work alongside the scientists of Earth to find cures for some of our planet’s great diseases.

It only takes common sense for you ( the reader ) to step back and open your eyes to see the advancement of our technology is significant over the last 50 years in comparison to any time in history before. Not to mention that the United States military technology is always around 40 years ahead of the mainstream that we will get to enjoy. We are messing around with 4k TVs and hunting Pokemon on our “high tech” phones when the military were doing all that in the late 70’s.

Greada Treaty

Also in the Greada treaty agreement was that the Grey’s would not make deals with any other nation on Earth. They would also keep the Nordic’s and any other alien threat at bay. We would allow the Grey’s to dock their ships and live deep into the far side of the Moon. It was through many, many trips to Earth on abduction missions that the Grey’s would gather resource such as livestock, soil, oxygen generation systems and much more to create a liveable “Earth inside a Moon”. Over time, many of Earth’s top scientists would live and work alongside the Grey’s on the Moon, just as the Grey’s would study us from the safety of Area 51.

All was well with the world, up until the 1969 moon mission. The mission was unannounced to the Grey’s, so that faithful day when Neil Armstrong first stepped foot on the Moon, and during the mysterious 2 minute silence in the live radio broadcast. Armstrong and NASA switched radio channels to discuss the presence of ufos watching on from over the crater ridge. The full communication can be found here:

The Grey’s were unimpressed with this breach of the Greada treaty and warned us off of the Moon and not to return. Again (Mr reader) ask yourself why, if we did go to the Moon in 1969 and were free to do as we please. Would we not by not have a sophisticated Moon base of our own on there? Somewhere sturdy to build on. Somewhere to explore space more easier. Instead we have spent billions trying to construct and intricately put together a space station that orbits Earth? Seems very strange to me. The truth is, we wanted to build on the Moon but were warned off by the Grey’s.

Since then the Moon missions have ceased and we have no future planned Moon missions, also the Grey’s have took to abducting more people and not reporting them to the majestic twelve. The majestic twelve are a committee of people that the Grey’s report their abductions and examinations to. Although the “friendship” between us is still there, it feels more like that of a relationship between two nations on Earth. Both in agreement of a better future but both looking out for their own interests. The truth is, we need the Grey’s and there is nothing we can do to stop them.

What we don’t want is for them to come up with a breakthrough with their hybrid experiments. If they do, then their genetic makeup problem would be solved and they could move on to a planet more suited to their needs.

If like me, you are interested in what you have just read and have been looking for a relevant book to read. Look no further. If, (like me) you have already searched the web for aliens on the Moon etc etc, you will find that there are no good books related to the subject. That is why i have written a book just for you.

The Laika Vega Years book by Danny Ruxton.

The Laika Vega Years book by Danny Ruxton.

BOOK: The Laika Vega Year’s: Aliens on the Moon

The story follows ex RAF pilot turned astronaut for the United Kingdom space agency, Laika Vega and his personal pursuit of the truth. This opens doors and questions to many other things that if you’re like me, will be very interested in. The book is the first in a trilogy of the Laika Vega years so stay tuned for the next volumes to come.


All that’s left to say is…

Keep watching the skies

…oh, and buy my book ; )

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