The UFO Laser Beam Paralysis Of Denise Bishop

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Largely due to the fact that they simply didn’t know what to make of the initial report from local Plymouth DJ, John Greenwood, concerning his girlfriend’s sister’s strange encounter, did the case of Denise Bishop land straight in the hands of the Devon UFO Research Group chairman, Robert Boyd. Boyd, one of the UK’s leading UFO investigators, would, in turn, rescue the incident from falling into obscurity. As a further consequence, important details would come from Denise Bishop that others might not have thought to note.

UFO with beam.

UFO with beam.

What’s more, many of the details of the Bishop case mirror those in other UFO encounters from around the world. Given Bishop’s apparent complete lack of interest and knowledge in UFOs and the fact that the incident was long before the age of the Internet, it is a case that is perhaps more credible than not.

The incident is one of many investigated and detailed in the widely acclaimed book by Timothy Good, “Beyond Top Secret”, and, is equally one of many that reports the use of “green beams” that paralyze those caught in them. It is perhaps worth reminding once again that a great many of these sightings occurred in the pre-Internet days, making it a lot harder to come by information in general – even if you had an interest in a certain field – than it is now. Perhaps even more so when some of these sightings occurred not only decades apart, but in completely different countries.

Strange Object and the Green Laser Beam

Just after 11 pm on the evening of 10th September 1981, as she got out of the taxi that had brought her home, twenty-three-year-old Denise Bishop approached the back door to her mother’s house. She would notice a bright light from the corner of her eye, announcing something strange occurring behind her property.

As she focused her attention in the direction of the lights, a huge, dull metallic object “in the shape of a crab” filled her vision. She could recall no sound at all from the airborne craft as it hovered silently over the houses below it. From beneath the magnificent object were several columns of pale purple, pink and white lights.

Suddenly coming to her senses a little, Bishop would fumble with her keys in an attempt to open the door. As she put her hand on the handle and the key into the keyhole, a “lime-green pencil beam of light” shot out from the craft and “hit” her hand. As soon as it touched her, Denise lost the ability to move. She was essentially, frozen.

She would estimate later that this paralysis lasted probably no longer than thirty seconds. As soon as the beam was “switched off”, she instantly regained mobility over her limbs and in one fluid motion, continued to open the back door. Bishop would later describe the experience as if “the whole incident was a film that had been stopped and then continued!”

As she anxiously fumbled with the door and entered the house, the great ship would rise into the night sky and disappear.

Denise Bishop showing her injury.

Denise Bishop showing her injury.

Intense Pain and Burning

By the time she was inside the house and the craft had vanished, Denise’s sister came to see what the matter was. Denise informed her of her experience. It was while doing so that she noticed spots of blood on her hand. Closer examination revealed an intense burn that was now beginning to hurt immensely.

By the time the aforementioned Greenwood arrived home from his radio show, it was approaching 3 am. Seeing the burn on Denise’s hand, he would make the report of the encounter to the local police. It was then he would be put in touch with Boyd, who immediately set off to speak to Denise.

Although she would not agree to seek medical treatment for her hand, she did speak to Boyd in detail of the incident. Of the burn on her hand, he would note how it appeared “as if a patch of skin had been removed, exposing the new, shiny skin beneath!”

Because of the intense pain of her hand, they made attempts to run it under cold water. This, however, only seemed to make the pain even more intense. Antiseptic cream served to dampen it somewhat, but it would be several days before any significant improvement.

Advanced Laser Technology?

Boyd would return to speak with Denise the following morning. With him was a nurse, who inspected the wound on her hand. It had now turned significantly worse, and while she would allow the nurse to treat it and dress it, she again refused medical treatment. Some reports suggest that this was because of an upcoming trip to Canada, which she feared a doctor would not allow her to go on.

Photographs of the wound and the nurse’s notes would go to an anonymous consultant at a “leading London hospital!” It was their conclusion that the wound appeared to be the result of “an intense laser burn!”

The wound would eventually heal and scab over, but a scar remained in place. Denise would also report (to Boyd) how it would sometimes “feel hot and prickly” in the cold weather.

For her part, Denise wished the incident was forgotten. She would turn down multiple offers for television interviews, although she did grant one newspaper interview in October 1981 to a local journalist, Roger Malone, of the Plymouth Evening Herold.

There are many other cases of paralysis in UFO encounters, and more importantly to this article, reports of “green beams” of light that deliver it. Interestingly, although all those caught in these beams can’t move, nor speak, all report still being able to breathe.

This suggests the use of technology that renders the muscles of the limbs useless, while keeping intact and able, the cardiovascular system. As a side-note, while not discounting a connection to extraterrestrial involvement in these cases, perhaps it is worth noting alleged secret microwave and pulse technologies carried out by militaries and governments around the world.

Before we look at some of those other cases, check out the video below. It looks at the some of the advanced technologies of a UFO.

The Marius Dewilde Incident

There are numerous reports of people experiencing paralysis during UFO encounters. However, some of them almost mirror the experience of Denise Bishop’s in terms of a laser-like light. Perhaps one of the most intriguing occurred over twenty-five years earlier in September 1954 in Quarouble, France.

That evening in the small French village (near Valenciennes), Marius Dewilde noticed his dog howling and becoming increasingly agitated by something happening outside his property. Opening the door to his property, on the railway tracks opposite his house, he could see a “huge dark mass” settled on the ground. Of more importance to Dewilde however, was the two strange creatures in one-piece suites “like the kind divers wear” only yards away from him. Each also adorned a strange helmet on their “over-sized” heads.

Before he could move, a strange, bright light would blind him, while also rendering him completely motionless. Try as he might, total paralysis had taken over his body. He could not even force his vocal chords to yell, despite an overwhelming desire to do so.

The creatures moved away after several moments and into the dark, black craft, which instantly began to move upwards. As it did so, the light suddenly went out, and with it, Dewilde had the use of his limbs again. He ran towards the rising object, reaching where it had stood only seconds earlier in time to see it vanish from his sight.

Other UFO Paralysis and “Green Beam” Cases

Another incident happened a short distance away only weeks later in October 1954 when several bikers noticed a “prickling burning sensation” on their bodies. When they brought their bikes to a stop turned their heads upwards, each saw a strange object with a “luminous green beam” emanating from it. It was then they realized they were unable to move and so remained motionless until the object had vanished, upon which the use of their limbs returned.

In 1976, in the Ural region of Russia (then the Soviet Union), an eighteen-year old known only as “Vladimir S.”, while camping in the area with several friends, would experience a similar encounter. All had already commented on the apparent distinct lack of wildlife in the area they were camping, and all had a strange feeling about the place that they couldn’t explain.

In the early hours, somewhere between 3 and 4 am one morning, Vladimir noticed some activity outside of his tent. He went to investigate and immediately saw a strange luminous craft rising from a nearby lake. He could feel “a great heat” on his face as the object rose upwards. It was then he noticed the strange humanoid inside the object, its arms tight against its body as if anticipating take-off.

Before he could arrange his thoughts a “green beam of light” would strike Vladimir, seemingly in the face. He would describe it later as having a prolonged “photo flash” straight into his eyes. He could not see for several moments. Incidentally, not only did Vladimir recover almost as soon as the craft had vanished, but a permanent injury to his back also seemingly vanished.

Check out the video below. It looks at UFO encounters with experiences of paralysis in a little more detail.


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