The Police Sergeant, The Crop Circle, And The Tall White Aliens!

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While the above title might sound like an upcoming comedy sci-fi blockbuster it is, in fact, based on an actual account from the UK making its way around UFO and conspiracy circles. Said to have happened in July 2009, but only coming to light in last few years, the incident apparently took place in Wiltshire, England. An off-duty police sergeant would stumble on to a situation that would change his life. And most certainly his perspective.

Tall White Aliens

It is an interesting account, and one perhaps easy to dismiss when it first appeared on the paranormal blog ‘Tales From Out There’. If it hadn’t of been for acknowledgement from Wiltshire Police that the incident did happen that is. However, “the police officer was apparently off duty” at the time. Because of this, Wiltshire Police had “no comment to make because it is a personal, not a police matter”.

The incident is a good example of an encounter, that taken by itself, sounds outlandish and nonsensical. However, because we have an abundance of similar accounts to turn to, we can soon spot similarities and even connections with other cases and phenomenon.

Three “Strange Men” In A Field!

On the afternoon of 6th July 2009, on a bright summer day, the off-duty police sergeant was driving his vehicle along the country roads somewhere in Wiltshire. As he made his way past a field, something caught his eye. In it, in the distance, he could see several “strange looking men” walking around. He thought they must be teenagers, perhaps headed out this way to enjoy a few beers. However, he had a “strange feeling” about them.

He pulled the car over and stopped the engine. As he stepped out of the vehicle, keeping the men in his sights, the “strange feeling” grew stronger. He could see there were three individuals in total. What struck him first was how tall each of them was. He estimated they must have been at least six foot, if not taller. He could also see now that each of the men had white overalls on. Furthermore, the manner suggested they were examining the ground as if they were searching for something. This made him think perhaps they were a forensics team.

Intrigued, but also thinking he might be able to be of assistance, he proceeded forward towards the small group. It was when he first entered the field from the roadside that he could hear a crackling. He would later describe the sound as like the “sound of static electricity”. He scanned his environment and noticed that the sound appeared to be moving. Each crackle would correspond with significant movement of the field’s crops.

An Electrical Crackling Sound

The sergeant called out to the men, but they either didn’t hear him or intentionally ignored him. As he got closer, though, they noticed his presence. And what’s more, they appeared agitated by it. Before he could get a closer look, all three turned and ran. They moved at a speed that was “faster than any man” the witness had ever seen. Within an instant, all three of the mysterious men were no longer in sight.

The strange crackling sound, however, continued. Furthermore, whatever the source of the electrically charged noise was, it was still moving around the field at an equally fast pace. Suddenly, fear began to take over his emotions. He would later state that he had a sudden “uneasy feeling” and a feeling that he should leave the field immediately. He turned and ran back to his car at the roadside.

The sergeant sat in his vehicle for a moment before driving home. He had a sudden and intense headache and the feeling of anxiety would not abate. Although he would report the incident to his superior, as it was an “off-duty” incident, there was no official report of it. And what’s more, his superior refused to investigate the matter in any capacity.


An Encounter With Tall White Aliens?

The police sergeant, however, couldn’t let the matter go without looking into it further. Particularly when he discovered a crop circle had recently appeared in the same field in which he had the experience. He would seek out local crop circle expert, Andrew Russell. It was through him that the initial report of the encounter would eventually enter the public arena.

Given his extensive research in this and the UFO field, Russell firmly believes that the “strange men” that the witness encountered were what most in the UFO community would refer to as “Tall White Aliens”. Although Russell is uncertain who is responsible for the crop circle, it is also his opinion that the aliens were “inspecting it” for one reason or another.

Russell, like many other researchers into this bizarre phenomenon, believe these strange and other-worldly markings on the ground could contain valuable messages. Possibly in the form of mathematics – the universal language. Perhaps, he would reason in his report, this is what the three mysterious figures were doing that afternoon when the off-duty sergeant encountered them.

Another researcher, Scott Waring, would add (upon the case entering Internet forums) that the strange way which the three men apparently walked was another indicator of their identity. According to Waring, this particular race of aliens has legs similar to that of dogs below the knee. He would state that from the knee down their leg “goes in the opposite direction from ours”. Normally, however, they use “holo-emitter” technology to “make them appear more human-like” to other human beings.

What is perhaps interesting here is that many researchers state that alleged reptilians use very similar technology. Many such researchers also state these reptilians are tall and a deathly shade of white.

Wiltshire’s Many Crop Circles

It is an intriguing, if bizarre account. The fact that Wiltshire police even commentated at all is perhaps telling of the authenticity of the incident. And, accounts of this particular race of aliens and their interaction with humanity is plentiful. Perhaps what is most interesting, however, is this area of the world in Wiltshire, England, has a long history with crop circle formations. Might it stand to reason, then, that “Tall White Aliens” also reside, or at least visit this area too?

While we have written about the 2001 Chilbolton Crop Circles before, this is just one of many considerable cases to come from Wiltshire. In 2012, for example, at Milk Hill, Alton Barnes, a formation that quickly took on the name “The Galaxy” appeared. It was of such complexity and of such ample size, that even one of the most ardent skeptics couldn’t help but concede that he failed to see how this particular crop circles could be work of hoaxers. He would state that “given that there were 400 circles, some of which span seventy feet” it would mean a full circle would have to be perfectly created and finished every thirty seconds. He would conclude that “this formation pushed the envelope. And that’s a massive understatement”.

Five years previously, at the site of one of the most mysterious ancient monuments on the planet at Stonehenge, a crop circle didn’t just appear, it seemed to form in front of bewildered motorists. It would eventually receive the handle “The Julia Set”. When investigators examined the incident, they would determine that the whole formation was complete within an hour of the first report of strange activity, which was, incidentally, a “swirling cloud of mist” which was seen spinning across the field.

The Galaxy Crop Circle

Coded Esoteric Messages?

In 2009, the year of the sergeant’s apparent encounter, there were seventy crop circles recorded in Wiltshire. An even stranger formation appeared in the plains of Wiltshire the previous year in July 2008. This time, American astrophysicist, Mike Reed, believed he had found a code that indicated Pi (3.14), which given Pi’s importance to such ancient monuments as the previously mentioned Stonehenge, is one of the most interesting and perhaps significant messages from these bizarre formations on record.

In the summer of 2010, two crop circle formations would receive significant attention on the world’s stage. In May of that year, a formation appeared that appeared to contain a complex mathematical equation, Euler’s Identity. And it is from this that it would take its name. The formation appeared next to the Wilton Windmill on the evening of 21st May. Investigators at the scene quickly realized that the crop formation appeared to contain binary codes within each of its sections.

Later that same year, an unnamed student claimed to have filmed “two very bright lights” making a crop circle. What is perhaps interesting is that many other reports, going back decades, often mention bright lights, or balls of light, just prior to a crop circle forming or being noticed. The movements of the lights are usually described as extremely quick, sharp, and gliding extremely close to the ground. Much like how the lights appear to act in the student’s 2010 video.

Also of interest is how seeds captured within these circles of crop formation tend to have around 40 percent higher protein levels. Perhaps, like ancient buildings and texts from antiquity, crop circles contain wisdom from long ago. And quite possibly a link to a past we have collectively forgotten.

Below is the 2010 formation footage.


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