The Persistent Legends Of The Men In Black

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Most people, even those who have no interest whatsoever in UFOs or the alien question, have heard of the Men In Black. And most, perhaps as a consequence of Hollywood blockbusters of the same name, know roughly what they do, and why they might show up at your door. Of course, officially, such an organization doesn’t exist. That doesn’t, though, tally up with the plethora of sightings and reports of strange visitors wearing black suits and dark glasses following alleged sightings of apparent alien vehicles and their occupants.

Real Men In Black

There are many suggestions as to who these mysterious visitors might be. Many believe they are part of an ultra-covert unit of the shadow government, higher than any official intelligence channels. Others don’t believe they are human at all, or at least not fully human, suggesting an alien or alien-human hybrid origin. And while these sightings are largely perceived to be part of the fifties and sixties folklore when UFOs and aliens were at the height of their presence in popular culture in the United States, they have continued right the way up to the present day.

Below is a piece of footage from an encounter we have written about in our Indrid Cold article. If authentic, it is an enthralling piece of video, perhaps offering a glimpse to the world of these secretive agents, apparently answerable to forces unknown.

John Keel’s Men In Black Encounter

While we have written before of Albert Bender and his apparent encounter with the Men In Black, another interesting incident involving a researcher and author on paranormal matters is that of John Keel. And what’s more, it was remarkably similar to that of Bender. Author and researcher, Nick Redfern, would relay the account as told to him by fellow author, Brad Steiger, in his book ‘The Real Men In Black’.

Keel, whose research took him into all avenues of the bizarre and strange, would conduct extensive research into the Mothman sightings of the 1960s. It was because of this research, according to Steiger, that the Men In Black took an interest in him, and his work. One evening in the late-1960s, while sitting in his apartment, three men would suddenly enter the room. As Redfern states, “they literally came through the door”. In no uncertain terms, they warned him to stop his research into “the Mothman thing”. He should also, “if he knew what was good for him”, do the same with UFOs.

Then, as if to demonstrate their dark and mysterious nature, they would each take large gulps of Clorox, a powerful disinfectant. Certainly, a substance that would likely be fatal to someone if ingested in such large amounts. They then vanished from the room, leaving the normally unshakeable Keel to contemplate his next move. Steiger would tell Redfern, “I began thinking we’re not dealing with FBI agents or the (US) Air Force”. Consequently, Steiger wouldn’t speak publicly of Keel’s encounter. It is only through the account given by him to Redfern that we know of the incident.

An “Underground Alien Army” Infiltrating Humanity?

In a 2011 interview with New Dawn, Redfern would go on to state that while some Men In Black encounters can be tracked back to one government department or another, the vast majority can’t. He would state that based on his extensive research, “most Men In Black do look very, very odd. And they act equally as odd too”.

According to Redfern, most Men In Black are described as around five feet tall with “olive-colored or completely white skin”. Their eyes, often covered by dark glasses, are strangely shaped, and oddly spaced on their face. They are usually of a thin, gangly build, almost unhealthily so. There is also a monotone-type feel to how they act and speak, in a similar way to how people describe encounters with Black-Eyed Children. Perhaps it isn’t surprising then that many of those encounters feature Men In Black-type people as well.

They are usually always dressed in large, heavy “trench-coats with turned up collars” with a “pulled-down hat” on their heads. This is regardless of the weather conditions, with some encounters taking place in the heat of summer making such heavy garb stand out even more. Furthermore, like the encounters of Albert Bender and John Keel, many reports speak of them appearing out of nowhere in the middle of the room and then vanishing again following their respective encounters. This last point, in particular, leads many researchers to suggest these strange gentlemen may be aliens or even alien-human hybrids.

Perhaps we should note Redfern’s comment that his research gives the impression of an “underground alien army working its way into our lives”.

Shadow MIB

The Mysterious Case Of Dr. Hopkins

Perhaps one of the strangest cases involving the Men In Black is that of Dr. Herbert Hopkins in September 1976. The (then) 58-year-old hypnotist and regression specialist was working in a consulting capacity on a Maine UFO incident. It wasn’t too much of a surprise, then, when he received a telephone call from a man claiming to be the vice-president of the New Jersey UFO Research Organization. The gentlemen wished to meet with Dr. Hopkins to discuss the case he was working on. As his wife and children had gone out for the evening, he agreed.

Dr. Hopkins went immediately to the door of the property in order to switch on the outside light for his soon-to-arrive guest. As he did so, however, he saw that his visitor was already climbing the steps of his porch. He was a little shocked. He hadn’t heard a car pull up. And even if he had, the nearest phone (at a time before mobile phones) was a considerable distance from his home. Certainly not close enough that his guest could arrive so quickly after speaking with him on the phone.

Regardless, Dr. Hopkins was a welcoming host, ushering the gentlemen inside. As he did so, he noticed his black coat, suit, tie, and hat, finished with a neat, white shirt. He would later state that the man “looked like an undertaker”. When the mysterious gentleman removed his hat, he revealed a pale, white, bald head. It was then that Dr. Hopkins noticed his guest had neither any eyebrows or eyelashes.

Mechanical And Bizarre Behavior

The mysterious visitor would discuss UFO theories, including some specific to the case that Hopkins was working on. As they talked he noticed how mechanical the man’s behavior was. Then, his mysterious guest startled him somewhat by declaring he had two coins in his pocket. The doctor plunged his hands into his pocket, revealing two coins as the visitor had said. He asked Dr. Hopkins to hold one of the coins in his hand and to keep his eyes on it. As he watched, the coin disappeared into thin air. The man then stated, “Neither you nor anyone else on this plane will ever see that coin again”. The whole act, the doctor thought, was meant to show him of some kind of power that he possessed.

Already suspecting his guest was not who he said he was (although not sensing any danger), he then noticed how the man’s speech began to slow dramatically. The visitor then stood, stating that his “energy was running low”. He walked, staggeringly out of the house and down the porch. Before Dr. Hopkins could follow him, a bright blue-white light shined into the hallway from outside. Then it went out with a strange suddenness to it. He thought the light must have been the stranger’s car headlights, although something about them troubled him.

The doctor looked outside from his porch. He could see no sign of the man, nor his vehicle leaving his property. He would examine the driveway outside his home with his wife when she and the children returned later that evening. Although they found markings of activity, they were not the markings of a car. By the following day, they too had mysteriously vanished. It was then he began to consider the visitor’s “advice”.

Mysterious Men Silencing UFO Witnesses

Dr. Hopkins had gone over and over the events of the previous evening. Each time he did so, the stranger they appeared. And the more unnerved he felt by it all. So much so, that the recently obtained hypnotic regression sessions were wiped by him following a “recommendation” from the mystery guest that he do so. He also made himself unavailable for any further involvement with the case. When he did look into the New Jersey UFO Research Organization over the following days, he realized no such group existed.

Although his wife was witness to the strange markings in the driveway, many have suggested that Dr. Hopkins imagined the incident. According to his wife and children, however, when they returned home later that evening, Dr. Hopkins was found to be in a severe state of panic. He sat in front of a table, upon which, a gun rested.

Perhaps it was worth looking back to John Keel for a moment again. During his research, he would interview Colonel George Freeman, a Pentagon spokesman for Project Blue Book. He would tell Keel that “mysterious men dressed in Air Force uniforms or bearing impressive credentials from government agencies” appeared to be visiting witnesses to UFO sightings and “silencing” them. Furthermore, despite intense investigation by the US military, they had no information on who they might be, or who they worked for. According to Freeman, what these mysterious visitors were doing was a federal offense. They would “sure like to catch one” but all efforts were unsuccessful.

Whether Colonel Freeman was offering honest information or feeding Keel purposefully misleading facts is perhaps open to debate.

Mysterious Figure

Single-Minded Approach

Whoever they are and whoever they answer to, generally speaking, the Men In Black appear single-minded in their objective. To suppress information about UFO sightings. Not all witnesses just receive an uncomfortable visit and a stern talking to. Carrol Wayne Watts of Loco, Texas, for example, witnessed a UFO land on his property several times before eventually being taken on board. According to his story, which he spoke about freely to the press, he would meet the occupants of the huge cosmic vehicle (who were indeed extraterrestrial) and had even obtained several photographs to prove of his encounter.

Then, suddenly, he refused to speak of the incident and the pictures were no longer available. According to some reports his home was “sprayed with machine gun fire” after an encounter with these mysterious men eager that he shouldn’t speak of the incident. When he was hit over the head while going to the aid of what he thought was a stranded motorist, he seemingly had taken heed of the warning.

Even the “suicides” of scientists working on various UFO reports independently of each other, James McDonald and M.K. Jessup, are suspicious to some. Both men, according to those who have researched them were on the verge of “major breakthroughs” at the time of the sudden and unsuspecting deaths.

If there is any truth that an organization exists that we collectively refer to as the Men In Black, then we have to ask, why would they go to such measures in order to maintain such secrecy?

Time-Travelers From Another Dimension?

If this apparently dark and deadly group of individuals are not on a government payroll, secret or otherwise, and they are not part of an alien race looking to infiltrate, or at least assert control over humanity, then perhaps the suggestions that they are time-travelers or from another dimension might be worth looking at.

If we accept that the account of Dr. Hopkins is genuine, then the incident with the coin and that “neither you nor anyone else on this plane…” perhaps takes on more significant meaning. Is this perhaps a clue that these mysterious visitors are from another dimension, or plane? Might that, then, given their apparent interest in UFO sightings, suggest that such sightings are not from another part of the universe, but another realm of existence?

Or might they be not travelers between dimension but, as Joshua P. Warren suggests, they are travelers through time, looking to prevent time-paradoxes and perhaps to keep the apparently many different timelines from collapsing in on themselves. A highly speculative notion, no doubt, but one that perhaps contains a certain amount of sense. Warren offers, for example, that the Men In Black’s “old-style 1950s” look might be consistent with their own point in time or dimension. Indeed, as we have examined before, perhaps time and dimensions are one and the same thing.

The video below looks features the aforementioned Nick Redfern Men In Black conspiracy in a little more detail.


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