The Geneva Light Beam Incident – Alien Reconnaissance Mission?

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An incident in Geneva, Switzerland, in the early hours one winter’s morning in 1982 would see a young mother witness what appeared to be a cosmic reconnaissance mission by several large-headed humanoid entities. The encounter would unfold right outside her home, enabling her to view events close-up from behind her living room window. An experience made all the more nerve-wracking due to the witness cradling her five-month-old son throughout.

Geneva UFO

It is an interesting account, to say the least, and one that perhaps lends credence to the claims of valuable elements and minerals on our planet that are of interest to visitors from all parts of the cosmos. Indeed, as we have examined before, some even claim so desired were these elements that “secret deals” were arranged between shadow US governments in exchange for advanced technology. Whatever the truth to some of those claims might be, this incident featured a very definite and purposeful mission on the visitors’ part to obtain materials from here and take them to a destination unknown.

The account comes to us from the Swiss paranormal research group GREPI. Before we move on to look at the incident in detail, check out the short video below. It is one of many UFO sightings captured over Geneva in recent years.

A Light With “Strange Behavior!”

Although the exact date is unclear, just after 3 am one morning in early-1982, in Geneva, Switzerland, the anonymous witness, a young mother, would awaken to the sounds of her young baby crying. She dragged herself from her bed and made her way to her young child’s cot. It was then she noticed a strange light penetrating the peacefulness from outside. It faded away and appeared to have gone. With her baby now seemingly asleep again, the exhausted new mother returned to bed.

However, before she could close her eyes, she noticed a “strange beam of light” enter the room. Its behavior was strange, and she was instantly unnerved by it. It came through a gap in the blinds and then proceeded to move along the wall of her bedroom. It moved along as if with intelligent, almost as if surveying the room.

At that moment, the young mother looked to her young son, concerned the light might find its way to him. Almost in sympathy with her thoughts, the light began to retract back through the window. Again, it made the witness feel as though it was a living entity due to the strange way it moved. Whatever it was, thinking it was now gone, she returned to her bed and attempted to sleep.

When the light returned and retracted on two more occasions in the minutes that followed, the second time shining directly on her baby’s cot, she scooped up the young child and went to the kitchen which offered the best view of outside. From there, she cautiously crept to the kitchen window to see what the source of the light was.

A “Milky, Metallic Beautiful Machine!”

Almost as soon as she looked out into her garden she could see a bright glow. She also noticed a constant whistling sound, not particularly loud, but still perfectly noticeable. As she peered through the glass a little more closely, she could see “several men running towards the source of the light”. As they moved out of her sight, the young mother, with her baby pressed against her chest, moved to the living room of the property.

From there, she was confronted with the sight of a “beautiful machine” hovering close to the surface of the ground around twenty yards away from her property. The object was completely still, and she suddenly realized the whistling sound had stopped. The round-shaped craft had a strange “milky metal” look to it. She noticed the same “grey, colorless beam” that had invaded her bedroom emanating from the side of this mysterious object. She followed its glow as it illuminated all around it. It was then she saw one of the “strange men” close up, although it was immediately clear that they were not human.

Standing at around four feet tall and with a proportionally large head for its body, the mystery figure was dressed in a tight-fitting, one-piece overall. She could see a large pocket on the chest of the overall, as well as a large pocket on each leg. Around its waist was a strange belt. Scared but beyond intrigued, she remained at the window watching the scene unfold before her.

Garden Alien

“Absorbed Into The Object!”

The whistling sound began again as she continued to watch. Another figure, almost identical to the first one appeared in front of her window. It seemed to be examining the ground and picking up stones for collection. She had to stifle a gasp when the entity looked directly at her.

Although the fear in her was rising with each second, she didn’t feel threatened at any stage. The figure collecting the stones appeared unconcerned with her presence and continued with its apparent duties. She couldn’t hear them, but the two humanoids appeared to be talking to one another. As she continued to watch, four more humanoid figures appeared in front of the property.

One of them was giving various hand signals to the others, who then went off in different directions. She thought this one must be the leader and had given orders to the rest of the group.

She wasn’t sure how long she remained at the window, but several minutes later the strange figures returned to the glow of the still motionless craft hovering over the ground. Several moments later a wide transparent beam of light came from the underside of the craft. In an orderly fashion, the figures would stand in the light one at a time and began to rise upwards. The witness would describe how they appeared to “be absorbed into the object”.

Furthermore, she couldn’t understand how all of the figures could fit inside an object the size of which was outside. This is an interesting point in that it comes up in other UFO reports. Many witnesses speak of the inside of a craft seeming to be drastically bigger than the outside dimensions would suggest.

Then, in a flash, the light vanished.

Discovery Of Strange Spots!

As she continued to watch from the safety of her living room, the object, no longer lighting up its surroundings but still glowing slightly, began to rise higher into the air. It began to rotate, going from stationary to fast in an extremely short length of time. It was spinning in a clockwise direction and the faster it went, the brighter it would glow. Then, it shot upwards, vanishing from sight within seconds.

After checking that all activity had ceased, the unnamed witness would make her way back to the kitchen. A check of the clock would declare that forty-five minutes had passed from her first waking until the object disappeared.

Although she wasn’t aware if the light had touched her directly, she would discover a strange pink spot under her eye the following day. When she examined her young son, she would discover an almost identical spot, although slightly paler, behind his right ear. They would remain for several months before disappearing.

The sighting remains unexplained. And perhaps due to the nearly thirty years that have passed, is unlikely to yield any more information. There are several other notable UFO sightings from Geneva on record, though. One of them would create a frenzied debate in Internet forums and social media groups in late-2016.

“Completely Crazy” Sighing Over La Praille

A sighting in the skies over Geneva on the evening of 12th October 2016 would spark rampant debate on social media between UFO enthusiasts and skeptics alike. At a little after 8:30 pm, a mysterious set of lights which appeared to be the underside of a very definite oval or triangular-shaped structure would appear over the sports stadium in the Le Praille area of the city.

Multiple people are thought to have witnessed the lights. Several of them managed to snap pictures, with some even managing to capture several minutes of video footage. It was visible for around twenty seconds in total before moving away at a lightning pace.

Perhaps what made the sighting stand out, even more, was the “celebrity-witness”, Servette FC football player, Matias Vitkieviez, who would comment on it on his Facebook account. In his post, he would ask if other people had seen the strange object. He would call it “completely crazy” stating there was a “UFO above the industrial area”.

His wasn’t the only social media post. Another witness would claim that the circular object was “as big as a plane” and “emitting a strange, shrill noise”. He would continue that the object appeared as though “burning” as it left the area. He managed to get a picture, and while certain shapes were visible, the clarity wasn’t the best. One skeptical observer would even state that the incident was so surreal that it “changed my way of thinking”.

Despite the apparent wealth of witnesses, with evidence of the sighting to boot, the control tower at Geneva International Airport would state there was “no unusual activity over La Praille area”.

You can check out the video below.


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