The A5 UFO Encounters Of Diane Foulkes

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While in her early twenties in the mid-1960s, typist Diane Foulkes would witness two UFO sightings. Each occurred as she drove along the A5 near her home in Shrewsbury, Shropshire in the United Kingdom. What’s more, as would come to light later, another local resident had similar encounters at the very same spot.

A5 UFO Sighting

The area of these bizarre and mysterious events on the A5 is only (relatively speaking) a stone’s throw away from RAF Cosford, the site of one of the most well-known and most credible UFO encounters in UK history. As we will see later, it isn’t the first time the air force base has been at the center of a UFO encounter. And today, the area appears to be a quiet hot-spot of UFO activity. Whether that activity shares a connection to the nearby military bases is up for debate.

The report of Diane Foulkes was brought to light in the larger UFO community by UFO researcher and author, Nick Redfern. During his time working in his native United Kingdom, he came across the account in the National Archive. The governing body behind the report, Provost and Security Services, were based at the controversial Rudloe Manor at the time of the incident, a place of apparent secrecy and cover-ups to many in UFO and conspiracy circles.

A Bright Circular Object Over The Montford Bridge

As she was driving on the A5 road towards her family home from Shrewsbury, twenty-year-old, Diane Foulkes would witness events that were fascinating and other-worldly. It was around 2 am and she was approaching the Montford Bridge which stretched over the River Severn. Suddenly, the entire area around her lit up. The source of this sudden glow of light was a circular object which was almost directly overhead.

She watched the object for only a second or two before fear, and adrenaline kicked in. She pressed down hard on the accelerator, now in a hurry to reach her destination. To her alarm, the brightly lit object followed her. It remained at the same height and distance, but all the while, it casually pursued her vehicle.

When she finally arrived home, she ran from the car and alerted her parents. Both her mother and father would witness the strange disc-shaped craft from the garden of their home. The craft made no noise of any kind and glowed a pale-yellow color. After thirty minutes it rapidly began to get smaller and smaller. As it did so, it began to change to an orange-red glow until finally it was gone. All three witnesses would assume the object was speeding away from them.

Although Diane and her parents would largely keep the sighting to themselves, when a similar episode occurred, they would seek advice from the military.

Rays Of Light Administer “Electric Shock” Sensation!

Almost exactly two years later on 8th November 1966, Diane would encounter what seemed to be the same craft. And what’s more, the encounter would take place at almost the same spot as it had previously. Just prior to midnight, as she neared the same bridge, the glowing round craft appeared in the sky overhead. This time, however, it was much lower to the ground than before.

Diane would later report that she could see “rays of light” emanating from the airborne vehicle. As she had before, although somewhat calmer, she continued on her journey home. And, as before, the object followed her, maintaining the same distance throughout. At least initially.

After several minutes the strange craft suddenly approached the moving car. As it made its way past, the lights from inside briefly penetrated the vehicle. She would describe feeling a “bump against the side (of the car)”, while at the same moment feeling a sensation like an electric shock in her neck. Simultaneously, the left-hand side headlight also went out.

The object would back away again and then maintain its distance before vanishing. Shortly after returning home, however, Diane would begin to feel “very ill” for the rest of the evening.


Military Denial, And Connections To Mr. Griffin

Two days following her second encounter, on 10th November 1966, Diane’s father would contact Flight Lieutenant Williams at RAF Shrewsbury. He wished to know if the military could shed any light on an incident along the A5 that had “left his daughter frightened by an object in the sky”. There was, he would report, even “burn marks” on the left-hand side of his daughter’s car, proving that something was most certainly over the road that evening.

A letter, dated the 11th November, would arrive at the Foulkes’ home on the 14th. In it, it informed them that “no service aircraft had been flying in that area at the time of the incident”. Not that Diane seriously considered the military as being behind the bizarre sighting. Although she wasn’t sure exactly what it was she had seen, she believed it was probably connected to another local resident, Mr. Griffin.

According to Diane, and many other townsfolk, Mr. Griffin was “reputed to have made contact” with the occupants of these bizarre objects. Furthermore, there were some who claimed he had even gone inside these other-worldly vehicles. Further still, the contacts of Mr. Griffin had taken place at the same bridge where Diane had witnessed the glowing disc.

The incident remains unexplained. It is, however, far from the only UFO sighting in this region of the United Kingdom.

A Hot-Spot Of Strange Aerial Activity

One of the earliest recorded UFO sightings in the Shropshire area occurred in September 1912. On that evening, Special Constable Phillips, along with his mother, would witness an “orange bottle-shaped object” in the skies over Selattyn Hill. It would “hang motionless” for some time before eventually disappearing.

In August 1963, just over a year before the first of Diane Foulkes’s sightings, Kevin Byng would report seeing a “green fireball” in the early hours. So bright was the object outside, that he had awoken from sleep to find his entire room bathed in a green wash. He would report that the object remained in sight for around five seconds before suddenly vanishing from the sky.

UFO sightings in this region seemed to explode in the late-1990s and they continue in abundance today. Many reports describe either “triangular crafts” with lights at each corner, or glowing, circular crafts. Many reports also speak of yellow, orange, or even white lights. That there is activity over this area of the United Kingdom is beyond doubt. For the most part, though, these are sightings of far-away craft. Two cases in the summer of 1981, though, each within yards of the other, would result in more than mere sightings.

Alien Abductions On The A5 In 1981?

Perhaps one of the strangest encounters took place on the evening of 16th July 1981. Three friends, Rosemary Hawkins, Viv Hayward, and Valerie Walters were driving home from Shrewsbury to Telford when each of them noticed strange lights overhead. Viv, who was driving, would increase her speed. However, it was soon apparent that the lights were following their vehicle. They would head towards Telford Police Station to report the sighting. It was only when they arrived that they discovered the twenty-minute journey had taken them just short of an hour.

All three were convinced that something had happened during the half-an-hour or so that they couldn’t remember. So much so, all three would agree to under hypnotic regression. Their accounts of “floating” towards a “metallic object”, as well as four-foot aliens with “robotic voices” were practically identical. As were the drawings they produced. Perhaps one of the more interesting details was that all described feeling “big and clumsy”, maybe suggesting a drastic altering of their perception, atmospheric conditions, or even their reality.

Only four days later came another, almost identical case that occurred in almost the same location. Referred to only as “Tom”, the main witness was traveling along the same point of the A5 road as the three disco-goers. As he did a “very large light” lit up the sky and the treetops, which it was just above. Tom would describe the craft as looking like a “double-decker bus, all illuminated”. It remained motionless for some time. Then, a blue light emerged from the underside of the craft. It reached towards the ground, turning a shade of green as it did so. The next thing Tom knew the craft was speeding out of sight at an electrifying pace. It was then he realized three hours had gone by.

Alien Abduction A5

The Forgotten Cosford UFO Incident

While we have written about the 1993 Cosford Incident before, thirty years previously came a similar incident over the same air base. Although the incident wouldn’t be confirmed until the mid-1990s when the UK government released the file on the case, many UFO enthusiasts and researchers had picked up on “rumors something extraordinary had happened” within weeks of the encounter.

On the evening of 10th December 1963, a little after 11:30 pm, a craft seemingly from another world brashly landed on the grounds of RAF Cosford. What’s more, the events were witnessed by several personnel, at least according to the rapidly increasing rumors.

The military didn’t do themselves any favors either, by putting out continually contradicting statements to the press. One would state that “nothing at all” had even occurred. Another said the sighting was a mistake due to “two drunken apprentices”. Yet another claimed the incident to be nothing but a hoax, while another would claim a “steam train” was responsible for the mistaken claims of a UFO landing. Not surprisingly, many in the UFO community began to ask what the UK military had to hide?

They would stand their ground, though. And by the summer of 1964, only those in UFO circles even remembered the incident. The base certainly appears to be of importance to UFO sightings. Might it suggest a base for these extraordinary aerial craft exists there? And might this mean a military involvement? Maybe they are working with alien technology? Or perhaps, they are working with aliens themselves?

The video below features aforementioned UFO researcher, Nick Redfern speaking a little more about the UFO and alien conspiracy.


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