The 2005 Luis Munoz Marin International Airport UFO Incident

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Not only were there multiple witnesses to a UFO sighting over Luis Munoz Marin International Airport in Puerto Rico in May 2005, but several photographs were taken of the object by the main witness. What’s more, the witness would go on to suffer some distressing physical symptoms following the encounter, as well as highly mysterious and suspicious activity outside his home.

While the incident is largely unexplored outside of the UFO community, it is another case that demonstrates, at least in theory, that there is much more to the UFO and alien question than many of us may imagine. And what’s more, the connections from these bizarre incidents go in all directions and for a whole multitude of reasons.

Jose A. Martinez Echevarria and Willie Durand Urbina, both respected UFO researchers and investigators of South American UFO cases, in particular, would conduct initial investigations of the incident several months after it occurred in September of 2005, and then again in November of the same year. It is largely from their interviews with the witness that the wider public is aware of the incident.

A Silent, Glowing Craft That Moved Too Slowly For Its Size!

It was a little after midnight on the 15th May 2005 when “Wilfredo” finished work for the evening. He was in the Carolina region of Puerto Rico and walking toward the Luis Munoz Marin International Airport. As he made his way along the road, however, “a glow” suddenly appeared from behind a hill in the distance.

Familiar with the plethora of aircraft that came and went from the airport on a daily basis, he knew immediately that there was something very different about this one.

At the same time, Wilfredo noticed the bizarre barking of the dogs and “desperate” singing of the birds nearby. In short, there was a sudden general commotion from the wildlife in the area. This commotion had an unnerving effect on Wilfredo. He glanced behind him. He could see that the road was bathed in a “very large glow”. It was then that he pulled the van over to the side of the road and exited the vehicle. He would continue:

…That’s when I saw an immense triangular object. I can’t give you exact measurements. I can’t describe it in meters. But I can tell you (and compare it) to the size of a ballpark of two enormous ballparks. It was going very slowly and passed directly over me!

All the while, the only noise came from the disturbed wildlife and animals. The craft itself was completely silent. It did, however, appear to “emit some sort of heat”. Like standing close to a “high voltage bulb”. It also appeared to pass much too slowly for a craft of its size. This is an interesting anomaly that presents itself in many such close proximity sightings. In fact, it is likely a point that once understood will signal a better overall collective understanding of such sightings.

So Bright It Lit Up The Clouds And It “Looked Like Noon!”

As the craft passed overhead, the lights and engine of the van went out. Wilfredo’s instincts were to jump inside the van and attempt to restart the engine. Before he did so, however, he reached for his mobile phone and snapped the pictures that would fascinate UFO researchers online and around the world. He would, though, have to “lower the light intensity” as the glowing craft simply wouldn’t show up at first on the device.

Once he had captured the images he jumped back inside the van. He noticed that several other vehicles had also come to a stop along the road, most of them a considerable distance away from him but still very visible.

He remained in his van watching the craft pass over him. As soon as it moved out from directly overhead, the vehicle’s lights and engine came back to life. He would, though, continue to watch the object as it went along its path. He would later tell investigators that there “must be people (at the airport) who saw it too”. Not least due to the lights of the entire facility going out temporarily as the craft passed over it.

Almost as soon as the object was out from over the airport, it began to climb higher in the sky before it “vanished at high speed”. As it continued to climb, the object “continued lighting up more and more clouds” providing a spectacular visual for any onlookers. So much so, despite the late hour, “it looked like noon” until the object finally disappeared.

The Suspicious “Robbery” Right Outside Wilfredo’s Home!

Wilfredo was quite sick after the incident. In fact, he would state that he had “never been so sick” before in his life. What’s more, these strange flu-like symptoms would keep him practically bedridden for almost two weeks.

Around two weeks later another bizarre and likely suspicious incident would unfold. Outside his home, while he was inside, in the middle of a built-up residential neighborhood, Wilfredo’s van was seemingly stolen. He would state:

It was an odd robbery – no one heard anything and my van had a pipe on its muffler that made it heard from far away when the engine was running. But no one heard anything! They took it while I was asleep!

He would also recall how “little spots” had begun to appear on the paintwork of the van. Especially that which was exposed to the glow of the strange craft. Despite his best efforts, he could not remove the “blood-red or mud-colored” spots. It was as though they “were coming from within the paint itself”.

These spots could quite possibly have been a delayed reaction to the exposure to the light of the craft. And more importantly, if studied, may reveal a lot about the source of the light, and possibly the propulsion systems of the craft itself.

With this in mind, it is certainly not that much of a stretch of the imagination to think that the van was “stolen” by a person or persons working for a dark, shadowy element of the intelligent agencies and shadow governments. And in so doing, denying the chance for independent investigators to examine the mysterious spots for themselves.

Despite reporting the vehicle as stolen immediately, there was no success in recovering it. It appeared to have simply vanished.

Still Unexplained!

Even more intriguing, was the recollections, and apparent connections, to a female colleague of Wilfredo who would speak to him of her own experiences of alien abduction. Only days later he would have the distinct impression that he was “being watched”. He would later state to investigators:

There must be some connection between my co-worker’s experience and mine!

He would further state that this feeling of being watched is one that has continued. Even when he would attempt to sleep the intense feeling would keep him from resting sufficiently.

Several months later in November 2005, investigators would speak with Wilfredo’s brother, who was driving on the night in question, with three passengers with him. He would state that he saw a “luminous, triangular-shaped” object.

He would further comment on how the object would make its way toward the airport before beginning to ascend. It then raced out of sight at an alarming pace.

Furthermore, investigators’ own research in the area would indicate a “magnetic field” in the area. And what’s more, this magnetic force would stretch quite a distance in radius. Interestingly or not, Wilfredo’s brother would volunteer that he often witnessed military jets “circling” within this apparent radius.

It would appear that despite the apparent wealth of other witnesses to these events, including several security guards and employees of a food store that also overlooked the area the incident took place, there was an apparent reluctance on these other witnesses’ part to come forward. And certainly to lend their name to quotes or direct information. For an area that is awash with UFO sightings, this is quite interesting.

Incidentally, the incident remains unexplained and open to investigation.

Is Puerto Rico Home To A Large Part Of The UFO Jigsaw Puzzle?

We have explored on several occasions how rife UFO activity is in Puerto Rico. And such incidents as that of Wilfredo in 2005 show that this activity continues well into the twenty-first century. We should remember, it appears that these incidents go beyond mere sightings, but look as though there are active efforts to remove evidence of such activity and prevent any form of widespread disclosure of it.

Is there something discreetly important to the overall UFO and alien question in Puerto Rico? And if so, exactly why is there an apparent effort to cover this activity up? Is it merely to stop widespread panic? Or might it to be to conceal the world governments’ own involvement in such activities?

And might these activities, and the threats that accompany any questioning or stumbling on to them, if we accept some of the encounters to come out of the region, be the reasons many people remain reluctant to speak of such incidents? At least on record.

It is most certainly a destination that the UFO community should keep a particularly close eye on. It would appear if there is a large part of the jigsaw puzzle to be found that will take us collectively forward in unlocking the riddle of UFO sightings and alien encounters, it just might reside in Puerto Rico.

Check out the video below. It looks at more recent incidents in this part of the world a little further.


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