Sightings On The Tote Road – Strange Incidents In Waldo, Maine

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A string of strange sightings and encounters between October and December 1968 along a part of Waldo, Maine that locals refer to as “The Tote Road”, an otherwise quiet, peaceful location to the east of the Passagassawaukeag River (Passy River) still to this day remain unexplained. Many locals would drive to this part of town. The reception for the radio was usually good. Or you could just sit and watch the stars overhead. It is an area where many locals, particularly younger people, would regularly visit and unwind. And, it would seem, it was a place that was home to extremely bizarre activity.

Tote Road UFO

One Maine resident, “Tom” would experience several of these bizarre sightings. And along with his friend, Steve, would return back repeatedly, each time witnessing glowing objects overhead. As they continued to return they would witness much larger crafts, with at least one sighting resulting in the witnessing of apparent occupants inside. However, following a bizarre up-close encounter, followed by a mystery return of a missing jacket, Tom was finally unnerved enough to stay away from this mysterious stretch of land. Just what happened along The Tote Road in the fall of 1968 remains intriguing, and unsolved.

The area certainly has a history of strange creatures and encounters, as well as a long history of strange nocturnal lights hailing from the woodland that intertwines and surrounds many of Maine’s smaller towns and communities. Were the events witnessed by Tom and his friends simply regular occurrences that take place more often than not? Or might they have stumbled onto a unique moment in time that allowed these strange anomalies access to our world?

Glowing Objects Above The Power Lines!

It was sometime in mid-October 1968 when Tom first noticed strange occurrences along The Tote Road. Along with several friends, Tom was sitting in his car when they noticed a bright object moving towards them. He would estimate it to be around 100-feet above the power lines that ran overhead. Suddenly, the object came to a stop, hovering in the air at the same altitude and slightly ahead of them. None of the group would recall any sound from the object. They could, though, clearly make out the strange glow spinning on its own axis above them. A glow of red and green lights appeared to come from inside suggesting the presence of windows.

Then, the group witnessed several smaller, glowing objects falling from the main craft. They would drift calmly downward towards the powerlines overhead. These objects appeared to disappear as they fell, leaving “a kind of trail or lighted thread as they descended”.

The group would continue to watch for close to an hour. Then, the craft suddenly sped off in the opposite direction from which it had arrived. All of the group were unnerved but relatively calm. They would leave the area and head for home shortly after. However, several nights later, they would return. In fact, they would return on a regular basis to the same spot. And they wouldn’t be disappointed. Although some nights would be uneventful, more often than not, similar glowing objects would appear at the location. Tom would later claim that “seeing these things became so routine, we became desensitized to it”.

As the weeks went on, they would bring other people to the spot to witness the usual aerial displays. All of which were similar to the last. Then, came a different sighting.

The Tote Road

The Tote Road

The “Elongated Saucer” Sighting

Several weeks after the group of friends had first witnessed the glowing craft over the power lines at The Tote Road, another seemingly “standard” sighting developed into something more unique. As usual, the glowing object had appeared and hovered overhead. However, shortly after, another huge object emerged out of the sky “and dwarfed” the first craft. Again, this much larger craft was rotating as the others had, only this time it was “so big that it was plain to see portals, or windows” within the exterior of it.

Furthermore, Tom would recall that it wasn’t the entire object that was rotating, only the section with the windows in. As this section moved round, flashes of red and blue were clearly visible. He would recall how the craft was in-between a saucer-shape and a cigar-shape “like an elongated saucer”. Although each of the witnesses on this particular night could clearly see “objects” inside the craft through the windows, they could not see what they were.

Once more, like the first night they witnessed these strange glowing crafts, this larger craft “dropped multiple, small objects which descended in threadlike trails”. For the first time since witnessing these strange events, the group of friends were a little scared. Nonetheless, they remained in their car, watching events unfold. After several moments, both the aerial crafts and the smaller objects sped off and out of sight. The group would drive away shortly after.

They would continue to return to the area, though. Beyond intrigued with the sightings, especially after this most recent display. Then, on a Saturday night in early-December, Tom and his friend, Steve, would bring their dates to The Tote Road.

The December Incident

As Tom, Steve, and their dates sat in Tom’s Ford watching the darkening skies, they were a little surprised that one of the objects should appear so early in the evening. And, like several weeks earlier, this object was another mothership-size one. As before, the object would spin on its own axis, throwing out shades of reds, blues, and greens, that appeared to glow behind windows or portals along its edge.

After watching for several minutes, the two couples would decide to exit their vehicle and walk towards this aerial display and take a closer look. They left their cans of beer they were drinking from in the back seat of the car and covered them with a coat. Then, cautiously but with an eagerness in their step, they made their way towards the glowing, spinning craft. However, before they could get directly underneath it, the two girls pulled Tom and Steve back. Each was unnerved and didn’t wish to get any closer. Tom would recall “This was, as I later learned, probably good advice”.

The four of them instead stood where they were a little way back, watching this fascinating but otherworldly display. After several moments, they returned to the car. However, instead of joining them, Tom decided to stay and watch a little longer. Insisting he would walk home, he asked Steve to drive the two girls home. He would return home himself. Tom, meanwhile, began to walk back towards the hovering object. As he did so, he could “make out movements inside the craft”. Although he couldn’t make out any finer details, they were very definite “forms” inside the huge object.

Tote Road Sightings

The Mysterious “Torn Coat” Incident

It was shortly after this that Tom would feel a sudden chill run through his body. He suddenly very much regretted not returning with the rest. He turned around and ran back to the car which, fortunately for Tom, was still in sight. Steve had made the decision to wait slightly for his friend. Tom jumped back in the car and along with the others, watched the huge craft lift higher into the sky and shoot off. Then, Steve put the car in motion, returning each person to their respective homes where they would contemplate the bizarre events they had witnessed.

The following morning, upon waking, Tom was instantly cold. He would go outside to the car to retrieve his coat. After not seeing it on the back seat, he would check underneath the front seats, thinking perhaps it had been kicked there accidentally when everyone had rushed back into the vehicle. He originally thought this was the case when his hand wrapped around the arm of the corduroy sheepskin-lined coat. However, when he tugged on it “that’s all there was to it. Just the arm”.

He believed Steve must have torn it, even if by accident. However, when Tom would confront him with the accusation, he flatly denied it, leading the two to argue and fall out. Following this, Tom would begin to head up to The Tote Road by himself. He would do so for three consecutive nights following the confrontation with Steve. He would go a little earlier than usual as “it was a good place to think when the objects weren’t around”. On the third evening, it began to snow. With no objects seemingly intent on putting in an appearance, Tom would return home, intent on returning the following evening.

The Unnerving Return!

The first thing he noticed upon arriving at the usual spot at the top of The Tote Road the following night was how undisturbed the snow was. The only markings in the otherwise smooth white blanket on the ground were his own tire marks from the previous evening. There was, however, also something else on the tire marks. A dark, huddled, form. He stepped closer. He would look around to see if any foot prints were leading away from this strange heap in front of him. There were none. He arrived at the spot of the strange anomaly. When he reached down, he could now clearly see that it was his coat, minus the arm.

As he picked it up, a surge of icy fear rushed through his body. He jumped back in his car, locked the door, and sat there. He was momentarily unable to move such was the terror and confusion taking over his perspective. Then, he snapped to his senses, fired the car engine into action, and drove away as fast as the conditions would allow. It would be the last time Tom visited The Tote Road.

He would, however, take the coat, as well as his numerous accounts of his time at the location home to his grandparents (with whom he lived). Their reaction was certainly interesting, to say the least. While his grandfather had generally dismissed previous accounts over the last few weeks, his grandmother had taken them much more seriously. Perhaps because of her strict religious background, she would warn Tom to stay away from the area. She would even go as far as to say the “objects had to do with the Devil”. This was much her feeling now. His grandfather’s actions, though, would result in an even stranger incident.

Snowy Road

“Mikey’s” Strange And Chilling Reaction!

Taking the ruined coat from him, Tom’s grandfather would proceed to head downstairs to the basement. There, the family’s beagle hound, Mickey, slept. Tom’s grandfather would place the ruined jacket in Mickey’s bed, thinking it would serve as an extra “blanket” for him to snuggle into during the winter. However, Mickey would instantly back away from the coat, growling anxiously as he did so. This was particularly shocking to the pair as it wasn’t in Mickey’s nature to act in such a way. He was very obviously unnerved by the coat. Tom’s grandfather would remove it, taking it outside to the garden where he would burn it.

Although Tom would remain in Waldo, where he was still living at the time of making his report in January 2011, he would never return to The Tote Road. A UFO investigator would visit himself and Steve in the weeks following the incident in early-1969. However, no explanation was ever reached and the pair lost contact with the unnamed investigator soon after.

Steve, on the other hand, would be drafted into the United States Marines, heading overseas not long afterward. Although he has spoken with Tom on occasion since, he rarely returns to Maine. When he did, to visit family in the early-2000s, he would claim to Tom that he had little to no memory of the events at The Tote Road. Whether that is a genuine claim, or whether he simply prefers to forget about the sightings is perhaps open to debate.

Just what the sightings were in the fall of 1968 in this mysterious area of Maine remains unexplained. And whether anyone else had any equally strange sightings there, for now at least, also remains unknown.

The video below looks at the world’s most chilling roads.


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